Out of Asking, Into Allowing

Much of the recent Abraham material focuses on reminding us to not get stuck in Step 1 energy.

You remember the steps, right?

  • Step 1 is Ask.
  • Step 2 is It’s Given. (Which is Universe’s job, not ours. It happens automatically and immediately every time.)
  • Step 3 is Allow. That’s basically us letting ourselves in on the party we launched (when we had the original desire in Step 1).

Pretty cool system when you think about it.  I mean, honestly, we’ve got the easy part!  All we gotta do is live our life and let the good stuff come as we learn more and better about what we want.

And yet … not all of us experience it that way.

First off, we were trained to believe life works very different than that, so that didn’t help.

But even depsite knowing better now, many people find themselves slipping into vibrational patterns that keep them locked out of their party.  (I call it “party;” Abe calls it “vibrational escrow” or the “vortex.”)

Yesterday I listened to Abraham refer to Step 1 as “Don’t Want” energy. That “don’t want” energy is from the contrast we bump into throughout daily life.  It’s knowing we want friendly neighbors when they aren’t; safe travels when the road is hazardous; healthy & fit bodies when they’re sluggish or uncomfortable.

Anyway, it seems this is the part that many of us know to do – the ALLOWING of our desires to manifest in our physical reality – and yet we don’t always easily practice it.  (Especially when we think it really counts!)

How can we shorten the distance between desire and the realization of that desire?  How can we make sure WE’RE the ones benefiting from our experiences of contrast, not just future generations?

Lots of ways, some of which listed here will sound familiar if you’ve read my material for a while:

  • take your attention off the “don’t want”
  • dwell on the “wouldn’t it be nice if …?”
  • focus on other positive aspects of life
  • remember who they really are, and who YOU really are (divine source energy)
  • make your feeling good more important than whatever is taking you away from it
  • be happy anyway

Abraham tells us to “bless them for what they birth in you” and then don’t look back (at the “don’t want) or you use them as your excuse not to get to your party.  So you want to look forward – towards where you want to go, not where you are.

In the Seattle (July 2008) workshop, Abe also said the difference between fast & slow manifesting is that having a positive focus puts you in the vortex of your escrow (or puts you right smack in the middle of your party, as I would say).  When you’re in vibrational range of what you want, your manifestations unfold much easier and swifter.  That’s allowing.

In fact, we’re reminded by Abraham that we can’t think or act our way to success.  All we have to do is just get happy and let the expansion come.  When we’re doing hard work instead of getting happy, we are NOT in our vortex.  Instead of trying to figure out how to get in there (which we do whenever we look over our shoulder at the “don’t want”), we can get happy by answering questions like:

  • What do I want and why do I want it?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it look like?

I think that’s one reason why the pray rain journaling technique is so effective for so many – that it takes us to the heart of what we want and all the delicious details about it.

Regardless of how we get there, it helps when we stop thinking of all this as difficult or challenging, and just relax about it.  It really is easier than we think, and when you reflect on all the ways you naturally DO allow, instead of thinking of all the times you’re not able to, you give yourself a big leg up.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

  • January 10, 2009
  • Alora says:

    Hey Jeannette!
    Ask and it is given all right. I’ve been feeling stuck on something and your post which I just “happened” to see and read right just totally gave me a lightbulb moment!
    I have been spending so much time saying “I want this I want this and I want this….” on one topic and really I just forgot that the Universe already knows. It’s time to allow!
    I just felt like a zillion pounds of junk fall off me.
    Thanks for the post!

  • The Bridge ~ Step 7 ~ Inviting
    Emblazon three little letters upon your consciousness –
    A S K.
    It is the hallmark of our time that we are all learning to trust at a much deeper level than we have ever had to trust before. And what is it that we’re learning to trust in? First, that our thoughts do, indeed, create our world; that what we think about and what we are saying works its way out into our physical environment; Second, that our intentions will, in fact, manifest as we set them. In other words, the laws of manifestation work just fine as long as we we apply them and believe in them. And third, a great many of us are learning that there are invisible helpers who will rally to our side if we will but ask.
    For, in truth, invisible beings surround us at all times and it is for us to call them forth and ask them to help us with the manifestation of our intentions.
    In asking or intending that only the Highest Good is served, we close the door on any beings who do not come from 100% pure light.
    The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, and our latest book, The Code ~ Intentions in Action.
    Feel free to use it as you like. It will make everything simpler for you.

  • Very true, Gillian, that the more we practice it, the better we get at it. In fact, that’s true no matter WHAT we’re practicing, right? So if we we’re going to get better at something, we may as well have it be something that’ll serve us well!
    And thanks for the endorsement of the pray rain journaling process, Gillian. I couldn’t agree more!
    Congrats, Ms Nikki on manifesting such positive results at the dentist! Just like that!! 🙂
    Those kinds of stories are incredibly inspiring to hear, so thanks for sharing yours here.

  • MsNikki says:

    Jeanette, this article was **sooo** timely!! Due to sudden/intense gum and dental pain, I was extremely reluctant to go the dentist this morning for my checkup. (I hate going to the dentist anyways). On top of that, I don’t have any dental insurance (layoff last month) and my dental discount from the Credit Union would only pay up to 20-60% of costs. I was in severe pain and worried about the potential financial costs, i.e. crown, root canal, etc.
    I read the article on Saturday night and just did the best I could to imagine the best possible outcome – despite the pain and despite the potential exorbitant amount. I just focused on a stress free cleaning and calm gums. The next day my gums calmed down and my teeth stopped hurting. Every time I got worried, I reminded myself that I was going to a new dentist who happens to be a favorite amongst my associates. So, I went today and everything worked out! My hygienist was so awesome and complimented me on my teeth. The cleaning went off without a hitch. She actually said that she was bored cleaning my teeth and she didn’t have that much work to do. The dentist explained that the dental pain on my lower right tooth was caused by enamel erosion and a free monthly fluoride treatment was recommended to recalcify it. The dentist was awesome and said that everything else looked great. I also received a discount because of a referral and my total amount came out to be $48!!
    Talk about ask and it is given!

  • Gillian says:

    The Pray Rain Journal is sensational and it really creates a shift in consciousness and that shift is the only thing that matters. Thinking and feeling in an abundant way, acquiring an abundance-generating consciousness and shifting away from previous lack-generating consciousness takes some practise, because our old habitual thought pattern and old consciousness have many, many years of momentum. I am sure once we tip the scale, once we reach the tipping point on the consciousness scale, life is a party! In order to tip the scale and we have to gain momentum, because, lets face it, practising LOA is skill. The more we practise , the better we get at it.

  • How funny you would say that, Jim. I just tweeted a TUT Note about the abundance all around!
    Sounds like we’re on the same page, once again. 🙂
    Nice to have such good company, my friend! Thanks for joining the conversation here.

  • Jim Patterson says:

    I agree with Mark that being fully present in the moment is vital. I think of this in terms of Awareness.
    Being Aware of the Abundance all around us.
    Aware that we are beings composed of energy, and that if we bring ourselves into harmony with the abundant energy all around us that we have then become a part of that abundance…

  • “Someone must be rolling their eyes watching us.” ha! Way to put a humor spin on it, Leslie! That sure lightens up the vibe, doesn’t it?
    And yes, no fudging in LOA. The vibration can’t be disguised. It does sort of have a way of bringing us up to our very best, doesn’t it?
    Here’s to remembering who we are and rolling our own eyes at our sometimes clever disguises.
    Thanks for commenting, Leslie!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Remember who you really are!, I like that Jeannette. It’s almost like we have to remember we are in disguise.
    If you think of the whole process asking, being given and still asking, it is quite funny. Somebody must be rolling their eyes watching us.
    But in the same token how beautiful is that, you allow when you are in vibrational alignment and there is no fudging.
    In some ways LOA is a comfort, it’s as black and white as you can get, like a domino mousetrap where once you fill your glass of water up to the top then it triggers the ball to fall down and the dominos tumble onto themselves and then they knock against a track and a marble rolls down…
    I also wonder if we let ourselves get caught in a time lag thinking in human hours instead of remembering cosmic time which is always way more exsquiste anyways. Again it comes back to remembering who we are and that we came here for a reason, remember that and timing falls into place and is all good.
    Love Leslie

  • Thanks for commenting, Carol, and for sharing more Abraham wisdom with us.
    I like what you’ve reiterated. It’s making me think of how Abe also says we want to approach this “feeling good” state for the purpose of feeling good, not for getting what we want. Because if we do it with that agenda, we’re not feeling good. Or something like that.
    That one probably deserves a blog post all on its own.
    Nice to hear from you, Carol! Thanks for the kind words about the Folly post, too. Hope to hear from you again soon! 🙂

  • Carol says:

    Hi Jeanette!
    This is my first time commenting on your blog but I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts for a while now…
    “Getting stuck in step 1 energy” is a great way to explain what happens with so many people, and I know sometimes I have to constantly remind myself to allow. What you covered here reminds me of a few lines from an Abraham-Hicks recording that I took down yesterday:
    “you’ve got to accept that it’s done before you start closing the gap”
    “the quest is to feel good, not to achieve ‘the thing’ ” (what you want at a deeper level is your own alignment)
    “your guidance is how you feel, not their response”
    They were also emphasizing that all the things we do to help us focus on what we want are not to make the thing we want happen (it’s already done), but to help us in the allowing of it….
    Anyway, thanks for this and all your great posts (I also especially liked the last one: https://goodvibeblog.com/2009/01/04/the-folly-of-working-toward-goals/

  • Powerful analogy, Rachel! To remember that your dreams are all around you, that it’s as easy to let them in as it is to breathe, what a lovely and empowering thought, indeed!
    Thanks for sharing it with us. I know you’ll have lots joining you in that one. (Including me.)

  • Rachel Chase says:

    Oh I love synchronicity! Thanks for this reminder Jeannette. All week I’ve been practicing “allowing”. I’ve allowed myself to heal and get over the flu, I’ve allowed myself to find sunshine and warmth from my core, despite this endless snow and cold, and I’m allowing myself to dwell in confidence and excitement for new opportunities and goodness growing in my new year garden!
    also I’m thinking that allowing my dreams and divine flow into my life is just like Air. It’s ALL around me. I can’t stop it, and I don’t even have to make it or create it, its just there. all the time. no one controls it or sells it. its free! all I get to do is what comes naturally, easily, and consistently… Breathe.

  • Wise words, Pernille! “It gets easier and easier and easier!”
    And with that, so shall it be. 🙂
    Thanks for joining the conversation, Pernille!

  • Jeannette, thanks for reminding us of how easy it can be!
    I was brought up believing that I had to work hard in order to achieve my goals, and then, maybe, I would feel good!
    Now I know that it’s the other way around – that I should start by feeling good. I know this, but it’s not always easy for me to do it this way. However, I can feel that it gets easier and easier and easier. And it’s so much more fun this way 🙂
    – and I love that you call it a party 🙂
    Love from Pernille

  • Nice reminder, Mark, that when we allow for ourselves that’s also extended to allowing others to be who they are.
    That’s got a breath of relief in it, doesn’t it?
    Thanks as always for reading and especially for sharing, Mark! Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Mark Semple says:

    Brilliant post as always, Jeanette.
    I’ve been contemplating myself lately.
    Sometimes it seems like we have all the pieces are doing all the right work and we’re not making it happen.
    Reality is that there is nothing for me to make or create. All that I desire already is and my opportunity is solely to allow it to come to me and to receive it.
    Of course, there is still action involved – the actions will be guided and focused from the space I’m in and I will be doing the right things the right way at the right time.
    One of the most significant lessons I got in 2008 was to be my true authentic self and be fully present in the moment. And, to recognize the moment as perfect. From that space I can allow things to unfold in an optimal flow for me.
    And, of course, if I’m in such a space of allowing for myself, that I have to apply it to others and allow them to be fully who they are in their perfect moments.
    Isn’t it amazing who simple this process really is. Am looking forward to seeng what happens when I get out of the way.
    Appreciate you

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