How to Set a New Year Intention

How to Set a New Year IntentionI’ve got a new source of inspiration for this year’s intentions.

In the past I’ve drawn inspiration from what others are doing that I admire or desire for myself.

Or sometimes it comes from something I’ve wanted to accomplish but haven’t yet.

(I know from past experience I can accomplish big things once it’s an official intention!)

But this year is a new plan.

I’m using a formula to identify a new intention that helps close the gap between my present reality and my desired reality.

Here’s how it works …

Using my imagination I project myself to the reality I prefer.

I just dive right on in and notice what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like.

And I notice who I’m being in that reality.

Once I’ve got a good handle on that version of me, then I do a quick comparison to note what’s different about that ideal-reality me than this present-reality me.

For example, when I tune in to the reality where I’m at the top of my game in my business – where I’m showing up in impactful ways and making the kind of difference for fellow creators that I want to (and having a blast and making a bunch of money doing it), here’s what I notice about that version of me:

She doesn’t complain. She doesn’t blame. She doesn’t waffle.

And she doesn’t second-guess.

She lives by her inner guidance. She is devoted to enjoying herself. And she has confidence in her ability to deliver.

She finds delight everywhere, and she is known for having an easy and ready laugh.

She refuses to struggle. She’s good at letting go. And she has a power of focus that industrial grade lasers would aspire to.

Okay, I’ve got a good handle on that person.

Next I compare that to who I am being now.

The piece that stands out the most is that I have it in me to complain up a storm. That’s the biggest difference.

And sometimes I question my inspiration. Like, I reason it out to see if it makes sense, or I try to find justification for it that someone else will understand and agree with. Even though I know that’s not how we’re supposed to use it.

Also, I could use some improvement in letting go and also enhancing the focus.

But that’s a lot of habits to be working with at once.

So I’m just devoting the first month of 2015 to one new habit that puts me more in alignment with that version of me that lives in my preferred reality.

Which is where my intention to stop complaining for all of January comes from. 🙂

(I’m bite sizing this baby, since committing to that for the year felt a bit overwhelming.)

I’ll reevaluate in February to see if we want to carry that through another month, or switch to a new habit, or something else altogether.

What’s your plan for setting new year intentions? We’d love to hear what inspires you to create change in 2015!

  • December 30, 2014
  • Patrice says:

    I always always always keep my new year intenion. I only have one, every year, Keep Breathing! So far, so good!

  • Katy says:

    This sounds so like me! I have alot of ‘chatter’ in my head and I often let that chatter go on and on unchallenged! 🙂 I have also recently realized I would like to get a handle on it and it also will have me noticing if I’m complaining…as Abe has said..often we hide it in ‘stories’ we tell, wrapping it up in a funny way, but it’s complaining just the same. A family trait I’d like to improve!
    So I will also aim for the less complaining, more appreciation as Melody mentioned…I also intend to try and grab that concept before my feet hit the ground in the morning waking up…as my ‘thoughts’ can start without my noticing…but the past few mornings I did notice! Not good. Already ‘thinking’ about work and feeling blah, or noticing if I slept good enough and does my body feel stiff this morning etc…Not my best habit!! So this morning I did a quick appreciation – for my bed, a decent night sleep, a short day at work today, my daughter, boyfriend and family, a warm comfy place to live etc. Needless to say, an improvement.
    I also like your formula for imagining the person I want to be in various areas in my life…business, relationships etc – “How would THAT Katy be?” I like it!! Happy New Year and thanks for this past year of LOA inspiration! 🙂

    • Isabel says:

      Hola again and Happy New Year, got my word yesterday and it was… intuition!
      Time to quiet all the voices in my head and follow my gut I guess 🙂

  • James says:

    I am sooo doing this.
    My intention for 2015 month one is to be VERY HAPPY, since my desire for being able to get a laptop plus drawing tablet would go well with that. Plus if i got popular on youtube(pokemon christmas is a quite an interesting LP)
    I would feel just so full of passion and joy if i had my own computer+drawing tablet to follow my passions.
    Having a youtube channel is quite fun, so i need to be having more fun once i can no longer borrow the one i’m using in order to bring about that reality.
    and being happy would probably go well with my goal of regaining the ability to walk. Imagine going several years of having to use catheders, wake up during the night to use restroom since you can’t feel your bladder enough to tell when you need to go,not being able to go on WALKS(currently i go on rolls lol), and not being able to participate in many activities, ect.. Now i’m going to have to imagine all that stress being gone. That would be probably the best and most relaxing feeling in the world! i literally sigh everytime i imagine it!-haha! i need to generate the feeling of removing weight off my shoulders!

  • Oh yes, I’m with you on that one, Jen. Here’s to loving our present moments!
    And you’re so right about how well that plan works – tell the story until we’re living it! Here’s to having fun with that in the new year.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Jen. 🙂

  • Jen C. says:

    My oldest daughter had the gift of me being an incredible story teller for her, but when my third daughter was born, I had prettymuch stopped being the fairy tale mom…only to realize that that was where I was really happy–telling fun stories and great life lessons so frequently…
    And, now I am doing LOA for myself and have been asking for better family times and shared fun, and I end up doing the creating some fun story right before bed for my kids and I realize…I am doing exactly what I want to right now!
    So, that is my main intention–to just love my present moment and prepave it so much that it leaves little room for confusion. Just using this telling of a story until I’m living it…just as you suggested in our coaching session.
    For every area of my life I want…that’s the only plan I have, but I know it works. Good manifesting to all of you, I’m rooting for your highest good as well!

  • What a fun way to embrace a new focus, Isabel! Letting the angels reveal one to you.
    Clearly it served you well – yay for getting your Heal Your Life certification!!
    Will you tell us your new word for 2015 when you find it? I’d love to hear what it is.

  • Isabel says:

    Last year I could not decide on an intention so I just picked up a word at random from my Angel Cards (the 80´s set from Findhorn Foundation) and got purpose. I wasn´t sure what to do with it but went along with the flow.
    Well, starting January I got my dream job at a university teaching foreign students that come for a semester abroad in Costa Rica. I teach marketing and leadership, coordinate a volunteet TESL program and teach Spanish some months, so I get to do a little bit of everything I love, plus I am well paid, appreciated and most important I am living my passion and fulfilling my purpose inspiring those young minds. And if this wasn´t enough, I ended up getting my Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach certification without even planning to do it – the Universe just conspired in this one. I never thought I wanted to be a coach!
    So, I think this year I will go ahead and pick another random card and prepare for the ride 🙂

  • Thanks for that reminder, Melody – that it isn’t just about “stopping” something – but rather replacing it with something more helpful.
    Appreciation will be what I intend to engage. So when I notice a complaint on the tip of my tongue, that will be my cue to go Pollyanna on the situation and find something nice to focus on.

  • Melody says:

    I did this as a challenge awhile ago, and I found it really transformative. I wore a beautiful silver ring that I switched from hand to hand, whenever I complained (even in my thoughts).
    Then I consciously looked for something to appreciate. Substituting a good habit is much easier, than stopping an ‘unwanted’ one:).

  • Nice clarity about where to start, Barbara! Sounds like a habit that will serve you well.
    And I think that one at a time approach throughout the year will make it easier and more successful for us both to close the gap on our ideal selves.
    PS – congrats on dropping 32 pounds! 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    I LOVE the idea of breaking it down into chunks and focusing on one thing, Jeannette. I am going to focus on meditating daily for the month of January. And while FUN is my intention for all of 2015, I realize that I haven’t been deliberately quieting my mind as much as my ideal self would, so that’s where i’m starting. I love the feeling of committing to something for 30 days- I did that with eating Paleo over a year ago and have lost 32 pounds as a result! And, I found that after 30 days, I was pretty good at maintaining it about 85% of the time, which feels good to me. I’m intending meditation in the same way- if I commit to it for January, it will likely be EASY to make it part of my life, 85% of the time.

  • I like that, Chris – working it in effortlessly into a neutral habit rather than creating a new one.
    Your question about engaging new habits reminds me of The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Such a good book for the subject!! I might pull it out for a quick review …

  • Hey Jeanette,
    I love the idea of creating habits to get yourself into alignment, one month at a time. I’d say the thing I’m focused most on right now (and in January), is feeling abundance – in myself and my life – now, many times a day. I got this idea from your awesome vibrational marketing webinar. How am I doing it? I’m stacking it with the habit of checking email or social media. What I mean is that, every time I check email or social media, I write on my phone a little bit about what it’s like to live my perfect life. Just a couple sentences here and there throughout the day. Sometimes I’m more specific than others, but the goal is to just keep refocusing on the feeling of abundance now. I find that it’s helpful to do this instead of trying to create a new habit of focusing on abundance. Instead, I simply stack it on to a neutral habit like checking email. How do you go about putting new habits into your day?

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