June 3, 2008

Official Retraction: Russ' Money Love

money-love.jpgRuss says he said $3, not $30 (from today’s ezine issue on Money Love):

“Are you kidding me?” my boyfriend exclaimed as I went back to the store for a sack of groceries I left behind.  It was $11 worth of food that he didn’t think was worth the trip back.   “I piss away more than that every day.” 
He said he blows through $30 every day without second thought.  Paying extra for gas here, buying expensive lunch there, never thinking of a coupon or shopping for the best deal.  (Russ also says he uses a credit card that gives him ten cents off every gallon.  I stand corrected!)
He’s more into convenience than counting pennies.  
Which is fine.  For him.  (Apparently.  He rolls in the dough, so something’s working.)
I, on the other hand, treat money differently.  I don’t “blow” it and I certainly wouldn’t “piss it away.”  I even cringe at the thought of using that word in reference to money.  How disrespectful!
Since we moved in together, my boyfriend’s behavior around money is getting new attention from me.  I might not have cared before, but one joint checking account later it’s a new story.
As I considered whether I should counsel him in the error of his ways (that was my judgment about his treating money “disrespectfully”), I remembered that it isn’t our behavior that mattersit’s the feeling that matters.
Because we get what we vibrate.  The action doesn’t make the difference – our vibration does.
So if he feels good about blowing cash, that’s a fine vibe to flow.  Incomprehensible as it may be to me.
And if I’ve learned anything about money, it’s that we each feel differently about it!
Example: I love not balancing my checkbook.  Ever. 
Yes, I briefly glance over a monthly statement to make sure charges look familiar and appropriate, and that works for me. 
Much different than when I followed my CFP-trained advice to track every penny that came into and out of my life for an entire year.  Ugh!  I was supposed to learn financial responsibility and become enlightened about how money worked in my life, but all it taught me was how to get really kinked up about it. 
My girlfriend, on the other hand, delighted in it.  She loved this newfound power over money.  Loved feeling in charge of it, knowing where it was coming and where it was going at all times.
Didn’t do that for me. 
Russ is the opposite.  He enters all his expenses in a Quicken spreadsheet.  The guy who burns through $30 a day carelessly.  (Again, it’s $3, not $30.  Sorry, sweetie.  I really thought you said $30.)  And he thinks I’M irresponsible for not balancing my checkbook.
Aren’t we funny?
Thankfully I know better than to believe I know what’s best for him.  What’s best for him – indeed for each of us – is to do what feels good.  Whatever that is, whether it’s paying ten cents more per gallon at our favorite gas station or driving back to the grocery store for $11 worth of food left behind. 
I’m also learning it feels best not to worry about how he treats money (although I may have to remind myself that a time or two again).

* * * * * *

In order to have the financial experience we want in life (whatever that looks like for each of us), we need to create vibational alignment to it.  That’s how we create anything, including money: we feel it first, then it happens.

Most people I work with want an abundance of easy money coming their way.  They want to feel good about their finances and for it to fund all their wild dreams come true.

(I’ll refrain from my lecture about putting money on the hook for making your dreams come true.)

Anyway – in order to experience that kind of love from money, we’ve got to flow the love towards it.  Because money responds to how we feel about it.

So if you feel uptight about it, money will be uptight with you.  If you feel easy about money, it gets easy with you.  If you treat money disrespectfully, it will seem disrespectful to you. 

Money is nothing but a mirror of our own feelings about it!

Thus, if you’re wanting money to show up abundantly, effortlessly, easily and naturally, your work is to feel abundant, effortless and easy about money.  You get what you vibrate.

So don’t expect you can be worried about cash and get any experience other than more cash-flow worries.

Rather, ask yourself how money’s treating you, and look at how you’re treating it.  If you like what you see, full steam ahead!  Don’t worry what anyone else thinks, because all that matters is how you feel.

If you don’t like what you see, consider a change. 

You can learn to treat money the way you want to be treated.  Relax about it, be easier on this topic, look for reasons to thank it, say nice things to it.  It will respond quickly to your new vibe, but you really have to shift the vibe – not just say the words.  You can’t fool the Universe.

There’s another important aspect that I taught an entire 5 week course on, but will sum up in a couple sentences: If you’re loving money but it’s not loving you back, check in on how you feel about your Self.  After all, Universe can only be as good to you as you are to your Self. 

When you flow the love to yourself as well as money, you’re a surefire hit for whatever money dreams you entertain!  (And if you want professional support in that, that’s what I’m here for.)

  • Yay for that release, Paul!! Woo hoo!!!
    And I LOVE your new thinking around money. I suspect it will serve you WELL!!
    Keep us posted, my friend!

  • Paul. says:

    I love this post, Jeannette, as I’m _finally_ realising that correcting earlier lessons about money is a major element of this life’s work for me.
    One of the ideas I’m trying to incorporate into my thinking is “I AM made of money.” (My thinking here is I’m energy and so is money, so Dad was wrong .) I’ll let you know how it works out for me.
    Oh, and ahhh yes, the power of a 0 (or the extra digit on the scale)! I could tell you stories….
    Marquina–your vibes about the pizza and the yogurt were positively delicious. Felt ’em over here!

  • And Mtn High Mama – funny what a little zero can do, huh? I was just talking with a group in person this afternoon about how wrapped up we can get about numbers – whether it’s in the bank account, on the birthday cake, on the scale …
    True freedom awaits us when we no longer look at the “measuring stick” and instead just rely on how we feel, huh?
    Thanks for posting, Paulette and Mtnhighmama!

  • Paulette – I can feel through your words as well as John’s how much lighter it feels to take a different slant on the bill-paying process. Probably something most of us could benefit from.
    You two have inspired me to commit to a new way of seeing it, because although I get a mild positive feeling from paying bills, I’d love for it to be as empowering as seems possible through your examples.
    In fact – I may just go try and find one right now that is ripe for an “investment.” 🙂

  • mtnhighmama says:

    Wow, what a trigger that zero was!

  • Paulette says:

    “My wife and I now call our monthly bills “investments” and we celebrate each time that we pay them off because we have such an abundance of money to do so easily and effortlessly. Life can change by altering your perception on different tasks.”
    John, I love this!!
    I think think… actually I know… that I will brazenly borrow this wonderfully “altered perception” of viewing “my invesment portfolio!!”
    I love the energy of this thought — it feels … light 🙂 !!

  • Maybe I finally got the right word combination, Phillis. lol
    Seriously, glad it “hit” you and please know you’re not alone in appreciating hearing it several times as this knowledge settles in deeper. I write this stuff for myself as much as for everyone else. 🙂
    Nice to see you here, Phillis! Come back again, my friend!

  • Cheers to YOU John, for finding an empowering perspective. You make it look easy, but I know lots of folks who really don’t know how to shift the way they’re looking at something.
    Good example you shared! Thanks for posting!

  • Phillis says:

    “I remembered that it isn’t our behavior that matters – it’s the feeling that matters.
    Because we get what we vibrate. The action doesn’t make the difference – our vibration does.”
    Jeannette — in the year and a half that I’ve been corresponding with you — everything that you’ve talked about is summed up in those words above —- so, how come, those words have just hit me? WOW — perhaps I wasn’t as open and ‘enlightened’ as I thought I was . . . THANK you – again and again for putting down in ‘words’ what vibration is and that it our ‘feelings’ that vibrate what we truly feel about – whatever it is we are thinking.. Cheers, P.

  • john edwards says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    It is interesting how people think of money. My wife and I now call our monthly bills “investments” and we celebrate each time that we pay them off because we have such an abundance of money to do so easily and effortlessly. Life can change by altering your perception on different tasks.
    Cheers, John

  • How cool that you’re using pray rain journaling for clients, Zoe! I love that you’re “love love lovin’ it”!
    I can’t think of a higher use for manifesting than bringing in clients whose lives will benefit enormously for having you as their coach!
    You rock, Zoe!

  • Marquina, I LOVE the quote and of course, I could never forget your pizza! Good job with the yogurt, too.
    It’s funny how our money stuff shows up, huh?
    I love how you’re changing your money relationship, girlfriend! Keep me posted!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi Jeannette
    Another good one – you are such a money maven!
    By the way – love the ebook! The pray rain journal is manifesting sales for me every day! Its spooky and uncanny how well it’s working – but I am love, love, lovin’ it!
    Good on ya sista!

  • Marquina says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    LOVED this post! I chuckled a little . I thought about what you said about feeling relaxed around money and realized that it’s what I’m trying to practice.
    I got a little uptight in Target today with the just-shy-of-$30 I had to spend on food, but what released the tension for me was the realization that not only do I have a bit of money coming to me tomorrow for some work I’ve done, but that I could also buy myself a cup of yogurt.
    The yogurt is important because the only time I’ll buy yogurt is if I can buy some for everyone in the house. But I noticed that my kids will buy sweets and things for themselves all the time. Sometimes they’ll buy something for me, but most of the time they don’t. How can I feel bad about that if I’m not treating myself as well as they treat themselves? So I put a couple of things back that I didn’t really care about and bought myself a cup of yogurt.
    You know what? It was almost as good as that pizza I bought for myself on that personal assignment you gave me once (I know you remember that pizza, ‘cuz I talked about it a LOT after I bought it!)
    And you know what else? My balance was way less than I thought it would be. That was cool!
    Thanks for looking out for us!
    PS – I just read an autograph by Tom Peters that says “the world belongs to those who care about others”! Just thought you’d like to know!

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