Power of Not Knowing How

Even savvy deliberate creators sometimes fall for the trap of thinking they have to figure it out themselves or make something happen in order to get what they want.
That is NOT where our power lies!  Our job is to focus it into being, and only act from inspiration.

Here’s a story of how I experienced that recently:

Last weekend I visited a part of my state for the first time for a golf tournament. Since golf isn’t my thing (it’s my boyfriend’s gig), I wisely set an intention to have an unusually fabulous time, since it didn’t seem likely under the circumstances. Sharing a 3 bed 2 bathroom condo with 7 men I didn’t know, and dogs left at home …?   Could be interesting.

When it came time for the tournament, I recognized a “feel good” that was more in line with hiking, not so much watching golf.

Although I was in a strange town with no gear, no familiarity with the terrain, no hiking buddies and no car, I announced I was skipping the tournament and going hiking instead. (Following my “feel good!”)

I borrowed a car to look for the perfect trail, which I didn’t find right away. I bought bottled water, but found no sign of a hike or even a decent walking path. This desert town looked like I might have been dreaming to think I would find any such thing!

But I didn’t give up (perseverence). I passed the Visitors Center, and although it’s not my style to ask for help, it seemed like the thing to do. (Inspiration took me out of my comfort zone.)

Turns out I didn’t have to ask for help after all, as the Center had a free brochure on local hikes. I picked one advertising “steep switchbacks” (woo hoo!) and easily found the trailhead to begin a three hour adventure with an open mind (allowing).

And boy, was it an adventure! I’m often moved by nature, but this was amazing! Stunning, awesome, inspiring, humbling, unbelievably beautiful –one of the most unique hikes ever! (Can you feel my Appreciation?!) From the trailhead, it looked like I was climbing directly up a cliff canyon wall – it didn’t even look possible!

As if that weren’t enough, at the top of the wall it opened onto a beautiful green hidden meadow. Right there in the desert!! It was so amazing it literally stopped me in my tracks. I eventually continued through the meadow, where two locals tipped me off to a little known area of unprotected 2,000 year old petroglyphs. Which were also unbelievable. It was like entering a time warp!

I returned (speechless with awe) in time to pick up my guy from the golf course, and pointed out the canyon wall I’d just scaled. He couldn’t believe it; and truth be told, I couldn’t either. In fact, I extended my stay and hiked it again to prove it to myself. It was just as miraculous the second time!

It also turned out my condo-mates were a ton of fun to get to know and even share bathrooms with.

So yeah, “unusually fabulous time” – the Universe delivered!

It was a lesson in not getting wrapped up in how a miracle unfolds. I set an intention, respected my “feel good,” followed intuition, trusted, persevered, did something different, appreciated and allowed a miracle to unfold.

This miracle-making stuff isn’t so tricky after all, when we give up knowing how they happen! How are you harnessing your power of not knowing?

  • April 1, 2007