Perhaps Nothing’s Gone Wrong

I spend a fair amount of time with fellow creators who want help with a manifesting project gone wrong

the lover isn’t appearing, the new job isn’t coming together, nothing’s improving on the health front, the clients aren’t coming, or whatever’s desired just isn’t happening.

Sometimes it is because we haven’t yet found the alignment that allows things to move.

But sometimes it’s that everything is working out perfectly. We just don’t know it yet.

Take the case when I started looking for a new house a couple years ago.

I’ve witnessed occasions when fellow creators manifested their dream home in a matter of days. I consider myself a master manifestor. (We all are.)

So it seems like this should have been easy peasy.

Delivered to me on a platter. Without lifting a finger. Ta da! There it is.

It would be my best manifesting story yet.

Except it didn’t work like that.

Not even close.

I spent a lot of time looking at houses. I drove all over the state looking for my new home.

I made offers on three different places that didn’t come to fruition.

I went through two real estate agents in the multi-year process.

It would be easy to conclude I sucked at manifesting that house.

But the opposite seems more true from where I stand now.

Here’s why:

When I first started looking at houses, it was out of resistance to where I currently lived with my ex. (I loved my house, but didn’t like living with my ex, who refused to leave.)

So I was looking for a new place, but it was begrudgingly. With resistance.

Also when I started looking, I was trying to find something just like my current place. I wanted the same gorgeous place in the suburbs, but with a different address.

Found a place close to home I liked quite a bit. Half acre in a dead end circle, nice place, neighbors had goats. (Big plus for me.)

Made an asking price offer (to the owner who had a copy of The Secret in her library, I noticed); and she responded asking for more. I was ambivalent enough about it that I bailed because it felt upstream at that point.

In the process, though, I realized that I’d really love to have something that had more of a mountain view. (That house had it, but only at certain angles in certain rooms.) And further away from high traffic roads. (I’ve got a blind cat who likes to go outside.)

So I expanded my search to areas further away from town.

Found a place up the local canyon and made an offer on a gorgeous little ranch house. It was more expensive on two acres, but had such stunning views of the valley! I was nervous about winters up there and what it meant to have a septic tank, but the selling agent put me in touch with other single women up there who were navigating it just fine and reassured me I’d love it.

My agent talked to their agent and I made an offer that was supposed to be easily accepted. It wasn’t. They countered for a thousand more.
“It’s a thousand dollars,” my agent pleaded. To me, though, it wasn’t a thousand dollars. It was a sign.

This wasn’t my house.

The search continued. Without an agent.

At this point many months had passed and I’m now driving all over the state in search of my new home, since I feel newly liberated to look beyond the bounds of what I’d initially considered.

  • I felt comfortable spending more money.
  • I didn’t have to be close to town. All I needed was internet and phone.
  • I wasn’t afraid of septic tanks or propane.
  • I felt confident I could survive a Utah winter as a single girl in the mountains.
  • I got okay with moving further away from my parents, knowing we’d make the drive to see each other.
  • I didn’t feel intimidated by a big piece of property any more. Anything under two acres now felt constrictive!
  • I was intent on finding something with very low traffic and more room for my four-legged menagerie.

More than anything, I realized I was no longer house hunting out of resistance to leaving my current place, but rather excited about upgrading my lifestyle. Out of exasperation at how long it was taking, my ex asked if I wanted to stay and he’d be the one who moved.

That was exactly what I wanted and intended in the beginning, but now I had my sights set on something better. I was getting out of town. !
Eventually I found a new place in the country. And a new agent.

When I walked into the master bedroom of this house, I literally gasped at the beautiful mountain view from the floor to ceiling windows. It was stunning! The other side of the house overlooked beautiful Cache Valley, where I went to college. I could easily see myself there.

I loved the area and I loved this house.

In the process of making a full price offer, the sellers neglected to answer three questions I had. (Re their internet, any known building plans next door, and something else I forget now.) They were easy questions.

They never answered and we never talked again. I thought they must have had another offer they liked better, but no, their house didn’t sell.

“Upstream,” I explained to my agent. He wasn’t exasperated like my last girl.

I put many more miles on my car looking for a new place. I literally don’t think there is a place I could go in this state where I didn’t consider it as my potential home.

Eventually I drove up a canyon that a friend warned me never to consider. “It’s a nightmare in the winter,” he told me.

But the pressure was on at home to get out from under that roof with my ex, so I was considering everything at this point.

Mind you, this whole time I’m holding the vibration of loving my new home …

I’m practicing waking up to my gorgeous views. I’m giving thanks for the abundance that this place makes me feel, and enjoying how much my animals love it. I’m loving up on my new neighbors, I’m feeling confident about my new mortgage payment. I’m doing the aligning work this whole time.

And it took me up this “nightmare canyon” my friend warned me to avoid at all costs.

There were two homes up there I wanted to see. The drive was lovely! Yes, a narrow canyon, but it was gorgeous! I liked it.

(When I told my friend how much I enjoyed the drive, he said, “Try doing it in a semi.” Well I’m not driving a semi, am I?!)
The first place I looked at was worth strong consideration.

And the second one was my home. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on it. Before I even did a walk-through, I said out loud, “HOME!”

Called my agent. Asked him to schedule a walk-through, and to plan on making an offer. That’s how certain I was of this place.

He called back minutes later. They just accepted an offer on it yesterday! After being on the market for a year! Argh – the timing!

But I knew this was my home.

I asked him to pursue it anyway. We did. The original buyers retracted their offer, and the sellers accepted my full price offer.

Within days.

I wasn’t surprised or excited. I was confident. This was where I belonged.

And every day I love this place even more. (I’m literally in tears right now typing that.) I hit the home lottery with this place!

The reason I told you this long exasperating story was that it would have been easy for me to conclude I was a dunce manifestor when this didn’t happen easily and effortlessly.

But through the process of things not working out with my first choices, I recognized new desires that took me to “even better.” I got on board with the idea that it could be bigger than I originally dreamed.

The first place I set my sights on was a half acre in the suburbs. Traffic. Neighbors. Noise. Streetlights.

As my home search evolved, I eventually ended up on several acres at the end of a dead end street, with just two fabulous neighbors, where we see moose on dog walks in the neighborhood, tons of canyon trails for us to enjoy. There’s a lake just minutes away that I learned to paddle board on this summer! The views are stunning from every window in the house. Every window in the house looks like a postcard view. The house itself is stunning. I mean, this is my home!

And I wasn’t ready for it when I went on my first house hunting expedition.

It took me time to line up with something this good.

(I was afraid of septic tanks, and canyon drives, big mortgages, and being so far away from what I was used to. But far away from what I was used to was what was calling me! It took me a while to say yes to what was deep in my vortex.)

In hindsight, I am so glad those first couple homes didn’t work out for me.

I learned how to allow an even bigger dream, which wouldn’t have happened had things gone according to plan that first time around.
So, when it seems like your manifesting gig isn’t come together as easily as you’d like, consider that maybe you’re just being led to something even better. And that it’s okay if it takes a minute to line up with that.

And even if you don’t see it like that right now, I’m holding the faith for you so your favorite dream can come true – eventually.

Because sometimes when it looks like things aren’t coming together, they’re doing the exact opposite, in even bigger ways than you intended.

  • October 7, 2017
  • MonAnon says:

    I really enjoyed this post as currently my sisters and I are assisting our senior Mom in looking for a new place to live. My encouragement to all of us involved is that we continue moving forward in this real estate process as long as it “feels good” and “it flows”. (downstream). Even though my Mom and sisters don’t fully understand the creative power they have with Law of Attraction, there is a level of subconscious respect which has been really fun for me to observe! I talk about visualizing how you “want to feel” in your home (Mom). And to my sisters; how we want to “feel about Mom in her new home and. community..”. Then let the inspiration flow from there!!!! Ultimately, this is my Mom’s manifestation and I just want to support her in a way that feels (dare I say…) FUN (!) for me. So far, the journey has been enlightening and I absolutely know for sure that the right house for my Mom is available for her and the right buyer for her current home exists too. And EVERYTHING will happen in it’s divine order as we allow it unfold. Stay tuned…………

  • Sabeen says:

    Amazing! Reminds me of Abraham talking about getting ready to be ready to be ready.

  • Tiffany says:

    This has to be one of my favorite posts, ever. Superb writing and excellent examples! One reason I love reading the blog AND being a member of GVU.

  • Kai Oceans says:

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder! I’m currently holding the intention to having my own place but haven’t been seeing any signs of it happening, and where I currently live is driving me up the wall. Of course I start to doubt myself considerably but as your story presents, this is all helping me to the home I really want that I didn’t know I truly wanted!
    Much Love,

  • Tee says:

    Well, I must be in for one hell-of-a-life!
    I can’t seem to find a job to save my life either online or in-person no matter what I do and I just permanently ended a very long term relationship that turned toxic right before my eyes 🖓
    I am now a single Mother with barely any help, living in an apartment the size of a shoe box 😐
    *sigh* I’m just wondering what’s next here 😞

    • Anonymous says:

      25 years ago I was exactly where you are. Now I’m at the end of what has been a great career, looking forward to retirement. My children are grown, doing well and have given me the most amazing grandchildren. It was a struggle, but looking back I would rather have the struggle that brought learning, tolerance and understanding. When times are hard tell yourself “this too shall pass” and when they are good say “thank you” and it will all work out.

  • I love this story. Thank you for sharing it, Jeannette.

  • Marissa says:

    I couldn’t stop nodding and saying “yes…yes!” throughout this whole article. I’m a huge fan of your work here and your understanding of the amazingness that is LOA. Thank you so much this was truly satisfying!

  • Nikky says:

    Wow beautiful story ! It resonates with me completely. Have experienced the same many times.

  • Maryellen says:

    AWESOME! When I bought Faery Cottage, same deal, saw it a year before I was ready, but went to view, offered WAY under asking, the agent laughed, and I said, laugh mate, but that house is mine. He laughed and said we have 27 viewings tomorrow. Then 3 offers over asking, then all three pulled out after survey, and he rang me on my holiday, Want to reoffer? Same offer, said I. Accepted. HA! My house!
    Now, post shit builder, I am ready for a move, but in the same vein of your story, this house had to be complete to allow me to level up for whatever comes next (and maybe there might be a who involved too lol)…. same as meeting the man of my dreams last year, but knowing I was not in the right vibe then, but man, I so am now LOL.
    Funny that!!! xxx

  • Pat says:

    I had that happen once too with finding the right place. It took about 9 months but I finally got the place and it had all of the primary and most important things on my list that I was looking for or wanting in a place. The only thing that didn’t was that it was a rental and I had wanted to purchase…which at the time was the better thing for me. And after a year of living here I asked the landlord if he would be open to selling it to me if I could offer him at least what he had paid for it. He said he would…that his work circumstances had changed and he was out of the country a lot and couldn’t be around to maintain the property. So yea, sometimes the timing etc. works out differently than hoped.

  • Melanie says:

    Perfect! That is the intention I am currently holding for my job situation!

  • Steffy says:

    This is right on time to help me and my fiance, we are both flummoxed at how long it’s taking for us both to find the right work situations. We’ve both had false starts all year. I had just come to the conclusion that we needed to relax because the cake is not baked yet and still needs to stay in the oven longer without us constantly prodding at it to find out, is it done yet, is it done yet (which of course just delays things). I know there is something bigger and better being queued up than either of us can even imagine right now. This post is extremely helpful. Just because you aren’t getting immediate results on demand on your time schedule doesn’t mean there’s anything “wrong.”

  • Dawn says:

    Love <3 I always say, "Don't judge the cake before it's iced."

  • Della Monk says:

    Wowza!! Beautiful job. 🙂

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