My Manifesting Love Story

Law of Attraction success storiesIn the mood for a good manifesting story?

Here’s my latest big adventure in manifesting

Last year as I felt the contrast in my love relationship and caught myself trying to “figure things out” – I realized I’d be better off with a more aligned approach.

So I got focused on what I wanted – in a high level, big picture way – and then turned it over to Universe.

I gave the vibrational instruction (by focusing on the idea, image and feeling) of being in a happy, loving relationship and having the time of my life with a great guy.

I let go trying to figure anything else out, knowing Universe would coordinate the details.

All I needed to do was get OFF the contrast, and ON the happy result I wanted. If I needed to do anything, it would be made clear in the form of some inspired action or internal nudge.

Sure enough, within two weeks I got a crystal clear signal that this was not my guy.

Seriously, I’ve never had such clarity in my life. I think angels must have delivered that message personally – it was SO clear!

When you get clarity like that, you can’t ignore it! Especially after you purposely asked for it.

So I cut him loose that night. In a very loving and respectful way. (I did good for a girl who hadn’t practiced a breakup speech!)

And it was done.

But by the end of the week, I was in the breakup from hell. I’m too LOA savvy to elaborate, but many of you who were in touch with me at that time know I’m not exaggerating when I say it got ugly.

Me, the Good Vibe Coach, who can do breakups in the vortex, was in the breakup from hell. I felt like a manifesting failure!

So we’re doing the worst breakup I’ve ever had in my entire life, but my wise coach told me this is his breakup, too, and I can’t deny him his process. And if he’s gonna be a beast, I can’t control that. Fine.

Which meant I had to give up thinking it should be a parting with love and light on both sides.
manifesting love

All I could do was my best to stay focused on what I wanted: love, appreciation, respect, support, etc.

That was a challenge. One I failed at many days.

I mean, in the face of some really ugly stuff, I was trying to –

  • dial in on the best of who he was
  • find compassion by seeing things from his perspective
  • and wish him well rather than curse him.

I built some muscle on this one! That focus did not come without effort.

But I eventually got pretty good at making positive aspect lists, and fast forwarding to the time when I would be happily ensconced in a new love affair, at which time it was really easy to only wish the very best for this ex who was going all out to make life hell.

I began to stop fantasizing about his demise, and started wishing good things for him – that he would be able to connect with someone with love and respect and generosity and other good things. I imagined how great it would be if we had the kind of ex-relationship where I could help him succeed in a new romance. (I figured

I had good insight for him!)  I imagined the kind of woman who would love and adore him, the way he deserved to be loved.

And I focused on the things that I did appreciate about this long drawn out ugly breakup. Believe it or not, there were some things:

  • It gave me a chance to be sure about where I wanted to live
  • and how I wanted to structure my finances as a single person again.

I realized I wasn’t interested in moving or living alone again. (It makes me laugh when I think back to how I dragged my feet to cohabitate with him – I thought that would be SO hard to enjoy a new house and another person under my roof! And here I was now not wanting to give it up.)

When people would ask how the split was going, I could feel myself struggling to answer. What they expected, and in many ways what I expected, wasn’t what was happening. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it was awful. Sometimes our path was clear and sometimes it wasn’t. I could feel the “should” about how things were supposed to proceed getting in the way of how things actually were unfolding.

So I just let it go.

I decided to let it be whatever it was going to be. I didn’t know what to call it or how to explain it. But I would simply do my best to make the best of where I was right now.

Although I did relocate the guns to a trusted friend’s house, just in case.  lol


That’s been a while ago.

Two (reluctant) love interests and a new year later – my ex and I are still under the same roof together.

Living more happily than ever before.

No one is more surprised than I to read those words. But the truth is I’ve never felt such love, respect and appreciation for him – or from him.

Our life together has never been this easy or free. It’s based on enjoyment, with very little struggle involved. Even when a little challenge does crop up, it (usually) quickly becomes a source of laughter.

I don’t know what’s happened, other than that I got really good at appreciating him. And he stopped taking me and our life together for granted.

I never would have guessed – when we were in the middle of all that contrast – that he would be the next guy in my vision of a fabulous, loving relationship. (I thought he was the guy I needed to ditch in order to find that!) My best dream I could conjure up was that we would eventually become good friends as exes.

I guess that’s what’s happened.  That, and more.

My ongoing intention is to continue holding this relationship loosely, and allow Universe to continue coordinating my happy ending. I don’t know what tomorrow holds (although we are going to Maui this fall, so I have some idea what the future holds) but I promise to keep using my positive focus skills and be open to whatever results best match the love vibe I conjure up.

It seems to be a pretty good formula for living “happily ever after.”

And that is my law of attraction love story for today.

Not what you expected, right? Me either, it turns out.  😉

Share your manifesting story in the comments below, or email me for individual posting.

Namaste, lovers.

  • March 9, 2013
  • Cassie says:

    I love Lisa Haye’s comment. Needless neutrality is the field of potential. Awesome!

  • LovelyMe says:

    The same person with a change in their vibration is vibrationally/energetically a “new” person.

  • LovelyMe says:

    Jeannette, I posted to someone in the relationships forum a while back that a new vibration can equal a new person. It was a powerful realization for me.
    I believe that’s exactly what happened here. Thanks for proving my theory! lol

  • Jenny says:

    I am so inspired and grateful for aligning with this insight and wisdom this evening. It’s brought tremendous clarity where I’ve been desperately lost in the fog and has offered me options I simply could not see…..until now! Thank you.

  • Lorri says:

    Oh my GOSH I needed to read this today!! I am right in the middle (just 2 days fresh) of what I’m not sure what it is. I want a commitment, he’s scared … yet I know in my heart and my GUT he’s the one. I’m giving it (trying my best anyway) to Universe/God/Source and asking for calmness and clarity as he’s coming over in 2 hours to talk. I know what I WANT, but know also that he is wounded and confused (and upset), so I need to be considerate of that. I meditated on love and openness and awareness this morning …
    Thanks again for your insight, I’m so grateful to read this!

  • Lisa says:

    Relationships never really die. They change. Sometimes that change looks like an end, but the relationship still exists. So, many people want to do exactly what you did, use LOA to fix a relationship. What you did that let the magic happen was completely let it go. You let go of attachment to wanting it/him to be different or better. You just let it go.
    Then you did something else miraculous. You let go of needing it to be over also. You got completely neutral. You released your needing it to be anything and let the Universe work it’s magic.
    Needless neutrality is the field of potential. Thanks for showing us what can grow there.

  • Jeannette,
    I’m thrilled!!
    2 reasons: You are happy!
    I am no longer so CONFUSED..
    Thank you!!
    Love you,

  • Jessica Vazquez says:

    OMG!! I can totally relate with you!! With the relationship with MY BODY!! I once thought, to have a better relationship with my body, I must change HER… And now I do have the relationship I want with THE SAME BODY!!!
    funny thing?? you guessed!! My body is changing now!!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Aaaaaaw! I am so ridiculously pleased – Love happy endings & fairy tales & just delighted!!!
    Lots of Love xxx

  • It seems the stars are giving us all “exactly what we want but not how we thought we wanted it”.
    Love that you’re loving and happy, sweetheart.
    Because that’s what you give the rest of us.
    Bliss-ings and oodles of admiration
    the goddess Jacqui

  • @AffirmingSpirit – Love this! “A miracle is a shift in perspective.”
    @Kim Falconer – Love your egg metaphor!

  • Nat Couropmitree on March 9, 2013 at 1:50 pm
    Circumstances may seem like a dead end at times but if we can shift our consciousness, we can see so much more potential. It’s all a reflection, right?

    Very true, Nat. Which is why blaming others for how we feel is pointless. It is blaming the mirror for the reflection we are casting.
    It also reminds me of ACIM’s statement:

    A miracle is a shift in perspective.

    Jeannette was willing to shift her perspective, which opened the door for the miracle.
    Many blessings,

  • Nat Couropmitree on March 9, 2013 at 2:03 pm
    On another note, aren’t all manifesting stories really just love stories?

    Double-Tripe-Quadruple SQUEAL!!! 😀

  • Evan Griffith says:

    PS: Nat!
    “aren’t all manifesting stories really just love stories?”
    I can only squeal with delight over that one . . . .

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Oh Jeannette!
    This is my favorite post of yours — of many favorite posts of yours — possibly since I came across your site last year.
    “I mean, in the face of some really ugly stuff, I was trying to –
    — dial in on the best of who he was
    — find compassion by seeing things from his perspective
    — and wish him well rather than curse him”
    Right there you demonstrate how LOA is of the highest spiritual order. (And that you are too.) What a gift this post is for those of us struggling with any kind of issue with another human being.
    And then your surprise ending . . . my god that’s better than the movies.
    I’m so thrilled for you both — and for all of us who get to partake in your experience without actually having to go through it!
    You — You — Awesome You!

  • Steve Nadeau says:

    “I began to stop fantasizing about [her] demise, and started wishing good things for [her]”
    Oh I so remember turning THAT corner 25 years ago – it allowed oceans of change in my perceptions and my reality.
    That moment saved my very soul – thanks for sharing, sweets.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, thank you for sharing this! It is such a strong story, the evolution of the relationship via CHANGE. This is that metaphor of ‘you have to break the eggs to make an omelet. (where omelet = the next level of expansion of consciousness). The idea isn’t to put Humpty Dumpty back together the way ‘he was’ but to create something new. I love it!
    And I’m with Nat! ‘Circumstances may seem like a dead end at times but if we can shift our consciousness, we can see so much more potential. It’s all a reflection, right?
    That’s it, and your willingness to allow him HIS breakup and you YOURS is such a powerful perspective shifter – from victim of circumstances to creator of ‘reality’.
    I am utterly inspired!
    Wow! Thank you!

  • On another note, aren’t all manifesting stories really just love stories?

  • Kate Corbin says:

    Well done, Jeannette. Reminds me of Abraham’s absolute best relationship advice: “Tell everyone you know: ‘My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.’ And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel – and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.”

  • <3
    I like this reminder too: “He gets to do it his way; I get to do it my way.”
    We often use other people's experiences as models as to what we can experience. Usually we latch onto what isn't possible. But if we can keep in mind that there are many ways to do anything and that we are the ones who decide how we experience anything, then we can finally live in the way that most fulfills us.

  • Such a good point, Nat!! (That realization brought tears to my eyes!)

  • You weren’t wrong in thinking that it could never be this good with him. From the space you were at, that’s all you could perceive. But by aligning more strongly with what you desired, it allowed him to step into a new space and you to experience it.
    This is actually a good reminder for all of us in any situation. Circumstances may seem like a dead end at times but if we can shift our consciousness, we can see so much more potential. It’s all a reflection, right?

  • MissyB, I’m STILL finding myself managing thoughts of what I imagine others expect! It’s been SUCH a lesson in letting go of how this is “supposed” to look and just being really “rule-free” about letting things unfold in a way that is most aligned to my highest vision.
    I had a family member who married the same guy twice, and I remember thinking – what went wrong there? Either you shouldn’t have broken up in the first place, or you really shouldn’t have remarried. And here I am in just about the same situation. (Minus the formal vows.) It’s been good practice for letting go of judgment in general, and self judgment in particular.

  • That’s very true, Nat. In fact, that’s what the breakup decision was based in as well – self love. I couldn’t expect him to treat me any better than I was treating myself. So letting someone speak harshly to me was not in alignment with a strong self love practice. It was a huge act of self love to stand up for myself that way.
    And truly – self love is the basis of ANY good relationship, right? I think without that element in place, something big and essential is missing.

  • MissyB says:

    I did wonder what was going on, but I figured it was none of my business. Being nosey doesn’t sit well with me at times !
    All I can say is thanks for sharing – not because you have satisfied my nosiness, but because your story is nothing short of inspirational. You set out what you want and you let everything else go its own way to give you what you want. Good for you GVG, good for you.
    I’m off to get clear on what I want relationship wise – after reading your post I’ve recognized mixed messages coming from within.

  • I think that it’s important to point out that your decision to get aligned with what you really desired in a relationship (vs. settling with it or figuring it out) was also a decision to truly respect and value yourself. Throughout the process of your intended break-up, you also stayed aligned with what would best serve you, what would best make you feel good, which was really a process of self-love. This allowed the situation to transform in whatever way it needed to to align with the respect and love you gave to yourself.

  • That’s right, Nancy. My mantra was, “He gets to do it his way; I get to do it my way.” That’s what I said to help keep myself from entraining (more than I already had) to negativity and nastiness.
    I knew that contrast would take me somewhere good … I really didn’t think, though, it could ever be this good with him. Teaches me right that I sold him short! lol

  • “Love”ly story, Jeannette. At least a few of us saw the transformation as it was happening, and besides being happy that you are happy, you deserve KUDOS for shifting the bad vibe mid-stream!
    It was not easy to do, but when you were in the break-up-hell, you managed to let him know that his way was not how you were going to proceed. Then, you showed him how ex-es can be respectful and loving, and he took the cue. KUDOS to you both! 🙂
    Many blessings,

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