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pray.jpgGregg Braden suggests most of the prayers we offer for peace may likely perpetuate the exact opposite because we’re not using the right language. He said we’ve got a whole globe offering prayers of peace, and that’s very likely why war and violence seem to be getting worse!
A right and wrong way to pray? How could that be?
Well, it isn’t so much “right” or “wrong” as it is effective or ineffective. And as John P. commented on my related blog post, it’s not as intuitive as you might think.
Here’s the skinny: when we pray FOR something, we acknowledge its absence. Thus we empower the very condition we don’t want.
That’s an eye-opener in itself, huh? I mean, how many times have we asked for more money, a better relationship or job, or improved health? Whether we ask for it through formal prayer or just a despairing cry to the heavens at a low moment, we may very well hold our true desires at bay in the way we ask for it.
Gregg’s presentation brought together information from both the leading edge scientific community as well as ancient spiritual traditions to teach us the language that the Field (aka Universe, God, Matrix, One Mind, Web of Creation, etc.) speaks. That language is the one of feelings and beliefs.
As we say a prayer to end war, bring soldiers home safe, or let the turkey be thawed in time, we are likely sending out a feeling contrary to what we want. Other cultures have been taught by their ancestors that the key is to feel what we want as if it’s already happened.
(Sound familiar, Abraham followers?)
Their prayers are designed to help them feel those feelings. They know it isn’t the mudra or chant or gongs that matter; but rather how they FEEL is what the higher power responds to. (Gregg pointed out that Jesus shared this same information, but much of this info was edited out of the Bible by Constantine’s Council in the 4th century.)

This is why when I walk around the house muttering “PLEASE help me find my keys!!” I walk around endlessly looking for them. When I remember to feel the feeling of found keys, and look for them with THAT feeling, they quickly appear. (And yes, it feels strange to walk around happily saying, “Oh, there you are!” before finding anything. But you don’t have to do it for long before they appear.)

So instead of praying from a place of lack, if we form our prayers in such a way that we feel now what we would feel after it happens, we speak the language that serves us.
How quickly can a properly formed prayer work?
Abraham says we can expect things to happen quickly (as in DAYS) when we work with the law of attraction. I tell people it takes two weeks maximum of adjusting the vibration to yield the results we want (when we do it consistently, which is often the trick).  But I’ve got a higher standard in mind now.
Gregg showed us a video clip of a woman with a three inch cancerous tumor who was healed in under three minutes (as shown on the ultrasound monitor) when three healers in unison “felt her” as healthy. Her tumor DISAPPEARED before our very eyes. (This “medicine-less” Beijing hospital has a 95% success rate!)
Atoms can rearrange instantly; there doesn’t need to be any lag time on this stuff. We’re conditioned to believe change takes time, that things happen gradually, but it doesn’t have to be that way!
So how do we create instant results?
Well, as Gregg surmised, instant manifestation may be where we’re headed (in the next dimension, 2012, who knows?) and it may be that this “reality” we’re engaged in now is to help fine tune our skills for the “next level.” That’s an interesting thought.
The first question is what you believe is possible. Do you believe it’s possible to lose 10 pounds in two days? Two hours? Two minutes?
I know, me either.
But if I watch that tumor video enough times, I’ll get there!!
The second step is to be sure you’re not focused on the lack or absence of what you want as well as remaining judgment-free about it. Those three healers weren’t focused on eliminating the tumor; they didn’t see it as bad or wrong. They simply focused on what it felt like to feel this woman as healthy.
John DeMartini says (in “You Can Have an Amazing Life in 60 Days”) that the highest most powerful prayer “is a prayer of gratitude. Not a prayer of ‘I need a change in,’ but a prayer of thankfulness for what is, as it is.”
So what does this all mean? Let’s sum it up:
1 – Believe it’s possible. (We’re not asking for miracles, rather we’re simply employing the technology that’s available to us. Which might seem like a miracle, but it’s not. This is simply how things work.)
2 – Release judgment & resistance. (With practice, you can.)
3 – Recognize that your feeling is the prayer (or “order up” as I like to think of it). It’s not about the words, it’s our feeling that matters. And we’re having those all day long, right? Let’s start paying attention to what we’re calling up.
4 – Feel as if it’s already happened.
5 – Gratitude for “what is” helps the process.
Perhaps this perspective will help you change the way you approach your process of prayer. Happy holidays!

  • December 4, 2007
  • Astha says:

    Thanks Jeannette!! I am so grateful to you for this wonderful post!!! Everytime I feel low, I visit your blogs.. and after reading them I am definitely elated!!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Good answer, Rick. That sums it up nicely.

    Roxxie, also know that there are no “supposed tos” about how feelings feel.

    For example, the way a lucrative career feels to you might be very different how it feels to me. Friendly neighbors feels fabulous to one person, suffocating to another. Marriage proposal might feel exciting to one person, nightmare material to another.

    Or is your question more around what does feeling good feel like? Or joy? Or peace? Is it not knowing particular feelings?

    If that’s the case, you can watch a good movie, read a good book, let a friend tell you about theirs or something along those lines to get a sense of someone else’s experience of the feeling.

    That’ll get you in range so you can get a taste of – or at least imagine – what it feels like.

    What do you think?

  • Rick says:

    Roxxie, that is a great question!

    My understanding is that we want to vibrate love/joy/happiness/humour/satisfaction/etc., all or any of the things that make us feel good.

    So it isn’t so much about how one particular feeling should feel as about the shortest route from where we are to “Even Better”.

    That’s my take.

    Know Joy.

  • Roxxie says:

    I know this may sound crazy but what if you are not sure how a feeling is suppose to feel?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Rick, I just had this conversation over lunch with my dad. He said after reading Greg’s Lost Prayer book that he understands we’re “praying” all the time .. whether consciously or not .. and the times when we thought we MIGHT have been praying (by saying all the words we were taught) we likely weren’t effectively praying at all.

    Yes, the work of acknowledging, accepting and then MANAGING our feelings – woo hoo! – big rewards there!!

    Thanks for posting, Rick. I like the way you think. 🙂

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Another movie? What was his first one?!

  • Rick says:

    I LOVE this line,
    ” Recognize that your feeling is the prayer (or “order up” as I like to think of it). It’s not about the words…”

    The whole Gnostic Left-Brained search for Arcane Wisdom has had me looking for the right words for most of my life. We men are taught overtly and covertly that feelings are one of the snares and at best they can keep us from putting our noses to the grindstone. ( We go through a lot of noses)

    I guess the sooner they (feelings) are acknowledged and faced, the sooner we can learn from them and maybe …. just maybe … revel in them. LOL

    Thanks Jeanette!

  • lovemefondue says:

    I love Gregg Braden….I’m waiting for him to make another movie.

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