The Single Most Underrated Manifesting Method

After coaching lots of conscious creators over the years, as well as taking notes from my own practice, you know what I’ve noticed about our manifesting process?

We like specific steps or formulas.

We like clear, detailed instruction. Preferably in three precise steps.

The most frequent request from LOA Recon podcast listeners is “more manifesting methods.”

Because there’s a part of us that thinks there’s a mystery or secret to this magic, and if we just followed the right manifesting formula or process or technique or method – we’d be golden.

Plus there’s an ingrained habit or belief that we have to work for what we want, or that it should be hard work to get there. That we have to pay our dues in order to expect something good.

That’s why we like pray rain journaling (a page a day until you fill the whole journal), and visualizing (15 focused minutes a day – don’t skip!), and powerful affirmations (lots of repetitions out loud), and positive aspect lists, and 68 second vibration activations, and EFT for navigating challenging emotions, etc.

Look, I’m a fan of these processes, too! I do at least one every day. Happily!

And they work. I am proof.

When I started a coaching business I read perfect client lists day and night and made pray rain journal entries about what great work we were doing together. I set my environment up to look like it was happening, and I affirmed the hell out of what a brilliant coach I was …

I did every process or technique I could think to do. Because this one mattered and I didn’t want to screw it up.

And that’s what a lot of people hear when they ask how I created that dream come true.

The lists, the repeated thoughts, the acting as if – they scribble notes so they can follow my same proven process.

But here’s the thing …

I also went on a lot of dog walks up the canyon.

And lunch dates with dad. And rollerblading with friends.

I knew that feeling good now was key to success. Not waiting for the success to roll in so I could relax and enjoy. But to be better aligned by relaxing and enjoying now.

A while back an interviewer asked about my “secret weapon” for success.

The obvious answer is leveraging the law of attraction, but hand in hand with that is foster kittens.

And movie dates.

And Sunday brunch with the aunts.

And browsing the bookstores for nothing in particular.

And anything else that’s my idea of a good time.

Because feeling good now signals Universe that you got what you wanted, and it strives to deliver more of what you want.

Remember when Abigail Steidley laid down for five days and all her things came together? She relaxed her way into alignment!

A lot of us already know this, and yet still have trouble practicing it.

Is it our Puritan work ethic heritage? Our discomfort that others will think we don’t deserve it if we haven’t struggled our way there?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t help us get where we want to be.

If I had to say what my secret weapon was, it’s that I know to prioritize a good time.

(And as a rising Capricorn, that has not been my nature. I used sticky notes to remind myself to have fun, because I have it in me to overwork. Fun comes more naturally now.)

  • I know the aligning value of watching a good movie with a good friend.
  • I know how important it is to read a book for fun.
  • I know that dog walks are essential to my success.
  • I know that making sure to look up at the stars and turn on the music and eat the cupcakes and hold a lover’s hand and cultivate a new friendship and laugh at dog videos online or whatever else my idea of a good time is – I know that’s smart manifesting.

That’s a powerful alignment practice.

So let’s remember that it doesn’t always have to be finding a new manifesting technique or learning someone’s secret LOA formula – it really can be as simple as discovering our own answer to the question, “What would be fun next?”

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  • March 12, 2018
  • Kay says:

    I had so gotten off track with LOA over the last 2 years. Your blog has been a refreshing reintroduction to the concepts in a fun and engaging way.
    Recently I have been looking to make another huge leap in my career and it’s been months of trying and “efforting”. The connections and leads are slowly tricking in. I asked the Universe for a sign in the form of $100 of “blue money”. I put that thought out there a few times and promptly forgot about it.
    I just returned from a relaxing vacation with my family where we enjoyed nature and each other’s company. And what do I find in my mailbox? A refund check for $97 from my doctor! Asked and received!
    Feeling good makes all the difference. Now I am ready to manifest the interview and offer I have been dreaming of.
    Yours in manifesting,

  • Namaste says:

    Something I used to be confused about, something I notice that people coming to me in my coaching practice are sometimes confused about is what exactly causes desires to manifest.
    It’s never the manifesting formula being used.
    It’s never the manifesting techniques being used.
    It’s alignment, alignment is what causes desires to manifest.
    One of the core feelings that I’ve noticed that indicates a person is in alignment with a desire is the feeling of readiness. If something isn’t showing up in a person’s life that they want, one of the first questions I ask is, “Are you ready for this desire to manifest?” Almost always the answer I hear back is, “Yes!” Then I say, “Wanting something and being ready for it are two very, very different things. If you were truly ready for this desire to manifest, and you’ve been feeling this way for more than 90 days, it almost certainly would have already happened. Since it hasn’t happened, you’ve likely got some kind of specific resistance going on that is blocking this from manifesting. Why would you NOT be ready for this desire to manifest?” In almost every case, after the person thinks about that question, the person comes up with at least one solid reason why they might not exactly be ready yet. That’s the thing that I go to work with them on because that’s the specific resistance that needs to be handled before this person will be in alignment, and ready for the desire to manifest.
    In closing, I like your point about feeling good because I’ve noticed that this too is a sign of alignment. If a person is struggling to feel good, that is always a sign that specific resistance is present that needs to be dealt with.

  • Michael says:

    Oh wow….I j-u-s-t said to someone that the Puritan/Protestant work ethic was a total scam that part of me still, somewhere deep down, bought into. Just today! Thanks friend…you’re timing is–as always–perfect.
    Gonna watch some X Files and get a good adventure vibe going!
    love you,

  • sharron says:

    Thank you, I needed this. Sometimes I get so winded up that I forget to relax. Simple but very effect and great for the health.

  • Hi Jeannette.
    Another good and timely one from you. I have just created what I call a Feel Good daily time table for myself. If I don’t enjoy an activity, you will not find it on my F-G t/t.
    As for the results, I am not too bothered for now. But I make sure that I religiously record all my manifestations(plus ‘know signs’) related to my current list of goals or wishes. As long as I have something to record here frequently, I am happy.

  • Fatima says:

    What a great blog post (then again, I have loved all of your posts). I haven’t commented before, but having hit a rough patch right now, reading this was the equivalent of drinking a glass a cold water on a hot day…complete relief. I love the idea that self care and relaxation are a two for one deal–they help you to feel better, and up your manifesting mojo. Amazing!

  • Fatima says:

    What a great blog post (then again, I have loved all of your posts)…I haven’t commented before, but having hit a rough patch right now, reading this was the equivalent of drinking a glass a cold water on a hot day…complete relief. I love the idea that self care and relaxation are a two for one deal–they help you to feel better, and up your manifesting mojo. Amazing!

  • This is so beautifully synchronous. I’ve been doing very focused “work” lately, that’s been the biggest boon to my manifesting I’ve ever received. And by work, I mean I’ve been doing a lot of lying in bed, pondering how loving and bountiful this universe is, and how all that I want is already here for me to claim. Having this pop up in my email was a wonderful sign that I’m moving in the right direction. Thanks! <3

  • Lynn Owens says:

    Yesssssssss, I took a beautiful walk yesterday, and I must say this was so freeing. I am walking more – I love walking in nature and observing the trees and hearing all the sounds around me. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Gary Frese says:

    Thank you Jeannette for “writing” about this in addition to your podcasts. Some of us really don’t like podcasts, and yes I am one those anti-podcast people. I don’t know why, but your written words resonant with me much more than a podcast does. Thanks again for taking the time to write out your advice.

  • Steve says:

    I guess for someone new to this, what they have been doing isn’t serving them. So they want to know what to do different.
    It seems to tie into the Four Phases of Competence or Learning.

  • Auretha says:

    JUST TODAY my tarot spread told me what was going on with how I was kinking my vibe, and Spirit said, STOP STRAINING AND STRESSING.
    Thanks for the additional notes!!
    Love, Auretha

  • Ming says:

    Love it.. and yay not not paying any dues 😉 You know what I was doing the other day that just made me feel so great is watching all the lip sync videos… such as the Rock lip synching Taylor Swift’s song. I must have laughed and laughed… and well, it may have been an hour of this.
    But – just like a good dog walk… as well… feeling great always manifests something amazing. I wasn’t watching the videos in order to…. but I just noticed it happened to lead into a very amazing week.
    Must be linked somehow just like you said! Here’s to more secret manifesting.

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