Pitfalls of Plan B?

drooling-dog.jpg“What I really want,” one reader wrote, “is to give up my day job and devote time to my art.”

She went on to say, “but in the meantime I’m starting work as an independent rep (for a multilevel marketing company) to get a new source of income going.”

The plan was that she would eventually have enough money flowing in from her MLM efforts that she would no longer need to worry about money and then have all the time she wanted to create her art.

Her question was whether she was slowing up her art success by pursuing MLM business.

The “need to worry about money” statement was a tipoff that all was not quite well with her money vibe, but that’s not what she asked about.  She wanted to know whether having (and actively working) a Plan B was an obstacle to getting what she really wanted.

Have you ever wondered the same thing?

Like when you’re ordering up Mr. Right and Mr. Mostly Right shows up instead?  Or like when you want to lose weight effortlessly, but your trainer drives you to exhaustion three nights a week?  Or when you ask Universe for a financial windfall, but you keep an iron tight grip on finances in the meantime?

This reader certainly isn’t the first person to wonder whether she’s sending Universe conflicting messages by wanting one thing yet pursuing another more “reasonable” or “realistic” option.

I asked her to consider how having Plan B felt, since what might feel like a safety net to one person could feel like a death trap to another.  It’s a very individual response, and there isn’t any right or wrong about how we get to where we truly want.

But today I heard a different response from Abraham.  (No, I have not joined the ranks of those “channeling” Abe!  I was listening to the February San Fran workshop.)

A woman sitting in the hot seat at a recent workshop asked if there was anything wrong with pursuing Plan B when you really really wanted something else.  Abe said something like there wasn’t anything wrong with having Plan B, and that doing so just assures Plan B will manifest.

Ouch!  That’s not what we wanted!

Abe explained the reason we create Plan Bs is because we don’t really believe we can have Plan A.  Since our beliefs dictate what manifests, having a Plan B is a sign that what you truly want is out of your current reach.  (Because you don’t really believe it’s possible.)

Nothing wrong with it, but a good thing to know, huh?

Which, when you consider this, brings to mind the courage required to live life without a backup plan.

I have to admit, I’m not sure I’d be writing today as the Good Vibe Coach if I wasn’t allowed to tell myself that if all else failed I’d just find another job.  My coach encouraged that thought, because it helped me remember that everything would be okay, one way or another.

(However, I didn’t actually work the plan, I just held it in the back of mind.)

This is an intricate topic, so I’m offering it up here for our entertainment.  What do YOU think?

Have Plan Bs served you well or brought you to compromise and settling for less than what you want?   And who has a great story to tell about living life with no safety net?  I’d love to hear where you’re at with this subject!


Okay, I just got back from a dinner break, where Russ had cooked himself up a three quarter pound cut of grass fed beef (veggies and rice for me).  He rarely eats meat (at home), so all canine eyes were locked on him.  This was the first time I’d convinced Russ to buy meat from the health food store (said it was the most expensive he’d ever cooked), but was impressed with the difference.  His appreciation of the meal was not lost on the dogs, who had pools of drool collecting underneath our chairs.

I sympathetically tossed each of the dogs a baby carrot.  Sadie and Koda gobbled theirs up gratefully, but Joe spit his out into the pool of drool on the floor.

Joe wasn’t settling for carrots.

That’s rare for him to pass up on ANY treat, veggie or not.  I can’t say it’s ever happened before.

I laughed and pointed it out to Russ, telling him Joe was obviously holding out for the good stuff.

Hearing that, Russ cut a big bite of steak and tossed it Joe’s way.  (It’s moments like those Joe lives for!)

So here’s Sadie and Koda getting NO meat because they ate their carrots, while Joe who refused to settle for the veggies got exactly what he wanted.

The example wasn’t lost on me.  I told Russ how I’d invited you into conversation about whether it serves us to settle for less than what we really want, and pointed out what had unfolded underneath our dinner chairs.  He promptly cut a couple more bites of meat and shared them all around.  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!  We all get what we want!

  • June 15, 2008
  • Jessica Earl says:

    Oh wow! I was going to share a similar “plan B” getting me to plan A story. I wrote and wrote this long story explaining it all in detail (that’s the best part, don’t you agree??) and then when I came back to post it, too much time had passed and I couldn’t find this original post… and somehow I happened on it again, only to read the Hannah’s post that wasn’t here last time I read it. Okay… so the quick version.
    I had a terrible vibe trying to find a wedding dress. Time was pinching my feel good by making me nervous I’d have to walk down the isle in my birthday suit! Needless to say after a long day with my gram and mom… I was dead tired and sick of this whole process… in what is supposed to be a joyful experience. I fell asleep that night getting really clear on what I wanted.
    -I wanted it to fall into my lap. I wanted helpful associates who were available if I wanted them, but not otherwise bugging me… so I wanted a peaceful time. I wanted the EXPERIENCE of finding a dress that took my breath away when I put it on. I wanted to look attractive even though I weigh more than I desire at this time. I wanted to just FEEL great in “the” dress and wanted to FEEL great finding it. I wanted it to be affordable… I LOVE the feeling of a bargain!
    So next day, I’m headed back to my home state, a long 5 hour drive ahead of me, I didn’t want to do anymore shopping. Mom suggested just a store or two before I head out. Okay… of course I want more time with mom and gram. So, the experience is exactly as I ordered up, the only problem is that I end up getting this dress that is a “plan B”. I liked it. It wasn’t awful, and would “suffice” but I kind of felt like an old lady in it. We bought it anyhow… at the time it felt better than I describe it now, but there was that little nagging feeling that I wanted “the” dress, but didn’t know what it was.
    So we went to eat. I found a release. I was SO relieved to have “something”. It opened me up to ALLOW my plan A… which DID fall into my lap after lunch. We went to another store to find my daughter’s dress… and naturally I found MY perfect manifested dress… oh wait. I just would LOVE to share every detail of how the dress was the wrong size and I almost didn’t try it on, but at the last minute did, and it fit perfectly even though the tag said “too big”… even though it was the only one there. Even though the clasp was broken…
    AND you wouldn’t believe the price!! It was already 50 percent off and then my mom managed to get another 15 percent off that for a total of $76. And to think we were contemplating the $450 dress the day before. Good lord!
    Point is, that Plan B can be a doorway to ALLOWING, as long as plan b doesn’t bring your vibe down by bringing disappointment.
    Like, Wow! I have my backup plan, so now I feel secure and I can get on with living what I REALLY want and deserve!!
    Woohoo!! Love the energy around here. I’m going to stay in touch more often!
    Namaste, Jess

  • Wow – how cool to think of Plan B actually supporting – creating a foundation for – Plan A. Nice “coming together” you described in these stories, Hannah.
    Hmm. That’s another good reason not to beat ourselves up for Plan B pursuits, huh? They could very well be instrumental in leading us to our Plan A success.
    Great stories, Hannah! Thanks for sharing them here!!

  • hannah says:

    This topic is so timely and pertinent to me…it’s something I think about a lot, actually, as I am not living my “plan A” yet, more like a “plan C” and sometimes get confused about which direction to go (Plan A (Plan A-1, Plan A-2…), Plan B…) and how. So I appreciate your insights here. Just after reading this article I came across another one that was really relevant.
    Here in Spain, one of the major newspapers, La Vanguardia, always has an interview on its back page. This is the best part of the paper (to me), by far, and makes it my favorite paper to read! The section is called “La Contra” and it highlights a different, interesting character every day. Just one page, with good questions and quotes from some fascinating person (recently I have read about an African desert nomad studying engineering in France, a pan-sexual gender studies specialist, one of the Spanish survivors of the Andes crash inspiring the movie “Alive”, and many many more).
    These articles always start out with a short bio. The one I’m referring to started out like this:
    “Gianrico Carofilio. I’m 46 years old, was born in Bari, Italy, and live between Rome and Bari. I’m a judge and have put many mafiosos in jail. I write crime novels and am an anti-mafia expert and advisor to the Italian Parliament. I’m married with 2 children (17 and 13). I’m a progressive”
    In the interview we learn that although Gianrico has been successful at being a judge and at weakening the mafia in Italy, what he always really, REALLY wanted to do was be a writer. When he is asked why he decided to become a judge and fight mafia crime he says:
    “My career as a judge is what happened in my life while I wouldn’t dare to do what I really wanted to do: write. Since childhood I have wanted to be a writer…but the fear!”
    (JOURNALIST: “Fear of what?”)
    “The fear of doing what you really want to do. I have been fearful…”
    (JOURNALIST: “You put your life in danger every day fighting mafia and you call yourself FEARFUL?”)
    Interesting point, wouldn’t you say? Sometimes we are MORE afraid of what we want than what is warranted. We even do other things which to others seem harder or riskier just to avoid the fear of doing what we want…a matter of perspective!
    He then goes on to say:
    “As a child I always said to myself: When I grow up, I’ll be a writer. And at 41 years of age I wrote my first book, 5 years ago. I suppose that I’ve been “grown up” for 5 years now!”
    The great thing about this story is that when he finally DID decide to follow his plan A and write, he used his experience of Plan B for inspiration. This man writes crime novels about a judge who chases and solves mafia crimes…so in a way his Plan B TURNED INTO part of his Plan A. That is what I loved about it.
    There was another nice anecdote in the article. It turns out that one of the young mafiosos that he put in jail found out that he was a writer, so he wrote to him and requested one of his books. So he sent the young man all of his books. “He wrote me back to tell me how much he loved my books and now he has been inspired to start studying”.
    After reading this article, somebody else came to mind. We all know Woody Allen as the famous film writer and director. But I also have read that his true passion was music and playing the clarinet. With the fame and fortune that his filmmaking has brought him, he now has the opportunity to travel the world with his jazz band playing the clarinet. Another example of Plan A and Plan B dovetailing. I personally find a lot of inspiration in stories like these.
    Love, Hannah

  • Yes, Anna, your words are making me think how my Plan B is often about my gremlins. lol
    Thanks for posting your perspective!
    And Michael, it’s a treat to see the new awarenesses you reach. I know that’s easier said than done.
    I appreciate your sharing your journey with us, as we learn from and are inspired by it as well.
    Much love!

  • Michael says:

    Wow Paul…I want to thank you for YOUR post, because it completely opened my eyes to what I’ve been doing as well. I’m not sure where the gap in my belief in Plan A (being a wealthy musician/composer) occurs, but I can really visualize it on one hand, and then completely, subtly nullify it with all these ‘job applications’ on the other.
    Thanks for posting that, it really clarified some things in my own life.

  • Anna says:

    Plan B? Not an option.
    If a times comes when I must activate a second choice, I’ll think about it. In the meantime, it simply isn’t an option, so why bother telling the Universe you’re unsure of Plan A by spending energy on Plan B?
    Counterproductive. Unless you NEED to have a Plan B in order to be more confident, comfortable and able to live Plan A.
    I don’t.
    In my experience, Plan B’s are more about somebody else than they are about me, hence they tend to be little more than *someone else’s* Plan A *for* me. Which, again, just feels counterproductive.
    Plan B safety nets only suck me in. Miserably.

  • Yeah, Paul, I was thinking about how my original Plan A was “best shape ever” but in the back of my mind I pinned that to a flexible back, lots of energy and being a sexy size 6.
    As I’m diving into that energy, I’m finding that what I’m really after is more like feeling good about my body, being able to appreciate it fully. And that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with what it looks or feels like. Technically.
    So my real target is a refinement from what I said I originally wanted, and that could look like a Plan B morphing out of Plan A.
    But the language around it isn’t what matters – what’s in play is a new awareness and realization of true desire.
    I think. Still working my way through this. lol

  • Paul. says:

    Thanks for your suggestion, Jeannette. I’ve been doing a version of that and it’s worked wonders keeping my vibe up, especially among all “times-are-tough” people on the street. (And I sure don’t want that icky vibe–and all it creates!)
    Plan B’s as outcroppings of Plan A’s, huh? I’ll have to wrap my mind around that a bit. Is that like Crys’ trying-on analogy (with a little bit of “I like this but would like a lot more of that thown in, please” added in)? Time to put the Thinking Cap on….
    2 points I forgot to include in my initial post:
    –I wanted to congratulate you, Jeannette, on asking your email-er how the Plan B felt; what a great example of Allowing and of (Master) Coaching.
    –Thank you also for the link to Michael’s music. Great stuff, Michael; your music really brightened my day.

  • Well there’s another beautiful perspective of Plan Bs, Energy Coach! Thanks for offering that one here … I like it!
    And I know from personal experience it IS easy to get tightly wrapped up in plan A.
    Wise words – thanks for sharing them!

  • Perhaps when we wrap our identity so tightly around the success of plan A, we constrict and lose our “feel good.”
    In that sense, maybe plan B is a way to open up and get the energy flowing so that plan A can arrive:)

  • Ha ha – Paul! I didn’t see it that way – but you’re absolutely right. Hats off to Sadie and Koda. They got ALL the goods. lol
    I would imagine, too, that there is some feel good available in seeing so many things you could do. “Sure, I could do that. I could do that. I could do that, too.” Like, opportunities are everywhere for you to do your thing.
    And when you run across one that lights you up, you’ll know that’s your gig. Not because you could do it, but because you want to.
    Also, I suspect sometimes our Plan Bs are outcroppings from Plan As where we weren’t thinking big enough or weren’t on target with true desires. I just throw that in there so plan bs aren’t feeling so disparaged by my choice of topic. lol
    Thanks for posting, Paul!

  • Paul says:

    I so needed this post and I didn’t even know it!
    After reading it, I realized that I’ve been Plan B-ing my job search. You know: “well it’s not what I want but I can do that job; let’s apply.” I think it’s because my previous gig (my business) was my Plan A and now everything else is kind of a Plan B. Uh-oh, now what do I do? So I’ve been taking all these “I-could-do-that” jobs as suggestions from the Universe. Hmmm, I don’t know where this falls on the spectrum you outlined above, Peregrine John, but I thought (honestly and truly) that I was being guided by my “feel-good.” I guess I’ve got some thinking-/feeling-time in store for me.
    Great quote from Abraham, Jeannette! There’s a lot of truth in there for me; makes a whole lotta sense.
    Oh, and my hat is off to Sadie and Koda, who must be masters of Abraham’s philosophy: All 3 pups positively expected a treat but Sadie and Koda gratefully enjoyed the yummy carrot treats that came their way. You gotta know that vibe felt so good because they got to enjoy their carrots AND a generous treat of steak each. Gotta love that!

  • Ha Jennifer – I guess you’re right – he DOES get credit for that, huh? Too funny!

    Russ will enjoy knowing he has some support out there. He thinks he takes it in the shorts many times when I write about him (which I wouldn’t argue with), so knowing someone’s seeing something positive of him makes it much easier to be the girlfriend of one who blogs about her personal life so much.

    Thanks, Jennifer!! lol

  • Jennifer says:

    Just writing to say – Russ is a great guy! That’s some expensive meat to be sharing with the pooches! Hats off to him!

  • Yes, indeed, Amy! Your vibrational progress is obvious … how cool that you can see it and acknowledge it, too!

    You know what THAT orders up, right?! ha ha!

  • Michael says:

    hahaha…well, the weight comes and goes (I think that pic was from a festival show in Sept. 2007).
    I’m sure you’ve heard the Abe quote: ‘Nothing is more important than that you feel good.’ Interestingly, when I relax on the ‘work hard to find work to make money’…almost always something unexpected and great comes my way.

  • Amy says:

    Also, to comment on your Plan B being a reflection of a lack of belief in Plan A. I can see clearly how my Plan B was just that, a reflection of my inner belief that with hard work and sacrifice anything is possible. Occasionally, I have to remind myself not to indulge in the long-suffering explanation about this long-hours, long-weeks, self-sacrificing speech that is so tempting because it brings out a predictable admiration response from others that would feel so good in the moment! I guess this is the next deeper level belief that I am somehow not worthy of things coming to me easily…
    Anyway, I know that for me, taking Plan B last Fall was the path of least resistance. It felt good, I felt relief when that job came through for me, and I really like following that kind of thing. I am very excited that I will most likely get to make the choice this Fall from a far different platform… I’m grateful for having a choice, and for the growth that I’ve had and will have had when that time comes.

  • Amy, I love how easy you are with yourself for trusting that you’ll know whether picking up the driving route in August serves you or not. It feels REALLy allowing to me, the approach you’re taking here!

    I like the Abe tip you shared, too. What a relieving thought THAT is, huh? That BOTH case scenarios work out perfectly?!

    And kudos to you, Amy, for preparing by prepaving regarding solo reliance on business income for ten weeks. You’re a pro at this!!

    Thanks for being here and sharing your wisdom and experiences with us!

  • Amy says:

    Extraordinary timing for me, too! I have been working 6-day weeks since last September while growing a new business. Plan A: open and operate new dog grooming business in a store-front Plan B: drive a school bus for guaranteed income while growing the business. My compromise was long hours, long work-weeks, juggling child-care, risky scheduling around the bus driving, etc.
    That bus driving job appeared in such a way that it felt like an answer to a prayer and felt like further confirmation that this business really could work! A small part of me did cling to the “realistic” concern of a steady paycheck, though, and that was not lost on me.
    My last day driving the bus is tomorrow. I have 10 weeks not driving to see how it feels to go cold turkey living off what the business earns. I have “prepared” my self vibrationally by not allowing myself to worry, and by treasuring each financially rewarding moment I get in my day to day business dealings. Each deposit to the bank, each time I pay my bills on time, each time I can buy myself something that last year I wouldn’t have been able to.
    I may be offered another bus route in August… I may take it, I may not. In many ways it was wonderful to have that job, some ways not so much. I am just pointed downstream, and I’ll see where I am at that time. I am grateful to have this 10 week stretch to… well, I guess I’ll see.
    I am reminded of something Abraham says about making a decision. Instead of weighing the pros and cons, imagine yourself taking both options that you are trying to decide between and imagine them both working out perfectly for you. Eventually one (or maybe something better) will show itself undeniably to you and it will be very easy to know what to do. That’s what I’ve been doing regarding this topic. I have a win-win scenario going on in my mind. It’s so cool.
    I love this stuff. Hope I expressed myself clearly and was able to explain Abe’s point the way they meant it.
    Thanks for the blog entry Jeannette. I loved it, as always!

  • John, I’m still mulling over your thought-provoking post.
    The end biblical quote reminded me of something one of my forum participants recently shared. It’s an Abe quote:
    “There is nothing that you can do that is worse for yourself, than to do something that you believe is inappropriate. And so, get clear and happy about whichever choice you make. Because it is your contradiction that causes the majority of the contradiction in vibration.”
    I’ll be coming back to your post after I’ve digested it more …

  • Peregrine John says:

    It all plays into the things I read recently (danged if I can remember what just now, but they were linked from posts here and the main site) about being happy where you are and letting go of a need for some elusive and possibly self-destructive dream. Contradictory to the current discussion? Maybe. But between Michael’s observations and Jeannette’s clarifications, it begins to make sense to me.
    This may or may not make sense – I’m still working it out in my own mind. It looks like my long-held notion, that what you do is less important than why you’re doing it, is true in more than just the theological way I originally conceived it. Is a change in course a preparation for something, or an avoidance of it? You could do exactly the same thing for a different reason and end up with very different results. Is starting small a way to build up belief, or a cop-out so that you don’t have to ever bother finding out? They look the same; they have opposite outcomes. Does jumping to The Good Bit show understanding that dreams can become reality, or is it a short-sighted way to thwart oneself and justify not really making it happen?
    It seems like it depends on the motivation, the vibration that calls for the action. And what about the feeling good part? Pretty telling, I’d say, when it comes to examining why one is actually doing something. Doing even the right thing for the wrong reason skews things badly, and if its rightness isn’t totally clear (like whether to go at something directly or not), doing the one that feels wrong is therefore, by definition, wrong. (Speaking of theology, the curious might be interested to know that that last sentence is entirely biblical.)
    That’s how it looks to me, at this point. Feel free to correct my course as I meander through this knotty subject.
    (Great picture on myspace, by the way. Michael, dude: you been losing weight?)

  • Michael says:

    Once again, a totally timely article for me. I was JUST thinking this yesterday. Yeah, it’s fun to build these webpages that bring in a bit of cash…but what if I didn’t ‘need’ the cash. What would I be doing then? My dream job(s) quickly jumped into play and I realized my ‘temporary plan’ for building webpages and logos was coming out of non-belief in my dream gigs, rather than a stepping stone to my dream gigs. Big difference for me, actually.
    Having the job right now be part of the overall plan rather than a fallback position really was an adjustment.

  • We’ll thank John for that unfolding distinction, and I’m glad you found an opportunity for minor vibe-adjusting, Michael.
    I know graphics and logos isn’t your dream work, but those of you who’ve received my free eBook (unadvertised bonus for Pray Rain Journal purchasers) are enjoying your graphic talents, my friend.
    Having said that, let’s all have a … what’s the audio equivalent of “look see”? … “listen hear”? ha at Michael’s TRUE love:
    It’s a gorgeous original – one of many more to come, I know.

  • Good point, John. Perhaps we’re splitting hairs.
    All I could add is that she’s our artist. All of us benefit when she does her thing – the same way the whole world benefits when WE do OUR thing.
    Like when the guys at the bird food store tell me what my goldfinches really want; and the professional landscaper trims these trees to support their growth; and we’re entertained by a clever show written/performed/produced by brilliant talent.
    We’re definitely in this together.
    I guess what I’d say is that it serves us to stretch our beliefs about what we think is possible, while still feeling out the “feel good” space, whatever that is for each of us.

  • Peregrine John says:

    I dunno. Sounds like your up and coming artist was taking the job as the first part of plan A.

  • Glad you’re enjoying Abraham, Crys. And it gives me the biggest smile to read about your trying men on like sweaters – hee hee – looking for the perfect fit and not filling your closet with less than ideal clothes.
    Nice commitment!
    I went through a similar process in house hunting. It was Russ’ idea to move in together, so I didn’t have a lot of specific thoughts about what a new house should be.
    But as we looked online and drove through neighborhoods and walked through homes I gathered TONS of info about what I DID want. The shopping process offered the inspiration for new desires.
    Like, I didn’t know until I walked through a home with three levels that I wanted a wide staircase leading to upstairs. I didn’t know until I drove through neighborhoods with no landscaping that I wanted a tree-lined street already in place.
    To practice that on the “love front” sounds like a lot of fun! Here’s to you for having the patience for Mr. Right. 🙂
    Thanks for posting here, Crys … it’s always a pleasure hearing from you!

  • Steve, I got goose bumps reading your first paragraph!! Living that moment a hundred times before and being inspired to a “WOW” as it happened – one of my favorite moments to hear about! That is delicious!
    As I read further I was wondering whether you would make it through the checkout stand with the “compromise” tile. I guess Universe had to lure you to the discount Travertine somehow! lol
    What a great story!!
    As I responded to Judi, I think houses are fun practice grounds for this deliberate creation stuff. In fact, on the Abe track it was a woman who was struggling with house decisions who was inspired to ask the “Plan B” question.
    Anyway, Steve, I like how you’ve leveraged Plans to work really well for you. The thought of considering the Plan as “flexible” seems very empowering to me.
    Thanks for sharing your story and your perspective with us!

  • Oooh, you guys are GOOD!! What fun posts to wake up to this morning!
    Judi, I totally agree – for most of us, money is a more challenging subject to practice not settling than any other. Well, now that I say that – I think love could be right up there, too.
    But houses are so much fun to practice on! I love that you decided not to settle, and you interpreted this almost perfect house as evidence that you’ve been heard and your “perfect fit” (as Leslie would say) is on its way.
    There is no doubt in my mind that your newly strengthened commitment to Plan A will deliver you not only what you want – but that and more!
    Thanks for being the first to pitch in and get the conversation going, Judi. As usual, big hugs to Marvin for me, please!

  • Crys says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I always love reading your blogs, I’m reminded to ask myself some important questions rather than coast.
    I don’t always answer them myself, but the answer usually shows up.
    I do have a list describing my Mr Right. I think the universe brings me “candidates” so that I can refine my search. If he hangs out for very long, I can practice interacting with him as well and see how it goes.
    Like trying on sweaters to find the best fit.
    I will tell you that I KNOW the universe is listening.
    The last man I met could be a winner, except that I’m holding out for the right one. I won’t settle.
    So I’m not disappointed when I havne’t met him yet, I’m encouraged that I get closer all the time and I’m getting all this opportunity from the universe to get it right.
    Abraham says, you won’t know what you do want unless you know what you don’t want.
    Yeah . . .you got me started on Abraham too.
    Can’t get enought of them.

  • Crys (from prior post) says:

    (This is Jeannette – I gave the wrong info in today’s ezine about where to find Crys’ fabulous comment, so I’ve copied it from “Don’t Know What To Do” so folks can find it. Thanks again, Crys!)

    This just happened to me this weekend.

    I flew into Columbia, SC just for a few hours.

    I met my son to see him off. He is deployed to Iraq.

    I never left the airport except to see him to the curb.

    When we left the gate area the information screen read the my return flight was delayed by an hour. I was thankful for the extra time to spend with my son.

    By the time I started back to the departure gate, I had an hour to spare. As I approached the gate area I noticed there were NO people. A very uneasy feeling, no way I’m the only passenger today. I double checked the screen as I approached. It still read that the flight was delayed by an hour. I could see an airplane out the window heading for the taxi way.

    No gate agent.

    Once that plane was on it’s way someone came in and asked if they could help.
    “Yeah . . . That’s not my plane is it?” Well, yes it was my plane, the last one out for the day. I pointed out the “delayed” message on the screen.
    She very casually said “yeah, I don’t know why that’s there” and walked away. Did she actually have a lolipop in her mouth or was it just my imagination?

    (Apparently updated announcements were made, but I was at the curb with my son and never heard them.)

    So I sat down. Not another soul in sight. Just me.

    I got still and got nothing. I felt very strongly that to act just then would be hasty, besides, I got nothin’

    No credit card for a hotel, not even a toothbrush.

    Nothin’ !!!

    So I sat, and sat, and sat. It was really pretty peaceful.

    I got “all up in the moment”. I checked in with me and found out I was fine for the moment, the next moment came and I was still fine. So far so good.

    That same agent came out a back door about a half an hour later and looked at me with great pity.

    “Where you trying to go?”

    “No place” I said, “this chair is fine”,

    She didn’t understand.

    “No more flights tonight” she said.

    “I know” as I sat calmly.

    She just looked at my like I was crazy, probably because she is used to passengers “acting out” when things fall apart.

    I sat some more, and found the quiet and the stillness and settled into it.

    After only an hour, the remedy presented itself.

    I’m not gonna tell you the rest except to say it was fabulous and I ended up being very happy I missed my flight and realized it was no accident.

    Yup, when in doubt . . . wait it out.


  • Steve says:

    Wow, you’ve got me to thinking… Three years ago when I built my home, I had unwaivering Plan A burned in my mind. I had such a clear vision, that when it came to be, it felt toally like Deja Vu. When I found myself standing in my dining room, a glass of red wine in my hand – a roomful of close friends admiring the views, laughing and smiling – I had “lived” that moment a hundred times before and when it happened, it was like “WOW!”
    That Plan A had a lot of sub-sets, one of which was my desire for Travertine stone floors that reminded me of Mexican vacations. Well, near the end of any large project, budget considerations loom large. That Travertine was just not going to fit, costwise, into my Plan A. I found myself making a Plan B, bringing home an endless procession of budget tile options and plunking them down one at a time – not really liking any of them! I found one that I would “settle for” that fit my budget and went down to Home Depot to place my order. When I got there (ok, you could see this coming), two pallets of Travertine stone were sitting there ON SALE for less than the cost of my “bargain” tile!! Granted, some of the corners on the travertine were chipped – but my tile guy sorted them all out and clipped the corners and inlayed little diamond accents. – allowing him to add his creativity to my Plan A. (he wanted pictures to add to his portfolio, and those little diamond accents fit his desires!)
    My Plan B really just re-enforced how badly I wanted my Plan A! Lesson being: the greater the clarity, the stronger the emotion, the higher liklihood of the Universe delivering. Plan B can be a sharpening and refining of Plan A. I used to say: “I have a Plan, but it’s a flexible Plan”, so let the Plan B’s come and help define what’s really important.

  • Judi says:

    Great post and great topic again Jeannette.
    Recent example of this for me. We have made a list, not a long one, of all the elements that are essential in a new home for us. We went on a house viewing last week and the house had SO much that we had ordered up, but two elements were missing. Not enough space and no private, enclosed garden. We mulled and discussed. Perhaps this Plan B would be better than staying where we are. Perhaps it was so close that it was the best the Universe was going to offer.
    But over the weekend I began to let go of the property and decided, no, we deserve everything we have asked for, and we are powerful enough to create the best. Plan A must stay. I felt that the house we saw was an indication that we are very close, but not quite there yet.
    But when it comes to money, which is such an emotive subject for us all, really, really believing we can create financial independence doing what we love, or just allowing it to happen in response to our good feelings, is a big ask. I agree that having a Plan B does make us feel safer, but is it holding us back and bringing Plan B into manifestation rather than the Plan A we long for? Not sure.
    I really wish I had the faith to believe in my financial Plan A and could let go of the Plan B. My cat Marvin believes, always in Plan A. Just chill, relax, snooze in the sun and then ask confidently for what you want (food usually!) and all will be delivered. Good teaching Marv!
    Looking forward to hearing what the rest of you have to say.

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