Napoleon Hill Died Broke?

napoleon hill“How is that even possible??” is what I asked when I heard on the phone today that Napoleon Hill died broke.

The author of Think and Grow Rich? One of the best selling books of all time? The guy who learned the secret straight from the richest men in the world? The man whose personal achievement formula is still used by success teachers today?

Died broke?

How is that even possible?

First you may wonder whether it’s even true. Let’s find out.

While I trusted my source on this, I did a little research this afternoon online for you. Here’s what I found.

Short version seems to be that while Hill had lots of financial ups and downs (romantic and professional), in the end W. Clement Stone stepped in to save the day and funded Hill’s Foundation near the end of his life.

So technically, maybe he didn’t really die broke.

But still, it’s not the success story I’d expect from someone who knows that

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

What gives?

Well, I have no idea.

And unless we’re talking to Hill himself I don’t think anyone could definitively say.

But as I walked into the kitchen, somewhat perplexed in hearing this, I spied my refrigerator quote from Morpheus in The Matrix:

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

Listening to every single Abraham workshop CD and reading every Law of Attraction book published and watching The Secret every night for a year straight won’t make a bit of difference if we don’t implement what we learn.

Here’s to walking the talk, fellow creators.

PS – I will add this: while Abraham says the best way to teach and inspire another is to be a living breathing example of it, I think it’s safe to say Napoleon Hill taught and inspired many people through his written work.  That is success, too, in my book.

  • June 29, 2010
  • Felix says:

    It’s amazing how people just won’t face facts, and twist things round so that their beliefs can be validated… if Hill died broke, THEN HE DIED BROKE!
    Yes, wealth means having lots of money! That’s the original meaning of wealth
    We can play around with New-Agey metaphorical definitions of wealth all we want, saying being rich is ‘having friends’, ‘having millions of followers’, ‘having someone to sponsor you’, etc. We philosophise about ‘good ways to die.’
    But the fact is, that Napoleon Hill wrote about FINANCIAL WEALTH (growing RICH), and if he died broke, then he died without money, and thus did not die rich. Let’s stop beating about the bush and face the facts openly and plainly.
    It’s a fact that ‘spiritual’ and ‘new-age’ people (of which group I am a part too, in a way), will make so many excuses for not having worldly success (riches), and give so many explanations for theirs and others’ failures to become rich, while often secretly desiring those same riches. Not all of them do this, but many aren’t honest enough with themselves.
    We need to achieve personal, worldly, and spiritual success. Without excuses.
    Yes, I know, it’s a big goal, but if we’re on the path to God, or Freedom, or Enlightenment, or Mastery, or whatever, then we certainly can’t think that being rich is too much to ask, or a difficult task for someone who has achieved God!
    And we are also very prone to making excuses about ‘the gurus’. Why? What do we gain by that? If you practiced what was in the book, and if this man’s book helped you become rich, great! If you practiced it for a long while to the best of your ability and it gave no results, drop it and try something else.
    On the other hand, the fact that Hill wrote a book does not mean he achieved the highest goal. In my opinion, trying to ‘mentalize’ yourself into wealth (i.e. get and stay rich just using your mind, with visualizations, affirmations, etc. is not the highest way of achieving things, and tends to require lots of effort to maintain.)
    By the way, ‘Think and grow rich’ was not Hill’s main book about making money, it was just an introductory pamphlet to the ‘real deal’, which was a much less-known, 1200-page course!

  • Felix says:

    (Oh yes, and by the way, having said all that, Hill didn’t die broke.)

  • Cecile Yap says:

    Hi YES I believed, Napoleon Hill died almost. . . broke if he was not saved! But the reason, there are many examples of rich people die in bankruptcy because they don’t have the mindset of WEALTHY people! We must know that there is a difference of being RICH and being WEALTHY! I am sure this is one reason he died almost broke. . .This is what I am teaching today as a Lifestyle Coach. Rich people could end up broke like Hollywood Celebrities, Lottery Winners, Wealth inherited through generations, Business people or anyone who has not learned the secrets of becoming W E A L T H Y. . .

  • Ray says:

    “The man who dies rich dies disgraced”
    Andrew Carnegie quote

  • Ron masure says:

    Although I agree with most of what I could understand it looks more like Rap than poetry. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “It is poor scholar who can’t find more than one way to spell a word.”

  • Dorian Henry says:

    In conclusion Napoleon Hill Lived Full & Died Empty. Here is a short poem written by famous author Paul Davis. This pretty much sums it all up.
    Live full and die empty
    This is my philosophy
    A purposeful methodology
    To live life meaningfully
    Maximize potential fully
    Leave a lasting legacy
    Daringly and diligently
    Make a difference
    Throughout the world
    Ingest the living Word
    Of divine incredible power
    Let it equip and empower
    Supernaturally flower
    Causing you to flourish
    God above will nourish
    Your heart and soul
    Touch and transform
    To make you whole
    Alter every attitude
    Elevate your altitude
    Rearrange associations
    Kill devilish deviations
    Stop social alienation
    Align with positive people
    Inwardly willing and capable
    To contact, impact, and impart
    Run from fools, hang with smart
    Folks who have a bright future
    Who can open opportunity’s door
    Influence and improve you more
    With intellectual brilliance never bore
    Never feel less, nor insecure
    Because of your present situation
    Your current circumstantial reality
    Is ultimately not your destiny
    Rediscover your internal identity
    Your magnificent mandate
    To stand up tall and straight
    Be all you can possibly be
    Live life boldly and wholeheartedly
    Absorb truth and wisdom insatiably
    Hunger for it tirelessly and endlessly
    Grasp, grow, and go after it aggressively
    As you do, you shall be enlarged inwardly
    Mightily manifest your utmost reality
    Metamorphosis exploding into destiny
    Serendipitously evolving in maturity
    Be filled to give generously to humanity
    Live graciously rather than greedily
    Obtain and get in order to give humbly
    Back to those who celebrate thee
    Treasure, need, and ask for help
    In teaching and giving you’ll grow
    Exceedingly surpass all you know
    Abundantly experience a breakthrough
    Living full captivates and compels others
    To draw and drink from your well within
    Give what you’ve got and always win
    To live full and die empty is saintly
    It means you live most sacrificially
    A full person is a precious commodity
    Continually enhancing and giving birth
    Making monumental deposits on earth
    He who dies empty does so most happily
    Being fulfilled and rewarded eternally
    Appreciating in value and nobility indefinitely.

  • Ron masure says:

    PS Sorry about the typing. I never went to high and only had 3 years of trade school where we learned mostly how not to chop your fingers off.I still have finger but they never learned to type.

  • Ron masure says:

    I don’t know why I am back at this site. There doesn’t seem to be anybody home here anymore.
    The reason I guess is because in reading some of your exchanges it appears that no one here has actually finished Think and Grow Rich. I have and I have also read every book he ever wrote that was published. The book TAGR is not an easy book. It is in fact a very demanding,non-coddling book.I suspect that some people who could not finish found they could not suffer through all the requirements and rigors necessary to achieve success. I understand and feel your pain. That is also my story, but I stuck with it, over and over. At times I fought the message, denied the truths,cursed the demands it made on me. In the end I surrendered and went with it and suffered mightily for a long time.For those who could not finish the book, buy it again, got to the “famous 55 ifs” in the back. Hopfully you will see yourself there as many of us have, face yourself, put all you have learned about achieving to work.Work until you gag and work some more and one day it’ll be like a new dawn. You’ll feel great, you will love yourself without even trying and you’ll be so happy on that new plane you find yourself. You will “get it” truly “get it”. Next you will have such a burning desire to take this “secret from your head and place it into the heads of the ones you love and transport them to this new place you’ve discovered. BUT YOU CANT. You never can. They have to take the same journey,alone(so alone) in order to get there. It will be like being on the best side of a raging river and yelling to friends and loved ones to jump in and struggle as you did and join you there on the “better place”.Most, if not all of them will not pay the price. They will spend their lives looking for the easy magic that will make them happy and sucessful.
    It cannot possibly happen that way.(it is like going to the gym and working out so your friend can have a buff body) Worse yet, they will not like it that you are at this good place and they are not.They will say you were lucky or you knew the right people or that you were dishonest. (Again, go to the 55 ifs and face yourself)You will hurt because of their attitudes toward you but you can’t go back to the old you.Now you have to be happy in spite of the huge disconnect that nhas been created between you and them.If you think Hill is tough try Ayn Rand with her book Atlas Shrugged.I wish I could pass it on to you without any price for you to pay but I tried that for many many years and know it can not be.Don’t pursue success unless your mind is thoroughly committed. If you make the journey out there in space toward the new you, the “you”, that you want to be and you get half way there and quit and try to return to the old you, here is what you will find. The old you is not home anymore and you can live in that house.Now you are not the person you wanted to be and you can’t go back to the person you were. This is where the loneliness come in. You won’t know who you are.The average person can’t stand to attempt this journey too many times. It take it’s toll each time. Decide now if you are willing to go thru the fire. If not, go get a regular job and forget achieving great thing. In closing, I once had mentor you began every seminar with these words written on an old blackboard, “Most people don’t fail at life, they simply perish inch by inch playing at little things.” Keep moving and don’t let your little kid in you grow old.

  • Ron masure says:

    Go back and read T@GR and your question will be answered about his “dying broke”. His definition of success was “The progressive realization of a worthy ideal” I have never heard a better definition of success.Using his own definition he died a HUGE success because he never stopped realizing his worhty ideal of helping us all succesd. I made a million and it probably would not have happened without his book. I used it as a txtbook and have given away hundreds of copies. I bought 6 more just today. I am 74, retired and have a daughter who is a coach. She is a success, not because she has made a lot of money but because she is “realizing and progressing.”

  • Rick says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    this is a very interesting post. I had read somewhere, that Napoleon Hill died pennyless. Well, the Napoleon Hill Foundation on deny it (of course).
    I agree with you in the fact that Napoleon Hill succeeded in teaching and inspiring so many people.
    And besides, he has made a fortune. Even if he may have lost it later, he has proven what is possible using the “Carnegie secret”.

  • Anonymous says:

    You need not be so hung up on the fact he died penniless. You can’t take riches with you to the afterlife now can you? Just as you no longer carry your current physical body with you when you go, neither can you bring other physical manifestations either so what does it matter? The value is never in the literal dollars, but what you can do with it, and you can’t do much with it dead now can you!
    What’s in your bank account?
    Perhaps wealth was of little importance to him nearer to his “croaking”. Think of all the people he helped find wealth and personal power. I think it was not so much in his ability to help others be rich, but the act of helping them realize their true power, which extends way beyond monetary value (and the grave!)
    also, until it can be absolutely confirmed that he did in fact die broke, this whole thread is meaningless

  • John says:

    Is this post real?

  • Marquina says:

    Between what Michele said and what Leo said, I had the sudden thought – What if Napoleon had been following his own advice to others in the beginning but experienced something that took him off course? Like, what if his wife cheated on him (just an example since I don’t know what his married life was like, assuming he was married) and he felt such jealousy that he devoted his life and every dime he had to getting back at her?
    What goes around, comes around, right?
    Of course, he could have gotten tired of having the responsibilities that come with having lots of money… There are SO many possibilities!
    By the way, about Think and Grow Rich – I didn’t read the book either nor do I own it. I borrowed it from someone, then I got it as a free gift download, but I don’t think I got past the first chapter.
    I do own The Science of Personal Achievement on cassette (which I will probably never listen to again since it’s on cassette and not on CD where I can skip around at will) and Think and Grow Rich kind of read like the audio program. They weren’t identical, but there were too many similarities for me to be interested in the book.
    Quite a few of the principles Napoleon Hill talked about do have merit, so I just took what I thought would be helpful and let go of the rest.
    I actually had to make myself sit still for the whole thing – not because I disliked the program contents, but because I have a short attention span. I was looking for useful information, which I got.
    I’ve got to say, I have REALLY enjoyed the Napoleon’s End discussions. Very interesting…

  • Rick says:

    Wow … it has been many moons since I visited last and it is so powerful to me to hear such power in a movie quote.
    Thanks for the memories.

  • Pam says:

    Thanks Aglo! I Love That.
    LOVE!!! Pam

  • Aglo says:

    What comes to mind as I read the article about Hill,is that we teach that which we need to learn the most.and that in an of itself is a life time task.and then I remind myself that Life is the only thing that IS.

  • Clarification for @Nell Elliott, who wrote:
    Hill’s contribution of the Mastermind: When two or more are gathered in agreement there is an additional presence. That is my understanding of the idea. Priceless.
    Actually, the MasterMind concept is from Andrew Carnegie who had as many as 50 advisors who he would consult with on a variety of issues, although he only followed what felt *right* to him. Hill, a journalist, had interviewed Andrew Carnegie and wrote about this technique in Think and Grow Rich.
    The concept of When two or more are gathered… is from the Bible. God/Divine Source/Infinite All That Is is always present, and more noticeable in a group.
    So, neither of those things were Hill’s contribution, except that he passed the concepts along to others.
    Many blessings,

  • Leo says:

    This is more to those that think the dark side is more powerful. I feel that darkness by nature attracts light, and it may at times seem like all is darkness, but the light is about to shine. It is what it is from our perspective. For light to be seen as a separate object, it requires darkness. Wish for others to be enlightened and any evil will be displaced and discarded. The power of good vibes can seem frightful to those who have spent too much time in dark thinking/dark feeling.
    We often find nuggets of truth in some very dark areas. This is to be expected since nature works the same way.
    One more thing, I unlocked by tweets since my first reply here.
    And one more thing, Jeanette, how do we add a picture and get ride of the creature icon?

  • Leo says:

    I suspect that to wish bad on another, will at the same time attract bad to yourself. You attract more to yourself than to others. It starts within you, not within another. It is true that you can plant the seeds of doubt or bad feelings in others, but the seeds will not grow if that person is aware and regularly thinks in positive ways. Like attracts like and so different repels different.
    The dark side of the force is destructive, and what is destructive has no future since it is anti-creative.
    Namaste to those that have ears to hear.

  • Nell Elliott says:

    Hill’s contribution of the Mastermind: When two or more are gathered in agreement there is an additional presence. That is my understanding of the idea. Priceless.
    Another subject. I have been reading The Course in Miracles for two years. It is difficult to understand because of the changes it requires in our beliefs and opinions. Two days ago I learned of another book: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE, Gary Renaud. A discussion on this book would be fun and a learning tool, as well. There is a video clip on his website.

  • Pam says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I think the only thing to know about Nepoleon Hill is that Nepoleon Hill Is. When we know that about him, about everyone, then nothing else matters because there is nothing else! Just Is. It is such a relief. I know Nepoleon Hill Is. And there is nothing else to know. I like it being that simple.

  • Oh my word, Nell, I read that book and believed every word and got so depressed I actually questioned my very existence.
    When I asked my dad to read it so I could talk about it with him, he got a couple chapters in before he said, “Not for me.” When I tried to talk to him about what it meant, he asked how the material felt to me. I said I felt AWFUL. He said, that’s your answer.
    So I don’t talk about it any more. lol
    But I heard Gary speak at a Louise Hay conference. I really like that guy.
    I’m off topic, huh?

  • Sejual, I’ve recently heard them say that! (About how the best part of the Vortex is getting in!)
    Your interpretation of Hill’s bio with that in mind makes a lot of sense to me. !!
    Regarding your second Abe quote, there’s actually a scintilating discussion on that very topic in the GVU forums right now! Maybe that’s another blog post.
    (Gosh, you guys give this blog great material!)
    Thanks for posting, Sejual.

  • Sejual says:

    I loved reading the comment above about how Napolean Hill helped his deaf son hear. I agree that stands out as a spectacular LoA success story. It suggests that it’s not just about the money accumulated, but the way we live the journey.
    In thinking about Hill’s virtually penniless status near his death, another Abe inspired thought comes to mind. Esterham has developed a message in more recent recordings about how there is something better than spending all your time in the Vortex . . . it’s the journey in to the Vortex. The deliciousness of finding relief from a place of having tied ourselves up in knots over an issue is the reason we came to this leading edge place. In other words, expansion.
    Having read a bit on Hill’s life with many significant rises and falls in wealth I wonder if he was more focused on maxing his journey in this leading edge place than the result? What if it was the same with his love life, and the 3 marriages he had?
    One final thought. Someone above spoke of a teaching from Abe ‘that if you came into this lifetime with the intent to be an uplifter than don’t expect to be very far vibrationally from the people who desire upliftment!’. However, doesn’t the reach of Esther and Jerry’s work suggest a different story?
    We’ve seen and heard them on stage coaxing someone who is distressed to a better feeling place. They’re connecting with a large audience of seekers of knowledge they’ve manifested.
    Whether ALL the distressed folks in the world out there can hear our words of relief is a different matter. As coaches we can’t point their boats downstream for them – we can only encourage them to find relief.
    From a coaching perspective I’ve found that as I’ve worked on improving my energy I find increasingly more delicious clients to work with. Last time I checked I didn’t need to help them grow ears so they could hear me. The Universal Manager gave them an excellent pair before they found me!

  • Ooh, Michele, how nice to have you drop by!!
    I like the way your mind works, and the way you’re able to present a potentially – what’s the word – conflammatory? – idea in a way that a person can actually hear because you do it so masterfully!
    (Hmmm .. makes me wonder how you’re using those powers out and about in the rest of the world!)
    Anyway, you said, “The idea that maybe what he preached about attracting wealth wasn’t really true or actionable or sustainable” and all I can say to that is, “Yeah, HUH?!” If we aren’t considering that a possibility, we aren’t as open as we think we are.
    It IS easy to see why that wasn’t presented here by someone else, since we regulars here tend to already be solidly believing in the power of our thoughts and our ability to create reality based on what we’re focusing on … which is why I’m grateful for your contribution to this conversation.
    The questioning – that’s the whole point of this post!
    And I never considered the second possibility you listed in your comment, although the way The Secret movie presented the idea that this information was kept close to the vest by those in the know, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that a possibility if you bought into that.
    The question you posed might actually make a great separate article. Ruminating on that now …
    Thanks, Michele!
    PS – I’m laughing about your gravatar comment!!

  • Michele says:

    That’s odd – on a totally different website several weeks ago, I made a newbie comment and I got that same random icon – the Christmas tree on a spring with arms (or wings), a french-fry looking thing (or plank of wood) stuck in it for a mouth, and what looks like either a raw brain (uck!) or a pink wig on top. I’m going to go to sleep in a few minutes and I’ll probably have a nightmare of this thing bouncing down the hall to get me! 😉

  • Michele says:

    I’ve just found this website tonight (via a Yahoo search for something quite tangential), and have read through several of the blog entries and accompanying comments.
    It strikes me that this group of people who comment here is a very positive, supportive bunch, full of curiosity, ideas, appreciation, and hope. This matches the name of the website (goodvibe), so it’s not a shock, but still it’s pretty rare to find! It’s been really fun to read through some of your conversations.
    I believe in the power of positive thinking and I realize that many similar ideas have been repeated by wise men/women over the centuries. However, I’m more skeptical about and even a bit wary of the more far-out elements of this (law of attraction, Abraham/Hicks, etc.) than the folks on here are, although I’ve read most of the books that I’ve seen mentioned here, and I try to be relatively open-minded.
    It was interesting to read the comments on this blog post about Hill’s financial situation at the end of his life, because it’s a perfect opportunity for people to experience a very natural “cognitive dissonance” about a kind of iconic figure in their belief system and to look for ways to explain the two incompatible ideas — that Hill had a wonderful handle on the prosperity doctrine that he preached, and that, paradoxically, Hill did not have any personal financial wealth at the end of his life. People have come up with several different possible solutions to reduce their feelings of dissonance about this, and the ideas (such as – he could have deliberately tried not to have a build-up of financial wealth in his later years, he did have financial wealth in a sense because his work was being funded by another person, his wealth was in the lasting effect he had on society rather than in a specific amount of dollars in a bank account, he might not have been very good at practicing what he preached even if what he preached was accurate, etc.) are reasoned, reasonable, and quite possibly true.
    The idea that maybe what he preached about attracting wealth wasn’t really true or actionable or sustainable was not one of the suggested solutions to the two incompatible facts, and that is understandable, since the sort of ideas that he preached (more or less) are the glue that brings this group together, and obviously are foundational beliefs here. In saying that, I’m not trying to be a smart-aleck and I am not mocking — it’s just interesting to see how people reduce their cognitive dissonance by considering some of the solutions that might bring opposing facts into harmony, while avoiding discussing other possible solutions.
    One thing that I wonder about Hill, and which has puzzled me about the entire set of comments on this website that I’ve read so far (I’ve randomly clicked around on various posts from 2007 to today), is whether it’s possible that Hill was a target or a “victim” of powerful envy or curses (by humans), or even of mal-intentioned spirits — and I wonder why no one here seems to talk about this sort of thing as being just as powerful or even more powerful than the law of attraction and the advice/guidance from helpful spirits (which you obviously think the group of sprits that identifies itself as Abraham is – helpful and benign, and again, I’m not being a smart-aleck or suggesting anything to the contrary, because I have no knowledge of the situation at all) can be. I did see a post or two here on magic and witches and listening to one’s personal guide, but I don’t remember anything about the potentially negative aspect of evil spirit forces (if they exist; I am not claiming that I know for sure one way or the other) or of seriously destructive human-to-human intentions/curses. I’ve only read a smattering of posts here though, and it’s really late at night so my attention is flagging–it’s very possible this is a topic that has been covered here many times and I just didn’t see it!
    What I am suggesting is the idea that maybe Hill became too successful and famous, and other humans or some kind of spirits were envious and wanted to cut him down to size, and managed to do so before he died, despite his own power, wisdom, and connection to whatever people and spirits there may have been that were on his “side”. I do lean towards thinking that this CAN sometimes happen to good people, and that our society often attributes this kind of bad luck and misfortune to that person’s having personally failed, taken too many risks, or strayed from his own preachings, when actually it was out of his control and was the result of a big scary onslaught from invisible realms that he didn’t know how to defend himself against.
    If there are malevolent forces that are very powerful indeed, and almost nothing can stop them from wreaking havoc on even a decent, hard-working, right-thinking person’s life, then it sounds like laying low might be all one can do, and sometimes having no external wealth and barely surviving is actually the most positive result of a tremendous amount of work and luck that the individual is mustering up in the face of all the negativity that he/she is being bombarded with.
    How do you folks feel about this idea in general (not necessarily that it may have happened to Hill though; I don’t know enough about his life story to speculate on that)? Is it a concept that you agree with, or do you think it’s impossible? Do you think that there are only good spirits out there, or are there evil ones too – and if so, how can you tell the difference between them? Do you think that humans can effectively curse each other and cause suffering, bad luck, terrible problems to befall each other from afar? If so, how can those curses be avoided, detected, and dismantled/deflected? If there are bad spirits that try to hamper human efforts and/or harmful human-originated spells/curses, then how do you explain the law of attraction idea that a person is getting exactly the life situation that he/she “deserves”. If someone is set upon psychically by envious others because of tangible success or obvious happiness, has he/she somehow invited that attack to happen? If so, how can such a thing be avoided?
    I’m sorry this has been so verbose.
    Good wishes to everyone.

  • Yes, Barb, I mentioned that book earlier in the comments! I love that book!
    Well, I love the IDEA of it! Maybe I’d feel differently if I had children, but I kinda doubt it. “Spend it all!”
    And if that’s how Napoleon felt, and what he practiced – more power to him!! lol

  • Barb says:

    Recently I have come across a book called “Die Broke”. It says that instead of leaving a huge inheritance to our family we should enjoy our money and die broke. I wonder, is it something Napoleon Hill might have done? We don’t really know how he spent the last years of his life, do we? Maybe he simply enjoyed the money and spent every penny!

  • Priceless, indeed, Laura!
    (And for some reason I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who found this “startling” to hear.)

  • Scent Magic says:

    WOW – that it startling, but I like your analogy. Wealth isn’t always about monetary gain or excess. Napolean Hill probably could never have imagined the lasting legacy his book would have around the world – and that is priceless.

  • Thanks for posting, Kim K. I’d say there’s a difference between judging and discerning.
    Like, the discernment is judgement without the “bad” or “good” label associated with it, right? It’s just noticing what is.
    So when I notice that the guy who wrote the book on thinking to grow rich died broke, to not acknowledge or notice that situation and consider what that means to me would be … neglectful.
    In my opinion.
    Kind of like, if the guy who was the country’s leading expert on helping people create happy relationships, turns out to be miserable in his own marriage … I can notice that and make appropriate decisions with that information without making him a bad guy for it.
    Although I recognize I might be fooling myself here, I really don’t think I feel judgement about Napoleon Hill. It feels much more like surprise. Or at least it was when I wrote this post.
    On the other hand, some of these COMMENTS I’m definitely feeling some judgement around!! lol
    Just kidding.
    (Sort of.) hee hee

  • Kim K says:

    I’m thinking this is why we should just stop judging all together…I know it’s a nasty and hard habit to release but I really do think in even the smallest judgments we negatively affect only ourselves the so-caller “Judger”. I tend to think this is so because when we hear something other than what we believe to be true or not what we want to hear we get an uneasy pang in the gut (Solar Plexus). The negative information we heard has not caused this reaction our thoughts around it did.
    Napoleon’s book has brilliant insights, so because we hear that it is possible Mr. Hill did not practice what he preached or even worse what he taught does not work….it debilitates us in some way. Only the thoughts we each choose to surround this bit of news can effect us. We have all the power in what we do with this information. If indeed it is true he died penniless…it is what it is now it’s up to us to take his message further…and that is all.

  • Barbara, I think that’s the big disconnect for a lot of people with reading that book – how much times have changed since it was written.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Barbara says:

    As always, an energetic and fascinating discussion inspired by Jeannette! Thank you! My initial gut reaction to learn that Napolean Hill was virtually broke was shock and disbelief (with a little judgment seeping in), but then that didn’t feel too good, so I turned my vibe around and thought about how abundance comes in many forms, and remembered that his vortex, his happiness, his version of success was entirely his. Who am I to try to define that for him?
    Like many others here, I had trouble reading the book, but I did finish it. The way I got through it was to remind myself that it was written in another time. That allowed me to read the material without getting ticked off. (I recall comments that would be deemed sexist and racist in today’s time.) Turned out it was a good way to practice the art of allowing. 🙂

  • Vanessa, I am giggling my agreement with you! “What’s the difference?!” hee hee
    And I’ll add, if you’re living how you want to live, even if it’s on someone else’s dime or generosity, what’s the big deal?
    Just because that’s not what I’d personally prefer, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of calling it a success, I suppose.
    Although something about that still feels a little off to me. I mean, he wrote “Think and Grow Rich” for goodness sake. Not “Think and Be Happy” or “Think and Get Someone Else to Foot the Bill.”
    But maybe one day I’ll outgrow something I wrote decades earlier, and then I’ll understand it personally. Who knows?

  • Wow! what interesting comments.
    Like Laura and Jeannette, I never finished the book either, and it’s really rare for me to give up on a book.So was the book really as powerful as we have all been led to believe?If so, why couldn’t many of us finish it?
    Jeanette your source corrected you by saying he didn’t die broke but “virtually penniless”! What’s the difference? Seem the same to me;)

  • Leo, I don’t talk to too many people who can appreciate drama the way I do, so I’m particularly enjoying your post here.
    Thanks for it! 🙂

  • Leo says:

    Not much more to add, but I wanted to say thank you for locating a rich vein of good vibes!
    Related to this article? Maybe it is, maybe it ain’t, but here goes.
    I recently stumbled and attracted poor judgment on myself. I will not go into it much, just that I reacted to something that angered me and lost big. Here I was thinking I had a handle on LOA and this time I just did not use it. For some reason it felt good not to use it the right way. I like drama and got a large dose of what I wanted. DRAMA! Lights camera action! I played it to the hilt and as bad as the manifestation was, I now have one more example of how NOT to do it. That is what I think Mr. Hill drew to him at the end. He must have had an inner need to think and grow poor.
    A good stunt man knows how to fall and make it look good for the audience, but to also stay alive to do it again and again. I’m a stunt man it seems. I’m a fall guy lol! But, I also know how to win and liv the drama of happy endings.
    I want more happy endings and know how to get them.
    Thank you again Jeanette for the good vibe alignment zone.
    P.S. My text reader pronounces Abe as OB-AYE and LOA as LOW-UH, so when I say it to someone, don’t be surprised that I say it that way lol or LUL! 😉
    I’m now at (protected tweets until I decide to open the door) Used to be @leoicon until drama!

  • I don’t think I ever got to that part either, Patty! That sure doesn’t sound familiar, anyway.
    And you’re right. WOW!! “He taught a deaf boy to hear”!!

  • Patty Lennon says:

    I just started reading Think and Grow Rich a few months ago. I’ve had a hard time finishing it. Like Nancy I got stuck on the chapter about channeling sexual energy. But the thing that sticks out to me the most is Napoleon Hill’s story about his son. His son had no ears and it was deemed medically impossible for him to ever hear. Napoleon Hill refused to believe his son would never hear. You can read more about this in the book but the punch line is his son did eventually learn to hear in part as a result of his father’s efforts.
    Napoleon Hill describes the process he used — He made it impossible for his son to believe he would not hear. It is the same process he describes will help anyone grow rich. And I haven’t been able to shake the thought “Why is the big story in this book getting rich? He taught a deaf boy to hear for goodness sake!”
    I’m all for embracing money energy and lots of it. I think what Napoleon offered was so valuable but I often wondered why someone who taught his deaf son to hear would so totally focus on the money aspect of this skill set. Maybe it was because the generation he wrote for most needed that for hope in a Depression.
    As many wise people here have already stated, perhaps towards the end he just wanted something else, something we don’t understand. But I can’t imagine any parent who has helped their deaf child to hear would consider their life anything less than rich.

  • That might be my favorite line here yet, MissyB!

  • MissyB says:

    What is wrong with dying broke ?

  • Laura says:

    Yes Jeannette, after re-reading what I wrote last night (late, I might add :-)) I am tending to agree more with what you and others have stated regarding walking the talk and being a master (one of THE masters at that) and then having this result. I guess my response more from my curiousity of wanting to know MORE about what was going on for him and his life in trying to understand how this could have happened.
    I actually did have the same thought as Dana (not so much regarding not paying death taxes) but more about maybe he wanted to spend or give away his wealth before he died as others have desired to do.
    Interesting topic, indeed!

  • I’ve got a feeling I would have enjoyed that book, Tim.
    What you say makes much sense. Thanks for contributing that to the conversation.

  • Tim says:

    You have Matrix quotes on your Refrigerator? That’s awesome!
    Anyway, my two cents is just because he knows how to think and grow rich doesn’t necessarily mean he wanted to. Maybe his second book was going to be something like “how to be happy without growing rich”. Just a thought…

  • Sounds like you’re well tuned in to your guidance, girlfriend.
    Kudos for that!
    And thanks for being tuned in here. I’m taking that as a good sign.

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Wow what a conversation and I am having an insync day of allowing all around-
    First like Ellie,Jeanette and Janette I have never really got into the book- has been on my bookshelf for many years. The other day I received an email asking me to be an affiliate for a new Think and grow rich product, it came with videos , audios etc and I felt underwhelmed. Then today I saw reference to the Book in relation to using it as a weekly mastermind practice. I was thinking maybe I could reread this. After reading your post and all the comments I will stick to my current read of Travelling at The Speed of Love!
    Now I love this I liked what Nancy said… I meet so many “gurus” who talk the talk but the soles on there shoes are not worn out at all! and Ellie has me laughing out loud.

  • I like that thought and it’s to agree with, Lovely Me, that “Whatever it was must’ve been magnificent. Perhaps we are enjoying the benefit now of whatever it could’ve been, money-focused or not.”
    I also love how you summed up Abe’s entire message in one paragraph!! lol
    Let me know if you ever want to guest post that. 🙂

  • Lovely Me says:

    lol, well you got me, Jeanette! Step 1 decade – but…I still see it as something very powerful he was brewing, so big that it took him that long to be able to close the gap. Whatever it was must’ve been magnificent. Perhaps we are enjoying the benefit now of whatever it could’ve been, money-focused or not.
    And to clarify, I did not mean to imply anyone was beating up on Napoleon – it was a very thought provoking post and got me really thinking/revved! It shot me into the Vortex, actually. I love delicious LOA discussions<3 I am so glad this topic came up because it pushed me just over the line and into the Vortex.
    It is true that you can't miss the irony of it, but I think we as deliberate creators with all the LOA knowledge we have and all of our personal experiences, can break it down to see what was really going on.
    I think it's why I love Abe so much. You can hear Abe's words and digest them, but it takes a powerful discussion like this to FEEL the meaning, and Abe's words never really change – being in the Vortex or out of the Vortex, allowing or having a Step 1 moment (decade;) ), and not being hard on yourself when you're out of the Vortex. Abe finds hundreds of ways to say the same things over and over, and still I get whacked in the head with feeling the meaning of Abe's words like how I did in this discussion, and it's a moment of clarity.
    I always enjoy your thought provoking posts, Jeanette. I didn't comment there, but just wanted to note that your Alice and Jabberwocky post was a true gem!
    -Lovely Me

  • Janette says:

    Wow. :-O
    Taking a second bite of the cherry here, to say Lovely Me, you have rocked me back on my heels with that perspective. Colour me gobsmacked, that is a BRILLIANT reframe.

  • I know this much, Ellie. You don’t sound “off” at all to me.
    And your enjoyment of Abe’s irreverence about the crucifixion made me smile again. lol
    I’m thinking about due diligence, when it comes to our mentor’s soles being none of our business. It seems to me that it might very well BE my business, since I’m looking to this person for guidance. I might want to see that he’s got some tread worn off.
    Know what I mean?

  • Ellie Walsh says:

    Oh My Goodness — I just remembered when I heard Abraham talk about Jesus having that out of the vortex day! I almost wet my pants! I was brought up catholic… and throughout my catholic school days I was thinking “why didn’t this powerful guy do something instead of ending up on a cross?!” I never, ever would say that… I was trained well… So when Abraham said it – I felt my inner child jump with joy! 😉
    I’m certainly not beating up on Napoleon… nor was I referring that he might not have had worn soles… I really do not know any of this… I was totally just taking advantage of a conversation… And I was taking advantage of it to be a bit sarcastic — of some of the “gurus” I have met along the way…
    And of course… I am reminded … Well Ellie the soles of their shoes are none of your business… And while I do certainly agree with that… and totally teach that… there I days I don’t care and just want to play for a bit in that cynical arena… And well that might sound totally off — When you know you are off – You have your Power…. so are you really off?
    Woo Hoo

  • Step 1 moment? That was more like a step one decade, right? Or something?
    I mean, seriously!
    I will add, too, that I think walking the talk absolutely includes experiencing and managing the contrast that’s a natural part of life.
    I don’t think anyone here was suggesting that teachers and gurus are always perfect, never having a “bad day.”
    And I love how Abraham says even Jesus was having an out of the vortex day when he ended up on that cross. (Is it okay to laugh at that?!) I do love Abraham’s irreverence.

  • Lovely Me says:

    I’m reading a lot of “talking the talk and walking the walk”. Just to point out an Abe concept that I think many people forget, you will never be in the Vortex 100% of the time, or else you would be non physical. You absolutely cannot get it all done – and it’s OKAY! Without Step 1 moments, there is no expansion.
    I would like to think that he was having a huge Step 1 moment – in fact, so huge that he could only close the gap in non physical form…it was that much of a whopper, and money was not a part of this wonderful creation that was forming. He still got by, didn’t he? His money or not, he got by. And again, we’re looking at his “death”. There is no such thing as death. You can never get it done. This most certainly was not and is not the end of Napoleon Hill’s creations.
    You can’t talk the talk and walk the walk constantly. You can’t be in the Vortex constantly, and Abe has said this repeatedly. Don’t get down on yourself for being outside the Vortex and having a Step 1 moment.
    At the end of his life, Napoleon Hill was obviously having a Step 1 moment – how can that be negative? It was/is expansion at its most basic form. That is what this all is about. He asked, and could only allow it in non physical form. He experienced the deliciousness of a lot of asking and receiving in his lifetime, repeatedly.
    There is absolutely nothing negative about this, in my opinion. It is wonderful. A teacher until the end of his physical life.
    -Lovely Me

  • Ellie, I just love you! I can see us asking to check the soles of our next teachers’ shoes. lol
    And how fabulous that your Inner Voice knew it did not agree with that material, and told you so. That visual is just making me laugh out loud tonight.
    Thanks for the smile, friend. 🙂

  • Ellie Walsh says:

    I had heard this before…. Truthfully never paid that much attention… as what one person thinks is penniless another thinks of as abundance.
    I am laughing as I read that you Jeannette didn’t like this book! Ohhh now I know why I get along so well with Jeannette! 😉
    Though … unfortunately I did read and finish the book, a gazillion years ago… brand new in learning about myself… and this book totally pissed me off … and the little self worth I had… went down the tubes!
    I’m thinking – I gotta like this book and do the things he says… and my Inner Voice is Screaming… NO.. NO.. This is not for you!! But… my committee members are saying Oh Yes… You gotta do this…
    My Inner Voice did win out… yet it took awhile for my committee members to be quiet down! 😉
    I liked what Nancy said… I meet so many “gurus” who talk the talk but the soles on there shoes are not worn out at all!

  • Anonymous, I just finished watching a guy tell his story about how he cheated death in a hiking accident that should have killed him. And probably would have killed anyone else.
    Turn after turn he ran into more obstacles in trying to rescue himself from this “dead end.”
    Which he finally did – four dehydrated, starving, hypothermic days later.
    And at the very end he said something like, “I feel privileged to have the challenge” that allowed him to experience a very intimate relationship with himself. To face death and survive. To make the choice to live.
    Anyway, when I read your post, I thought of his experience.
    I’m not usually one to say we’re fated or destined, but I do believe our higher selves have intentions for this lifetime that we may not be privy to until we’re smack dab in it. Maybe. I don’t know.

  • Janette says:

    LOL Dana and Iyabo – you guys are MY kinda lawyers!!! 😀
    Such a relief to know you couldn’t finish the book either, Jeannette. I struggled until I realised it was NOT a feel-good place to be, so I put it down to the dated language and focused on more recent and accessible texts. Not like there aren’t any other visionaries around, right?
    What I found amazing is that in just a few minutes researching this online (I’m one for fact-checking, EVEN when it’s Jeannette telling me, LOL!) I found a plethora of people with opinions about which they felt REALLY strongly. Wow!!
    Some believed it was true and immediately used it to justify their scepticism. Some didn’t believe a word of it and couldn’t accept their “hero” had feet of clay. Some used it to get your attention so they could sell you “better” stuff (sigh).
    So *I* like the response in this community, where we all kinda shrug and say “really? okay, well maybe he had something else going on – who are we to say what his definition of success or happiness looked like?”
    That’s why I LOVE this community which Jeannette has attracted around her. Mmmm, basking in it right now…. 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to say here…. even though I do believe that people can overcome a lot and change their lives completely, including their wealth. I have also often had a niggling suspicion that people who are successful doing whatever they do -whether or not they feel that they had to take a big chance to make it happen, whether they believe that success just happened because they expected it or were so busy being happy doing their own thing that it just found them or that they worked really hard and the hard work paid off. No matter the “source” or what they believe, I often wonder if some people are simply destined for it and some are not and if you are actually manifesting anything or if that’s just the life you’re going to have no matter what you do or don’t believe. I’m starting to wonder why the positive expectations of people in third world countries often don’t manifest in what they need to simply survive -at the very least? I’m constantly seeing that the people around me who have a lot of back-ups (old wealth in their families, etc.) seem to experience a lot more opportunities than the people I know who have struggled to get wherever they are or simply appreciate what little they have. Much as I want all this to work I have truly believed in many things that manifested only in very compromised forms and I have truly believed in many things which absolutely did not manifest at all. I must say, I will always believe that a positive attitude is productive for many reasons and that you should certainly do what feels good and allow life to happen to you, flow, etc. But after the last five years I’ve had -when believing in all of this has been just about all I had- I’m incredibly disappointed with the fruits of my good vibes.

  • Phil says:

    Yes, yes, yes Jeannette – it’s so easy as LOA teachers/coaches to judge ourselves or invite the judgement of others that says, “well if they are such LOA experts how come they don’t have everything they want” as if understanding LOA makes you superhuman and somehow beyond experiencing contrast. I think this comes from not REALLY understanding how contrast drives the creation of desire and desire drives the expansion of the Universe. IOW – IT’S ALL GOOD!!! 😉
    One of the most profound things I ever heard Abraham say was that if you came into this lifetime with the intent to be an uplifter than don’t expect to be very far vibrationally from the people who desire upliftment! If the vibes get too far apart then the Universe can’t bring you together and your grander intention to uplift can’t be fulfilled! Woof – that’s BIG!
    So when I look into my own life and see areas of contrast I try not to judge myself as not walking my talk, but instead try to apply the same tenderness and understanding I would to anyone who sought out my help. And I’ve adopted Jerry’s standard – happiness is all I really care about or really want anymore. And it’s all I want in someone else – if the interactions bring joy then I’m quite satisfied. To me if I am joyful I’m not just walking my talk – I’m running, dancing and singing it all at the same time!
    Thank you so much for the thought inspiring blog and response. You and GVU pass the “Jerry standard” with flying colors – much love to you,
    Dr PG

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Dana! You and I are in the same boat! I thought that too.
    Kim, I love your perspective of wealth. That is why we are never poor. If nothing else, there is an abundance of oxygen all around us and that is wealth!
    Nancy, yes, it is true that some coaches don’t walk their talk. And like Jeanette, I have good days and terrible days. And like her, I try to be transparent about it. Everyone has good days and bad days. I am very suspicious of coaches that only have good days.
    I like the idea of him needing to learn to receive as a life lesson. I also did not know he was a journalist.
    I know with my coaching, sometimes, actually most times, I get downloads from the other side. This is not information from my experience but actual downloads. It is as if I have all this information in my head and the download comes in the form of looking at the information from a totally differently perspective. That new perspective is what I now have to apply to my life and I eagerly introduce that to my clients as well.
    I have seen myself “teach” something and it takes root so well with multiple clients that I go back and revisit it for myself because I am seeing such great results in their lives.
    As far as Napoleon goes, I believe that he had powerful information and he used it one way or the other in his life. We will never know what was going on in his head!

  • Oooh, I like that, Monica! “Lacing up the sneakers.”

  • Ande says:

    This is a great reminder not to try and get a taste of other people’s pies. Comparison is confusing, and the reason it’s confusing is because we can’t possibly know what the person was/is vibrating. I’ve been guilty of this big time and it hung me up because my husband told me he was aligned with millions and when the millions didn’t show up (after 3 years of hearing this), I started thinking alignment doesn’t work. But then I realized I don’t know what’s really in my husband’s vibration.
    We need to tend to our own alignment and our alignment only.
    And you’re right. We need to walk our talk. Last week, I wrote blog posts for this week and prescheduled everything so I could concentrate on other things, and when today’s post landed in my inbox, I’d forgotten what I’d written, so I skimmed it, and I thought, “Wow, that’s really great advice.” And had I been doing it the last couple days? Uh, no. I think those of us who write about this stuff need to be sure we read what we’re writing. 🙂

  • Monica says:

    ”There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”
    A timely reminder for me, Jeannette! I’m lacing up my sneakers!

  • Good distinction, Nancy. I’ll second that “yikes.” (Never doing the work that they’re teaching.) lol
    And suppressing sexual energy?! Oh my. No wonder I didn’t make it through!!

  • I love reading all the (quite plausible) possibilities and knowing that we ALL get to decide what gets *us* into the Vortex!
    Jeannette and Iyabo, I wasn’t talking about those walking their talk on good days vs. bad days — I meant, straight up never walking their talk in private, not doing the work but calling them selves coaches. <–YIKES!
    LOL! Laura, Janette, and Jeannette on not finishing the book. I was doing pretty good 'til I got to the chapter on suppressing your sexual energy so you can channel it into your interests. HUH?!? Totally lost me there…came across as superstitious. Tried to re-read the book, but always got stuck on *that part*. LOL! 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Tom, I am already wishing that I knew you better.
    I like your style. “I’m out; it’s been real!” lol
    What a hoot!
    I’m not exactly sure I know what a morphic field is, but I would agree that his contribution to it had to be pretty good.

  • Janette, can I just say how much I love your natural ability to be in the feel good place?! Delicious.
    Thanks for reporting back on your research. Always nice to have a fact-checker in the house. !!

  • Tom says:

    I suspect he enjoyed the journey and said “I’m out, it’s been real!!!”. His real wealth was in the morphic field he created for all of us to revel in. Think I’ll go bask in that right now. You have a pretty sweet morphic field going too, well done….. I visit yours often!!!!

  • I guess what I realized I was getting at, Phil, was that we can’t judge what another wants.
    But if I have an LOA teacher who is not getting what they want – for lengthy periods of time – I’m suspicious. And in the market for a new mentor.
    I hadn’t heard that from Abraham, but you’re right – that’s BIG!
    I’ll be pondering on that one a while …
    As usual, Dr. Phil Good, it’s nice to hear from you here! 🙂

  • Do we know that, Leslie? I guess the next question is does it matter.
    Either way … it seems to me that once you start teaching this material it’s probably natural that people learning from you will be very interested in your experiences and examples.
    Not just to pick up more information from you that way, but also to ensure we’re learning from the real deal.

  • leslie richter says:

    I think the real point is ” Napoleon Hill LIVED WEALTHY.”

  • Iyabo, I know a couple of people who benefit personally from the information they get for clients that way.
    So cool that you’re one of them!!
    Thanks for commenting on this post. 🙂

  • Very interesting, Laura!
    Sounds like we may have the same taste in books.
    But still, though, if you were studying a master at using the power of the mind to achieve financial wealth (among other things -and let’s face it, that’s what many people are using this stuff for), wouldn’t you feel ripped off to find out that he was broke??
    I would find that highly disappointing, to say the least.

  • Yes, read it AND implement it. We’re all so smart, aren’t we? hee hee
    I have been a slow student in some ways (and a quick study in others), but regardless I give myself credit for being willing to put theory into practice and see for myself how it serves.
    I know you’re good at that, too, Ande. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Something that comes to mind is that we don’t know (and never can) know Hill’s intention in acquiring his wealth. Maybe after he amassed the wealth that he did, there was no longer the same drive to keep it as there was to create it in the first place. Who even knows how he felt about the wealth that he had. It is possible that because he was able to manifest the wealth that he did but was not a vibrational match ultimately to sustain it, as so often happens with people.
    As stated earlier, we do not know what was going on for him or what was driving his life at that time so it is very difficult to say whether or not he was walking his talk. The important thing to take away is that he was able to create the wealth that he did usually the prinicples he taught and what he did with it after that is not really relevant is it? It is interesting to think about and speculate over, isn’t that really all we can do.
    It is fascinating to think that HE would die broke, but without knowing what was really going on for him, we’ll never really know.
    And Jeannette, I never really finished the book either. I skimmed through it and took the good parts but don’t think I got to the end. Interesting, huh?

  • Ha! Dana, I was just thinking about how one of my favorite financial books is called “Die Broke.” lol
    I like it because it’s the opposite of conventional wisdom about saving everything to leave a legacy and big inheritance for your family. This one says spend and enjoy it all.
    At least that’s what I recall the message was. hee hee
    You crack me up, Dana! 🙂

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    Maybe he wanted to die without paying death tax so he gave it all away before he died.
    (Yes, I’m a lawyer.)

  • Yes, Phil, good point.
    It’s kind of like how ridiculous I think it is when someone judges me for driving a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3. (Or ’05, whatever that cute little thing is.) Like everyone’s supposed to want the same dream car.
    Or for not being married. Assuming that if I were REALLY good at this stuff, I’d have gotten that guy to put a ring on my finger a long time ago.
    Good point. 🙂
    And then I hear in the back of my mind “… but STILL!” hee hee
    Seriously, can I just say, that book I couldn’t even finish. And I tried twice, because I thought it was my duty as an LOA Coach to do so.
    Didn’t happen.
    But there’s also this … I believe we have a whole different energy flowing now. With lots more support and acceptance and momentum than Hill ever would have experienced.
    So put him in today’s vibe and who knows what he’d be rockin’ out!

  • Phil says:

    Hey Super J,
    Love the new look to the Blog page!
    Clearly there have been many people who have made and lost great fortunes – Donald Trump certainly comes to mind. Perhaps Napoleon was in a “down” cycle toward the end of his life and would have bounced back if he had lived longer.
    Having said that I think it’s pretty much impossible to look at someone else’s life and judge it a success or not. Van Gogh died without selling a single painting during his life – does that mean his life was a failure? His art has inspired and thrilled countless numbers of people and his painting are now worth many millions of dollars.
    In the final analysis the only thing really worth anything is how we feel about our lives. If we have all the trappings of success but aren’t happy what’s the point? Likewise if we have very little but are happy most of the time – that to me is grand success.
    Jerry Hicks was a big fan of “Think And Grow Rich” and helped use Hill’s methods to become a millionaire long before Esther started channelling Abraham. In the DVD “The Secret Behind the Secret”, Jerry says that in spite of all the money he’s made all he cares about is being happy and that the people who are the biggest successes in life are the one who are happy – happiness is the only thing that really matters in his eyes.
    So perhaps Napoleon just didn’t give a rip about money in the latter stages of his life – maybe like Jerry he decided happiness was all that really mattered. Maybe not. But as Abraham has said you can’t vibrate for someone else and you can’t know what’s really going on for them since we don’t know where they’ve been or what their grander intentions are. Even if he died stone cold broke Napoleon Hill’s life may have been an off the charts grand success – but only Napoleon could really be the judge of that.

  • I was thinking that, Nancy – who says the money has to be “earned” yourself in order to qualify as successful?
    To have someone else funding your dream – THAT’S cool, too!!
    As for coaches who aren’t walking the talk, I’ll be the first to say that I have my good days and bad & certainly don’t always practice what I know works. But I am also very transparent about it (or try to be, anyway) and intend that sharing my example inspires others to recognize it’s a process to be mastered over time, not overnight.
    And you all have heard me say many times how fun the rollercoaster ride of life can be – so who am I to have any judgment about Hill’s ride?!
    Thanks for posting, Nancy!

  • My source is on the phone now correcting me:
    “I didn’t say ‘Died broke.’ I said ‘was virtually penniless near the end of his life.'”
    For the record. 🙂

  • Well said, Kim! Well said.
    We can’t know what’s in another’s “vortex” … maybe Hill wasn’t motivated by financial success.
    Or even if it was, like Nancy said, having someone else fund your foundation – you can’t complain about that. lol

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wow, this is so interesting. Thank you Jeannette!
    My first thought is, we are assuming that ‘Rich’ means having vast quantities of money.
    Napoleon Hill died not ‘broke’, but with MILLIONS of followers, people inspired by his ideas. Millions of them, and it’s still growing.
    Now that’s dying rich!
    We don’t know what Napoleon really wanted, what spurred his actions. I’m guessing it wasn’t the money, and I’m definitely not presuming he died before reaching his cherished goal.

  • Interesting post, Jeannette, as always. 😉
    While I hadn’t heard this about Napoleon Hill, I’m wondering if he manifested the experience of needing help at the end of his life for *someone to help him*. For someone who is a giver, it can be an important life lesson to allow others to give back. There certainly are many wealthy folks who owe at least a part of their success to Hill’s books (as well as to their own efforts of applying the techniques).
    Also, my understanding is that Hill started out as a journalist… someone who just reported what he discovered, but that doesn’t guarantee he was walking his own talk.
    I’m also amazed at how many *coaches* don’t walk their own talk. My eyes bug out at the number of folks who claim to believe what they teach, yet they privately complain and carry around the same old stories they tell their clients drop!
    Now, I’m wondering if Hill was privately complaining and carrying non-supportive stories or if he was just allowing himself to learn to receive. 😉
    Many blessings,

  • >