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Money Mantra
Here’s Maggie McReynolds on how she used a money mantra to manifest $5,000 in new business:

A fellow coach told us about one of her clients who was in a financial crunch who set the intention “I create wealth” every morning for several days.

After that, she found out her holiday bonus was coming to her a month early – and her ex-husband called to say there’d been a mix up in the divorce dispersal, and he owed her money.

All told, she gained thousands of unexpected dollars.

So I decided to try this for myself when I got a new laptop this summer.

I thought if I made “I create wealth” the password to unlock my keyboard, I would by default think the thought every morning.

Except I put a bunch of numbers and symbols in it.

Four months of using it, and nothing happened.

Business tanking. Few to no clients. Despair. (Or at least lots of lizard fear.)

Then I got an idea to re-frame my practice. (I had been doing work that was sort of gratifying but not even a little bit joyful for me.) I decided to use my 30 years of writing/editing experience to shift to coaching others to find their authentic voice, tell their stories compellingly, and find the joy in writing.

At the same time, I realized I had this password in code – and that I wasn’t actually even thinking the thought, let alone saying it.

So I began saying “I create wealth” out loud every day.

Within a week, I had $5,000 of new business.

Woo hoo for Maggie! I love that story.  🙂

If you don’t already use a wealth affirmation and would like more financial abundance, Maggie’s example is an inspiring reason to pick one up.

I suspect her new focus in leaving work she didn’t love was also instrumental in letting money in. Which is no surprise! That’s what happens when we start affirming a new reality for ourselves – we get new ideas and inspirations that (when we act on them) help make that affirmation true.

Lots of great tips to pick up from her story! Thanks for sharing it with us, Maggie.

If you’ve got a wealth affirmation you enjoy using, please share it with us! I’ll include my latest money mantra in the comments, too …

PS – if you’re looking for a more time-tested and traditional money mantra, that’s over here.

  • December 9, 2012
  • You guys are good!! Thanks for the great ideas to play with!

  • Jessica says:

    Loving reading everyone’s affirmations! The “Holy sh*t” ones are especially making me giggle. What came immediately to mind for me is “Holy sh*t, money is *easy*!” I kinda like the double entendre to it. Yep, clearly, I’m 12 ;-).

  • KB says:

    How about “Holy sh*t, I HAVE a lot of money!”

  • Amy says:

    I love the “Holy sh*t, I am a lot of money”….for years, before I even knew about the LOA or affirmations, and was making more money that i ever could have dreamed, that was my thought process every morning. I am going back to that! Thank you for the reminder.

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    I did it again as I tanned today – tapped/EFT’d and said the mantra. But I added to it and switched it up a bit so I said things like, “Holy f*ck! I make a ton of money.” Or “Holy sh*t! I make a ton of money in such fun and easy ways.” And variations of the sort. Felt really good today as I did all this. 🙂

  • Now, Julie, that is a brilliant combo of the giggly swear word with Sophie’s question – I may use that, too!
    Caelan, I always hear that the ones that start with “I am” are more powerful than any other version. Thanks for offering that one here!
    Stacey, that one from Marc Allen feels super easy and light, doesn’t it? A sure sign of its potential effectiveness!
    (And Lord knows Marc is a great example of success!)
    Thanks for posting, you guys! 🙂

  • Stacey says:

    “I do wonderful work
    in a wonderful way
    with wonderful people
    for wonderful pay”
    Learned this from Marc Allen

  • Caelan says:

    “I am open, and ready, and willing for massive amounts of wealth to come to me, now.”
    But I like the “Holy Sh*t” as a primer!

  • Julie B says:

    hahahaha.. I love it and going to start using it Jeannette … ‘Holy sh*t!, I make a lot of money!’ Love that! Or w/ Sophie’s POV, “Holy sh*t, how did I make so much money!”.
    These are great! Thanks for posting this! Love all the responses too!

  • That’s a nice and simple one, Becky. I do like my mantras short and sweet!
    And Stacy, what a smart way to use tanning time! 🙂
    Glad to know you’ll be joining me in the swear word version of manifesting big money – the more, the merrier!

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    I was laying in the tanning bed this evening and was doing some EFT (it’s a habit I developed that I can my Tap n Tan time). Anyhoo, I was tapping on the little bit of anxiety I’ve been feeling as I try to embrace slacker manifesting. I am working on releasing the “should take all this action” limiting belief. Anyhoo, as I was doing my EFT I did a round of tapping just saying, “Holy sh*t, I make a ton of money!” I felt all giggly and energized while saying that. So I think I’m going to borrow that for awhile. 🙂

  • Becky says:

    “Abundance flows through me”

  • Oh, way to make it even BETTER, Sophie!!! Thanks for that!!!

  • Sophie says:

    OK, I will have to admit that when I read your Holy Sh*t mantra Jeannette, I totally buzzed, so I will use it for a while, simply because it’s fun.
    But you know me, I don’t do affirmations, I do questions.
    My favorite is How did I make so much money I don’t know how to spend it?
    What energy can I be that would create more money than I can spend yet never enough now and in the future?
    Loving this!

  • woo hoo for out of the blue money, Christina!
    And Michele, thanks for spotlighting your thoughts about the importance of the words. Good food for thought!

  • I am so glad you wrote about this! I have found that the two key words – “create” and “wealth” are vitally important. Of course, you have to believe that you can create, and you have to see wealth as something great and desirable and be clean with the energy. But knowing every day, as I make my way in the world, that I am a creator and one of the things I create is wealth for myself and for others, is a very happy, contented, soft, warm and fuzzy feeling. Which is why I want to continue to have it in my life. 🙂

  • Christina says:

    We use “we have income from sources known and unknown.” And it’s true, money comes from our known sources – jobs – as well as from out of the blue at various times.

  • Actually, Matt, that would make a great post/conversation: when to use a mantra and when to just forget about it all.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one. 🙂

  • Matt OGrady says:

    Love it! Money mantras can be super fun, here are some of mine, I like to keep it simple but I am adding in the Jeannette version!
    Holy Sh*t! I am a Money Magnet!
    Holy Sh*t money flows easily to me.
    Holy Sh*t I love my clients and my clients love me and my work.
    Holy Sh*t I have alot of clients!
    Mantras are great, and if they feel good I love to do them. However, sometimes I find it even more inspiring to completely ‘let it all go’ not think about money, or amounts of clients, or my company at all and I just think about pure abundance in the world and in my mind and heart. I leave all the specifics out, I get really general and just swim through those feelings of truth for me, exploring my faith in the All that Is. I come out from that practice feeling SUPER abundant and I know I am vibrating wealth, beauty, love, and of course money comes easily to me in that state.

  • Leah says:

    “The Universe always takes care of me”. It’s my default money vibe… It’s not about amounts or time frames, wanting or needing and yet, it feels like it has gratitude in it as well.
    The Universe has always been here for me (evidenced by how great my life is)and always will be great, because… “The Universe always takes care of me”.
    Happy Sunday. lb

  • Yes, that’s a great mantra for any situation, Leah! Mine goes like this: “The Universe is good to me!”
    and I have a longer version that goes, “The Universe always has my best interests at heart and delivers me perfection every single time. Always. Perfection.” It’s a good one for reminding myself that everything is going right, when it’s sometimes hard to see/believe.
    Thanks for posting, Leah!

  • I love how natural it was/is for you, Allyson, to engage your creative power in letting money be easy for you!
    Thanks for your inspiring example. 🙂

  • Allyson says:

    I’ve been saying – and sincerely feeling the happiness and truth of these statements for years! (Way before I became aware of LOA and mantras, etc.)
    “Money always comes to me so easliy.”
    “I always find money when I need it.”
    “Where will I stumble upon some money today?”
    And then I smile and giggle and totally laugh at myself .. but alas, money will come to me in a variety of ways!
    P.S. Many years ago I came home to find my then husband with his fist in one of my coat jackets … I asked what he was doing and said, “You always have money in your pockets, I need a dollar.”
    And he was right, I do always find money :o)

  • Sounds like Flo’s trying to get your attention, Jesann! lol

  • Jesann says:

    Okay, Jeannette, I was looking up the Florence Scovel Shinn page on Facebook (the one that used to have daily quotes, where did it go?? I see only the Wikipedia-page version), went to my news feed, and found your link to here. And your comment mentions Florence Scovel Shinn.
    This could be a hint.
    I create wealth, I create wealth, I create wealth…..

  • So here’s the one I’ve been playing with lately (and getting TONS of new inspiration from!):
    Holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!
    Don’t laugh – it’s like Florence Scovel-Shinn says – we gotta find the one that “clicks” for us. And that one makes me smile every time I read it and say it!
    Looking forward to hearing yours! 🙂

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