My Rookie Manifesting Move

Have you seen my foster puppies?  They are absolutely darling.

I welcomed them into my home when I was feeling a bit out of sorts. Life was zigging while I was zagging, and I felt a bit drained of joy.

I knew the puppies would put me squarely in the vortex again.

Except they didn’t.

(Yes, delicious moments here and there – but not solidly dwelling in it like I anticipated.)

Me. Puppies. No vortex?!

That’s unheard of!

But it makes sense.  Because puppies can’t make me feel fabulous.  That’s on me.

Not puppies.

Same thing with this upstairs bathroom remodel. I thought for sure I’d feel better once that was done.

Except, I don’t.

Instead it’s offering great reasons to feel more of what I already did: not quite right, damage is done, woe is me.

Like, it’s not quite right how the mirror didn’t fit squarely on the wall. Just like it wasn’t right how someone abandoned a pregnant dog at the shelter.
“Damage is done” showed up with a shower rod drilled too high into the new tile wall. Just like the damage was done after momma dog spent a few nights in the guest bath with her new pups.

And “woe is me” that I’m stuck with all this demolition and reconstruction in the house, while I try to get work done, not to mention help mom clean up after nine puppies.  Same “woe is me” feeling that my boyfriend wouldn’t help me with these foster pups.

Those vibes didn’t change because the bathroom was redone.

Law of attraction prevents it.

Law of attraction can only bring more of what I’ve been flowing. So until I change my vibrational instruction, it’s going to be more of the same.

That’s why sometimes people remain unhappy despite achieving incredible “success.” The fame and fortune can’t change how we feel. In fact, sometimes that just makes it worse because now we have this fabulous achievement and we still feel like crap. It could lead to hopelessness, if we didn’t understand how the system works.

I can change the a lot of the details of life – but until I change my vibe, I’m gonna feel the same way no matter what else I manage to create.

It doesn’t take incredible success to feel incredible. It just takes you. And your thoughts in this moment.
common manifesting mistake

Expecting puppies to make me feel better, or a remodeled bathroom to lift my mood – that was a rookie move on my part.

Just like folks who think being debt free or quitting their job or divorcing their spouse will make them happy.

None of that stuff can change how we feel. It might seem like it does sometimes … for a while.

But sooner or later your dominant vibration will prevail. And it can spoil even the most perfectly planned parties when that dominant vibe isn’t a good feeling one.

Which is why I’m writing this reminder to myself and others who sometimes fall for this routine.

We aren’t using our manifesting powers to create things to make us feel better. We’re using our ability to manage how we feel to get what we really want – feeling better. (Which also happens to lead to great stuff that makes it even easier to feel better.)

It all begins with how we feel (i.e. what we vibrate).

Let’s make quick work of it and start where it really matters, by cultivating habits of peace, appreciation, enjoyment. By setting intentions to feel now how we want to feel, regardless of what is or isn’t happening in our lives.

Yes, there’s a time for feeling out of sorts – that’s part of the gig and it is not a problem. But when I’ve had enough of that, the answer isn’t puppies or new bathrooms or new boyfriends or bigger bank accounts or new jobs.

The answer is to practice some vibration management. To purposely find ways to feel better right here right now. A new happiness journal, a decision to practice better feeling thoughts (Pollyanna is a great re-inspiration for that), a recommitment to self-care, as well as a reminder to be compassionate with myself in the process – those are my standbys for vibration management.

How about you? Do you have a particular mantra or question that helps reconnect you to joy? A process to make peace with what is?

I’d love to hear your practices for managing how you feel without looking to the manifestation of something to do it for you.

  • September 18, 2011
  • Anthony says:

    Oh my, the puppies are sooo adorable and cute.

  • Brenda, I have to say, when I first read your comment, it was a perfect time to put that Sonia Miller technique into practice. And it was HUGE!
    Thank you for sharing it here. Loved your perfume story, too. Here’s to remembering our own power to choose how we feel. Easier said than done sometimes, but the more we practice, the better we’ll get. And in that, the better life gets.

  • Brenda says:

    Oh, I almost forgot! Is it possible to smell the sweet breath of puppyness through a computer screen? I swear I did:) You did an amazing job of documenting their gentle introduction to mother earth!
    I love where you said:
    “None of that stuff can change how we feel. It might seem like it does sometimes … for a while.
    But sooner or later your dominant vibration will prevail.”
    A few weeks ago, I felt the truth of your long-held above position when I bought a bottle of amazing and expensive perfume to help lift my vibe. The thrill lasted about, oh, 8 minutes …because I’d placed all the power on something outside of myself, all the while my vibe still smelled …pretty funky:/. But now, my vibe is lifting gently and easily with intention and vigilance. I join you in saying that it just takes ‘me’!

  • Brenda says:

    Hey Jeannette! I LOVE the honesty and humanity of your GVBs. They and ‘you’ and GVU are my centering forces and inspiration for gratitude. It’s the raw honesty of your writing style that keeps me checking in and inspires me to look deeper when things aren’t going so well for me vibrationally.
    Lately I’ve been using a powerful affirmation I learned from a Sonia Miller book and it goes like this:
    “I am willing to experience (or feel)….” Then I insert words describing whatever it is I want to happen or feel …dreams or feeling that seems like just too huge a stretch for me right now. I might also say something like, “I am so excited that I’m now willing to experience (or feel)….”
    This mantra or affirmation has proved magically effective in resetting my vibe when it’s been …funky.
    Also, I had a three hour drive (twice) within the past couple of days. During these drives, I listened to Abraham’s ‘The Vortex’ cd (a workshop excerpt) that came with the book. Even though I’d heard it a few times before, this time it registered deeper – and I arrived home with renewed strength and conviction to take my lazy, sad thoughts by the collar to a place where I feel joyful.
    I finally feel like I’m breathing fresh air:)

  • Chip Hambas says:

    I love what you have available on your website and am always interested in learning more about the law of attraction. is something that I found extremely helpful and I love telling people about it who are interested in the Law Of Attraction. It is an Organization that teaches the LOA. Not sure if you are interested in learning more so that you can tell others what you have learned or if you want to enhance your life more than you already have. Keep Up The Great Work.

  • Nice one, JG! I may borrow that from you. 🙂
    Sophie, I’ve been having a lot of fun with that question you taught me, too! It’s fabulous.
    Thanks for posting, you two! 🙂

  • Sophie says:

    Ha! ere are my favorite:
    – Reading your blog or GVU
    – Asking How does it get any better than this?
    – Asking what else is possible?
    – Painting!
    Thank you for asking!

  • JG. says:

    These days it is enough for me to picture myself as Super Lucky.
    In Spanish -my native language- “SS” may stand for “Super Suertudo,” so even a Superman costume may come into the picture!…
    Another way is just to exclaim YEESSS! whenever something nice does happen.

  • Anonymous says:

    These days for me it is enough to picture myself as “Super Lucky”.
    In Spanish -my native language- “SS” may stand for “Super Suertudo,” so even a Superman costume makes it into the picture…

  • Right back at you, Andi! 🙂
    Zoe, you crack me up. I think Kim Falconer referred to our type the other day as those with plenty of “healthy ambition.” lol
    Thanks for sharing your list.
    Ruby, isn’t he darling?! And yay for dancing! My bathroom was being remodeled recently, and I got out of my morning shower dance habit until I got back in it. I’d forgotten how much better the day goes when it starts with dancing!

  • Ruby says:

    Can I have the grey puppy pleeaaaseee! adorable!
    Thanks for the post, reminder that how you feel is what you will see in your environment. When I am in one of those moods I need to all the expert help i can get.
    My top things to do: I listen (and dance) to my fav song or flip through a book and read a few pages, I call up a close friend.
    I remind myself that I need to feel different to see different results. Just get on with it Ruby! The longer you feel like this the worst its gonna get! Dont be function with a lower mind! LOL!
    I have to say our coach calls are one of my fav things to do during the week. Jeanette you rock!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hey Jeannette – this was my favourite line: “I can change the a lot of the details of life – but until I change my vibe, I’m gonna feel the same way no matter what else I manage to create.”
    That’s so good for achiever-types like me who keep setting new goals and forget that the real work is in how you feel, not in what you do.
    My feel-better tips:
    Strong advocate of the
    Reading a completely non-productive, non-work-related historical novel
    Having an outdoor adventure in beautiful locations
    Hanging with my chickens
    Much love

  • FYI, Jeannette. I love you.

  • Thank you, Evan. Those words mean a lot to me!
    I love your list, LovelyMe, and have been known to practice a few of those myself.
    Patricia, I often forget how powerful a shifter music is. But it’s a BIG one, huh?
    Thanks for posting, you guys!

  • Patricia says:

    I listen to music or find things to appreciate.

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Thank you for your honesty, Jeannette — and for your willingness to expose (what may seem like) imperfections. It is what makes your site such a powerful resource to come back to week after week!

  • LovelyMe says:

    Jeannette! Why is it that with GVB and GVU, everything always feels like it’s meant just for me? I needed this so much, and I’m just happy it came from you!
    It’s easy to slide into autopilot and let circumstances dictate your feelings. I call that “being in a funk”, and my main vibration has been in a funk until recently when I called B.S. on myself!
    What have I been known to do…hmm..
    -I look up pictures and videos of things that make me happy!
    -I make a list of all the things in the world that make me tingle
    -I listen to music that I know will make me happy
    -I listen to or watch Abraham videos, or listen to GVU calls! (My favorite ones are the ones with Jeannette!)
    -I get out one of my favorite books and locate the chapter that makes me the happiest
    -I call up a friend, see if maybe we can hang out
    -If I’m really feeling it, I’ll treat myself and buy me a little gift, be it a new book, or some makeup…whatever makes me happy!

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