June 25, 2009

Michael, Farrah & Ed

michael-jacksonWell, Good Vibers, everything I’m supposed to be working on is set aside as I connect with others about the news of Michael Jackson’s passing today.
With Ed McMahon’s death two days ago, Farrah Fawcett’s death this morning, and now Michael’s unexpected passing, this afternoon I wondered what in the world was going on!
Change has been in the air with the solstice energy ushered in earlier this week, so I wondered if our good friend, Kim Falconer, could shed light on all this change that’s taking place so publicly.
Here’s Kim’s take on the events (find her on Twitter, too):

When celebrities pass away it is more than a personal death–it is a public experience. We can look at the astrological charts of the countries in which they were icons to glean more information, and also the astrology of the moment. Right now we are in the shadow of an upcoming eclipse. Dramatic events tend to gravitate (entrain) to these aspects. Tuning into how the news makes you feel will help you process.

We project bits of ourselves onto celebrities and when they die we need to reclaim, renew…self-nourish.
We are also in the shadow of the recent Solstice–a peak time in the yearly Sun Cycle.  This is when the Sun crosses the 0 degree point of Cancer. Each solstice and equinox mark the crossing known as the AP, or Aries Point.
My key words for this event is ‘The private emotions become public and visa versa.’ At this time, our energy, vitality and drive seek to express through society. We propel our creative desires into the collective and a famous individual can capture our attention. We may live out aspects of our life through them. If we ‘lose’ them, it feels like we’ve lost a piece of our own heart.
The Solstice AND the upcoming eclipse are like a magnifying glass for this kind of experience.

Well, that explains a lot.  Thanks for the insight, Kim!
This time can also inspire us to remember not to take anything for granted and to appreciate our abundance of blessings.
Blessings to Michael, Farrah and Ed – and everyone else I project myself on.  🙂
Thanks again, Kim!
Good Vibers, please feel free to share any of your thoughts here as well.  The connections with all of you mean a tremendous amount to me, so let me take this chance to say “Thank you!” for including me in your world.
(And I’ll get the Money Vibe Course announcement out tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience on that!)

  • Luke Easter says:

    They go in threes and so after Farrah and Ed,
    Names of who could be next ran through my head,
    My daughter was startled from her blackberry buzz,
    At the superstar entertainer and rightly so because.
    It was Michael Jackson; the brightest one if you please,
    Ed and Farrah, age & illness, now comes the mystery,
    Arguably the greatest talent to ever perform anywhere,
    An icon in the world of icons but how did he get there?
    Ed MacMahon was the voice on Carson’s Tonight Show,
    And Farrah Fawcett Majors made Charlie’s Angles grow,
    But, Michael alone changed the face the music industry,
    Yes! The King of Pop helped to lunch the success of MTV.
    A talent unlike any other before it simply had to be a gift,
    Not just a city, state, country but the world he would uplift,
    Not that announcing & stunning beauty doesn’t take you far,
    But, with Michael the sun was no longer the brightest star.
    You can make and lose millions in the famous celebrity game,
    Even have your imprint on the stellar Hollywood Walk of Fame,
    A Thriller, Poster Pin-Up, Here’s Johnny, Michael, Farrah & Ed,
    Undoubtedly a little sadness tonight before climbing into my bed.
    Matthew 7: 13, wide is the road that allows your soul to self destruct,
    7: 14, small is the gate that leads to life & it’s not about talent or luck,
    Funniest 2nd banana, pictures in Playboy or the latest moon walk craze,
    The only thing that matters now is whether or not their souls were saved.
    As with all other famous passings there is one key element amiss,
    Hold on, what could it be, did we forget something? Yes, it is this,
    No matter who claims their lives were filled & every move was right,
    Only thing that will count is your name written in The Book of Life.
    All the hoopla and planned memorials are really kind of scary,
    We are basing immortality on lives that were only temporary,
    #1 songs, TV shows, commercials, whatever monetary worth,
    God judges not on these but did you dwell righteously on earth?
    Many religions and even more belief’s about mankind’s final end,
    Yet there is only One creator from Whom everything truly did begin,
    Probably never in history will anyone ever experience again or see,
    The exit of three original powerhouse innovator’s may you all R.I.P.

  • Mitch says:

    Thanks for the timely post, Jeannette.
    I was at work when I heard about Michael and Farrah. I’ve just moved to a new apartment and haven’t had cable or internet until just today, so all I knew of what was going on was from other people. Frankly, it has been nice to avoid the media coverage of it.
    Interestingly, whether the people I know liked or disliked Michael, we all felt very disoriented by his sudden passing as he has always seemed somehow larger than life, and I felt closer to everyone at work as we listened to his music all day and shared stories about our memories of his career.
    I felt particularly emotional when I heard him singing the line “just call my name, and I’ll be there” as a child with the Jackson 5. Not sad, necessarily. Just emotional and thoughtful. I can definitely agree with Kim when she speaks of how we project ourselves onto celebrities, as every time one of them passes, I feel a sharp sense of introspection and examination of my own life.
    I loved the rest of her astrological comment too. I have been feeling a strong pull toward social interaction and creativity lately, and I suppose I now know why.

  • Flavia says:

    I totally know how you feel Dana. My brother and I grew up with MJ’s music and it makes me smile to hear it just about everywhere these last two days. He’s my brother’s idol..in fact when he was around 4 and heard his first MJ song he had little tears streaming down his little face. He was THAT impressed with it. I’ve heard Abe say that when an experience makes us cry happy tears it’s because we feel such beauty in the moment that we can’t quite take it in, so we shed tears of release so we can take in in more fully. My brother LOVES music and dancing and he too knew it at an early age.
    When people say “he’s gone to a better place” I’m like, you have no idea!!! He’s living the fullness of all of the desires he gave birth to on earth. He’s pure positive energy! Today while dancing and singing to his music in my car (from the radio) I really felt him present for a second, his essence. And boy was it heavenly! I feel such appreciation for all the outpouring of love around the world and for a re-vival of his musical genius.
    The piece I’m taking from this is a stronger commitment to enjoy life in the present, in all it’s splendor!

  • Gillian says:

    What I noticed is, that the year of the Ox has a tendency to create these changes especially with celebrities. I remember 12 years ago in 1997, also the Ox year, we lost designer Gianni Versace, INXS singer Michael Hutchence and Princess Diana and yes, like Kim says, the passings of these celebrities affect the public big time. I remember, I could not believe Princess Diana was no longer around, it took me a while to adjust to the sad news.
    I suppose it has something to do with the fact that we are entering the of the TIGER next year (2010) and the year of the Tiger always represents big, major changes/turnarounds/breakthroughs for the entire world, so this year (Ox year) is already giving us certain indications for some major changes that are around the corner in 2010. I am just not sure why those indications for change are revealed through the losses of celebrities.
    Tha is whay I believe it is so important to live in the moment and just appreciate and love life and what we have been blessed with.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Adrienne, thank you for posting that interview excerpt. I’m welling up. It’s so beautiful–humble and also majestic.
    I’m glad the astrological perspective has helped others too. This has always been the beauty of astrology/Jungian psychology approach for me–it paints a bigger picture–as big as we care to see.
    x Kim 🙂

  • Anna says:

    Much gratitude, Jeannette, for posting that link of Deepak’s tribute to Michael – Beauty, Love and Insight.
    As a kid, I watched the Jackson 5 show on TV with hands guarding my eyes so my brother couldn’t see what I thought, what I felt – an elated, joyous admiration, underscored with the pained sadness of a lonely life.
    Even then, I was struck by the irony of his fame and what had to be certain isolation.
    Sad for us, happy for Michael.

  • Adrienne says:

    Last night on Nightline ABC replayed part of Michael’s (infamous) interview with Martin Bashir, who had asked Michael how he wrote songs. Michael said, “I can’t just sit down and say, ‘I’m going to compose the best song ever.’ I have to wait until it is given to me. For Billy Jean, I wanted a strong bass hook so I asked for/thought about it and then I let it go. Several days later the song came into my head.” Martin asked, “Where did it come from?” Michael pointed up to the sky, shrugged slightly, and said, “From above.” I thought this was a great explanation of how manifestation was used to phenomenal success by one of the greatest musicians AND dancers in our lifetimes.

  • Here’s a lovely tribute from Deepak Chopra some of you might be interested in reading:

  • I think you’re right, Jonathan. This has something significant to teach or remind each of us.
    Thanks for posting your thoughts.

  • Jonathan Lockwood says:

    I’ve been contemplating the intense human reaction all evening…
    “We project bits of ourselves onto celebrities and when they die we need to reclaim, renew…self-nourish.”
    That’s what I was thinking too. It’s interesting to me that, the stronger the popularity, the more strongly we feel the pain of his or her death. I can only think that it has something to do with reminding us of our own death/transferal.

  • Sara Exley says:

    This is awesome, Jeannette, thanks so much for posting and acknowledging all of this.
    I just loved reading Kim’s insight. It makes so much sense.
    I feel a tremendous shift within myself over the last few days. It’s awesomely eery! The things that I’ve spent months feeling confused about seem almost light years behind me. I’m loving this new level of what I can only describe as confident clarity. Sure I’ve been clear about stuff before, but now I’m really embodying the attitude of it. I’m allowing myself to groove and blend with the energy of it. Does that make sense? LOL.
    It’s amazing how events like these seem to serve as a public reminder that we really are all on the same team. I felt a global gasp taking place – even if all the other parts of the world have something totally different to gasp about. I felt a sort of “freeze” in the air.
    It’s interesting to contemplate the death experience. I’ve heard a lot of stuff over the years about how great it is where we’re really from and how much better and healed life is on the other side. I don’t see one as better than or superior to the other anymore. I see it as perfectly balanced and whole. I’m actually crying tears of relief just thinking about it! LOL. It really is all about enjoying the journey, a bunch of joyful destinations flowing in perfect sequence.
    I’m so so happy to have bumped into you all along the way. Please feel free to bump into me any day of the week and twice on Sunday. 😀
    You Rock!
    Sara E.

  • MSNikki says:

    Thanx, Jeanette for posting a thoughtful blog and Kim for the astrological perspective on the recent events.
    Michael Jackson may his soul finally rest in peace. His sudden death made me reflect upon the triumphs and tragedies of his life. It always seemed to me that he was struggling between the childhood lost and adulthood. I hope he can look down and see such tremendous outpouring of love and respect.

  • Janette says:

    The first I heard about Michael’s departure was via Jeannette, Tia and Kim on twitter this morning. There were such clear expressions of love mixed in with the sorrow that it didn’t make me feel sad at all.
    It came as such a shock, then, to go to Pilates this morning and hear the local commercial radio DJ commenting about some of the negative aspects of Michael’s life which the media has enjoyed so intensely over the past few years.
    I was reminded once again just how important it is for us to surround ourselves with people and messages that are supportive and kind, especially when big change occurs.

  • Well said, Janette. And even more than just surrounding ourselves with those positive messages, but also creating them, too.
    Which you consistently do a lovely job of!
    Thanks for pitching in.

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I found it profound that the closest friends of Michael Jackson have said that “he created his own brand, King of Pop, and everything in his life he created, and in exchange he gave up a great deal of himself to be that brand 24/7.” On the other hand, another friend said, “Michael had an understanding of what his life would be about very early on. Already at age 6…he did what he did best and he loved what he did. He made it about his fans.”
    With both statements, I can’t help but then ask, did he really give anything up at all?
    I have lots of thoughts as we publicly experience the shock and not yet even process the loss of Michael Jackson. I can’t help but be sad that so many shunned him and judged him, staying away from him and withholding love from him due to the controversy in his life, but as I sit and watch TV and FB and Twitter on the afternoon of his death, so much love pours forth for him and for his contribution. It’s sad that it took his death for us all to feel comfortable enough to say, “He was a complicated and tormented man, but he was a genius and I loved the bigger than life brand that he was. I loved his magic. Memories of him in my childhood make me smile.”

  • It (solstice) also explains why I feel like I’ve lost a part of me and yet gained other wonderful parts that will serve me now and in the future. As well as the weird, unexplainable way some things got dealt with inspite of every intention to end with love and compassion. Ha. The past one week (starting from my blog posts, CTI forum stuff and relationships etc) has been Insanely Baffling, yet approaching with courage has been empowering.
    Change is never easy, esp BIG change and all you can do is trust, take care of yourself and know that it’s all happening perfectly. Helps ease pain and discomfort!
    IMHO, this solstice was hugely stirring for a bunch of us and I am SO looking forward to all the manifestations we have created. YAY!

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