Can We Outsource Our Manifesting?

Guys, I’ve been wondering …
What if we could outsource our vibrational work the same way we outsource things like lawn care, dog walking, and personal shopping?
I mean, what if we could hire someone else to improve our vibe?
Does that sound ridiculous? Lazy, even?
The truth is I suspect we’re already doing this – to a certain extent.
Isn’t that what I’m doing when I get repeat clients who put me on the payroll just because every time they involve me in what they’re up to, their belief in success skyrockets and success follows?
So they’re leveraging my services to get to a higher vibe. See what I mean?

And that’s what my work is all about – helping folks get to better vibrational alignment. Which might be happening just because they invite me in on their party – doesn’t even matter what we talk about or do.

Although part of what I consider my job as their coach is to see them succeeding. So I’m adding to the vibe of their success by entertaining those thoughts of it.
You know how they showed in the quantum physics research that just the mere intention to measure the subatomic particles altered those particles? That you didn’t have to actually observe them in order to change them?
Just planning to do it made a difference in the structure of “reality.”
And – stay with me, here – you know how sometimes people start feeling better just because they finally made an appointment with the doctor? (Before they even see her?) Or how you get an idea for making more money, and more money comes in some other way?
I’ve had new clients tell me that even before we had our first session, just making the decision to hire me was when things started going their way.

I’ve felt it myself. Years ago I set up an appointment to talk with Sharon Wilson about hiring her after hearing her free group call. But by the time we chatted a week later, so many things were happening that I didn’t see the need for her help anymore.
She said she got that a lot.

I suspect something gets activated within us just by getting in the field of someone who believes in your possibilities.
Here’s more proof that something’s going on:
My ex-boyfriend’s parents put names of people they know who are struggling in some way on their church prayer roll. I’ve seen the folks benefit whose names they’ve written down. Whether those people knew they were being prayed for or not, and whether they even believed in that church or not.
So why isn’t there an official LOA Manifesting group that you could retain to help create what you want? (Or is there??)
For a while I had an EFT guy on my payroll, where his job was to tap on whatever issues I emailed him about. (It’s called surrogate tapping, I believe.) Whatever I gave him to work on, I felt better about.
He said it works because we’re all connected.
So … all this gets me to wondering how we could put this to work for our vibrations even more than we already are.
Could we hire someone else to vibrationally manifest something on our behalf? I want to know your thoughts and experiences.
Go ahead and call me crazy; tell me it doesn’t work. I just want to flesh this out with you all.
And maybe an experiment is in order!
Update: by popular request in comments, the Outsourcerers are officially called together!  I’ll put more info online asap, but here’s a great visual in the meantime:

Here’s another update: check you all out on YouTube (compliments of one of our OutSourcerers):
And this just in – another great OutSourcerers video full of your inspiring words:

  • January 10, 2010
  • Enoch says:

    I absolutely think it is possible. I really like this post, Jeannette. So many spiritual traditions have concepts such as “intercessory prayer”, or even sponsoring a particular religious event can cause that person to receive a “share” in the positive energy that is being produced by it. There are people who dedicate their entire lives to prayer, mantras, yoga, etc, so they can help others. Msny of these people do not charge for their services, but even the ones who do, the work they do on behalf of those they are helping, will come to fruition.
    Outsourcing is a very good way of describing it, because that is exactly what it is. By opening up that concept, the notion that it’s “all up to us” flies out the window. It CAN be “all up to us” if we so choose. Some of us like to learn the methods and experiment with spiritual reality, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get any extra help.
    I look at it like approaching a professional for a service that a person may not be able to do themselves. If their car breaks down, I suppose they could learn how to fix it themselves, and they may be able to do it with time, and that would be a great skill to have. Or they could hire someone who already knows how to fix cars, so they can get back to driving. No solution is more “right” than the other. Personally, I would do both. Consult a master and learn how to do it myself at the same time. Best of both worlds.

  • Debra says:

    Congratulations Alexfangirl!! That’s got to be the cutest driver’s license piccie I’ve ever seen! 🙂
    I’m so thrilled to hear how calm and at ease you were taking your test. It’s as if you *knew* you had this covered! …and of course you did.
    You’re so in your power, aligned with your brilliance…you are a driver, a good, safe, wonderful, respectful driver…of your car…and your life!
    Way to go, Girl! See you on the road… In JOY!

  • Dena says:

    I see you driving brilliantly and with ease tomorrow next to a kind and helpful evaluator who happily signs your paperwork with delight, stating that you pass with flying colors. I also see you holding your new license with a beautiful photo in your hands and placing it in your wallet.
    Many Blessings.

  • Alexfangirl says:

    I’m taking my driving test tomorrow, I was wondering if any of you good vibers could manifest me passing the test.
    Thanks and may all you manifestations come true.

  • Bruce says:

    That was fast!
    I posted a small request on Jan 31st that I could use some help with my cold calling and last Monday I’m talking to this prospect who had worked with our company 15 years ago and got great service. Now he wants to pitch our company to his and although its early this upbeat conversation certainly made my week.
    Thank you everyone.

  • Kati says:

    Hey Coach T.I.A.! 🙂
    I thought who’s dream this was!? Now I know! ;D (cos I most certainly didn’t think it was mine! :p) But you know what? I believe that this is the Universe telling you: REEELAAX!! Your dream is about to come true as well! It is on it’s way to you as we speak… 😉
    I am already excited for you!!! 😉 xxx
    Dena: Thank you! 🙂 xxx

  • Dena says:

    @Kim-I’ve been infused and surrounded by the the heartfelt intention you have sent to me. MMmmmm. Thank you!!! Everything is looking up, up, up! You are most certainly a blessed soul.
    @Kati-WOW! I loooove your story. How inspirational and beautiful. I am ‘blown away’! =)
    and to all of my fellow Outsourcerers/Manifesters’ requests I shall add: “It is done!”

  • Bruce says:

    Hello fellow Out-sorcerers
    I too would like put a request out to the wonderful energy on this web site.
    In the next few days my cold calling efforts at my place of work result in a major account for my employer that transforms the office into a happy place to work.

  • Debbie L says:

    Jeanette, you have built a wonderful community. You are definitely paying it forward.
    @shasfreespirt your husband Loooves his new job!
    @parul it’s easy to see how loving and committed your relationship is.
    I’m so happy and grateful my blogging business is generating $500 per week. And my blogging communities are passionate and participatory.
    My husband’s business has taken off and all of our bills are paid on time and in full.

  • Coach T.I.A says:

    Holy Mother of God, Kati, you`have manifested MY dream!!
    OMG!!! This is crazy awesome and blowing my mind away :O hahahahahaha! I am super happy right now cos you got what I intended and just reading about it makes me SOO excited and happy it feels like it happened to me!
    And I just know the U has some surprises in store for me regarding what I asked for cos you are my alpha reflection. LOL!!!
    Still gobsmacked …!

  • Parul says:

    Hi there all Out-sorcerers :)!!
    I too would like to join the gang and add to the energy and help with your desires.
    I would request you to add your manifesting energy to my desire which is, “a deeply commited and loving relationship with Kaush”.
    Thank you all. 😀

  • Kati says:

    Thank you, Jeannette! Appreciate it! 😉 🙂

  • Kati says:

    Mia, thank you so much! =)
    Just right after I wrote the post, I thought to myself: Did I manifest this? Really??!! Naahh!!… =D
    And thank you, Jeannette!! =)
    There is great LOVE here for you! 😉
    Kim, you are amazing! 😉 I have been secretly keeping an eye on you and I would soo love love love to hear what is going on behind the scenes of this conspiracy!! =)
    Looking forward to hearing from you! 😉 You can write it here or email me or.. Hmm.. On my way to Facebook to add you as my friend now! 😉
    Sending Special MagicHappyVibes to you Mia, Jeannette and Kim!!! 😉 <3

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Kati!!! I am in awe of your wonderful creation!
    I would Love love love you to send me your details (date time and place of birth) so I can see what’s going on behind the scenes~! Email me if you like. I’m just curious how this coincides with major planetary shifts!
    In any case, congratulations! I’ll be smiling all day long thinking of you!!!

  • Oh my WORD, Kati!! I can’t stop smiling at the thought of what you created!!
    WOW! Congrats!!

  • Mia says:

    Wow, Kati, that is indeed some story… Congrats with your amazing manifesting powers! Good luck on your new road.

  • Kati says:

    Hehe.. Not so short as I thought it would be.. =p =D

  • Kati says:

    What a great story! Thank you for sharing!!! 😉
    There is something I am inspired to share with you all as well.. It is a long story, but I am gonna try to keep it short! =)
    So, occasionally, among other things, I make Intention Lists! Just for fun, many times don’t even expect them to work (old cremlins to be cleaned out here..), but I sure love it when they do! =)
    Last year, just before Christmas, I wrote:
    I want my life to change as I know it, fast and completely and unexpectedly, so that it will blow me away! (I was keeping my thoughts general and just trusted the Universe to bring me what ever would be the best for me! =))
    Not that I actually needed any changes! I loved my life as it was! I have always been a freespirit, traveling around, enjoying meeting new people, changing jobs, moving from place to place, well, my relationships have staid kinda short, but that’s because I haven’t been looking for anything longterm! Never dreamed about getting married or a family, never wanted children of my own, although I do love these little beings very much! But I have just been loving my freedom and independece too much to have to give it up for anything or anybody! I wrote down the intention, because I just wanted life to shock me! Just for fun! =)
    So, last year, before Christmas, I came home to my family and relatives, after a long time of being away. I hadn’t been home for holidays or any birthdays for years, so it was a very special occasion… I was very happy! =) Although my plan was to leave again, when the new year starts.. =p
    And this is what I remember happened next, short version =) :
    24th of December (2 days after my Intention!) – I meet a guy who I had been chatting with online for a while.. He found me (on the internet) – but that’s an other story.. 😉 We met, because we happened to be in the same area at that time (I feel a conspiracy from the Universe here.. =)) and he really wanted to see me, so I thought why not! =)
    We clicked right away and we had the greatest time ever, just driving around and talking..
    Next thing I know – we are together! =)
    Next thing I know – he is meeting my family and relatives and I am meeting his..
    Next thing I know – we are planning to move in together and I am actually thinking about staying where I am.. as in my homecountry!.. (Thinking to myself: Whatta hell is going on with you, girl!!??? =D)
    Next thing I know (a week ago) – I am pregnant!!!! (Biggest shock ever for me and all the people who know me! This is the LAST news on this planet, they would expect to hear from me! =p) Well, I am 26, so it shouldn’t be THAT big of a deal! =D
    So, Reality Check – My life has changed as I know it, fast (and oh boy, how fast!! =p) and completely and unexpectedly, and it has definitely blown me away! =)
    I never expected to become a completely new person within a single month! Now I have a hard time recognizing myself! =p
    Note to Self: Be careful what you intend! =D
    Am I happy? Well, my life has ended as I have known and loved it, but me thinks that the Universe, my Inner Being, have lead me to the right next step and to the path of most joy for me.. Although I am still pretty much unbelieving all this.. =p But at the same time, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE!! I actually feel calm and peace and I feel that everything is so right.. Even though from my old point of view – everything just looks so WRONG!!! =D
    I have manifested something I never thought I want and yet I am excited about my new life! =)
    And I have always thought that I know exactly what I want.. =p
    Bless the Universe for always matching the essence of what I REALLY want, not what I think I want.. =)
    So, hope you got something out of this! =)
    I wish you Happy Intending!! ;D
    Love and Blessings! <3

  • suzi says:

    Haha… I have a synchronicity to add here…
    Have just bought pre sale tickets for Massive Attack on Opera House Forecourt. It comes with a free album download.
    First song on their new album…
    Pray For Rain 🙂
    And yes I will keep you posted!

  • OMG Suzi that is an amazing story!!

  • Laura says:

    What a very cool story…please keep us posted on how it all turns out. Thanks for sharing that!

  • suzi says:

    Hello Manifesters
    You people are all pretty amazing. And I’d like to be in your lovely loop too. But I’ll have to come back to you a bit later with all my manifesting requests and inspirations for you. Oh I have sssooo many… hehe.
    For now I’d like to share a little story about Jeanette’s Pray Rain Journalling which I downloaded last year. (Wasn’t sure where to post this but thought in here would be as good a place as any.)
    I gave a copy of Pray Rain to a friend of mine who happens to be on-remand in prison at this very moment. He is yet to be sentenced for his misdemeaner and has been using his journal writing to create outcomes to court scenarios… And what his life will be like when he is out in the world again.
    He loves it and it’s really helped him to continue being there. Everytime we visit him he’s so funny and upbeat. And he’s become much healthier even with prison food being what it is. He gets on with everyone there and is exercising and about to start some study. Oh and I always give him a back/neck/shoulder/head massage too which he also loves.
    He knows that he has done something wrong but he’s creating scenarios where he gets a lighter sentence or a different kind of sentence that is not so restricting for him. Whatever sentence he gets will be shortened by his time on remand which is getting on for 6 months now.
    He’s already a different person for being in there and he’s helping others with his wit and guidance. He’s a really funny guy and very lovely and would do anything to help anyone. He’s been helping with the other prisoners on various group therapy sessions even to the point of leading the sessions. Who’d have thought it. It’s amazing!
    He told me about another prisoner, a really negative person, who was saying things like… “I’m not gonna be around in two years”, “I’ll probably be dead like my father” etc etc. Anyway my friend gave him Pray Rain Journalling and it’s really helping him… and has changed his attitude.
    So I think your journal technique is going to be doing the rounds at the prison Jeanette. It’s changing society on many levels.. from the inside! You never know who you can help with it.
    (Oh and hello to you Kim 🙂 it’s lovely to see you here)

  • Laura says:

    Kim…you put a smile on my face. I posted my request and like magic got a response within minutes! Thank you for your fabulous energy, fellow Outsourcer!! Sending you much love and gratitude! Laura

  • Shasfreespirit says:

    Greeting Everyone,
    I’m coming out of lurk mode reading all the inspiring comments. I love the energy in here as usual.
    I am asking all of your powerful visualizers to see my husband getting a On-Site Property Management job. Interview opportunites have manifested themselves but have not totally manifested “the job”. Please send energy to us that helps him align with the job that he wants within one week. We have to move from our current home in 2 weeks. Thank you and I hold all of your desires in the highest light of source.
    Thank, I love you all for keeping me in the “Vortex” with all your comments while I am in the midst of change.

  • Nat Couropmitree says:

    And Linda… I see your coaching business taking off this month!

  • Nat Couropmitree says:

    In line with the Law of Attraction, I want say that while we all know that this is Jeannette’s blog and she has done a wonderful job creating this space for all us. And I do really appreciate you Jeannette! I also want to add that this is community is a co-creation. I believe those part of this community called forth what they desired and we came together on this blog and have expanded on to GVU. I wanted each of us to get that we are all equally powerful in our own ways. 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Dena, I see you surrounded in love, full of joy and, powerful in your ability to attract what you want, when you want it! You are such an inspiration!
    Hello Laura,
    There you are! Dream job, awesome cat friendly apartment and WHEN did that man walk into your life! Woot! You need to hire a PA to handle all your teleclass scheduling and what will you do with ALL that extra cash???
    I’m in awe of everyone here–shinning lights in my life!
    🙂 Kim

  • Laura says:

    Wow…can’t believe I was out of this loop. This is truly amazing and I loved reading all the wonderful comments. Now I want to play and am handing this over to the Outsourcers!
    1) I’ve just attracted the perfect job. Creative, fun, great people and great environment. I start work in February.
    2) I have found the perfect apt. in New York City. It is bright, quiet, allows cats, affordable (!), and clean!
    3) The man who will be my life partner/husband has finally found me! This is the best relationship I have every had (and the last!).
    4) Coaching business takes off this year! Teleclasses are a success and I’ve attracted 30 new clients this year!
    5) Additional $50k incremental money flows my way easily from unexpected sources!
    Love the energy, love and true caring that comes through on this blog. What a fabulous community that Jeannette has created. As we all hold this wonderful space for each other, we can all create the wonder lives that are already ours! Love to you all!

  • Dena says:

    Wow!!! I just spent the last hour or so reading all the beautiful and inspiring posts here. I’ve been going through a difficult time the past couple of weeks and have been laying low, wanting to give up. Jeannette what you have going here is incredibly powerful. And, thank you all for your uplifting energy. It’s so strong that I’ve gone from a feeling of despair to light-hearted warmth. My heart is glowing with your outpouring of love and support for each other. It is true that when you see a good act being performed it lifts everyone in it’s vicinity.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And, many Blessings, Love, Health and Abundance to you All!
    Happy Tears,
    “Go GVU” *\o/*

  • michelle says:

    Like Adrienne, I think I overslept.
    Lots of great energy here. I am going to check out GVU – (funny, those are the initials of the actual college I attended!)
    I just read the “screw it” post and it seems to me that outsourcing is something that I should give a try.
    How about meeting my husband to be AND getting pointed in the direction of my purpose and passion (a good first step would be to KNOW what that is).

  • Yay, Bixbybailey! I love it when someone new speaks up to let us know they’re here!
    Pleasure to meet you, my friend. 🙂
    And Janette, I’m with Barbara – can we really wait till Christmas for that party?! lol
    I don’t know if I can!!

  • bixbybailey says:

    been following this blog closely for months and finally decided to post because it feels a bit odd seeing what are now so many familiar faces and voices yet remaining a lurker. berta, and all others, know thoughts/intentions are with you.

  • Barbara says:

    This outpouring of love, joy and good vibe intentions really is uplifting. I am positive that this is my favorite blog ever! Thank you, Jeanette and to everyone else here for your inspiring posts and comments. I feel myself getting excited everytime I check in on this blog and it makes me feel really good: that IS the point, isn’t it? 🙂 It wasn’t very long ago that I discovered Jeanette’s work and tonight I just ordered her Pray Rain Journal ebook and recordings. I’m starting my first journal tonight and am so excited! And to Janette–I can’t wait to be at that virtual Outsourcers Christmas Party in 2010! This is going to be a very good year indeed!

  • Janette says:

    *staggers around the room, clutching head*
    OMG!!! You guys have been doing amazing amazing stuff while I’ve been mostly offline for the last few days. Fabulous videos! And now it’s all there on GVU, how perfect!!!
    I think we’re creating our own mini-Vortex 🙂
    Shower, morning meditation and job are calling right now, but I will come back over the weekend to read everyone’s lists in detail. Meanwhile I’m seeing all the happy faces at the virtual Outsourcerers Christmas Party for 2010, as we all celebrate the massive shifts, and reflect back on how all our desires manifested so quickly, we’ve almost forgotten what life was like before they arrived.

  • sonia says:

    Hi guys! I can’t watch youtube so can someone save the vid from me and send it by mail, not the link youtube cos I couldn’t watch it anyway. Thank you.

  • Erik says:

    @Jeannette: hehe, good things take time – I guess we all can be patient 🙂 especially since what is coming with GVU is so strong!
    so true Mitch, it’s absolutely time to celebrate xD: *handing Jeannette and everyone a glass + bubbly* – it seems that your vibe efforts have reached a tipping point 🙂
    @Alora: ‘d love to know more about the ho’oponopono 🙂 any cool resources (online or offline)?
    @Berta: you two are breathing so fresh and delicious new relationship energy, it is like standing on top of a mountain and breathing the crystal clear air 🙂 – with this crystal clearness you find that your love and passion for each other bursts out anew – this passion carries your lives together and individually in the best possible way!!!
    @SelfHelpGoddess: nah, wasn’t me ^^ was another cool good viber wishing to stay anonymous, that’s all I know – the vid’ is totally cool and high vibin’ and such a perfect addition to this vibe party!!
    Love to all!!

  • WOW!! Was out of town for the long weekend and missed all the fun! Will go pop in at GVU shortly…
    Just wanted to say I *love* the video!! Erik, you did that? Love it! Also, can I just say how seriously cool I think it is that the video capture above is frozen on the quote from me?! It’s the little things that excite me… 😉
    Talk to you all soon over at GVU! 🙂

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    Outsourcerers! Good Morning and it is good to be back. I am waking up with a cup of tea and reading my favorite blog ever. I have just finished a nightmare 7 shifts. I am a server at two places Friday through Monday; starting at 7 am to 4 pm, then 4 pm to 10 pm. I was so happy when a coworker asked me if I would like to give up my Monday night sift because she needed to pick up some hours. I also gave my two week notice at the evening job–I just can’t keep it up and it has not been paying well either. Both jobs, however, have been providing the contrast of what I don’t want and I am getting super clear on what I do want. I’ll see you over at GoodVibe University for that.
    I have not had time to read this post while working these past four days, so reading it today is the medicine that I need to shift my exhaustion to energy.
    My husband has kept me posted on the blog so I have not been entirely out of the loop. My husband has been greatly helped by all of your comments and especially the vibes you have sent to us.
    I asked you to send peace, love, clarity and resolution without being specific about the outcome. The visualizations that you offered were somewhat of a surprise to me, but I intentionally left it vague. After 28 plus years of marriage, are lives have become so entangled that we have lost ourselves, our own identity to a great extent. It hasn’t been intentional, it just slowly happened.
    So I will ask for your vibes in a more specific way; I do know that I want the best for my husband and myself, and for each of us to rediscover ourselves and each other.
    Thank you all so much for all of the outsourcing for us, and the peace and love that we have felt on our journey to clarity and resolution.
    Namaste, Berta

  • Alora says:

    Wow – Imagine my face when I checked out Jeannette’s blog to see over 200 comments! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    As for outsourcing I can only say YES!
    I see it with my children all the time. I hooponopono and they shift. (Me too, wait, we’re all one… honestly it makes my eyes cross sometimes to think about it but it does work! I know it!!!)
    And I am honored to be an outsourcer-vision-holder-person for you all!
    🙂 This is so awesome. All of this. So awesome! Ok, moving over to the message boards now….

  • Sue says:

    I want to tap into this amazing energy you’re all putting out. I have a fabulous store that could use a bit of shift, and I know that it is way more than I am currently seeing. I haven’t wanted to write anything negative, because I don’t like how I feel when I go here. All it is is a little shift, and you are all so good at finding the best words. I have a fantastic partner, who is so positive and I know we are on the cusp of something magnificent…………….so include me in your fabulous intentions
    with great appreciation………..Sue

  • Sue says:

    Oh, and by the way……..count me in too!!!

  • Sue says:

    Jeanette, it’s the 10/3/09 Chicago IL CD Just got it last week and it’s probably one of the most unusual CD’s I’ve heard yet.
    Imagine being at an Abraham seminar and not being able to tell her your problem, or situation as they usually do.
    It goes perfectly with what is going on here, of course.
    Now I’m waiting for her to come out with the vibrational inventory idea…………I love that one.

  • Adrienne says:

    OMG … the ONE post that I didn’t get to read timely (and subscribe to comments) because I was so busy working on my new business, and holy mackerel! It has taken me over an hour to read the 200+ responses, but it has been WELL worth it!!
    Jeannette and the Good Vibe community is JUST so amazing, and I am so glad I’ve attracted each and everyone of you into my life!
    Berta’s husband … I was so moved by your sharing with this community your experience and love.
    Fen & GorgeouSophie….you guys crack me up…your writing is absolutely delicious!!
    JM, Tia, Debra …your reposting (in the pray rain journal style) of everyone’s intentions/desires brought the hugest smileS (I kept resmiling 🙂 at every post) …thank you for doing that for everyone!!
    Kim F….OMG – I LOVED your surrogate tapping story!!!!!! Yippee Skippee!!
    There are so many other commentors that I would love to write something, but there are just too many (being a latecomer to this magnificent party)! I will migrate over to GVU, also, but wanted to add my two manifestations that I’m tickled to outsource:
    1) Bringing into my physical reality this year (early this year 🙂 ) my most wonderful, adoring, “matches my list” [the Universe knows what it is ;)] soul-mate-partner-for-life (aka husband 🙂 ) [I KNOW we are already together on an energetic level] and
    2) Successful and profitable launch and growth of my new Internet start-up that will provide a benefit for so many!!
    Am going to now go skip around doing my errands!
    THANK YOU everyone for just making me smile repeatedly with all the love, laughs, joy, and purity for each other on here! (I’m not sure I’m even making sense anymore I’m all giddy with joyful expansion!!)

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Am in, am in, am in *bounces around like a puppy* Yay, thanks Jeannette!

  • Sue says:

    I’ve finally finished reading everyone’s entry. WOW
    I guess it’s time to add my early inventory
    I have one of the fastest growing businesses around, everyone is talking about us. We’ve been here for 20 years and we’ve reached our tipping point and it seems busloads of customers are being led in our direction. I don’t waste my time trying to explain it, I’m just lovin it instead. I’ve given up all worry, and traded it for excitement, facing each day with new decisions as to how to manage such a busy, happening place. It’s a whole new game, and believe it or not, one that I have been suspecting for quite some time………nice to know.
    Hey, this is fun!! Thanks for all the inspiring examples.

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    *fiercely rummages in her SPAM folder*Argl! Still nothing!But thank you Debra (hehe, loved the owl reference!;o)and Jeannette for your messages! I am now pondering a bit of carpet swimming i.e. throwing myself on the floor screaming *waaaaaaaaaaaaah* and hammering said floor with hands and feet, rolling around optional, it used to work rather magnificently when I was 3! I shall now eagerly resume my wait! Perhaps you could message me on Facebook if you have the time to do so Jeannette although I am a tad embarrassed at having to pull your skirt in such a toddler like fashion since it is a gift you are giving us! My profile piccie is the Marauder’s map at the moment! I will send you a message as I am Sophie De Wonderland on FB! (They have not as yet allowed me to be ‘In’ Wonderland!). Anyway, magic, mischief, mirth and moonbeams to you guys for being so sweet and thanks again!:o)

  • I haven’t heard that one yet, Sue!! How cool!
    Which workshop is that? I’ll keep an eye out for it!!

  • >