Money Manifesting Playlist

manifest money through musicWhat if manifesting money was as simple as playing a new song?

Sound too easy?

But of course it can be that simple, because whatever helps get our attention on what we want is an effective manifesting aid.

This song does that for me (compliments of Sexy & Sober Shannon’s pinterest board):

I especially appreciate the alternating lyric: “Money keeps coming to me”:

As I was posting this in the “just for fun” department at Good Vibe U, I realized it also belongs in the Money Manifesting department, too.

Because it’s a legitimate focusing tool.  I know the power of songs to shift the vibe

Right before my boyfriend broke up with me, I cautioned him not to listen to this song too much.  He didn’t take my advice, and a week later we were done.

One might argue that telling your boyfriend what to listen to is not particularly conducive to a good relationship.  Or that he was listening to the song because he was already in the mood to break up.  Fair enough …

But I still believe there’s a strong connection to what we’re replaying in our mind and what happens in our lives.  And that replay counts whether it’s a mantra, an affirmation, a song, an image, a person, or whatever grabs our attention.

So with that in mind, I propose a money manifesting playlist!

Here are a few money songs I collected, but we’d love to hear what you’re using to get in the vibration of financial abundance.

this music takes a different approach to shift into alignment (uses the 528 hertz frequency for vibrational healing):

In fact, maybe someone could write a “guest post” collection of other playlists, too: one for thriving business, one for happy relationship, healthy body, maybe peaceful planet, etc.

In the meantime, please share music you’ve found to help vibrate abundance.  Thank you!

  • March 8, 2012
  • Carol Ebersole says:

    I really enjoyed the songs.

  • Love these! Excited to have discovered your site! 🙂

  • What a fun little tip on how to add to my manifesting toolbox! I’m listening to “Money is Coming to Me” right now. I encourage my coaching clients to stay engaged in finding information, motivation, and anything that keeps their attention focused on what they want.

  • Carey Prendergast says:

    I always find it amazing how music plays such a big part in our lives. For me it has always offered guidance and still to this day I can hear a song I loved back in high school and from today’s perspective understand what the message I needed to receive then was. For instance, my first experience with working in the Akashic Records all I heard the first time in was the song by the Beatles “All You Need is Love”. It was such a powerful message that I listened to that song all day and had thrills running through my body.
    Warm Regards,

  • Cassie says:

    I love these, especially the first one! Thanks for sharing.

  • Shannon, if that video made YOU feel something about money that go with that one. It’s about what works for you.
    Immediately after listening to the Gladiator music, I bought it from iTunes 🙂
    The video I recommended does have music. Here’s the link again in case the other one didn’t work:

  • Shannon says:

    Nat – I agree. There are parts of the song that refer to the money in the present tense such as money keeps coming to me. I use the song to visualize having money and even more money coming. It was the first video I found that made me FEEL something about money. Does you video have sound? For some reason there was no music.
    The 2nd video with the Gladiator music is so awesome. I want that album now! 😉

  • Shannon, I really like the 2nd video you posted ( For me, music like that opens up my heart and that feels like abundance to me. Thanks so much for sharing it!
    For some reason, the 1st one that Jeannette mentioned (money is coming to me) didn’t resonate with me. It gave me the feeling that money isn’t here, which didn’t jive with what I was already feeling.
    Here’s another one that I found. I like it because it’s not limited to just money. I think this is also why the ‘money is coming to me’ song doesn’t resonate. This video/song sings in the present tense and talks about having a millionaire mind, saying yes to success, infinity prosperity being inside of you… which are all about recognizing that we are the abundance. That feels right to me 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Loving this list! I have to add another song- not money related, but very empowering all around,reminds me of LOA everytime i listen to it. Pretty much you can be all that you want to be.
    Everything at Once, by Lenka
    and its a super happy song too- which always helps the vibe

  • Bubbles says:

    Julie, thank you for mentioning that book, I took a look on amazon and it sounds fascinating, just ordered it!
    There’s an Irving Berlin Song (from “Call Me Madam”), Can you use any money today? – here it is:
    We have it on our happy playlist 🙂

  • Julie Masters says:

    Like Helen, I have some favorite songs that so uplift me–but have “dark” or sad lyrics. I’ve wondered about it, but go by my feelings, and ENJOY, regardless of the words. Looking forward to listening to all the recommendations though!
    Wanted to add that just last week, I picked up a book, on impulse, titled, “Your Playlist Can Change Your Life–10 proven ways your favorite music can revolutionize your health, memory, organization, alertness, and more”. Better start reading it! Lol

  • Leigha says:

    Ha! I love this!!! How fun 🙂

  • Cat says:

    Monty Python’s “Money Song” is fun — I find it always helps to add a little levity when I’m trying to increase my point of attraction. Also, has “affirmation jingles,” at least one of which is about money.
    On a non-money note, the Muppets once did a song whose chorus reminded me of the Law of Attraction. The lyrics were, “If you ain’t been dancin’ lately, don’t blame your shoes / If you ain’t been happy lately, don’t put it on the blues / Don’t blame the dynamite if you can’t light the fuse / There’s a party all the time for them what choose!” (episode 211 with special guest Dom DeLuise, for those who might want to check it out)

  • Shannon says:

    I am having so much fun trolling YouTube for inspirational videos. Clearly, music and video is the way to get me vibrating about something. It is very hard to me to think about money and FEEL, but the music and visuals really help. I’ve also begun watching this video daily as well. Really makes me feel good. Thought I would share:

  • Thanks, Andi! I’ve heard that one before, but lost track of it somehow. Thanks for the reminder! (I’ve added Money Is Coming To Me into the post.)

  • Her “Prosperity Chant” is no slouch either.

  • Here’s my favorite money song: Karen Drucker’s “Money Is Coming to Me”

  • I have to admit, Shannon, I’m surprised there aren’t more money attraction songs out there, considering how many deliberate creators are musical artists!
    Which is why I’m super thrilled you shared this one with us. Thanks again for it! 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    Wow Jeannette! I feel famous! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been listening to the song (and dancing in my chair) for two days now. I just FEEL better. It is hard for me to get EMOTIONAL about money – this song helps get me going – dancing, smiling, laughing and thinking about money. I can’t wait to see how long it takes the universe to deliver my money. Day two and I know it’s on its way! 😉

  • Very true, Helen, which is why each of our alignment playlists could be very different. Considering that music is especially good at conjuring up emotions within (look how well they put that to work in the movies!), I think it’s wise for us to pay attention to just what we’re conjuring according to what we’re listening to.

  • helen says:

    For me it isn’t so much the words in the song but how it makes me feel because some songs I like have really dark topics lyrically but the music is really uplifting ………..and as nothing along the lines of the song have ever manifested in my personal space I continue to enjoy the songs which energetically/vibrationally are really good…….. It really is about the vibrational space the music takes you to I think………and if the song posted makes you feel lighter about money then 🙂 yes it is a great manifesting tool.

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