My Ultimate Manifesting Miracle

My Ultimate Manifesting MiracleMany won’t understand the miracle that transpired for me here.

You might expect someone’s biggest manifesting success to be about big money or a career breakthrough. Maybe a fairy tale love story or a body transformation.

But trust me, this one was a big deal in my world …

Everyone who knows me knows my world revolves around my blind kitty Elvis. He is my favorite thing about life. I love and adore him more than anything else.

So when he got sick, I got scared.

When he didn’t perk up after a few days, we went to the vet. They did blood tests, shaved his belly for an ultrasound and offered a couple of possible diagnoses. We started meds in hopes his multiple symptoms would clear up.

They didn’t.

Whatever ailed him continued to.

The vet switched up meds and suggested an exploratory surgery if we didn’t see improvement within 24 to 48 hours.

I wasn’t keen on a surgery.

And I didn’t want to be shoving meds down his throat every couple hours. I didn’t want to haul him back to the vet’s office when he already felt so bad. I didn’t want to make him undergo anesthetic when his health was so fragile. I didn’t want to lose my favorite guy.

Yet it looked like that’s exactly where we were headed – nowhere good.

I knew my resistance to losing him was adding power to that very reality I didn’t want.

I also knew there was a reality where he was thriving and happy, and that’s the one that I wanted to experience.

But my resistance to the present reality was keeping me stuck in it.

At one point I felt sure Elvis was getting ready to transition.

(I’ve fostered a lot of animals, many of them sick after being rescued from a shelter, many of whom didn’t make it. Elvis had that same “exit energy” flowing. He just didn’t seem like he was really “here” any more.)

I realized this might be it. This might be where I have to say goodbye.

It was an incredibly sad thought for me.

I thought about how Abraham says life just continues to get better and better. That whenever contrast happens, it just fuels new desires and as long as we go along with that new desire life can only improve.

And I thought to myself, “Universe, you think you can do better than Elvis?! I’d like to see that.” (Because this is one amazing cat!)

Seriously, if Universe thinks it can do better than Elvis, I’m open to that.

And with that I felt my attachment to this cat’s healing diminish. I felt myself being okay with his exit. I felt peace in my heart with whatever might happen next.

Within an hour or so, I noticed he seemed to be a little more alert. He lifted his head even. And then he actually shifted position. Shortly after he drink some water. And he just got better and better until within 24 hours I knew he was in the clear.

The miracle for me isn’t just that my cat got better. That’s super freakin’ cool …

… but the true miracle was realizing my ability to accept the very thing I wanted least.

To be able to make peace with the ultimate ‘don’t want’ and to know that something amazing and fabulous was on its heels. That was worth celebrating.

I consider it one of my most impressive successes to have found better feeling thoughts in the face of (my) extreme contrast.

Releasing attachment to what I wanted most was quite a challenge. But if I can do that, anything is possible.

What’s your favorite manifesting success? Think on it for a few seconds to activate a really nice vibration.

(And share it in the comments if you like!)

  • May 24, 2015
  • Patrice says:

    I also knew there was a reality where he was thriving and happy, and that’s the one that I wanted to experience.
    Ha Ha Schrödinger’s cat!!!
    Seriously I have a FABULOUS CAT story to share on the next call. Not sure if I’ve shared it already but its pretty cool and too long to write here!
    Glad kitty is better!!

  • Joy Clarkson says:

    Thank You for sharing this post. I had found your site yesterday when I was researching some LOA info & watched a download. I decided to come back today for a visit. I truly believe there are no coincidences in life. May 2014 was a big month for me. I had retired, downsized 95% of my belongings giving up my rental house, purchased a little travel trailer & set it up into an rv park to fullfil a dream my late husband & I had dreamed of being full-time RVers & Snowbirders. He had asked me to promise that I would not live the rest of my life alone & that when I felt the person & the time was right, I would not hesitate. There are many single women in this park & we spoke often of what kind of relationships we would like. I set my intentions out to the universe that I would like to meet someone who shared common interests, especially family, like me didn’t wanted to remarry, would enjoy communicating, getting together once in awhile for dinner etc. We would each have our own lives & our only commitment was to be open, caring & honest. Tall order! A few weeks ago (a year later) I met such a man. So far we enjoy e-mailing, talking on Skype, getting together for dinner etc. but we are on the same page. I can’t explain here but I know my my husband played a part in this. There were so many signs. Since his passing I have been guided on a spiritual journey that I could never imagine.

  • Anit says:

    Let it Go.
    When we want the Universe to listen us, then we have to release our thoughts without any attachment.
    Like when we write a letter to send it, then we have to post it (drop it in the box). If we hold the letter and expect it to reach the destination, then it’s foolish.

  • A. says:

    A few years ago I was getting ready to end a bad relationship. (Emotional abuse and lots of cheating by him; I was unhappy all the time.) In the months leading up to this — this was after I had been with this guy for about 8 years — I started to really embrace all of the great things I could look forward to about being single. Never needing to run my schedule around anyone else’s, never needing to compromise on how I wanted the house to be. I thought a lot about a neighbor of mine who was a single mother, who doesn’t seem to have any more trouble with it than a not-single mother does. (Not that I was certain about wanting kids, but it’s one of those things that we feel like we need a partner to do.) I thought about how much fun it would be to travel by myself. Wouldn’t you know it, the perfect guy stepped into my life as I was breaking up with the awful one. A few years later we’re still together and it’s by far the best relationship I’ve ever been in.

  • kit says:

    Love this post! I can definitely related because this is exactly what I’ve been doing wih my relationship. I love the guy I’m with but we’ve had a few bumps in the road lately. I’d been pushing against them and forcing myself to be happy and look to the positives but it felt so forced on my part. I got to the point where I started thanking the universe for the good times I’d had with him but also focusing on “if I attracted such a great guy once and things aren’t going to work out surely I’ll be able to do it again and maybe this time even better!!”. And viola! instant change in the relationship dynamic. Still not sure what will happen but I know that I’ll be taken care of either way.

    • Jeannette says:

      Indeed, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the magic of this unfold in relationships, Kit!
      So happy you found your way there and have felt the power of getting okay with the thing we might not have chosen otherwise.

    • Laura says:

      OMW! This almost had me in tears! I have been feeling a bit “off” in my marriage for a few years – for a number of reasons and i think one of the biggest is my sense of insecurity, even after 22 years of marriage, sounds daft I know.
      You have just answered my question as to how I can get back to my fairytale life. When I met my hubby I knew that he was the man I wanted to marry one day, I did not know his name, but he was the one I wanted to be with. I told my best friend and she laughed. Well A year later we started dating and three years later we were married. My dream come true.
      I will follow your example and get my dream back! Thank you for the inspiration:-)

  • Sabeen says:

    Wow Jeannette, such a great story and so happy for you and Elvis to have more time to play together! I know that resisting “what is” is the only thing preventing a situation from changing for the better, so thank you for sharing how amazing a shift it can be to accept what is, especially with things that seem so hard to accept.
    I have a recent story with something far less important. Friends of mine signed up for a meditation class that I wanted to take. When I tried to sign up, the class was completely booked (and in fact, was overbooked with a long waiting list). I really wanted to take this class with my friends, but when I emailed the organizers to inquire, I was told there was nothing I could do to get into the class. I called to ask again – still nothing, there was simply no room in the class. I was bummed. There was another class that I could take but it wasn’t at a convenient time and wouldn’t be with all of my friends. The reality was that if I wanted to take the class at all, I would have to take the other class, so I decided to be ok with that. I thought – maybe it will be nice that I’m taking the class without my friends because maybe I’ll meet people I otherwise wouldn’t meet. Maybe the earlier time of this class will work out even better because I’ll get to leave work early. No sooner had I convinced myself that this other class would be ok (if not better) than I got a phone call from the studio telling me that they had made an exception and added me into the class I had originally wanted with all of my friends despite the fact that it had been overbooked and had a waiting list 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s such a fabulous example of the power of letting go, Sabeen!
      Congrats and thanks for sharing it.
      Now … to be able to apply that same superpower on the things that feel more important, right?
      Woo hoo to all of us for being able to do that! 🙂

  • Cat says:

    So glad it worked out for you and Elvis both! Part of the reason I hang out in the LOA community is that I get to hear stories that otherwise belong in fantasy novels — except that they’d actually be too unbelievable for readers to accept! 🙂 I’d take that over the “evening news” any day, whether LOA actually worked or not! Which it does, of course.
    My magical manifesting story is in the comments of Susan Shearer Young’s latest blog post — in which she’s come up with an affirmations tweak that’s crazy good: Pass this post on, everybody!

    • Jeannette says:

      That cracks me up, Cat, that some of our stories are too unbelievable for fiction. lol
      Thanks for the link to your story in Susan’s post … checking it out next …

  • Alexandria says:

    Very happy Elvis is rebounding. There’s nothing like being reminded of our power to feel however we want to feel regardless of the apparent ‘reality’ which I also experienced recently, as outlined in your recent ‘Kittys Came Home’ newsletter. Great manifesting success!!!

  • Gillian says:


  • Chantelle says:

    I might be embarking on my best ever journey yet. I am studying and working, supporting myself and a few days ago was inspired to take an inventory of every single thing i own. Afterwards, i had the strongest urge to quit my job and focus on studying for the next 4 months. I’ve been working full time since i left school so this is completely out of the ordinary for me. I asked U for a solution to passing exams (since this job is taking up all my time, and this was the answer i got. Still contemplating what to do, but i definitely know that answer was inspired!

    • Jeannette says:

      What an exciting point you’re at in your life, Chantelle!
      Know that I’m rooting for your inspired signs to keep guiding you the way to your happy ever after, however that might look!

  • Kelley says:

    Your post, as always Jeannette, is brilliant!
    I realized – deeply & in a profound *knowing* that I had t realized before – the best way forward may be for the situation I think I want least to occur – to happen. Because that may be the point at which critical mass is reached, and a larger larger, fuller, richer version of events that will nourish my soul and my life, to unfold.
    The key as you so correctly pointed out is to accept the very thing which you think you don’t want and release attachment to any outcome or situation. I fully trust the universe to give me an amazing, fun ride – in whatever vehicle it chooses.
    Thanks for the reminder. Happy Memorial Day to you & Elvis!

    • Jeannette says:

      It sounds a bit paradoxical, but it’s so powerful, isn’t it?
      It’s that whole magic of releasing resistance.
      Thanks for reading and for posting, my friend. 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Right, Elizabeth?! I sometimes wonder if that’s why Universe said, ok, Elvis, you better hang out for a while until we figure out how to top you. lol
    I saw your fb post about Atlas yesterday (the comment from a stranger about his hips) and my heart went out to you.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for this, Jeannette! I tend to think mine was related to Atlas and one of his health things, but whenever I try to write it down, I realize it’s best not to share in writing yet. It’s still too close to home.
    Also, I would LOVE to see what the Universe thinks is better than Atlas. Imagine what is better than the best thing ever ever ever!

  • Jeannette says:

    I’m not surprised to see you posting on this subject, Nneka! You rock!
    Here’s to more ‘releasing’ magic for us all.

  • Way to go aligning in the midst of such contrast!!!!
    It always works. I had something similar happen very recently. I stopped pushing against what I didn’t want. Opened myself to all the ways that Well Being could flow. And voila! The situation turned around and that thing i “didn’t” want got less and less active.
    The best part, as in your story, was that I aligned.

  • Jeannette says:

    Ha! You’re so right, Sophie! I didn’t make that connection until you pointed it out.
    No wonder you AC folks have so much fun with that question!

  • Sophie says:

    ha the magic that happens when we let go out how things show up 🙂 You were basically asking “how does it get any better than this? ” 🙂
    Grateful for you!

  • Jeannette says:

    It’s so cool how it works, isn’t it, Elle?!
    I also know that ‘knowing it’ theoretically isn’t the same as being able to practice (although it helps!), so kudos to you for your successes in letting go. Really inspiring to hear!

    • Laura says:

      Reading this story made me remember an instance where I trusted wholly and utterly – for the first time – and I let go of the “what I needed to happen” out of a strange sense of knowing that it will happen. I have sadly not had that feeling again, I guess it is out of the need for “it” to happen.
      What happened was that we, as a family, were hiking in the mountains and had gone completely off the trail to get to a better viewpoint and somewhere along the way I dropped hubby’s wallet. Bank cards, drivers licence, i.d’s and a substantial amount of money gone! When we got back to the chalet I knew what I had to do, did it and let it go.Family members laughed and said it would never be found – impossible considering where we were hiking, I shrugged it off and let it all go. I did not think about it again and carried on with our activities. A few hours later we received a phone call from the hotel from where we had hiked (and where we had reported the lost wallet) to say that it had been found! It was unfathomable that it could have been found. Literally off the beaten track and in tall grass. Totally impossible!! The emotion I felt in that instant was . . . well I have no words to describe it. But It was my revelation. You have reminded me of that revelation. Time to start practicing it again I think 🙂 Thank you <3

  • Elle says:

    This is so true! I can offer again the story of meeting my husband. It only happened after I embraced being single after complaining about it and not dating such good guys, not caring what anyone thought of that or my dating habits at all, and being ultra- happy about it and enjoying every moment. And viola, my husband stepped into the picture.
    I can also offer the story of getting pregnant naturally, after ivf and mega drugs and being told it was not possible. I had a miscarriage, but only because I know it is not quite the right time just yet. We only did all the ivf before because we were told to anyway.

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