The Most Reliable LOA Resource

the most reliable law of attraction resourceWho do you look to as the most reliable law of attraction resource?

Many of us in deliberate creation circles tune into Abraham-Hicks material.

And we listen to Mike Dooley, Neville Goddard, P’taah, Kryon, Wayne Dyer, Bashar, Seth, A Course in Miracles Β … the list goes on.

Often their messages are in alignment. Sometimes we hear conflicting information.

So who’s got it right … how do we tell truth from fiction?

And how do you choose who you rely on for guidance?

I hope you haven’t overlooked your best guru:


It can always only be you.

Yes, we often prefer things delivered on a platter by someone else. And it’s really easy to question our own ability to know the truth.

But it’s worth being able to sift and discern for ourselves, since relying on anyone or anything outside ourselves, 100% without question, can lead to trouble.

There’s a reason everyone doesn’t all agree on what the “truth” is – and that may be because there isn’t just one overriding truth.

(After all, if we each create our own reality – how could there be?)

Which is why looking to someone else to tell you how it is, or expecting/needing everyone to agree with how you think it is, is rather pointless.

Instead … there’s a part of you that knows the truth; that resonates when you hear it.

That inner chord of resonance is worth getting familiar with. So you can feel out your own truth for yourself.

That doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from tuning into others we’re feel drawn to. But if you hear something that doesn’t work for you, let that piece go. It doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the rest of the material if one aspect doesn’t fit.

It also doesn’t mean that if you and your friend resonate with completely different things that one of you is wrong.

Just make sure you’re choosing for yourself, according to what your inner wisdom says.

I myself have misdirected a fair amount of energy asking others what they think of so and so or such and such – looking for external reassurance that I’m plugged in properly rather than conducting an internal integrity check.

My personal signal for knowing my truth when I hear it is that I feel lighter and more empowered. Fear or heaviness is a sign it’s not for me.

What are your tips for recognizing helpful “truths” when you hear them? We’d love to hear how you know when you’ve run across information that serves you.

  • April 20, 2013
  • a says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

  • This is so what I believe, Jennette. We all have an internal guidance system that can lead to our “magical life.” Though we can look for mentors and tutors, ultimately, what using the Law of Attraction successfully takes is listening to ourselves, as part of the Universe. I just know when I’m receiving a hint from the Universe that will lead me to my goal. The trick is in paying attention and hearing these hints that the Universe sets out for us and then, taking positive action that points toward our goal.

  • Katy says:

    Late to the discussion but I had to say for many folks they are just getting in touch with themselves by way of hearing it come from someone else. I know that’s how it was for me. It’s been over 10 yrs but while I was ‘wanting’ a better understanding of how things worked…I didn’t know where to start. My Catholic upbringing fell short (for me as I got older) and inside I “knew’ there was an easier/better way!
    So I ‘found’ different authors that started me on my journey..I think Louise Hay started it for me which kept me finding the next and the next until I came across Abe-Hicks. I’d say Abraham is my main ‘go to’ source for inspiration because for me they keep adapting to our world as it changes. But I keep an open mind and as someone else said…’take what works and leave the rest’
    Ps I always appreciate humor as that has always resonated with me and Abe injects that enough to keep me intrigued.

  • Sue says:

    Great article. I have to admit my ability to use the law of attraction varies depending on the area I am attracting. I think you are right it is yourself you need to listen to for guidance.

  • Drew had this to say about how he tuned into guidance (while sorting through old books to throw out):
    “… I held each book in my hand and noticed how I felt about it. If my energy expanded, the book stayed. If my energy contracted, we parted.”

  • Ooh yes, relief is a great measure, too, Tamra! Thanks for sharing that one.
    I love knowing there are psychotherapists teaching inner guidance connections to their clients – woo hoo!!

  • Tamra says:

    I love this post!
    I am a practicing psychotherapist in private practice, or should I say I am a spiritual being who practices psychothereapy. In any event my over riding goal for all of my clients is to help coach then to use their inner guidance system, to establish a firm internal locus of control. Often this is an enormous challenge for them as most operate exclusively based on what is going on outside themselves, an external locus of control. And isn’t that essentially what all the gurus serve as, an external locus of control?
    My personal way of determining if something fits for me is how I feel internally. If I feel relief and any sense no matter how small of what one would describe as pleasure then it is good to go.
    Stay well.

  • Dragonwyst says:

    This. Is. Brilliant. And perfectly timed, thank you. This is what I am hugely focussed on at present – recognising and trusting my Own intuition, my Own guiding voices, my Own inner power. So much over the years has led and taught me to doubt myself, to second guess myself, to verify my experience and views against others. Now I am telling the doubts and “logic” to step aside. I’m owning what rings true for me, daring to trust who and what I am, trusting my dreams and experiences and the many, many things that confirm them that could so easily be discounted as “coincidences” by the disempowering voices in my head – coincidences like this post now…:)

  • Kim, I LOVE that!! (And hello, how easy to see once you’ve pointed it out like that!)
    I love how well you deliver astrological wisdom to help us know ourselves better and the approaches that serve us best.
    Thank you for that!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this post. You know me! I’m always saying, ‘Leave your gurus at the door.’ πŸ™‚ Other opinions can be helpful, but how many of us are checking in with our Inner Guidance?
    Just make sure you’re choosing for yourself, according to what your inner wisdom says.
    But you know it’s not as easy for some as others, and their astrology can point the way. For example, Aries says, “I know what I know and I KNOW IT!” The opposite sign of Libra says, “I don’t know what I know until I know what YOU know.” It’s just their natural way off getting clued in – through others.
    Taurus says, “I’ll know it when I see it.” The opposite sign of Scorpio says, “I’ll know it when I become it.”
    Gemini says “I’ll know it when I learn it.” Opposite Sagittarius says, “I’ll know it when I experience it.”
    Cancer says “I’ll know it when I feel it in my guts.” Capricorn says “I’ll know it when I see the money.”
    Leo says “I’ll know it when YOU acknowledge that I know it.” Aquarius says, “I know before anyone else knows it.”
    Virgo says, “I’ll know it when I’ve compared and contrasted it to every other thing in the world, and beyond.” Pisces says “I don’t know it, but I believe it.”
    These are archetypal signs, not personal! I don’t mean sun signs or moon or whatever. These are the 12 signs we each have in our own zodiac, and when we learn to dial in on any one of them, at any time, we can see the world, and KNOW the world, from a myriad, inner point of view.
    I think inner guidance, like source, is the embodiment of this πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for chiming in, Remez. I’m thinking Barbara’s “feel better” test makes it super easy to distinguish.
    Linda, that’s such an interesting thing you point out – about the different delivery methods feeling different. That might be worth remembering next time we’re dismissing something that doesn’t fit well. Maybe it would land with us differently if we were listening vs. reading. vs. watching online vs. in person. (I’ve certainly had that experience before!)

  • LindaA says:

    The first time I read Seth many decades ago, it immediately resonated. I just “knew” it was true for me. It’s difficult to describe that feeling. Sort of like falling in love. People always say you’ll know when it happens.
    With Abraham, I had read one of the books, and it felt OK, but I didn’t get the strong resonanse until I saw the videos.

  • Remez Sasson says:

    “There’s a reason everyone doesn’t all agree on what the ‘truth’ is – and that may be because there isn’t just one overriding truth.
    I would rephrase this sentence and say that people look at the same truths and at the same ideas with different colored glasses. People interpret the same truths and the same natural laws in different ways.
    I agree with you saying: “My personal signal for knowing my truth when I hear it is that I feel lighter and more empowered.”

  • That’s a simple enough and effective test, isn’t it, Barbara? And I love that we’re on the same inspiration page – yet again! lol
    Amanda – I like that test, too. That makes me want to pay better attention next time I find myself having to keep going back to something rather than feeling naturally drawn in (in a positive way).
    (Makes me wonder how many books I wouldn’t have finished if I followed that one more closely!)

  • Amanda says:

    My sign that it’s not for me is boredom

  • Barbara says:

    If I feel good listening/reading it it is for me, if I feel not so good is not for me πŸ™‚ Loved the article Jeannette. And today, isn’t it funny – walking the streets of NYC – I was thinking to write an article for my blog about how everyone has its own truth and that nobody is wrong… πŸ™‚

  • That’s so true, Jennifer. We’re social beings who appreciate confirmation.
    hee hee – I socially confirm that thought! lol

  • jennifer says:

    I think what most of us want is confirmation of what we each feel… being social animals, after all. loved the article, Jeannette… something we all need to realize at some point or other πŸ™‚

  • Nancy, how do you sort through all the material you run across? What’s your personal sign whether it works for you or not?
    omword, Nancy, I’m totally laughing right now – wondering if I’m doing that very thing again. Asking externally, β€œWhat does SHE think of this?” rather than tune into my own truth!! rofl
    What cracks me up, as I said on facebook: I have two friends (whom I respect highly) who aren’t down with Teal. Many other friends love her material. I asked two others whom I respect highly to take a look at her stuff. They had different opinions. The lack of consensus was irritating me. Until I realized – all that matters is what *I* think!! Or rather, what I FEEL.

  • That inner chord of resonance is worth getting familiar with. So you can feel out your own truth for yourself.

    YES times a bajillion, YES!!!!!
    *Take what resonates and leave the rest*
    Many blessings,

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