Most Powerful Tip

As we kick off a brand new beautiful 2006, I asked myself the single most powerful tip I could offer others to reach their best lives this year. The answer was easy: Love yourself.

Self love is where the good vibes start. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have, as it touches every aspect of life and is the foundation for all good things to come. And yet, it is often easier said than done.
It’s not that we have to get these bodies in shape, our bank accounts increased and our love lives straightened out before we love ourselves. Rather, it’s loving ourselves now that allows all that to happen.It might sound corny, but self-love is a vital tip to living the good life. Love yourself. Flowing love vibes internally creates a powerful vortex where good things happen naturally.

Love yourself despite what you thought were your shortcomings: your character flaws, your love handles, low credit score, police record, your failed marriage, cluttered house, negative thoughts. Love yourself unconditionally.

In fact, a true measure of self-love is to appreciate and accept yourself not despite these things but because of them.

You are worthy; you are deserving. Right now, no matter what. Love yourself. And your life will improve automatically.

How do you do it? If self-love doesn’t come naturally to you, you can start by treating yourself the way you would treat someone else you love unconditionally. You would love them no matter what they do, say or think, right? You would encourage them to feel good. You would cut them slack when they need it and celebrate their successes.

Start there, and have fun loving yourself this year.

Here’s to a new year filled with all the good stuff – including health, happiness, prosperity, delicious surprises, true loves and regular miracles!

  • April 1, 2007