Making Peace with the Unthinkable

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You know how what we resist persists?

And you know how action can’t override a dominant vibration?

Basic stuff for conscious creators. We all know this.

And yet, there I was apparently intending to avoid any more loss in my near future by inviting a puppy into my world. (“Forget these seniors who are dropping like flies – it’s time for a puppy!”)

Here’s what happened when I realized my resistance to losing another dog might very well be costing me my newest one …


  • August 17, 2018
  • Nancy Smith says:

    I am not new to LOA, however I have been struggling with a lot of old, i guess unresolved thoughts full of regret and shame. I do keep coming back to center…however its uncomfortable and i want to stay in alignment more. So, I had a great cry this morning…and listened so some Abraham videos. I realized that a few years ago, i wanted to start swimming, buy never had had formal swim instructions. So….i joined a gym with a pool all my supplies (swim suit, locker, tote)….and went to the pool and asked for help…and eventually learned how to swim I am not the strongest or best swimmer…but I SWIM….and enjoy it. So, i will do the same with this LOA info….until i digest and incorporate it into my being. Thank you Jeanette and GVU

    • Jeannette says:

      Nancy, I’m smiling from ear to ear at the thought of you swimming in the pool! And I can also attest to the powerful relief a good cry can offer. 🙂

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