10 Things I Learned from Studying Successful Creators
download this episode As a full time manifesting coach for over 13 years and a leader of a robust law[...]
Bad Thought Remedy
download this episode We all experience it at one time or another ... something unwanted gets our attention in a[...]
Following the Highest Joy
download this episode Bashar's instruction to "follow your highest excitement" sometimes is easier to say than to practice. But it[...]
Manifest Your Someday Dream Today
download this episode Do you have a habit of thinking about your big dreams as something that might happen "someday"?[...]
Making Peace with the Unthinkable
download this episode You know how what we resist persists? And you know how action can't override a dominant vibration?[...]
Practice the End First
download this episode When you're trying to decide what to do next, or you find yourself in the routine of[...]
Bless It Real Good
download this episode Could magical change be as simple as focusing your mind in the red hot moment? Turns out[...]
Playing with Thor’s Hammer
download this episode What if you had a tool that gave you the kind of leverage that could move mountains[...]
Right Under Your Nose?
download this episode What if it turned out that your greatest dream come true was already manifested right under your[...]

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