Behold the Power of the (Jerk) Mantra

the power of the jerk mantra“Oh my word, what a jerk!!”

“I cannot believe what a Jerk he is!”

These are not the sort of thoughts I am proud to have invested in.

And yet, there I was flowing them with full force and emotion for weeks on end. (Toward someone that I love, even!)

It wasn’t until I had thought it for approximately the 820th time (I was going to guess 200, but I think negative thoughts might be like calories – we tend to underestimate just how many there really are) –

– before it dawned on me just how familiar this “what a jerk” thought had become.

I mean, I knew this thought inside and out. (In LOA world, we call that “acclimation.”)

This thought and I had become intimate friends. I had spent much time with it, turning it around this way and that; looking at its jerkiness from every angle, telling everyone who would listen all about it, feeling the emotion of it over and over until it found a permanent place in my frequency field of a heart.

And that’s how I created a near and dear family member to be a jerk.

This was not conscious creation – but that doesn’t make it any less powerful.

I know from all the facebook posts railing against Monsanto, Rush Limbaugh, the computer shooting father, etc. that I am not alone in activating this thought.

Obviously we can do better. We can use our creative power for good.

But if you ever wondered why your “I am healthy, wealthy and happy” type affirmations don’t seem to work as well, consider whether you invested in them as well as I did with my jerk mantra. I was committed, it was frequent, and I was emotional with those thoughts.

Universe can’t ignore that stuff for long. It gets moved to the top of the Big U’s list when it gets that much energy and attention from us.

(I really didn’t mean to work my jerk mantra so well.)

There’s solace for me in two things:

  1. If I helped co-create him as a big jerk, I can co-create him as a compassionate, loving, understanding, open person.
  2. and if I created a fabulous guy as a big jerk, I can work other miracles, too!

Which makes me super excited to choose a new thought to invest in starting today. What will it be?! Β Maybe …

money mantraI am SO rich! Can you believe how rich I am?! I cannot get over how much money keeps rolling in! It is FABULOUS to be having this much fun with money!

or perhaps …

love mantraI cannot believe how much love there is my world. Everywhere I turn, there’s MORE LOVE! It’s amazing how much love is flowing to me and through me – can you believe this?! Β It is so cool to be me! It just gets better and better!

this might be fun, too:

hot guy mantrathere are so many hot guys around here! It’s like they just get sexier and sexier! I can hardly believe my eyes! Who knew there were so many hot guys in this town?! woot!!

How about you?

What thoughts have you been investing in lately? Are you doing it consciously, or just letting like attract like until you manifest something you don’t even want?

My note to self: leave the jerk mantra for others to play with, and engage something much more rewarding.

When we do that, there’s no doubt this spring season is going to rock!

  • March 3, 2012
  • Rob says:

    ‘I cannot believe how much love there is my world.’ . . . how about, ‘I appreciate how much love there is in my world.’

  • Stacey - Soul Intelligence says:

    Nice reminder that the frequency and emotional investment in our adopted mantras are what will manifest– whether those thoughts/mantras are conscious or unconscious.
    Everything starts with awareness. So, if we can just look around at what the Big U is presenting to us, we can tell if our mantras are serving us or not– then course correct.
    Thanks for the post!

  • Thank you, Ashley. πŸ™‚
    PS – I heard something in this Abe clip that sure helped me with the jerk I accidentally manifested:
    They said something like “he’s just trying to close his gap.” That sure helps see everything a lot softer.

  • Ashley says:

    I think one of your stories is “sharing the wealth”. You are doing a great job bringing LOA awareness to people, thus in turn helping people turn their life around. That’s a HUGE, FUN, COOL story. <3

  • You’re not alone, Ozzy, that lots of folks have a major disconnect with deliberate creation on that very point.
    But the ask part of “ask and it is given” really means that whatever we’re vibrating is what we’re “asking” – and that process is not always, in fact often ISN’T, a conscious one.
    Like right now you might be dialed in on frustration, confusion or outrage or something along those lines (I’m totally guessing, obviously I don’t know) … which means that’s what you’ll attract more of. But certainly it wasn’t something you consciously “asked” for, right?
    Deliberate creation invites us to get more aware of what we’re vibrating and learn to shift it so we can purposely become better matches to what we want.
    There’s also something about judging another’s experience that falls short in understanding what someone else is manifesting. A lot of people look at others’ experiences and judge them as good or bad, but the truth is we don’t know what that person was up to. Like even when Jerry Hicks transitioned – some thought that was something “gone wrong” when it may indeed have been very very right. Know what I mean?
    I actually, though, make a point of not trying to convince others that LOA works, so I won’t go on and on about it. But I also didn’t want to ignore your post.
    I’m fairly certain you’ve asked the very question that many who are new to conscious creation wonder about, and for that, I thank you.

  • Ozzy says:

    I have been following LOA for a few years now — trying to understand its power, its use, and how it all works. While there is so much I get from it, I absolutely cannot accept the kinds of scenarios Jackie presented above as LOA. There is no way any human is worthy of being enslaved because her thoughts weren’t positive enough. I find this logic infuriating. If we “ask and it is given,” you’re basically saying this woman asked to be tortured for 17 years. Really? Because she worried about financial security, LOA enslaved her?
    Nobody — good or bad thoughts, LOA follower or not — thinks their way into slavery. Nobody, nobody, nobody “asks for it” in that way. This is where LOA falls apart for me.
    I think it is wonderful to send positive vibes out to the universe and imagine wonderful things for oneself, but to bring LOA into issues of slavery, genocide, war, etc. is utterly ridiculous and cruel.

  • That’s EXACTLY how I like to think of Ashley – “changing my story.”
    In fact, if we think about the people we spend a lot of time with, it’s easy to spot their stories, right?
    I’ve got a friend with the “struggling my way through” story; another with “the world needs me to fix it” story; my dad is rocking the “life is good” story … what would you guys say my story is? Do I have a dominant one that stands out? oh boy – I’m almost a little nervous to hear. lol

  • Ashley says:

    Thanks Jeannette,
    I love how the universe works and brings more good info at the exact time it is needed. I’m making some changes this week (I call it “changing my story”) so your blog post is timely and just reinforces what I’m trying to accomplish.
    Rock on and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Right, Nancy. The trick is to work the affirmations we consciously choose to adopt as well as the ones that might come a little more naturally that we don’t necessarily love. (Like I’m so tired, I’m so busy, … oh I remember another one I mastered inadvertently: “It figures.” That one sucked!)
    PS Nancy – did you see the GVU call we’re doing this Wednesday on more effective affirmations? Would be great if you could make that one!!!

  • You speak to the power of any mantra, Jeannette. Abe says beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. Repeated thoughts become embedded into the cells of our bodies as the thought itself goes into hiding in our subconscious (autopilot) mind.
    Affirmations, indeed. We are always affirming something. Plus, it really does take more effort to shift thoughts that have become part of our body and subconscious. Shifting to better-feeling thoughts is easier if we catch them early on.
    Either way, I agree the good news is that *we can* still shift our thoughts!
    Many blessings,

  • I think I landed on my next mantra, Dana … I’m going to ROCK the “life is good” vibration.
    Here’s to using our superpowers for good, huh? πŸ˜‰

  • Dana Boyle says:

    Guilty myself, and have also turned a really great guy into a jerk with mantras like that.
    You speak truth, woman!

  • This thought and vibration stuff is so fascinating, isn’t it, Jackie?!
    I’ve had some of my own “that’s not what I meant!” moments in my manifesting work, for sure. Like when I used to think, “man, I’m really busy, I could use some slowing down” and my next client session that day would end up missing our session because she got a flat tire on the way home from work.
    But that’s why I think these discussions are so helpful – to guide us in better understanding what we’re flowing and where it’s taking us.
    Thanks for posting, Jackie! πŸ™‚

  • Jackie says:

    I had a thought this morning about how we get what we concentrate on. A fried posted a link to a story on FB about a woman who had been lured to this country with the promise of a job and was then held as a captive slave in a beautiful mansion for years where she worked 17 hours a day taking care of the place and the family who lived there.
    I wondered what thoughts she had been thinking that attracted that scenario. Did she think a lot about how great it would be to live in a big, beautiful house in America? Was she afraid to come here and take the risk of not finding work and not being able to provide basic necessities for herself? That’s what she got in a perverted way.

  • You know, Parul, coach Lisa Hayes pointed out to me that last year I used to have a good handle on the “jerkoff boyfriend” mantra. (Some of you at GVU might remember that!) lol But she helped me find a different, much more enjoyable, version of my beau that left me without a jerk in my life.
    That I (coincidentally? I doubt it) manifested a jerk in this other relationship makes me think of that scene from What the Bleep about how we can get addicted to emotions. And purposely find ways to meet the needs that our receptor cells are calling for.
    I probably ought to look to the source of what having this jerk in my life makes me feel, so I can get very conscious about detoxing from that. hmmm … “righteous” might be the word for it. Food for thought.
    Anyway, just mentioning that in case anyone else finds themselves shifting one relationship only to find another picking up the “jerk” slack.

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    Goose bumps!!!! JUST the experience I’ve been having with my best friend. Of course, it’s me flowing the, “What a jerk!” vibe!!!
    Thank you, Universe for the solution on how to turn it around! And thanks, Jeanette!! πŸ˜€

  • I REALLY appreciate that thought, MissyB. In fact, I’m not that far away from being able to really embrace it. (That jerk is not a four letter word.)
    I can think of it sort like how some people like tapioca, and flan, and other things that I do not prefer – but that doesn’t make those masterpieces wrong. It’s still a masterpiece!
    But if there’s something else I would enjoy more, I can simply turn attention that way without making this way wrong.
    That sure helps take the charge off of it, doesn’t it? Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

  • MissyB says:

    What if jerk wasn’t associated with being bad ? I mean…wicked is the new word for good…and so is sick (still don’t get that one!) Anyway…it is only a word.
    On that note…I’ve got soooo much money in my account its bad !

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