On Seeing Things Through

Let Joy Lead You to SuccessMuggles often have a prejudice for seeing things through, which is a belief some conscious creators still carry remnants of.

Some think it’s important to get things done and stick it out until the thing is “finished.”

Because (they believe) that’s the only way we benefit from it. Whether it’s a book, a diet, a business strategy – “you can’t expect results if you don’t complete the action.”

But conscious creators know that isn’t what really matters …

It’s not what we do that makes the difference in what unfolds, it’s how we feel.

Which means it isn’t about getting something done; it’s about following the joy, wherever that may lead. Even when it calls us somewhere new before we’ve finished the other thing.

If your joy is done, you’re finished with it. Period.

Because joy is the vibration that carries us to dreams come true – not actions.

Sometimes our joy disappears under limiting beliefs that turn our joy into a job (or a “should” or a “have to”). Steer clear of those so gremlins don’t ruin our joy parties.

You may also have to manage unhelpful thoughts about being a quitter, or what others expect from you, in order to be fully delighted in following your joy.

If you carry strong beliefs about how important it is to see something through, it may just feel better to finish it. (If that’s the case, at least set an intention for the process to be fun.)

Once upon a time I felt the inspiration for an in-home infrared sauna. I’ve maybe used it a dozen times in five years. My boyfriend thinks it was a waste of my money.

But that’s impossible, as long as I let joy lead. Where it goes, I go. And if it doesn’t take me back into the sauna, then the sauna is no longer for me. As long as I’m tuned to joy, I’m set up for success, no matter how brief the sauna inspiration was.

Once upon another time, many years ago, I got lit up about dry skin brushing. To this day I love and adore that practice. I even pack brushes when I travel, that’s how much I love it. But it only serves me because I engage it out of enthusiasm, not out of “should.”

Bashar tells us to follow our highest excitement, and to do so without attachment to results. Abraham calls it “getting in your vortex.”

However you describe it, when we follow our bliss and leap from one delightful thing to another, it doesn’t matter what we get done or how long we commit to it. What matters is being tuned to passion/inspiration.

When the joy is gone, it’s time to go wherever the new inspiration leads. When we let joy lead, that’s the kind of alignment that makes dreams come true.

Because joy is your quickest ticket to whatever you desire.

The bottom line is that when inner guidance calls you to something new, before you’ve “finished” the other thing, it’s best to trust that guidance and let joy rule.

Our inspiration often evolves in ways that don’t go according to plan. So don’t get stuck in thinking that just because one day in the past you thought this was a good idea that now you have to stick it out until it’s “done.” It’s done when the joy calls you elsewhere.

That goes for memberships, trips, relationships, careers – you name it.

Our joy, our bliss (or maybe it just feels like relief right now if we’re far away from it) holds the key to everything we want …

Go there.

  • August 6, 2015
  • Jamie says:

    I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I appreciate your blog posts and the dozens of dozens of comments of individual experience that always follows! I am in my “mass consumption of information” mode and though I don’t feel comfortable yet contributing often to other’s questions, I am so so grateful to read and learn from everyone here!
    What I have noticed is studying LOA is my current passion- I am even grumpy when I have gone a day when “life” was so busy that I didn’t have time to sit down and read a few forum threads or articles or listen to a recording, etc. And flooding myself with it is really exposing me to this whole new perspective and approach to life and pursuing my deepest desires.
    Love it!!

  • Stacy says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Jeannette! This is an area I have definitely done a lot of beating up on myself over.
    Sometime this year (or maybe it was the end of last year) I decided to just take a break from trying to get my business to be self sufficient. It was feeling so upstream (using Abe talk here) and I was just tired of it. I was tired of thinking about it and worrying about it and beating up on myself for not being a “success”. So I did something that could be considered “not seeing it through” and upped my hours with my job since I didn’t need the time to work on my business.
    And it has been a relief. And for the most part I haven’t been beating myself up over it.
    But I have beat myself up over all the things I start but never finish – from business ideas, to meditation habits, etc. I had really been thinking that was a huge flaw in myself – my inability to see anything through.
    But like said I get a LOT of relief from what you said. I’m realizing I’m a person who gets lit up by ideas and the newness but I’m not that into a lot of the action part or action past a certain point.
    Also I think when I was doing somethings before it was because I was doing it as a way to hopefully make money. Which put a lot of pressure on things. Or again I liked the idea of it but not the reality of it. Or even that I was so overwhelmed like the other commenter said because I was thinking about all the many steps involved/or didn’t know what to do after a certain point.
    By taking a hiatus from my business (I’m open to taking on projects if they come up but I’m not actively seeking it – which was actually the part I am resistant to – getting paying clients) again so much relief. And I feel grateful that I have a job that I do on my own hours (seriously I work until 4 am most nights because I didn’t get started until 6 or 7 pm), I work from home in my pjs with my pets around, no alarm clocks, no commute, and it affords me a good income. And I’m grateful because that was so not my financial state just a few years ago.
    And I feel that by just being ok with not working on my business – I’ll be relaxed enough when the time is right for inspired action to come a-knockin’ and actually know it and follow it.
    Even better – with my job I decided I wanted Fridays off so I have been working a bit longer on Monday through Thursday – and for the past 3 weeks (this is the 3rd) I’ve been enjoying 3 day weekends.
    Yes, I’m open for easier ways to make money (ie not exchanging time for dollars and doing something that I really love to do) but in the meantime, I am just going to be ok with being a person who doesn’t finish some things – or takes needed hiatuses.
    I’m a person who loves the idea and newness stage, and that’s OK!

    • Jeannette says:

      Stacy, it sounds to me like you’re doing a great job of setting yourself up for even more success. Kudos, girlfriend, on finding the thoughts and actions of relief!
      I especially appreciate what you said about how we overwhelm ourselves by looking too far down the road expecting ourselves to know all the steps that need doing.
      Here’s to life just getting better and better as you practice these LOA principles in daily life. 🙂

  • Cristina says:

    Jeanette, this is so poignant for me right now – just like every other post you write! I’d been “struggling” with a business concept I’d been “trying” to get off the ground for the past 10 years. But it just never quite got off the ground. I’d spent thousands on websites, hiring business coaches, editors, etc. I was “trying” so damn hard and beating myself up that it hadn’t taken off and I was really attached to the idea that I “had” to follow it through. Then, while I was sitting around the other night mulling over my perceived failings, I just thought to myself, “F*ck it”, it’s never felt right, it’s never gone the way I’ve wanted, I’ve always felt like I was trying too hard, etc. and I just decided on a total whim that I was going to ditch the business, ditch the way-too-expensive, poorly designed website, everything. I jumped on line in a fit of 3am inspiration and designed a new professional website for myself offering my service – and it was a million times better than the website I’d spent thousands on having someone else design for my old business. I called my tech guy the next day and basically let him go and took down the old site. I ordered new business cards, minus my old business name. And it all just flowed and felt so easy and it really made me realize how I’d been so attached to my old business idea that it had become an albatross around my neck. This “personal failing” that I just felt, for so long, that I had to keep holding. And now that I’ve let it go, I feel like a different person. I have a whole new outlook on myself, my career and how I handle my business. And, funny enough, just in the past week, seemingly “out of the blue” I got approached with some really exciting work opportunities doing exactly the things that I’ve always wanted do, I’ve picked up two great new clients and I’ve had two new inquiries through my new website from potential clients that want to use me and they just can’t seem to recall where or how they got my name, but they really liked my website. The take-away in all this? Let it go! If it’s not serving you anymore, no matter what, let it go…

    • Stacy says:

      Ohh, this is good stuff, Cristina! I came to the same feeling – just frustrated that my business never got off the ground. I mentioned below that I just decided to take a break from it and am working more with my job (which I work from home and make my own hours so it doesn’t involve most of what I dislike about “regular jobs” and why I really wanted my business to take off – so I don’t have to have a job).
      I haven’t yet gotten the inspiration like you have – but I have gotten a lot of relief from not worrying about it. And I’m also getting to be ok if that business never works and being open to other avenues.
      So it’s inspiring to know that it really happens – that people can find you when you let go of the resistance.

    • Jeannette says:

      Cristina, thank you so much for sharing this here! I know other readers will be encouraged by your example, so here’s to letting go, letting inspiration rule, and letting it be easier than we thought it could be.
      Big love, my friend:)

  • Susann says:

    And to reply to my own post (that was me right up ^^there^^ under “anonymous” for some reason): on re-reading it,I’m struck at how perfectly the whole situation reflects the basic principle of LOA: what you resist persists. Obviously I’m still having some deep resistance about doing what I “want” versus what I “should” (the whole guilt/selfish indoctrination absorbed over decades) & therefore am bringing into my reality a situation that requires me to deal with it up close & personal. It made me laugh right out loud! All I need to do is stop fighting & turn the whole damn mess over to Easy World and let the Universe take care of it . . . maybe I’ll just start doing that right now & stop fretting about it! Thanks, Jeannette . . . I’m not entirely sure what you did there, but something worked!

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, Susann, here’s to Easy World! And to the inspiration I know you’re giving many others reading this who can relate to what you’re sharing. You rock! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Another one of those posts that has stayed with me all day.
    I’m struggling with a situation right now that’s not actually related to this, but at the same time is. It’s one of those things where I very much do NOT want to do something, but a vast tonnage of “societal should” says I “ought” to want to do it. (And in fact that if I don’t do it, I’m not a very nice person.) Faced with this, my resistance makes me feel selfish, petulant & irresponsible. Or perhaps I am just projecting what I think other people think, because that same resistance is also telling me, at a deeper, more fundamental level that doing this thing is NOT in any way going to bring me an iota of happiness, not even the sense of a hard job well done. In fact, just the thought of it is already making me angry & resentful.
    I’m finding that the deeper I go into living a life predicated on LOA principles, the more I come up against this issue of what “society” says I should & should not do. And not just do, but *want* to do in order to be a “good person”. I don’t know if any of this makes sense & in truth it doesn’t matter . . . it’s just something I’m working on figuring out these days. I know that in the end I am going to have to do what my instincts (& my “joy meter”) tells me to, not what society & the other people involved want me to do, but it is hard at times to step away from the herd & make your own path. Thanks for letting me vent. And for this post, which has definitely helped.

    • Jeannette says:

      Glad you’re feeling some inspiration for honoring your “joy meter,” Anon.
      In fact, your post is making me think of Anita Moorjani’s story – about how most of her life was dedicated to making others happy and doing what she was “supposed” to – until a near death experience with cancer gave her a whole new commitment to honoring her true self. 🙂

  • Mia says:

    I enjoyed this post, Jeannette – most of all, it feels like relief to me. I love that it gives me “permission” to follow what feels good to ME.
    In recent months I’ve so often felt guilty about not being “productive” enough or “wasting my time” on projects I couldn’t finish the way I wanted to or had planned to.
    What I love about your manifesting philosophy is that you are so uncompromising about following your joy – for me, this takes a lot of courage.
    Can anyone relate to this problem perhaps? – I often follow my inspiration to complete a project but then don’t know what to do with it after I’ve finished it.
    I’m a writer and artist and I get lots of ideas for articles, poems, designs, etc. but without necessarily knowing where and when and how I’m going to use/publish/sell them. I find that rather frustrating and often feel like all my positive energy is fizzling out in the end. Is it possible for inspired action to lead me down the wrong path …?
    Maybe someone has experienced something similar and knows what I mean?
    Thanks for giving me some food for thought!

    • Jeannette says:

      The first thing I’d remind myself is that the value of what I’ve created doesn’t depend on others appreciating it or it even making money.
      If i enjoyed it, it was worthwhile already. Period. End of story.
      If I have a desire that these works of art live in the world for others to enjoy, then I’d entertain that vision (which is my instruction to Universe to make it so) and then I just keep doing whatever feels best. Which would include dropping thoughts that I’m supposed to know what to do with them next.
      I don’t need to know. All I need to do is focus on what I want, and follow Universe’s whispers in the ear or taps on the shoulder if it needs me to do anything. And it will never ask me to do something that doesn’t feel good. So I’m really off the hook here! All I gotta do is direct my focus/attention in a way that doesn’t block what I want, and then honor inspiration!
      Is this the coolest system EVER, or what?!
      And yes, I know it takes guts to live this way when we’ve been conditioned otherwise.
      But it doesn’t take much experimentation with this before we see the value of it, and that makes it easier to continue doing. 🙂

  • anonymous says:

    Hi Jeannette and other readers,
    After reading this article and the comments, it’s very clear to me that I still have some heavily ingrained beliefs about the necessity of action, pushing, and doing things even when not inspired…all of which I’m working on shifting, but still feel stuck in. What if you have more than one passion? What if you really want to change your circumstances and overall life, but feel completely overwhelmed when contemplating and taking steps to do so? What if the path ahead seems very overwhelming? What if you want to do a certain thing by a certain time, but you have to push yourself to act? What if you feel like you need to act to get what you want, yet sabotage yourself by putting it off? The silly thing is, it is so easy with things we only lightly desire! For example, today I was invited to go to a store I’ve never been to, and found some items there that I had been debating whether or not to purchase online. They were better quality, and better price too. 🙂 How great it would be if everything were this easy?!

    • anonymous says:

      I forgot to add, I have a tendency to put off doing things that would get me what I want or closer to it. I put certain actions off until I am ‘forced’ by circumstance to do then, then feeling guilty for messing things up by not just doing whatever needed to be done earlier.
      What if you do have a primary passion, but haven’t been feeling really inspired to do it for a while. You are feeling inspired to do other things unrelated, but you hesitate because you don’t want to be distracted from your main focus. You really want to do more with your primary passion, you have so many ideas in regards to it, you don’t want to let it go. The inspiration to act on it isn’t flowing so much though. Will the passion return after doing other things?

    • Jeannette says:

      Baby steps! Don’t expect overnight turnarounds. At least, that’s what worked best for me. I should say IS WORKING for me, because I’m still in process on this myself.
      (I think most of us still have ingrained beliefs about the necessity of action, so kudos to you for acknowledging it and intending to clear it!)
      If I have to push myself to do something, I stop and ask why I’m doing it. I’d rather do things I don’t have to make myself do. So if there’s a limiting belief I can unload, yay for that!
      Also, it’s worth remembering Abe’s words about procrastination: it’s just the wisdom to know not to act before you’re in alignment. It’s not a bad thing! Just do the alignment work next and that’ll make everything else more clear and connect you with inspiration to engage whatever’s called for.
      As for the tendency to put things off … If it’s something you would enjoy doing, but you’re still not doing it, I’d be wondering whether there was a self-love issue or receiving deficiency … And if it’s something you wouldn’t enjoy doing, question why you think it needs to be done. You might be able to clear it just by questioning it consciously.
      By definition, if you have a passion but aren’t inspired to do it – it’s no longer (or at least not currently) a passion. So who cares if you don’t take steps toward it? Move toward what DOES inspire you in that moment.
      We’re just talking about releasing whatever resistance you have wherever it’s coming from, by finding thoughts that feel better and doing what feels best. 🙂

      • anonymous says:

        Jeannette, thank you for your response. what you wrote about self-love rings especially true for me. I am very aware that I still harbour many feelings of self-hate. I’m working to improve self-love, as well as separating criticising voices from loving ones. Sometimes I feel like I keep going in circles with this work of shifting beliefs and diving deeper, but as you said, it’s a matter of baby steps and patience with oneself.
        Often after alignment work, I still feel fearful to act. I have many fears that are extremely stubborn and bring up a lot of anxiety and panic. I just hope that I will get over them and live the improved life that I know I deserve. I’ve been stuck and fearful of doing what would be better for me for so long. Eventually, the desire for things to get better will win out and my life will change for the better…I’m just very frustrated with myself for still being to afraid of doing what’s best for me.

    • Brian says:

      “What if the path ahead seems very overwhelming?”
      The path would only feel overwhelming when you feel you have to: 1) Know all the steps to get to where you want to go; and 2) Take most if not all the steps right now.

      Think of you wanting to walk 1,000 steps. You would certainly get overwhelmed if you were thinking of, “How do I walk all 1,000 steps at once?” But, when you realize that all you have to do is walk one step at a time, doing that which you can do, and you know going one step at a time you’ll get to where you want to go, then you relax and feel more comfortable.

      ”… I have a tendency to put off doing things that would get me what I want or closer to it.”
      I just wanted to add one thing to that:

      “I have a tendency to put off doing things that I believe is the path of least resistance way to get me what I want or closer to it.”
      There are other, easier and better feeling ways, but when you focus on doing out of alignment action, you don’t receive inspired, in alignment action.

      ”I’m just very frustrated with myself for still being to afraid of doing what’s best for me.”
      The more you focus on accepting yourself being afraid, the less fear you will have.

      • anonymous says:

        Hi Brian,
        Thank you for sharing this. What you wrote about thinking that doing certain less than pleasant activities being the path of least resistance…this really resonates in me. I know there are other ways to get what I want, but I stubbornly hold to a (difficult) path because it’s the only one I can take action on right now and gives me some sense of certainty that I’ll get my desire. There are others who have what I want, and many of them were presented with opportunities that did not feel like struggle.
        I’m feeling so tired of struggling with this, I’m about ready to give up the desire and stop caring if I ever get it or not. It’s not worth taking so much uninspired action for, nor sacrificing my current wellbeing and peace of mind for. In this state of being, I know I’m blocking any inspiration and clarity on this topic. I’m so sick of feeling the need to do everything myself. I just want to let it go to a higher power. What I want will happen (easily) if it’s in my best interest, or it won’t if there is something else for me. I’m sick of feeling like I have to control it all and do it all myself.

  • Michael says:

    Dear Jeannette,
    I found your recent post fundamentally useful. i.e. “The bottom line is that when inner guidance calls you to something new, before you’ve “finished” the other thing,
    It’s best to trust that guidance and let joy rule”
    Thank you for concise and meaningful post. You say a lot, in a little. 🙂
    Always for the best,

    • Jeannette says:

      Thank you, Michael!
      This post was inspired by a super savvy creator who was having judgement and feeling sheepish for not being able to finish a pray rain journal. It’s possible I have as many unfinished journals as finished ones! ha
      But I would go wherever the inspiration was to continue aligning with my dream, whatever that dream was. If it wasn’t a journal entry, it was a “I am” affirmation. If it wasn’t a visualization it was an acting as if day. Meaning, I didn’t stop the alignment work because fire for one LOA tool faded. And I was aligning to whatever dream captured my attention most.
      Fluid – flowing – allowing – easy – fun. 🙂

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeannette, This is from Joshua:
    The law of Attraction works by leading you step by step to the unfolding of what you desire. When you allow yourself to follow your interests and passions to wherever they may lead, you allow yourself to rendezvous with that which you want. One interest leads to the next interest which leads you eventually to the manifestation of something wanted. Many of your readers found your blog by another interest. One interest lead to the next and then eventually to the subject of your blog, then here. Maybe something they read here will lead them to their next interest.
    If you allow an interest to develop right up until you are lead somewhere more interesting, without having to judge the letting go of the old interest as bad or wrong, then you will be able to navigate this reality as you intended prior to your birth.
    As a child, you naturally moved from one interest to the next. Your parents may have taught you to complete something you’ve started and for most of you, this was actually a good thing. However, when you feel guilt or negative emotion around abandoning an interest, and it stops you from the progression to something even more interesting, you’re simply stalling the manifestation process.
    So feel free to be interested in many things and jump around as much as you like. When you find your passion, you’ll know it and when you’re involved in that interest, time will lose its meaning and the structure of reality will be altered. This will be your bliss as long as you do not regret leaving behind your other interests.
    We Are Joshua

    • Jeannette says:

      I’m thinking how cool those new schools are that allow children to study what they’re interested in!
      My favorite part is this:
      “However, when you feel guilt or negative emotion around abandoning an interest, and it stops you from the progression to something even more interesting, you’re simply stalling the manifestation process.”
      Thanks for that, Joshua & Gary! 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    Great post =)
    As I was reading your article, the question came to mind, “I wonder if different words are better guides for some than others?”
    Bashar suggests excitement (follow your excitement).
    Abraham essentially is about happiness (follow your happiness).
    You seem to most resonate with joy (follow your joy).
    When I look at how I live my life, it seems like my guiding word is desire. Many times “following my most intense desire” involves excitement, happiness or joy but not all the time. Sometimes “following my most intense desire” gets me into really challenging situations that causes me to feel concerned, stressed, overwhelmed, overworked and even fearful.
    Whenever I talk about this subject, Vince Lombardi’s famous speech comes to mind, “And in truth, I’ve never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn’t appreciate the grind, the discipline. There is something in good men that really yearns for discipline and the harsh reality of head to head combat.
    I don’t say these things because I believe in the ‘brute’ nature of men or that men must be brutalized to be combative. I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour — his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”
    That speech has always summed up the kind of situations I am most drawn to in life, situations that involve a mixture of joy and challenge (what many would consider pain).
    Thanks for this article, once again it gave me some stuff to really think about =)

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Namaste for this perspective. As I was reading the article I was thinking “yeah, but for those of us where the joy IS in the job well done”.

      • Namaste says:

        Thanks for sharing that phrase “joy IS in the job well done.” That sums most of what I was trying to get at in one sentence =) Now the question is, “Are people like you and I missing a fundamental lesson that other people like Jeannette have figured out?”
        I absolutely agree with Jeannett’s muggle comment. There are a couple of LOA teachers, one famous one from THE SECRET who says, “Action is required to manifest.” This simply is not true. I’ve got 30 years of manifesting experiences to back it up. In rare cases, I’ve been led to take inspired action that has been part of my desire manifesting. But these cases are extremely rare, and they inspired so they don’t feel like work or taking action at all.
        I know that action is NOT required to manifest things. Yet, in my life, when I’M FOLLOWING THE DESIRES THAT I’M MOST INTENSELY DRAWN TO, there are many times where I am taking action. I’m drawn to taking the action, I want to take the action, but it’s not always action that is filled with joy. Sometimes it’s a grind. And I have a love/hate relationship with that grind, which is why I wonder if I’m missing something. Or if I have remnants of old habits that no longer serve me (Jeannette’s point). I’m just not sure and I still haven’t found an answer that satisfies me.

        • Namaste says:

          I didn’t see Michael’s comment until just now and it answers the question that I had.
          You said, “The bottom line is that when inner guidance calls you to something new, before you’ve “finished” the other thing, it’s best to trust that guidance and let joy rule.”
          I ALWAYS follow my inner guidance when it tells me to move onto something else.

        • Jeannette says:

          I’m thinking of how Abe tells us that we don’t REALLY want to be able to twinkle our nose and have all our stuff appear instantly. What we REALLY want is to have our hands in the clay. We want to be part of the process. We want to be intimately involved in its unfolding.
          I SO get that.
          Which really tells me that it’s not that I’m opposed to taking action. Not that at all. I just prefer the action that’s enjoyable over the actions that aren’t.
          And I so get, Namaste, how you can enjoy the “grind” or the “discipline” – maybe, is a better way to describe what you shared.
          I always tell people that you can’t tell by looking at someone whether their action is downstream or not. Because someone could be doing what looks like really hard work – staying up late, missing meals, maybe even working up a big sweat – and it might not look like much fun to anyone else watching it. But to that person, it might be their idea of a really good time! It’s been that for me before.
          Which is why it’s so important for us to be able to know for ourselves what energy we’re flowing as we take action, since no one else can tell us how it feels.

        • Namaste says:

          Thanks for your thoughtful response =) You really are amazing. It takes a bit of effort for me to just keep up with the handful of comments I leave on your blog. You deal with dozens of comments a day, and still manage to leave really on point responses.
          Your point about not being opposed to action, but simply wanting to take enjoyable actions, makes a lot of sense. The actions I take can be stressful at times but they are almost always enjoyable (at least at some level). Thanks =)

  • Cat says:

    I wish I lived down the street from you so I could “steal” your IR sauna! 🙂
    Thanks for this; a good reminder to question the things we take for granted, including — or especially — the programming about “shoulds.”

  • Great article especially like the idea on muggles. It’s true though, if they don’t understand how the magic works differently on everyone’s magic wand, then how can they give advice on how to wave it?

  • Elle says:

    Oh, is that what that is? Indeed, I totally understand it LOA-wise, but have been conditioned by muggles who chastise those who do not do things by the book, in sequence or what have you, by their “standards”. Totally bogus, but, what can you do? This is how the world is supposedly “run”, joyless and sequentially, making me want to weep, but thank goodness for LOA principles to save the day!

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, it’s worth reminding ourselves of this regularly so we don’t fall into old habits of thinking action is what matters most.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting, Elle. 🙂

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