My ALS Ice Bucket Failure

my ALS ice bucket failureOkay, a few people said I failed the ALS ice bucket challenge when I outsourced the dumping of the water onto my paid personal assistant.

Look, I still think that counts. (What are assistants for if not to do the jobs we don’t love?)

Besides, I made a donation, so technically, doesn’t that mean I don’t have to get dunked? I thought it was ‘donate’ or ‘get wet.’

Anyway … that’s not the reason I see my ice bucket challenge as a failure.

I recently made a promise to myself to stop pretending to be a muggle.

Because sometimes I put up the charade of being a “normal” person in order to not rock the boat of whomever I happen to be interacting with.

Deliberate creators may know what I mean …

… how often times it seems we straddle two worlds. There’s the world where we’re empowered creators manifesting reality through our focus, and the other world where:

  • we tuck our beliefs safely away while pretending to agree with someone’s traditional perspective of how the world works. (“You’re right, that’s terrible that that thing happened and yes, the world is going to hell.”)
  • or we say things we’re expected to say, even though it violates every LOA bone in our body. (“I’m so sorry for your loss.”)
  • or we do what anyone else would do, because it’s easier than explaining why we don’t agree with it. (Like accepting an ice bucket challenge.)

But what else are we gonna do, right?

I mean most of us live amongst folks who believe we have to protect ourselves against the evils of the world, that we have to work hard to survive, and that our value lies in how selfless we can be in service to others.

These conventional-minded folks (I’m trying not to use the word ‘muggle’) are our neighbors, family members, bosses, sometimes even our spouses and best friends.

They’re everywhere!

How are we supposed to live side by side with these guys, right? Other than to just placate them and keep our opinions to ourselves.

Well, I decided playing that game was detrimental to my manifesting health.

So I promised to stop pretending to be a muggle. I would stop playing along with the limitations others placed on themselves and the Universe just to stay in their fold.

(Because if I have to pretend to be powerless in order to be included, that’s not a game I want to play anyway.)

And there I was – called out on facebook by a good person and a good friend to help raise awareness for a disease.

He even had a family friend who was suffering from it.

What kind of jerk doesn’t accept the ice bucket challenge? Certainly not me.

Which is why I found myself posting a video and sending money to an organization whose mission is to “fight to treat and cure ALS.” Not my finest manifesting moment.

Actually, the second part of their mission is cool: “empowering those … to live fuller lives by providing compassionate care and support.”

Okay, we’re just gonna say that my little donation went to that part of the mission.

But still, conscious creators know we don’t eliminate disease by raising awareness of it.

Instead, we use our powers to enhance health and well-being.

(In case any muggles are reading: that’s because we can’t get rid of anything by focusing on it! All that works is shifting attention to what we prefer instead of what we don’t want.)

Conscious creators know to take the emotional journey and find better feeling thoughts and take inspired actions and all that other LOA savvy stuff …

… which is often in direct contradiction to what mainstream society asks of us.

I want to get better at honoring what I know about attraction and focus.

And not just in my circle of conscious creators.

But out loud and proud in the “real world,” too.

Where normal people might take offense. Where they might call me crazy. Where they might roll their eyes and dismiss my opinions and unfriend me.

(Shoot, all of those things have already happened to me many times!)

To be clear, I’m not saying that conscious creators should avoid ice bucket challenges or shouldn’t work to raise awareness of whatever cause matters to them.

I can’t say what feels best to you – I can only seek that out for myself. (I personally have signed online petitions that many a savvy creator would walk away from, simply because signing felt better than deleting. I’ll work on that.)

So I’m not saying I know what’s best for you.

But with my “coming out of the LOA closet” declaration, I commit to ending my manifesting sabotage that’s fueled by hiding my LOA practice from the uninitiated.

They’ll catch up or clear out.

I don’t expect to change my habit of walking the muggle line overnight, but I do intend to have a higher awareness and more aligned response next time someone invites me to something that doesn’t jibe with how I know the world to work.

On a related note … if you’re a conscious creator who’d like to expand your circle of LOA savvy peeps, join us at GVU for a like-minded tribe to grow your LOA skills with.

  • August 25, 2014
  • Jeannette says:

    That perspective shift would make all the difference in the world, wouldn’t it, Jen?!
    Here’s to more of that. 🙂

  • jen says:

    Maybe it’s possible to “fight” a disease without resistance? To look at it as a physical world puzzle. (After all, half of our game is in the physical world.)
    When I’m programming and trying to fix a bug, if I’m in the “Arrgh! WHY is it doing THAT!” mode, I am less likely to get into the happy flow of fixing than if I’m in “Hmmmm… now why is it doing that…?” mode.

  • Yeah, smart move on the facebook holiday at that point, Sam.
    Here’s to standing by what we each believe and being willing to serve as the voice of reason/encouragement when no one else is.

  • Sam Curtis says:

    I love your post which highlights the dilemmas I find myself in daily as a follower of the LOA. I was curious to see if others felt the way I did about the Ice Bucket Challenge and after a quick Google, found your blog! I hadn’t been nominated at that point – phew! – however I did (uh oh!)decide after seeing so many videos and angry comments ref reasons not to participate splashed across my FB page, that I would post ‘my thoughts’. I gave 3 reasons why I felt people shouldn’t expect everybody to accept their nomination for the challenge and sandwiched the LOA and metaphysics in the middle as reason b). To start with just a couple of agreement type comments flew in. Phew, I have got away with it I thought. But then one very angry guy (who incidentally was the school bully… and I thought he had changed… clearly not) went absolutely ballistic at me. And it was like he had opened the gate for the rest of the horses to bolt – out they all came with the same old criticism. I felt upset. Of course I did. And his outburst and the support from others has led to me taking a Facebook holiday. No bad thing in itself. However, afterwards I asked myself knowing how some people reacted, would I do it all again in support of my truth? Hand on heart, absolutely 100% YES!!! I am pleased I took a stand. And actually – although clearly they didn’t feel comfortable to do so publicly – a number of friends private messaged me to give their support and say that many of my comments were mirrored by their own thoughts. We should gain strength from our like-minded ‘vital few’ and ignore the mainstream ‘trivial many’ a little more often. Maybe, just maybe we’ll start a free-thinking revolution 😉

  • You’re cracking me up, Kitty. And you’re right – talk about a home run of a viral (muggle) fundraising event! That’s easy to appreciate.
    fs, I’m so excited for you (not to mention proud of you) for being your authentic self in your most recent interview! I have a strong feeling that is going to take you some VERY good places, my friend.
    woo hoo!!

  • fs says:

    Hi Jeannette! I love your post. I read it yesterday. And today I had an interview as I am looking for awesome work (by the way, I am reading your blog post frequently (Greg’s) Activate Dream Job and it really helped – actually, the interview today was for a new position – it seemed it was created just for me – just like the Activation blog post says haha! sooo cool!! so of course i know that the job is already mine, if not this one, but next one!).
    anyways, about answering questions at an interview – I had 4 interviews already for other positions, but I did not like them as it seemed I was saying what they wanted me to hear, and not what I wanted to say…and I did not show the real, authentic me that I have finally become due to LOA, meditation, etc..). This interview today was different. I answered questions the way I really thought the world worked…and i think the 3 young ladies who interviewed were confused with my answers but in the end they really liked me i think…just because maybe I was not the usual interviewee spitting out “acceptable” answers. I was really honest with everything – including when they told me what will i improve in their website if i got the job…I also answered, when they asked, me, what i did for stress relief. I said “meditate” though i never told that i do that to anyone, including friends..i have no idea why i said that at an interview, maybe the ladies needed to hear that and I was their manifestation? but anyways, now I know that to have enjoyable interview I just have to be honest about who i am 🙂 after all, i want to work with people who tumbled out of my vortex, like the activate dream job post says lol 🙂

  • Kitty says:

    As always the provocateur, Ms. Maws!
    I think I have a little icky stuff behind Outsourcing, but after your assistant took off his shirt. I may just have to rethink these issues. Who knew Outsourcing could be so hot!
    As for the ice bucket challenge, whoever thought of this is BRILLIANT. Everyone is doing it, my nephew and niece in high school, Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Jeanette Maws! It is a home run of a fund raiser, with tons of talk and tons of money flowing to a good cause (ok, not all Creators may agree with that part).
    But it is getting them to where they want to be so they are creating what they want.
    You have given me much to ponder!

  • Shannon, I totally get where you’re coming from on that.
    You summed up very nicely what I’ve been experiencing here. Thanks for showing the way.
    And Pam, I’d forgotten that bit from Abe, but it makes perfect sense doesn’t it? (What we resist, persists.) Maybe enough of us will lead the way to a whole new experience in our physical health and well being that we won’t just see a repeat of a new disease du jeur. Here’s to that!
    I’ll also second your thanks & appreciation to like-minded folks we can be ourselves with. I’m delighted to be able to have this conversation with everyone here.

  • Pam says:

    Oh my Jeannette this post couldn’t have come at a better time!!
    I feel like the worst meanest person on earth! This ALS thing really bugs me. What’s worse is my darling Uncle died of this horrid disease 5 months ago. How does doing this really help? Years upon years people have donated for cures to diseases that never ends. Abraham says that another one will be on it’s way when this one is cured.
    Yes, I too have to act like a normie and cheer people on Facebook who are doing the ice bucket thing. I don’t know one single person in my life who I can talk about LOA to. I now know how my wonderful gay friend felt when he had to for years be in the closet. Thank goodness for blogs like yours Jeannette it keeps me going!

  • Shannon Shea says:

    Great Post! I will not be doing the challenge either. I wonder how many new ALS diagnoses will occur in the coming months. Will there be a serge? I had to give up wearing my Breast Cancer Awareness tees and hats because I feel like I am just promoting breast cancer – even though that is my favorite color pink. ha ha.

  • Well, that’s a classy way to opt out, Nneka. (One of the coaches I tagged didn’t respond at all that I can tell.)
    Yay for working out any lingering vibrational dependencies!
    And Anne, you’re so right – anything that has us laughing is a boon.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you two. 🙂

  • We shine in our own light and by being in our own light we can turn ‘muggle’ experiences into anything we want them to be…..reframe them, redefine them, turn them into ‘rituals’ if we want to. Jeannette, you made people laugh and think, and you took up the challenge in a way that was truly, uniquely yours. For me, after watching the video of the young ALS sufferer and his ice bucket challenge, every time I see an ice bucket challenge now I ‘see’ it as a healing that will eventually help cure him. And then I think of your challenge and laugh……And this works for me 🙂

  • Every time I swing by here, you are talking about EXACTLY what I’m going through. I got tagged in the challenge also. I thought I was safe, but alas, someone tagged me. I ended up chatting with them via text and told them I wasn’t in. I liked the post, but didn’t respond.
    The thing that came up for me is that on the one hand, I wanted to be asked, just to be “in”. And on the other hand, when I got tagged, it brought up all the “what will they think” crap. It was really the same issue.
    In the end, it was a good opportunity to work out some vibrational dependency that I have going on. Hey, I’m human:-)

  • Yeah, Karen that guy is a great example of someone who wasn’t affected by others’ lack of belief! It would be cool to hold your own ground that strongly.
    Cindy, I found your comment exceptionally helpful. You’re right – this is by and large a lot of FUN. So if I just focus on THAT part of it – all is well here!
    Thanks for that, my friend. Super helpful!!

  • Cindy Shilanskis says:

    Thanks for this, Jeannette 🙂 I was cringing as all my friends and family members were doing this and posting it – not for them but for me because I knew I wasn’t going to escape being “called out.” And sure enough, I was – and yes, I muddled through like a muggle and at the same time, my insides were all twisted up in knowing this is not the best way. But hey, people had FUN doing it, so what the heck 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Well, my feeling on this is that we don’t need to separate ourselves but we do need to find that balance between being who we are and being compassionate towards those who still deeply entrenched in the status quo. We are all who and where we are. The important thing about being who we are is that when someone else realizes they are not alone, that’s a big score! (totally cancels out any ice bucket challenge “FAILURE” IMO).
    I’m reminded me of the very cool guru Jesus who hung out with everyone who might rub up against him and get some good vibes. Too bad about the muggility that came about from all that, though.

  • Jackie, I just looked at the amount raised so far – I bet this thing goes over $100 million by end of the month.
    It’s an impressive amount of fund raising, but I’m with you. We know throwing money at a “problem” – if we’re focused on problem instead of solution – isn’t the most helpful approach.
    Here’s to a day when disease (and poverty and war, while we’re at it) are things of the past. Here’s to health and well-being, and abundance, and opportunities, and peace and love reining supreme for all of us here on planet earth.

  • Jackie Gaston Taylor says:

    Oh, yeah, Frank nailed it. I have known 3 people who have or have ALS. It is a nasty, cruel dis ease. I don’t think dumping a bucket of ice water on my head would change that. I’m not so sure that throwing money at it changes anything either. It might very well create a whole industry around ‘finding the cure’ in much the same way that the culture around finding a cure for cancer has. How many people would be out of jobs if that suddenly happened? I think the intent for getting funding is often stronger than the intent of finding something useful in the research. I’d much better send out healing vibes and do whatever I can to help ease people’s suffering.

  • You know, Susann, I thought I could do that (play along with muggles without having it compromise my own game), but I’m learning that whatever I pretend long enough becomes real.
    Thus my intention to stop pretending it – even though I thought I was pretty good at knowing my own inner truth.
    Also, I know what you mean about feeling sorry for friends who experience loss … that’s actually something I’m trying to change for myself. (I’d really rather not feel or project sorrow for any reason – although I realize that it’s part of being human, so it’s not to be resisted. I just don’t want to engage it out of habit or misguided thoughts of loving support, since that vibration really isn’t ever helpful for anyone. I don’t think.)
    I really like your plan of just smiling and saying nothing. That sounds like a win-win to me!

  • Susann says:

    Extremely thought-provoking post, Jeannette. It really made me sit back and ask myself where I do the same thing, as well as where it matters and where it doesn’t. I find that most of the time, with dear non-LOA friends, I can comfort & support them without doing my own LOA beliefs harm. I say that because of how *I* feel when I do it. When I say to a grieving friend how sorry I am for her loss, I sincerely mean it. My beliefs about death have nothing to do with her & her pain. That pain is very real, and I am truly sorry she’s experiencing it, and I feel in no way compromised by doing and saying what I need to offer her some comfort.
    In the same way that a novelist can spend a good deal of her life fantasizing about things that never manifest in her reality because she knows it’s a story, I think we can give other people what they need without compromising ourselves if we’re clear with ourselves about what we’re doing.
    It’s a delicate balance, though. I certainly don’t hide my beliefs, nor do I shy away from pointing out when I don’t share someone else’s belief in how the world works, but neither do I proselytise. I kind of treat LOA as I would religion: everyone’s entitled to believe what they want without having someone *else* trying to tell them they’re wrong. Sometimes it’s just better to smile and say nothing.
    But I’m going to be thinking about this for a while.

  • That post sounds like it’s worth putting the google translator to the test. Thanks for the link, Marielle!
    I’m with you – here’s to more freedom and more joy. 🙂

  • Mariëlle says:

    Very cool to read this Jeannette Maw, I didn’t understand you doing this when I saw it. But I know it takes a lot of self love to stay true to yourself in any kind of situation. And of course some rewire-ing along the way to really integrate it fully.
    Recently I wrote a blog post and made a video clip on daring to be Light when others are experiencing dark times – and lighting up the situation in this way. It was inspired by the Dutch plane crash lately and the tragedy that everybody experienced nationally around it. Like it was respectful or loving or appropriate to suffer with them.
    I say we break this tradition by giving ourselves permission to do it our way, and speak about it so others feel they have the same choice. Just like you did here. Very powerful and congratulations on your decision. How much more freedom and joy can we allow ourselves….?? 🙂
    In case there are any Dutch people reading this, I will include the link to my blog:

  • I am still laughing out loud at Frank’s comment. lol

  • Here’s the thing, Nancy, it didn’t even occur to me until after I’d already done it that this was YET another example of me pretending to be a “normie.” (What is a better, more respectful name, than muggle??)
    Sometimes I AM aware … like when I’m talking with someone who is not LOA-savvy, and I’ll just agree with something I would never agree with in my right LOA mind – just to play along and play nice and get on with my day. And I realized that playing along is NOT helping my manifesting game! It’s NOT!!
    I guess instead of being frustrated with myself, I can laugh it off and know I’m getting better every day at expanding the areas and the conversations that I bring my conscious creator self to bear.

  • ^^^
    What Frank said (LOL)…
    …and I thought your response was brilliant! If you HAD to do it for a friend, you did it well. Sure, you could have pointed out ALS’s penchant for animal testing (like Pamela Anderson did in her refusal to donate or ice bucket). Or what about that Aussie anchor who suggested we stop wasting good water and just give to organizations of our choosing, since ALS has received more than $30,000,000 in donations already. Patrick Stewart made himself a nice cold drink after writing his donation check.
    Either way, what you learned from this situation you will carry forward into the next. Walking in two worlds, as many of us do, is not for the faint of heart.
    Many blessings,

  • Frank, you are the BEST!!! I’m rolling!!
    And if anyone can show up with a lighter way to see this, it’s you, of course.
    LOVE YOU!!! 🙂

  • All this awareness is well and good but I must point out the one essential thing:
    Your outsourcing resulted in a very handsome man wearing and then doffing a wet T-shirt.
    Please, people! Let’s get our priorities, um, straight.
    Also there are these gems:

    I commit to ending my manifesting sabotage that’s fueled by hiding my LOA practice from the uninitiated.
    They’ll catch up or clear out.

    Yes, exactly!

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