Mollie’s Money Manifesting Mantra

Mollie Player runs a true law of attraction stories blog, which is where this income manifesting success story came from.  Thank you, Mollie!
law of attraction success story: a money manifesting mantra

When I first started applying the law of attraction to my life in January, one of the first affirmations I said had to do with work.

And guess what?

It worked. Read that totally awesome post here.

But I wanted more. Previously I had asked the universe for “steady work,” but now, I was going for an upgrade. This was my revised work-related affirmation, said in late February:

“I make X dollars per week.”

Better, huh?

Now, I didn’t sit down and do the math to try to figure out a reasonable financial goal. I just came up with a number that sounded great while still being in the realm of possibility (i.e. faith), and went with it.

And whaddya know: This one worked, too. The same thing happened.

I have reached my weekly earnings goal every week since.

I finally did do the math just the other day, and this is what I came up with: On average, my income more than doubled to meet the new quota and–here’s the funny thing–

I came within $50 of that new goal–the one I set arbitrarily, not based on anything more than instinct.

Lesson? Time to upgrade again.
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  • June 3, 2012
  • Tony says:

    I keep a check that I made out to myself for $1M in my wallet. That way whenever I open up my wallet I will always be reminded of my financial goal.

  • No doubt, Barbara! Thanks for affirming how well it works!

  • BarbaraM says:

    I have the same experience with the affirmation – “I am earning x amount of euros monthly.” When I realized that my dream came through, I was earning nearly 3 – times this amount.I have to put this affirmation back to work 😉

  • Thank you, Christina! I love hearing the results that come along with the creative mantra you and your husband used!
    woo hoo!!

  • Quote: I’d say out loud to myself, ‘it’s going to be OK—money comes to me.’”
    End Quote
    Jeanette, I was having a money freak out when we were working out the budget and came up short. My husband said something similar after we saw the amount we were short. He said, “It’s okay. Money is coming to us through sources known and unknown.”
    And just as he said, it’s coming in one way or another. A bill is $10 or $20 less than budgeted, a couple of transcription clients are contacting me again, I was offered overtime, AND the kicker is that my husband’s job said they were cutting him to 24 hours or less. He went to them and said he was hired for a minimum of 25 and that’s what he needed, even though he’d been working 30. They said they’d discuss it later. Well, we refused to buy in to their belief and just kept believing that he would keep the current 30 hours. And for the past two weeks that’s what he’s had. They haven’t changed anything and he just goes to work, assuming he has 30 hours that week.
    I typically use a generic money affirmation, like the above. I also use “Money we put into circulation comes back to us tenfold.” But I do have an actual $$ goal of $100,000 year by 2016. I have a check I photoshopped that I carry around with me to remind me of that goal.

  • Mollie, I recently tried a “generic” money affirmation for myself (as part of my Big Money Manifesting course), and found that it didn’t really juice me until I put some numbers in it. It took a bit of feeling around for the numbers that felt best, but once I was there, it did the trick.

  • Times two is happening… and times three plus is in the works, easily by next year. I need to STOP this!!
    Anyway, personally I think that whatever feels right TO YOU is what you should use as your affirmation. When it comes to certain aspects of my life, I don’t know exactly what’s best for me, so I just say a general affirmation. Totally great to do that.

  • You know, Leigha, some people find it incredibly empowering to be specific with the numbers, while others experience that that creates some tension in the vibe.
    Curious to hear from other readers whether their success came from using a specific dollar amount or whether they’ve found it better to be general?

  • Leigha says:

    I love this post Jeannette!!! Thauna and Karen thank you for sharing your experiences as well…I love hearing great stories…and Karen I am with you on that first cup of coffee in the morning…it’s my favorite time of day!!! 🙂
    I left my “secure” job last September and since then money has shown up for me…and now I want to do the “x dollars per week”, that sounds fun!

  • Wow, Karen! Love it!
    In fact, I got goosebumps reading this part: “Whenever I felt a money-related freakout coming on (and, believe me, there were plenty in the beginning), I’d say out loud to myself, ‘it’s going to be OK—money comes to me.'”
    That shows what’s possible when WE decide, and WE instruct how it’s gonna be. Kudos to you!!

  • Karen says:

    About a year and a half ago, my job was cut to .4FTE so my income was reduced by 60% which was more than a little scary as I am a single parent supporting both myself and my teenage son. For about two months, I totally freaked. Like, daily. But, that got kind of old, so I started telling myself a better story. One about that I could indeed get by on my new reduced income.
    “One year” I told myself, “I can do this for one year and, if at the end of that year, things are really bad, I’ll get another part-time job”.
    However, somewhere along the line, I also started telling myself that I would be all right because “money comes to me”. It became my go-to phrase. Whenever I felt a money-related freakout coming on (and, believe me, there were plenty in the beginning), I’d say out loud to myself, “it’s going to be OK—money comes to me”.
    Well, guess what?! Here I am, a year and a half later, with just as much money in the bank as I had when I was working full-time EXCEPT I only work 3 hours a day now. Now, you tell me—which would you rather have?! Yeah, me too. Most mornings, I sit on my porch with that first wonderful cup of coffee (the first cup is always the best!), listening to the birds, and admiring the flowers in my garden while my colleagues are already at work. I feel like I won the lottery.
    I like the idea that it’s time for an upgrade though. I think I’m going with “money makes money for me” because I’m pretty taken by the premise that I can make my money earn money. Then I can spend more time listening to the birds and working in my garden.

  • Doubling can be a pretty big bite – but based on the successes you’d already experienced, I can see how you were totally up for that, Mollie! Congrats!
    And thanks again for sharing such great stories with us!

  • This story gets even more amazing. Know how I said I decided to “upgrade again” at the end? Well, I did.
    I DOUBLED my original number.
    And . . . Well, I’m almost to that number already. Last month, I went on vacation for 2 weeks and I hit it anyway … This month, I don’t have quite that amount of work scheduled yet but it’s still early!!!
    I really can’t believe how well this works, guys. (BTW, that story coming soon on my blog.)

  • Times THREE?! Thauna, you rock!!
    Just goes to show the power of acting as if it’s already done! WOO HOO!!!

  • Thauna says:

    I totally believe it!!! I went to part-time work so I could focus on building my business, but that also meant that I HAD to make X each month. I believed that I would met that amount, expected it, talked about it as if I had happened already. And not only did it happen but most months I made that amount times 3. 🙂 I love the “time for an ugrade.” Hmm, what am I going to ask for next….

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