What Everyone Overlooks from My Best Manifestations

Maybe you’ve heard some of my favorite personal manifesting stories …

Like the time I scripted my foster dog’s perfect home in two days (after three months of begging God to please-let-someone-take-this-freakin-dog).

And then the time I journaled my way into a big sale within hours of writing about it as if it were a done deal. (After being told I was on the verge of being fired for non-performance.)

Stories like that have inspired some fellow creators to start their own scripting practice or to begin their own pray rain journal.

And sometimes they get great results! Sometimes they don’t.

Here’s why, and how you can improve your own manifesting results as well …

First of all, it isn’t just the scripting or the journaling.

That’s a key component, no doubt. A big part of getting aligned. But the success didn’t end or even start there.

The reason my experiences were so immediate and dramatic is because of two other factors that a lot of manifestors don’t notice:

First, contrast.

I was in a very dark place on both of those occasions. With the foster dog, I’d just had my very first mini-nervous breakdown. And with the sale at work, I’d just come out of a meeting where they basically said I was out of a job within two weeks if I didn’t turn my numbers around.

Why is that part so important?

Contrast is a huge setup for success, when you know how to give yourself the gift of relief.

The two analogies I use to explain the power of contrast are how when you’re in a dark room with the door closed, just cracking that door a little bit lets in enough light to make a big difference. When the door’s already halfway open, opening it another crack doesn’t feel much different. But when you’re in the dark (I mean the dark-dark), that crack of light is a game-changer!

The other analogy is like pulling back on the rubber band: if you don’t pull back very far, it doesn’t fly very far. But when you pull it back as far as it’ll go without breaking, that thing could travel the football field when you release that tension!

And tension was definitely part of my experience in both those situations!

Contrast. It fuels dramatic change.

If you don’t have a lot of contrast flowing in your own situation – congratulations! We don’t have to suffer in order to win big.
But if you are miserable, put it to work for you!

Second, vibrational relief.

Call it inspired action. Call it doing what feels good. However you describe it, doing what feels better is an essential part of letting in what you’ve ordered up from Universe.

I didn’t just script about the foster dog adoption and then keep slogging away at the same old actions to make it happen …

I went to bed. Because I had given up on trying to make life work!

I didn’t journal about the miraculous sale and then get back on the phone to make the same old cold calls that hadn’t been working for four months …

I went goofing off on a long lunch (because that’s the answer I got when I asked what sounded good next). On my way back was when my prospective client found me in the elevator.

The point being I became a cooperative component, as Abe would say, by tending to my vibe. That just means following inner guidance about what feels best next.

Or as Bashar would say, “following your highest excitement.”

So for me, it wasn’t just journaling one page or scripting one session.

It was also being willing to follow the inner nudge about next steps. The nudge that doesn’t usually agree with what your gremlins (aka inner critic) thinks you should be doing.

Unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings. Letting go of struggle is a key part to successful manifestations!

While I don’t recommend anyone experience high stress in order to have a better manifestation, I certainly suggest you combine your manifesting process (whether that’s visualizing or acting as if or journaling or scripting or whatever) with some element of relief. Aka feeling better. Aka taking inspired action. Aka releasing resistance.

It just may be the missing ingredient to your next magical success.

PS – you can hear this in my words on the latest podcast episode.

  • August 14, 2016
  • This is so powerful.
    What I’ve just realized about my own boyfriend situation is how miserable I was. THAT is the contrast I needed to break away and start visualizing a new boyfriend.
    When I was with my old boyfriend, he was more loving than anyone has been in the recent past — but it still wasn’t enough for me. Still, I accepted the “less than” because I wasn’t ready to admit that this wasn’t really what I wanted.
    Now that I’ve admitted how great the contrast IS, I fill that need and longing with great Prayrain journaling and imagining how fantastic my new man is.
    And anytime I am tempted to call up my old boyfriend, I think to myself “Henrietta! How can you cheat on this wonderful new boyfriend?”
    Then I giggle.

  • Remika says:

    I love this! Exactly what I needed to read; I’ve been trying to manifest a new job/career but have been worrying about which direction to take, what to do, how, etc. aka listening to my inner gremlins. Lately I’ve been guided to go and ‘play’; I think I know exactly why I’m getting that guidance.
    I’ve been getting in the way of what I desire to manifest by simply focusing on relief one minute, worry the next. I’m totally going to try your method! Here’s to a new career! 😀

  • Vanesseva says:

    I was having one of the most stressful days today and had come to the reality that I needed to let go of struggling…start going gently downstream…and then your post arrives…absolutely my validation. Thank you Jeanette.

  • Karen Kelly says:

    Riding the wave; just riding the wave and enjoying the ride. Adopting the “oh well” mantra.

  • Kathryn says:

    Beautiful article, Jeannette! Highlighting elements that do make a big difference. Empowering and inspiring! Glad to have you in my life!

  • I totally agree, the question is, in the moment of truth (sort of speak), how do you manage to start listening to that quiet voice of inner guidance, when the critic is shouting in your ear.

  • kelli cooper says:

    Hey Jeannette
    I loved this post because you really clarified what led to the outcomes–the shifting of energies that resulted once you did these exercises, the realizations you made about how you may have been out of alignment with these more desired outcomes and acting in ways that honored your higher vibration.
    We tend to make manifesting a very action-oriented thing and we can get hyper-focused on the tools, techniques and what not. Of course they are an important part of this work as they facilitate conscious engagement with our energy, but in and of themselves they have no power. I think this is one of the biggest contributors to our ‘struggles’ as deliberate creators.

  • Ooh, this helps me see some things in new, helpful ways. I love the suggestion to “follow my inner guidance about what feels best next. My inner guidance is pretty well honed, and leads me QUITE well! Seems wise to use it to find my way “back” into the light.
    I also love the phrase, follow my highest excitement. They both feel like tangible and fun signposts to use.

  • Khali32 says:

    I’ve been pondering a lot about scripting and journaling the last two days, so this article was right on point (shocker, right? lol). Vibrational relief is my missing component these days…Thanks for confirming what’s been going on with me. Great article, as always! 🙂

  • Serena says:

    I think that was just what I needed to read, tonight. Thank you 🙂

  • Michael says:

    This is so great! Thanks. I’ve come a long way since we initially worked together a long time ago, but still find my manifesting sorta….unpredictable…at times. Did your $1000 in 10 days exercise, and while I’m pretty unattached to the actual outcome, I feel like I still might be missing some manifesting ingredients…or at least some high-octaine fuel…at times. 🙂

  • Just like that other recent success you had…you asked for GVU OutSourcerers help…and then got out of your own (vibrational) way. Not sure exactly what you did, but it wasn’t complaining, worrying, or anguishing over the topic.
    Then, TA DA!
    Seems *magical* to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, or learned to pay attention, to their vibe.
    Many blessings,

    • Jeannette says:

      Exactly! Doing a manifesting “process” and then continuing to flow anxiety or struggle is not the best way to let in the magic.
      Sometimes takes a couple tries to get the hang of that. 🙂

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