More Proof that Vibe Trumps Action

Like I needed more proof. But here’s my story of the day proving, once again, that no amount of action can trump the vibration:

USB stickHow often does a Law of Attraction Coach get to talk to (one of) the most conservative-minded groups in the state of Utah?

Maybe more often than I realize, but this was a big deal for me.

A room full of LOA virgins – how exciting!

I’m used to addressing folks who have some knowledge or interest in deliberate creation, but today was different – and I wanted it to be perfect: high impact and hugely inspiring.

So I put together a customized powerpoint presentation to guide my talk, and emailed the presentation to the appropriate folks before today’s event.

They requested I save it in an old version of powerpoint to make sure it worked on the laptop that would be connected to the projector.

I had told them I was NOT tech savvy and not sure I could make my mac work with their projector, so they supplied the laptop.

They just wanted me to bring the presentation saved on a thumb drive.

My technology vibe isn’t fabulous, so I asked Russ to oversee to make sure everything I did was appropriate. (Okay, I actually asked him to just do it all for me.) Everything was a go. Cute purple thumb drive was all I needed to remember to bring.

As I get word that this is the largest turnout the group has ever had (to hear me speak), I get more nervous than I already was. (Speaking gigs bring that out in me.)

Yes, I know .. maybe I’ll change that story some day. This is not that story.

The email and my growing nervousness got me thinking that I better make sure the technology works, since this is a lot of people.

And I know to manage the vibe … I know to shake off that nervousness about technology failing me, but what did I do? I took all the actions a not-LOA savvy girl would take to make sure it was working:

  • Double checked to make sure I’d saved the right presentation to the stick, and saved it in multiple versions just to ensure at least one would be compatible with the laptop’s powerpoint version.
  • Emailed a copy of the presentation (now saved three different ways) to my gmail account, in case the stick failed and we had internet access in the room.
  • Plugged in the stick to make sure the presentations pulled up okay on the computer.
  • When I accidentally twisted the stick a little bit (what is it called??) by bumping it when it was in the portal hole thingy, I pulled it out, called Russ, who told me to relax, then I just snapped it back together, put it back in and tested to make sure it worked yet again.
  • Printed out a copy in case there was something I really did need from it.
  • Emailed a second copy to the coordinator to make sure she had a copy available, too.

Overkill, you think?

I did remind myself that even if it didn’t work, all was not lost because I could still give a great presentation without the visual aid. So there was that energy work included.

But I just wanted to make sure the technology worked fine. And took all the action I could think of to ensure it.

So I arrive with plenty of time to prep, even if something went wrong. Which it couldn’t possibly, because I’d covered all my bases (if you can call taking tons of action covering bases).

Still had that little bit of nervousnes about technology flowing in the background, even though it shouldn’t be because I’d done everything a girl could do. And I set an intention that there not be any porn that gets opened by accident from the stick.

With everything all set, the presentation pulls up fine from the stick to the laptop. Yay!

No need for any of the emergency backup measures.

But then the projector won’t project the presentation. It projects a beautiful green landscape photo, and it shows an icon of the file in the bottom left corner, but that’s all it’s fessin’ up.

Four geeks and 20 minutes later, I called it and conducted my talk without visual aid.

I joked about how maybe I should have set a stronger intention than just “please don’t let there be any porn on this stick.” (Which would have been tricky, since I am not a peruser of porn.)

I did have an intention for fun, inspiration and empowerment for the talk, and all signs indicate that was met nicely.

But when Russ asked whether the powerpoint worked, I told him the very thing I was trying to avoid did indeed happen, even though it wasn’t technically my fault. Or at least not a result of anything I’d done (or not done).

And my sweet boyfriend who pretends not to be paying any attention to this deliberate creation stuff I’m up to, points out that my vibe overruled my actions – just like happens with the electronic thermostat, the tv, the phone, and I’ll stop there before I make this tech vibe any worse than it already is.

I share this ridiculous story as proof, once again, that it is not the action that matters. It’s the energy behind the actions.

You’d think an LOA Coach might have a handle on that, huh?

And that’s my cue to go love this about myself.  🙂

While I’m at it, I sure do love you, too!  SO nice to be talking with folks who live this stuff day in and day out, much as I enjoyed the fabulous LOA virgins today.

Thanks for letting me tell you about my day, complete with misadventures in manifesting and all.

  • December 10, 2009
  • Laura says:

    Thanks Jeanette, now I know that there is someone out there as neurotic as I am about double checking stuff LOL!!! I think it’s so awesome that you share all of this with everyone, it makes it so easy to see how LOA really is all around us all the time!
    A huge thanks for your want it good or want it bad e-zine article! Detaching from the “have to have it now” makes perfect sense.
    All the best,

  • Kelly says:

    Holy Moly. If not full of great info or anything else, it was snort milk out my nose funny Jeannette!
    Now, I don’t know if the newsletter article is up here anywhere but I wanted to tell EVERYONE who might not have signed up that the newsletter is BRILLIANT and always arrives and gets read exactly when I needed it. I have a private blog where I copy and paste my “Jeanette” best of to review repeatedly.
    Why? BECAUSE DOING IT FEELS GOOD. I always feel more relaxed and at peace when I read your stuff. Always. And so very human in my struggles.
    You are one of the best online gifts I’ve found. Thank you for you. Happy Holidays!

  • Erik says:

    yup, vibe trumps action, how true. I think it was in the master key system that it said: “manifestation is 90% thoughts (for us it would be vibe) and 10% action” – I mean think of it, only 10% action? Most people are so busy they totally forget to vibrate ^^.
    About the tech vibe I have a pretty similar story to share. My overall tech vibe is pretty good (I have computers for more than 20 years now and they rarely act up and one or two strokes of luck have been there too) but one area my tech vibe sucks is laptop batteries.
    Don’t ask me why, you might laugh, I don’t trust them … well guess what happened, after half a year after buying my new laptop the battery decided to finally accept my bad vibe and much to my dismay went from 4 hours to 1 hour of power ….. new battery = 140$ and guarantee was gone one month earlier … and that with all the rest of my equipment working perfectly. Talk about vibe trumps action *sigh*.
    Sending you all a wonderful tech vibe (going to leave out the battery part of the sending for now 😉 ) so that everything runs smoothly.
    Have a nice one!

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Jeannette, I just love you for this 🙂 And I also love your ezine article about “wanting it good”-great reminder, thank you!! Getting your “fresh, light, free and frisky” on is way more fun than all that yearning business . . .

  • Berta says:

    @Susan–I am on board with you when you said, “So I never beat myself up about what I can’t (or think I can’t) do. I just leave it up to the universe to bring me the help I need.”
    Or at least I totally believe it and little by little am integrating that belief and trusting in the Universe to provide all that I want and need. (I still catch me beating myself up, but less often.)
    It is very liberating to let it all go, and to see the gifts that show up. Thank You, Universe!

  • Susan says:

    This really made me giggle !! You know I am the worlds biggest technophobe, infact it’s a miracle I can even leave a reply on here (really). But, do I worry? Not a bit because I have a friend who is fantastic with technology ,even with ‘stick thingys’. So any time I’m stuck I call on her assistance and she shows me what to do, takes me by the hand and walks me through everything. I don’t have to know about technology cos the universe provides all the help and assistance I ever need. So I never beat myself up about what I can’t (or think I can’t) do. I just leave it up to the universe to bring me the help I need. No bad teccie vibes here !!!!!

  • PurePotential says:

    Here is the story I am telling about Jeannette and the ‘tech’ vibe….the tech vibe kicks in when the action/request runs counter to the Good Vibe Coach’s basic view of how she operates best. In this instance, Jeannette knew that her style is not PowerPoint. It is the open, happy, vibrational style that includes her excitment, energy, giggles and whole heart-body-mind LOA life. PowerPoint doesn’t have a chance!

  • Mark says:

    More…sorry for the typos above! Going too fast: a good red flag to slow me to presence for the rest of the day!
    I want to add that I have several conservative friends that I coach (regularly) on LOA. Open-minded Conservatives tend to LOVE the self-accountability aspects of LOA. It agrees with their approach of less Government and more personal responsibility for success creation. Interesting!
    Warm Regards,

  • Mark says:

    Love your Site and your message here! As an LOA coach and writer myself, might make an observation?
    Sometimes belief trumps current in the moment thought. This is because (as you know) beliefs–thoughts held over time–have had plenty of time to build “mass and gravity” and have a reality creation magnetism of their own.
    I think it is interesting that you thought conservatives wold be virgins, and seem to slightly imply that this group would present a particular challenge (thought an enjoyable one) for you.
    That bit felt slightly resistant to me (as a reader). I seet the physical manifestation of mechanical delivery methods “not delivering a message” (in your story) as a possible metaphor reflecting belief and resistance around the challenges you were anticipating.
    What do you think?
    Warm Regards,

  • Well that’s progress right there, Jeff, to see you in writing saying “you need both”!
    You’ll come around eventually! he he
    Thanks for chiming in. 🙂
    (You too, Tia and Iyabo.)

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    I love you!

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    Vibe does not TRUMP Action… Vibe PRECEDES Action. Why does everyone want to take a side and pick one or the other. They are both equally important and both part of the same formula. You need both. One without the other and you’ve got a whole lot of nothing.
    But since we’re taking sides, Jeannette… You know Action RULES!!! 😉

  • Amen to THAT, Mary! (“This explains why people who seem to be taking similar action steps can end up with such different results from one another.”)
    And tuning up the vibe is so much easier than taking all the stupid action.
    I guess I’m still beating myself up a little bit over this, but I’ll get it out of my system soon enough!
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, my friend.

  • Such a good reminder, Jeannette! And one I definitely need to pay more attention to.
    This explains why people who seem to be taking similar action steps can end up with such different results from one another… because it’s always the vibe behind the action that counts! It also explains why sometimes things don’t go the way I want them to, even when I’m sure I’m taking all the right action steps and saying the right things.
    Thanks for this! 🙂

  • Nice catch, Jessica – that we are making up what we think other people are making up about us!
    What fantasy worlds we contrive for ourselves sometimes, huh?
    Glad you got a giggle from it – that makes the whole experience worthwhile in itself.
    Love to you, Jessica!

  • Jessica says:

    And yet another reason to love you… My overall tech vibe is (usually) really good, but the phone and I… we do not get along. And whenever I run into trouble with it and say something to the person I’m trying to talk to, they always act like clearly I’m the biggest flake. Oh, wait, they don’t–I just figure that must be what they’re thinking. I’ve been known to work my way through two backup phone plans (house line, cell, neighbor) with absolutely no success.
    I giggled all the way through your story and I’ll have to remember it the next time my phone vibe gets sticky –at least there’s no porn on the stick.

  • Thank you, Sara. “Flash drive.” I already feel smarter and more tech-savvy.

  • Sara says:

    little stick = a flash drive 🙂 I esp. love it when something goes wrong and the person says, “I KNEW that was going to happen!” … duh, right? I wonder why people only say that when things go wrong vs. all the times things go the way they want? Anywho, love your blog, love your stories… thanks for sharing!

  • You are brilliant, MissyB.
    Thanks for the latest inspiration to buy yet another domain name. HA!
    Seriously, thanks for the compliment. It means much, especially after a post like that one.

  • MissyB says:

    I’ve changed your name Jeannette – sorry. You’re no longer a good vibe coach…coaches are getting two a penny. I’ve promoted you ! You are now the good vibe guru – GVG !
    Love these stories – they open my eyes to my everyday experiences and where I go wrong.

  • Now I’m starting to feel a little tech savvy, after yours and Toni’s emails, Pernille! ha ha
    I guess I was on the “half empty” version instead of “half full,” which the latter feels much better.
    Get this – my coach just told me that she’s noticed LOA folks in particular seem to have a tendency to beat themselves up when they don’t do it “perfect” – thinking they “should know better.”
    I had to laugh and tell her I just wrote a blog post on that very topic!
    But it did make me wonder if we could make some good progress in lightening up about ourselves. At least I know I can.
    (Or is that just me beating myself up again for doing it “wrong”?)
    Thanks for posting, Pernille! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Jeannette, I’m still laughing !!!!
    I must admit that I always feel a little relief when I find out that even the Super Experts experience challenges now and then 😉
    And at the same time it’s very inspiring that you end your story saying “and I love that about me”!
    As Toni mentions, I also think you are pretty good at making technology work – Talkshoe seems to work for you every time, while others experience various problems (or maybe you are simply very good at setting helpful intentions in this area).
    Actually, my Danish Marketing Expert has tried out various teleconference tools and experienced SO many problems – perhaps because he for a longer period of time would let out his frustrations with the technology in the beginning of EVERY teleclass – and guess what happened? – technology failed again and again, it couldn’t be otherwise, he-he !!! – And then it didn’t help him that he is VERY good technology wise!

  • Thank you for that vision of myself, Toni! I like that one a lot! Much better than the old story I’ve been telling.

  • Toni says:

    What a charming story, Jeannette! Funny thing is I actually DO see you as quite a tech savvy – I mean, you master the Talkshoe thing perfectly, and the e-books (fixing whatever problems the automatic ordering systems do not process), and the you-send-it file sharing, just to give a few examples. You are wonderful 🙂

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