Name Your Hero

cat2.jpgYou know the hypothetical question about who you would meet if you could meet anyone? Most people give cool answers like Buddha, Einstein, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Princess Di, etc. I always have trouble answering that one.
Who would I want to meet? Who do I respect more than anyone else? Who could I learn more from than any other person?
This is what I contemplated during a recent dog hike, as I knew the answer would offer me a mentor throughout the challenging spots in life. People often use an inspiring figure as their guiding light, and when stumped they’ll ask “What would Jesus do?” or “How would Oprah handle this?”
That’s what I wanted. So I wondered who handles life the way I aspire to? Who is a role model I can use as a touchstone when I feel indecision or doubt? Who can I call on to guide me when I want direction?
I finally realized the perfect guru for me isn’t a person after all. It’s Party Cat. (Thanks to my fabulous east coast client for this realization!)
Jerry & Esther’s Party Cat, as described by Abraham, is surely the epitome of what I aspire to in life: acceptance, enjoyment, and just plain pleasure to be here. I’m not exactly sure how this will affect my conduct in life, but it should be fun finding out!
So who’s your hero? Who would you be proud to be likened to? Holding someone (or something!) in mind, even if it’s a completely made up personality, can be a powerful method of staying true to the life you want for yourself.
The next time you find yourself in doubt or wavering from the way you’d like to live, touch base with your imaginary mentor. Ask for guidance, or just ask yourself how they would respond, and take action accordingly. In fact, it was Party Cat who told me not to sweat sending this issue out late. Thanks, Party Cat!

  • April 1, 2007