Our Role in Co-Creating

This is a topic I rarely broach. Feels kind of voo-doo-ey to some, including me sometimes. But it’s undeniable, so here it is.

Those new to deliberate creation sooner or later ask how much effect, if any, they can have on someone else. After all, we can’t vibrate FOR someone else, so how much can we REALLY create our own reality, if that reality involves someone else, and that someone else might want something else?

Well, you might be surprised.

But the fact is you’re already doing it. Just not deliberately most of the time.

I expect my boyfriend to be mad because my ex is here helping clean bunny cages, and sure enough, he is. (At least I also expected him to leave me the chocolate devotion ice cream from Coldstone before he drove home in a huff. Got even more mad when I didn’t get upset that he was upset, which I also expected him to do. That was NOT deliberate creation. That was crappy default creation on my part.)

People live up to and down to our expectations all day long.

As we anticipate our boss being contradictory and unsympathetic, we create her that way. When we imagine her as understanding and helpful, we come to work to find a whole new person in the boss’ chair.

Doubt it? Put it to the test.

Expecting your neighbor to be nosy, uncompromising or annoying? Give something else a try and see how they change. Wishing your spouse weren’t so stubborn about not wanting to go with your suggestion? Imagine them open instead of closed, and then get open YOURSELF. It allows for miracles.

Have you ever noticed yourself reacting strangely or out of character with someone in a particular situation? Likely you were experiencing the effect of their intentions. “I don’t know what came over me!” we’ll say, genuinely perplexed.

Those who have worked with me heard about when I first learned law of attraction, my boyfriend at the time didn’t miss a beat in implementing it himself. Within days of my first deliberate creation “miracle” (Jeff’s adoption), I realized I was having WAY more sex than usual. I mean a LOT more. After the third day I thought, “This isn’t like me! What’s going on?” I immediately realized my astute beau was also a quick study of LOA.

I told him to stop because it wasn’t ethical.

That didn’t scare him.

So I told him to stop because if he kept manifesting that I was super-interested in sex, he would very likely drive me into the arms of someone else, because I was now dead set against sex with him.
The fact is that our vibrations affect those we interact with. When we become more deliberate about the energy we flow, it shows. (And whether or not it’s ethical to manifest certain things for others is not anyone else’s call to make, contrary to what I said to my guy years ago.)

My advice: check in on your expectations of others, and make sure they’re in alignment with what you want.

  • May 31, 2007
  • Tia says:

    LMAO now, this is getting spookier and spookier each post I click on is telling me how I’ve done a number on myself by expecting this guy to let me down cos I thought he wld not be attracted to me (WHY in the world wld I think that!??!!!) and he is doing just what Im expecting. “People live up to our expectations all day long” Ahhhhhhhh Tia, Tia, Tia!!
    BTW, also LMAO about your experience, hilarious! But Im wondering how that worked, never been able to work magic on anyone else like that. Hmm.. spooky.

  • Peregrine John says:

    A friend of mine has been making recommendations as I venture into a better way of becoming what I should be, and you were among his strongest recommendations. As soon as affordability is had (and my dear but doubting lady is convinced of it), I’ll be scheduling calls with you. Until then, I’m learning what I may to start the first call at something more than Square One.

    This article, though, has something of an “Oh, come on!” moment, which I would love to get past. One person can manifest something as strong and quickly as a suddenly heightened sex drive in another person? The suggestion is so far beyond the self-motivational aspect of LOA that it enters the land of woo-woo – or does, until it can be demonstrated, at which point the universe itself has let you past the curtain to see the rigging.

    There are, of course, much more polite ways to demonstrate this sort of manifestation that still remove all possibility of doubt from a skeptical mind. I have been disappointed enough that I have a skeptical mind. It’s holding me back; I no longer want it, even though I may be forever gun-shy.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Leslie! I refer to my ex as my ex, but in truth, he’s my best friend. Boyfriends tend to see him more of an ex than a friend, so it doesn’t feel like it would do the new beau justice by making it sound like he’s having such a tizzy over my “best friend” helping me out.

    But it is what it is.

    All good. : )

  • leslierichter@gicable.com says:

    How did I get so lucky to know you? What an extremely beautiful article! I am sorry you had a rough time with the passing of guards with the boyfriends.

    Chin up Sally Brown, it’s like polishing brass, we are working on
    shinning up our creations and owning our scripts. Sometimes it gets cloudy and a whole lot of black stuff gets on the cloth.

    But it is all worth it! You are golden and you find kinder ways to get the chocolate.

    Love Leslie

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