Nneka’s Increasing Allowance

In the mood for a money manifesting story? Nneka Kelly shares her inspiring success with the Good Vibe community:
Increasing Allowance by Nneka

When I found the Abraham-Hicks material, I was already an avid meditator, steeped in New Thought and positive thinking.

Problem was, it was all woo-woo and non-physical. I wanted to play with energy.

I was asking, “Now what?”

The answer came when I led a class on Ask and It is Given.

So, I’m leading this class, and being a little resistant and sarcastic, but going along anyway. And one week we were practicing the Wouldn’t It Be Nice process.
I was walking around the lake and I decided to try it out.

I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I got a date?”

Two seconds later (I kid you not) a guy turns on his bike and starts chatting me up. He starts off with, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” I never dated before, even though I was married for 7 years and going through a divorce. I didn’t know what that line meant. So I answered him literally. But he kept on talking. Then I realized, “Oh! He likes me.”

I knew he was going to ask me out. And he did.

That manifestation got my attention.

I decided to take this stuff out for a spin. I embraced the philosophy that life is supposed to be fun.

I really grokked what it meant to be God expressing. I got contrast. I understood the point of sifting. I got that I couldn’t get it wrong and that I could just experiment.

So, I went to experimenting. But first I decided that I want to be wealthy.

I figure, if I’m going to be on the planet, I want to play with money.

At the time, my manifest life looked like this…

I was going through a divorce. I did a short sale on my house and was left with a home equity loan, but no home. I was $15,000 in debt. My credit was shot. I was managing my expenses with my income and occasionally using credit cards. I had less than $2,500 savings because my employer was taking it out of my check (seemingly against my will). I did not have access to savings so it felt like I had no savings. I severely limited my spending to keep it within my income.

But, I’d been meditating everyday for a year so I was in the Vortex a lot.

Leaves (and Money) Everywhere!

Soon after I made the decision to be wealthy, I found the leaf process.

I practiced it. I looked around all day every day and I saw all the leaves and I got that it’s money – so much money.

Take a look out of your window now. Even if it’s winter where you live, there are trees with leaves, and there’s grass. There are plants with leaves. Shrubs. There are leaves on the ground. Leaves are everywhere.

Even if you are in a metropolis and they don’t have grand trees outside.

Look in people’s windows.

Now, take a drive to a nearby park. See how many leaves there are?

There’s even more money!!!

So, I started to see the leaves around everywhere all the time. Every leaf, every blade of grass – a dollar bill. All around. Totally available.

I got that money is everywhere, but it still felt out of my reach.

Increasing My Allowance

I tried Abe’s debt process to reduce my debt, but that felt upstream. What I did instead was I started to affirm that “I am increasing my Allowance.”

Great pun on the word allowance.

When we’re kids, we get an allowance of money. In Abe speak, it is step three.

We allow our manifestations to come forth. They are already there.

It’s a soft affirmation. I say it still.

I am increasing my allowance.

So with the leaves, the money was there, but not accessible – like my employer’s savings account.

With the affirmation, I started opening to it!

By this time, I was three months into Abe. I decided to go to one of their workshops in Orlando.

When I went to that workshop, I gasped at the $195 ticket price. Not to mention the hotel room, rental car, and gas money. It was the first time in my life that I invested in my personal growth. Though, I always said that I valued my personal growth, I never invested. Needless to say there was a little pinch.

I went. And I had a blast. And it blew open my allowance. So much so that when I returned, the following three events happened.

Instant Driftwood

When I got back to Raleigh, I was flying high. I bought a lottery ticket and won!

After winning the lottery, I decided to test drive a car. I purchased a one year old silver Sonata with a sunroof. Remember, at this time, my credit was a mess. So I got the car loan at a lower rate than my previous car loan (back when I had good credit).

Third, one day, I’m sitting at my desk, and one of our contractors came by and asked me when I was going to work on the project with him. I was the project lead before with him as the contractor. He liked working with me. I explained that I didn’t know, but I’m thinking about getting another job. He was intrigued.

Within 24 hours, I had a call from his HR department to set up interviews.

Turns out that he was the first employee hired by his company and had very close ties with the owner. I had no idea.

I got that job and with it a 22% raise!


That was just the salary.

I continued to work on my vibe regarding money. Very softly. Very easily. I continued to affirm that I was increasing my allowance.

After working with the company for about four months, I got a bonus that wiped out my credit card debt!

Side bar: Work was my path of least resistance for money. I believed that I could always work for money. I’ve been exceptional at manifesting perfect jobs for me at every point in my life. I can manifest the perfect job for me in 30 days in any economy. I’ve done it many times.

Back to the story…

The job got stressful, which I didn’t really like.

Going Downstream

While I was shooting off rockets of more ease with work, more money, more autonomy, more freedom with my life; I took the opportunity to line up where I was. I realized that my not good enough beliefs were creating resistance. So, I went to work on that.

Whenever I got a hit of that not good enough feeling, I soothe myself.

Gentle. Easy. Loving. Over and over.

By then, I was feeling financially comfortable. I was working on my money vibe for fun. It was more about feeling good at work because I spend a lot of time there. I wasn’t soothing myself to get a better job or change in anyway. I just reasoned that if I was going to be at work, I may as well feel good. And so, I soothe, and soothe, and soothe.

I soothed my way into a promotion after working for the company a little over 15 months, and with the promotion received a substantial raise that put me well over 6 figures.

Now, I’m working on my business because I want to create it. I want to build it. I enjoy playing with money. I’m having a ball with life.

The short version …Nneka Kelly is a money manifester!

Money is everywhere and there’s LOTS of it.

Allowance is the key. Check out Slacker Manifesting to allow even easier.

We’re in the game of life. Keep it light and have fun.

You are ever-expanding. There’s always more. Bask in it!

Nneka is the founder of Working Mystic. She works with brilliant – but frustrated – corporate professionals who want more freedom, joy, and ease in their life. She LOVES helping clients around the world discover how they want to live – no matter how unconventional it may be – and LIVE that way!

  • July 21, 2014
  • Auretha says:

    This is ONE OF THE MOST FUN, INSPIRING STORIES I have ever heard!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I’m going to share it with my corporate rockstar BFF!!
    Love and Beauty,
    Visibility Expert & Soul Stylist

  • Thanks Parul:-)
    Wow Deanna! I love knowing exactly how the article helped you.
    Yes, that first $198 plus travel and hotel has paid off thousands of times over. Best of all, it made it easy to continue to invest in my Well-Being.
    Besides, I LOVE meeting and deepening my relationships with Abers around the world:-)

  • ohhh ahhhh – fantastic Nneka!! thanks for sharing!! so many parts of this story I LOVE and find inspiring like:
    1) when you started this, you were not in a good place (short sale, poor credit, debt etc)
    2) you took a huge leap and invested in YOU anyway with the Abe seminar (not just listening on line or purchasing another book… but took the big leap, with the travel etc) made the investment/felt the pinch
    3) but what a return on the investment!!
    4) and the leaves game – that is new to me, and as I look out of the window, leaves are EVERYWHERE!
    5) love that you learned to recognize where/how you have resistance so that you can work on the letting that resistance go with the self love/self soothing – I am going to work on this!! even reading your post I am discovering some areas of resistance
    6) so yes, now I am increasing my allowance – of all things
    LOVE IT and thanks much for sharing!!

  • Parul says:

    Loved the story! Very inspiring, Nneka! 🙂

  • Thanks Leslie:-) I like to think of it as diversity. I love the buffet of life:-)
    Hi Iyabo, big hugs from across the pond:-) Another trick I use is a twist on Abe’s wallet game. Whenever I see something I want, instead of thinking, “I can’t afford it”, I think, “I could if I wanted to.”
    It reinforces that you’re making conscious spending decisions, and you’re just choosing not to right now. Maybe some time later, but hey:-)
    Just keep it light:-)

  • Wow, thank you for sharing Nneka! This is wonderful. And thank you Jeannette for bringing in guest bloggers. Wonderful contrast.

  • Iyabo says:

    Hello Nneka, so good to know that Jeanette has two of “us” in her life. (From the same space across the pond) Loved you use of leaves. I am definitely going to be using that and I love the mantra – I am increasing my allowance. I will be using that as well. Hugs!

  • @Karen – My pleasure Karen:-) Steal away!
    @LovelyMe – Easy peasy lemon squeezy LovelyMe:-) If we can’t be easy about our manifesting, what can we be easy at?
    @EasyLOA – Have fun manifesting! Let me know how it goes. I’m not just saying that. Drop me a line through the contact on Working Mystic. I’ll be on the lookout.

  • EasyLOA says:

    Fantastic post Nneka! 🙂
    I particularly love your comment about listing all the positive aspects of your past jobs-that is so powerful!
    I’ve been doing this with my current job and have found it to be immensely helpful, it’s definitely helped shift my perspective.
    I’m off to read more about the “leaves game,” great idea!
    By the way….”I am increasing my allowance” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • LovelyMe says:

    Beautiful post all around. I can’t help but chuckle to myself…I recently set the intention to explore the vibration of “can [manifesting] really be that easy?” and to look for proof of it. And…here’s some proof, right here!
    I also love to work. I love projects. Work is my path of least resistance, although it needs some work, but it’s getting there!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely post and inspiration with us.

  • Karen Lynn says:

    Nneka, this was inspiring! I’m going to adopt the affirmation, “I am increasing my allowance.” Thank you!

  • WOW! You guys are hopping!
    @Nancy, another good thing about the leaves is that they multiply, and it’s a constant reminder that money DOES grow on trees.
    My pleasure Julie:-)
    Anna BoBana (just wanted to type the name) 🙂 Check out the blades of grass!

  • Anna BoBana says:

    Dollar bills, leaves… we don’t even have $2 bills in Canada anymore, so every time I see a leaf it’s a $5!
    I’m heading out now to water plants.
    I live in BC.
    Surrounded by rainforest.
    Maple, Alder, Arbutus, fir-pine-spruce, Dogwood, Maggie my Beautiful Magnolia, Willow… no wonder I’m feeling so flush!
    Even Stella my phal orchid is bringing out another leaf!
    Thanks Nneka.
    For bringing another perspective to my life today.
    Fabulous water, Day Lilies & butterflies,

  • julie masters says:

    Yes, the Party Planet!! Love that Nneka 🙂 I like the idea of being easy AND meticulous too! Thank you for the fun, inspiring post!

  • Very inspiring, Nneka! Great to hear someone else talk about ‘leaves as money’…not sure if I picked it up in the Abe Forum, but I’ve been doing it for years and love it.
    Love reading success stories!
    Many blessings,

  • Hi Chantelle, I’m a bit anal when it comes to smoothing resistance. LOL:-) I’m easy, but meticulous.
    My favorite way to manifest the perfect job is to do a Book of Positive Aspects on all the jobs that I’ve had. Then I sprinkle in the stuff that I want.
    Essentially, I write my own job description and then get contacted for it. The last 2 jobs I had I hadn’t even posted a resume. They found me.

  • Chantelle says:

    Gorgeous story Nneka, i love it. Most of what you’ve said really resonates with me. My question is how on earth have you always manifested perfect jobs for you? I’ve also realized that work is my path of least resistance but seem to have reached a plateau with my dream job. It’s been 8 months in the making and i reached a point where i just gave up. But us LOA’ers know that giving up isn’t possible because the dream is just so positively delicious that i can’t stop thinking about it. Tips on releasing resistance? As a fellow Aber, i know that the only thing standing in my way is my resistance. Believe me when I’ve said that I’ve done it all. I’m soothing myself now. Feeling and being. And clearly it’s kinked somewhere :/

  • Hi Natalie, I’ve found that the more fun I can have getting into alignment the easier the manifestation. I used to white knuckle alignment along with everything else in my life. Every day, I find something that makes it easier and easier.
    Besides, we’re on the party planet, right?

  • Natalie says:

    I love the playfulness and self loving yum of “I’m increasing my allowance.” It’s along the lines of one of my self love reframes when I catch myself yelling at myself in my head and I think, “how would I treat me if I were a precious child, doing my best?”
    I love increasing my kids allowance, and recently did a dream session where they had gold cards and could spend whatever they wanted. I liked the opportunity to see what they wanted, to watch their choices and to see the fun they get to have with receiving and playing with rad new stuff.
    Now I’m going to do that for myself! Wheep! Thanks for this lovely and beautifully written post.

  • Thanks Georgia:-) It’s all about leaning into ease. It’s all there for us.

  • Georgia says:

    I loved reading this. Yes, this is very inspiring. I need to open myself up for more allowance. Love the shift in seeing life differently. Thank you so much for sharing…g

  • Thanks a bunch Jeannette:-) I’m honored to be part of the GVU community.
    @Cassie, acknowledging that work was a path of least resistance really changed the game. Quickly after that, I was able to start making investments. It opened the floodgates for other channels through which money can flow.
    The moral of the story: Resistance is resistance. I release it by any means necessary. It speeds up my allowance.

  • You’re right, Cassie, that is a helpful aspect of Nneka’s experience to point out. I suspect many would find themselves agreeing with that one. (Me included.)
    Nneka, I know you gave me the link to that Abe thread, so maybe I’ll post it here for anyone looking for it:
    Thanks again for a great post, my friend! 🙂

  • Hi Indika, thanks:-) I found the leaves game over on the Abe forum. It’s in the Money Tips thread. One of the forum users came up with it. The thread is really juicy.

  • Cassie says:

    I love this story! Thanks of sharing! My favorite part is when you pointed out work was your path of least resistance to money. It’s so important to be open to the path of least resistance! Great job!

  • I agree, Alexandre! We’re lucky to have Nneka’s expertise here on the blog!
    And Indika, I’d never heard the “leaf” game before, either. Such a fun one to play with!

  • Indika says:

    Jeannette, Nneka shared this post on Facebook and I just saw it. Wow! What an excellent read! Nneka, I now know why you have ‘Shazam’ as your middle name! I thought I knew the Abe material, but I had not even heard of the ‘leaves everywhere’ game. I love it!
    Thank you so much for sharing ladies and keep on being awesome!
    There is GREAT love here for you!!! <3

  • Inspiring post, Nneka!

  • >