One Word

Michael Ray in “The Highest Goal ” offers this exercise to get in touch with what truly brings fulfillment to your life.
Think of the most meaningful thing that happened to you within the last week or so. Relive that experience in your mind’s eye, recalling the feeling that made this activity or event so meaningful.
It may be a time when you were experiencing “flow” or “the zone;” completely absorbed in an activity, feeling at one, or experiencing a rush of energy.
As you consider this event, answer the following question: “How come this was so important, so meaningful to me?” Then answer the question “Why is that (the reason you gave to the previous question) so important to me?”
Continue answering the question “Why is that so important to me?” until you get down to one word. That word, whether it’s Love, Communication, Wisdom, Energy, Tranquility, Fun, Creativity, Service, Silence, Connection, Peace, Joy, etc. represents the quality of your Essence of Self.
Michael suggests using this quality as a guide for your life will enhance your true success. I suspect he’s right! So the next time you’re setting an intention, a new goal or making a big decision, make sure it’s in alignment with your One Word.

  • April 1, 2007
  • Paulette says:

    Kool exercise — Powerful too!!!

    My one word — Deserving!! woohooo!

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