If You Only Did One Thing …

Sometimes it feels like tricky business to create the reality you want …

Between maintaining a focus on what you want, not letting gremlins drive, staying out of attachment, being a good allower, taking inspired action, etc., even savvy creators can feel a bit overwhelmed with all the guidance we get about how to manifest.

But the truth is it’s very simple.

In fact, it could be as simple as this:

Become a good appreciator.

If all we did was build our appreciation skills, that alone puts us in close range of everything we want.

Yes, you could toss in some inspired action and positive expectations to make it even better.

But honestly, if you only focused on one thing to enhance your reality-creating success, good old-fashioned appreciation is your ticket.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan of Nevillizing it. Visualization is a staple in many manifesting practices. And a pray rain journal is what I turn to when it really counts.

But if all we got intentional about was learning to appreciate more, we’d be vibrationally home free.

Because when we’re in a state of appreciation, we’re a match for more good things.

Which is why so many spiritual teachers suggest keeping a gratitude journal, and why Abraham shares so many appreciation rampages.

I thought I had a pretty decent appreciation practice going until I read Pollyanna – and realized my skills had lots of room for improvement.

Becoming a good appreciator is mostly a matter of intention and practice.

It’s not rocket science, and you will see a direct correlation between making it a habit and the turn your life will take for the better.

But mostly I’m just suggesting that any time we think conscious creation stuff is complicated, that’s our cue to get back to basics, which could be anything like:

  • looking for things to appreciate
  • finding a better feeling thought
  • following inner guidance
  • pre-paving the day in advance

or any other process you’re called to.

When a fellow creator in self-help overwhelm asked the one thing she should practice, I suggested getting thankful was tough to beat for ease and effectiveness.

If your manifesting practice feels like you’re playing a game of Twister that’s more frustrating than joyful, it’s time for a change.

I’d love to hear how you keep things simple in your effective conscious creation routine …

  • May 24, 2017
  • Sharron says:

    DO I need to Re-Energize!!!! In May I made close to $4,000. In June I made close to $6,000. This month, my mojo got up and left me. so far only $400.00. I’m trying to keep positive and trying to figure out how to manifest Moe money.

  • Laura Lynn says:

    Thank you, Jeannette! Sometimes I feel like LOA is like trying to keep all of the plates spinning in the air! And then it is too easy to not do any of it! Thank you for the reminder and for setting the example. You are awesome!

  • I actually have a question , Does the shifts in experience/reality become more apparent and faster the more we get tuned to loa, and its not just about the good shifts , its about the bad shifts too?

  • Sandra says:

    How do I keep things simple in my routine? Just focus on having fun. Whatever tip, trick, process or LOA exercise I’m doing, I just make sure I’m loving it! If I’m not feeling it that particular day (or the next), I don’t do it. I don’t treat any of this like I’m doing “chores”. Or because I’m trying to “make” something happen.
    Two quotes come to mind:
    “When you’re not having fun, you’re sort of missing the point.” – Abraham-Hicks
    “Manifesting is not a magic spell. It’s a way of being.” – Kate Northrup

  • Larry says:

    Love it!
    I had just come up with a post explaining my situation, and was ready to post it at several of the LOA message boards I follow. This was my first stop, and the post was perfect.
    I’m gonna post it anyway, and see if any more insight is flushed out by it:
    OK, here’s my situation, by way of an analogy. I’ve been studying electric light for over a decade now. I know all about electrons, current, flow, wattage, amperage and voltage, and how they produce incandescence in the filament. I know why a vacuum is important in the bulb. Someday, once I master all this, I’ll even be able to move on to greater wonders like radio, television, and computers. The best news of all? I don’t even have to worry about any of that because the electricians and engineers have taken care of it for me. All I have to do is flip the light switch!
    What’s a light switch?
    Where do I find it?
    What does it mean to flip it, and how do you do that?

  • Elle says:

    Yes, I can certainly attest to this. Appreciation is the core of creation, for sure. I noted many times that loves returned when I was not pining or brooding over them, but when I was happy, relaxed, in appreciation and basically being the cool person they fell in love with. It is counterintuitive, I know, but that is just they way it is. I was just thinking of that before I read this post, that is why I am adding this particular example here. I think it is a good one. It aligns you not with the negative forces of lack and desperation, but the powerful positive ones that attract. Also, Abe always say to focus on the essence of a love/ person.

  • Carmen says:

    As always, you’re right on time!
    I had allowed my manifesting to turn into a complicated process lately and my inner guidance was nudging me to get back at simplicity.
    Then you post this, Jeannette!
    Appreciation is truly a powerful manifesting tool. I remember when I read and applied the appreciation practices from “The Magic” how blown away I was from the universe responding in an instant.
    Then life happened and I let appreciation slip away.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Jeannette says:

      It happens to me on occasion, too, Carmen, so I benefit from the reminders as well.
      Here’s to simplifying our practice in elevating the vibe! 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    Another great article and I’m going to get the Pollyanna book =)
    The challenge with appreciation is it’s easy to do, but it’s just as easy not to do. I tried a number of different tools over the years but nothing really stuck. Then, I was introduced to appreciation texts. The best way to do them is to add to the text throughout the day as you notice things that you appreciate. Really easy to do and it’s a lot of fun. At the end of the night, you read it over (this always feels good) and you add a couple if you haven’t gotten to ten things yet. Finally, you press send and wake up and do it all over again. It’s so simple and it’s incredible how doing them brightens my day and keeps me on track. Plus, reading your partner(s) appreciation texts is a nice bonus. Appreciation texts truly one of the simplest and best tools I’ve ever been shown =)

    • Jeannette says:

      Ok, THAT sounds fun, Namaste!
      I love that you found a creative way to keep your appreciation fresh and strong. I may play with this, too! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    I always try to do the pray rain, but it only lasts a day or two then it slips away. I also Nevillize everything. Maybe forgetting is a really good thing. I just won $200 on a $5 scratcher. I also have always been really on top of appreciation, probably because I so remember when I had nothing. It’s second…no, first nature to me. Like breathing and saying thank you for every little thing. I had some food poisoning this week and again feel such appreciation for indoor plumbing, and showers. (never had a shower or dishwasher until I was in my 30’s. )

    • Jeannette says:

      I have a similar habit, Karen, in saying thank you to every little thing. Thank you to the garbage man, thank you to the garbage, thank you to the toilets, thank you for the silverware, thank you to the food and the animals and certainly the people. I suspect ho’oponopono helped me get better at engaging thank yous regularly, but whatever it is, life feels much better in this state.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting. 🙂

  • Michael says:

    Perfect. Perfect. Perfect! 🙂 I found myself finding a bunch of things to appreciate today–real and imagined–and it was amazing how quickly awesome real stuff showed up! 🙂

  • Ming says:

    Ok so you said ONE THING. At first I was like oh yes, appreciation is mine too. But then I decided to go deeper to when I was in FULL ON contrast. I went back in time in my life.
    You know what it was, it wasn’t appreciation. That is probably 2nd after :
    From there, I could move forward But I may have to stay at allowing for a day or so 🙂
    This was fun. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Good point, Ming. Depending on what our vibrational state is, we may have a different answer as to our “one thing.” I agree that dropping resistance is a great practice, too! 🙂

      • Jessica Earl says:

        Ya, I think allowing (aka: acceptance for what is) has to come before I can feel gratitude. It’s challenging to jump right to gratitude when engulfed in contrast or resistance. This is really important message for me right now because I’m not in any “intentional” creation mode, simply lost in the muck of what’s going on around me. Thank you!!

    • Barbara says:

      Thank you! That was the perfect thing to hear, and it reminded me to do more of that. Lots of fear lately, but allowing helps.

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