December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Jesus as deliberate creatorOne of my favorite Christmas songs is Alex Lifeson’s Little Drummer Boy, not just because it’s a unique rendition, but because I love the idea of a little boy realizing he has a valuable gift to give after all.
I also loved the perspective offered from a friend last week who said she’s not buying presents for family this year, because after all – it isn’t their birthday, it’s Jesus’ birthday.
That sounded very right to me. And here I’d picked out presents for everyone but Jesus.
So on today’s dog walk in the quiet canyon today, I wondered what gift I might offer on Jesus’ birthday.
I felt sort of like I imagine little drummer boy did, inadequate to offer anything valuable.
And then I remembered Michele Woodward’s email to me today, where she told me my superpower was positive influence.  (Thank you, Michele.)
I doubt Jesus needs any positive influence, but it did occur to me I could share some highlights from his work, via Abraham:

Happy holidays to everyone here who makes this journey such a delicious adventure.
Thank you for being part of my world, and merry Christmas!

  • Anna says:

    Stephen, you make me laugh – love it! I’ve collected a few comics you might enjoy – message me at GVU (I’m the diehlwithit Anna) and I’ll giddily forward them –
    Jeannette – I’m “Oh Yeah!” grateful you posted these Abe audio clips. Even more confirmation that what’s come from inside to me has been, is and continues to be the Higher Truth and Knowledge that I vowed, on my Confirmation, to seek for the rest of this life.
    Abe always confirms what I’ve always been certain of, yet kept to myself of inhibition.
    Gotta love Abe – and every other who speaks to each that we allow ourselves to hear in varying degrees.
    LOVE IT – World’s Best Messiah – crackin’ me up there, Stephen!

  • As usual, you crack me up, Stephen.

  • Stephen says:

    Ah, yes. What do you get for the Messiah who has everything? 😉
    I always though Jesus (what little we actually know) sounded like a good guy who I would enjoy meeting, talking with, sharing a meal. He had a lot of good things to say to what seems to have been a pretty somber bunch of followers. I wonder if he was as serious as he was portrayed?
    I so love when Abe reminds us that Jesus was no different than anyone else here in spacetime, and he knew that and tried his best to get it across. He understood how to create reality and told others how they could do it, too.
    Still, he should get a cool birthday present. Maybe a coffee cup with “World’s Best Messiah” I’ll check eBay.

  • Glad you enjoyed, Janette. Thanks for reading and for posting!
    And David – that version is definitely a keeper! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Oh, thank you!
    I hadn’t heard those Abraham tracks before and right now they’re resonating so powerfully for me. I think that – for me, at least – Jesus’ reputation and story had become inextricably tangled with the things said and done “in his name”. And even though I knew intellectually they were separate (and as Abe would say, bogus!) I could not think about Jesus and stay in the Vortex.
    Thanks to your superpower, now… I can.
    Namaste my friend xx

  • Hi. I’ve been lurking for a while, and I finally decided to comment here. I like that version of Little Drummer Boy you shared, although there’s another one I sort of prefer more. I’ll share here anyway:
    Thanks for creating this blog. I’ll check back in again. And Happy Holidays to everyone! 🙂

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