The Practice Isn’t Sexy, But the Results Are

The other day I noticed a little water collecting under a rain gutter where it was dripping from the roof just a little bit.

Just a little puddle, no big deal.

The next day, the puddle was a little bigger. Couldn’t be any cause for concern, because it was just a little drip, right?

But I kept an eye on it anyway.

And pretty soon I was bailing buckets of water out of that growing “puddle.”

Turns out there was another trickle adding to it – not just the one from the roof. But two trickles – seriously, how big could that get?

Well, it wasn’t long before I found out – as my entire basement patio and much of my lawn was covered in four inches of water and threatening to do the same in the house.

My neighbors’ basement filled with 8 inches of water. (It even came through their windows!)

I learned not to underestimate those little trickles.

In fact, in my former life as a retirement plan administrator, I used to tell employees that even though saving $25 a paycheck might not seem like much, that stuff adds up.

Not at first.

At first it looks puny. Ridiculous. Like why are you even wasting your time with this?

It’ll never amount to anything.

The account statements are almost too discouraging to open.

For a while.

But then, over time, it does add up. To the sorts of numbers that’ll make you raise your eyebrows in even a year.

And in five years you’re gonna be really proud of yourself for making that little puny decision.

In ten years, you’re going to figure out how to make that marriage work because you don’t want to split this financial fortune that’s accumulated!

Okay, it’s the same with your alignment practice.

At least, it is with mine.

And other fellow creators who are willing to engage the work.

At first, it doesn’t seem like it could change much. You might wonder why you’re bothering.

But over time you’ll start to see the results adding up. Until pretty soon, you’re looking at a veritable windfall.

At Good Vibe University we’re doing this for money in particular. All year long.

It’s called The Money Aligner and every month we get a new practice to play with. It’s just a little practice. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Nothing sexy.

It’s so boring that it’s easy to overlook.

In fact, we’ve already seen a handuful of people come and go because it wasn’t exciting or revolutionary enough.

They need something big. They need it now. They want to really go for it.

They want the secret that’s going to make the big difference.

Not just one little thing every day.

What difference can that make?

Well, for me … in just six weeks of practice, I already had my highest income month ever (January), and February is four times the normal numbers – even though we’re only halfway through the month.

You know what we’re doing there?

We’re visualizing. We’re appreciating. That’s it. Just once a day. Something to signal Universe for “Money over HERE.”

That’s all.

It’s not a sexy practice.

But the results are.

At least, the results are sexy when you’re boring enough and committed enough to do the work to change your money signal.

That stuff doesn’t (usually) happen overnight.

It’s a day-in day-out retraining of your vibration. Off of lack, off of difficult, off of frustrating, and onto plenty, fun, and easy.

Or whatever you prefer your money to be.

What are you practicing?

Please don’t let the little drips fool you about what a powerful accumulation they can make in your life.

Says the girl with dry carpets and a quickly growing fortune.

I’ll save sexy for the bedroom.

The way to manifesting success is through steady, boring, consistent, small, effort.

You’re always welcome to join us if you’d like company in a revolutionarily boring alignment practice. 🙂

For those who’d prefer to hear this message than read it, here’s the podcast episode.

  • February 16, 2017
  • Ami says:

    This was a great podcast,! It is so important to be reminded to keep us on our toes! Thank you!!
    I find it’s really helpful to be consistent about what my practices I do , daily. I can see it really builds up momentum, as you keep it up..just like our 401Ks! Then it starts to just snowball! And its easy to keep up one’s vibe as time goes by!! My whole attitude about life has lifted, quite noticably those first few months last spring..and it is still with me! . Lovin’ Life
    On easy street!! Thanks bunches!

  • Sandra says:

    It’s like the Aesop fable, Tortoise and the Hare. Slow and steady wins the race! Plus, I love the thank-you letter to money idea that Alexandria mentioned above. I decided to go further and make mine a love letter (yup, in my world it’s okay to L-O-V-E money)! 🙂💜

  • Teri says:

    I love this Jeannette…and for me it’s not boring at all. I saved a check for $25,000 that arrived in the mail from a bank who wanted to loan my business money. In my mind someone sent me $25,000. And when I look at that check I get a little thrill…that’s not a boring moment…xx

  • Alexandria says:

    I love this money course! I am blessing/thanking money daily, and not just mine! The money that enables others to take my courses also gets thanked. And even if it’s not coming to me, I’m grateful for the money that’s allowing loved ones to take holidays. I’m thanking money in my daily gratitude lists. And, following a tip learned from Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic, I wrote a thank you note to money for always being in my life, and put in my wallet where I can see regularly. Having fun opening up to new ways to signal my appreciation to the universe! <3 thanks Jeannette for this awesome course!!

  • Tee says:

    Thank you for this! It applies to so many things in life! Recently, I’ve been trying to change my codependent ways & GAWD am I ever so bored! Lol
    However, somewhere in the back of my mind….I know that I’m on the right track. I’m so use to looking for & waiting for others to entertain me, motivate me, etc…that now that I’m actively Choosing a different path, I feel lost and bored.
    I know that In Time, the results of this Me- Focused adventure will be well worth it! I will find MY Sexy, on my own 😊 and it’s there lol Beyond the Boredom

  • Karen says:

    Money just comes to me. Money I didn’t know I had been compiling just comes up out of nowhere. Oh well, unlucky in love, so very lucky with money. I’ll take it,thanks 🙂

  • Brent says:

    Thanks Jeannette!
    Since starting my meditation and visualization practice at the beginning of January, my life is rolling. Unexpected money, invitations, new friends and collaborators, co-creators, and tribes of awesome beacons everywhere I go!
    “Yeah, alignment is sexy on you!” says Source every time! 😉 <3

  • Elle says:

    Loved this!
    “At least, the results are sexy when you’re boring enough and committed enough to do the work to change your money signal”- this is key and not to be overlooked!

  • Danielle says:

    When I used to be involved with a wonderful positive, self help group a few decades ago, they always emphasized what they called ‘core’. They said just keep doing the simple, basic few steps each and every day to get results and they were so right!
    That is one of the things that really drew me to GVU from the start was Jeannette’s emphasis on easy and fun. Hooray for easy and fun and basic!!
    Laughter, Happiness and Mucho Moola, Danielle

  • Gary says:

    I actually like the Money Aligner approach you are using. It is simple, but yet effective. My January was better than ever business-wise for me, but my success uncovered some real eye-opening challenges that I would not have seen if I was buried in lots of LOA exercises and homework. I booked so much in January that I had to schedule clients out though the end of February. Guess what? At the end of January, I had no room left to bring new or repeat clients on board during February. I have to catch up first, which really defeats my goal of how I want to create financial consistency and security. One good month followed by a second month of not being able to take on new paying clients is not a perfect situation. Anyway, it is a good challenge to have and it is forcing me, even though I am resistant, to consider making changes about how I do business and even how much I charge, which is really a good thing. Simple is good and works for me because it is much easier for me to see what areas of my business need improvement.

  • Leslie says:

    Good one Jeannette! I love our monthly practices BECAUSE they’re easy and don’t take long. Last year I did the Ninja Manifesting practices each month and saw some dividends come into my life. (I still do some of those, too!)
    As for the flood, been there. My house has flooded twice in two years — just the sun room, thank goodness, but the first year the water lapped the edge of the top step into the main part of the house. And you know what? It worked out okay. Not much was damaged and I learned a lot. What was damaged flowed right back into my life in brand new form.
    I’m looking forward to more easy and fun money manifesting techniques this year!

    • Anna BoBana says:

      That’s what happened to a friend when her house had major damage from the Yorkton flood (people paddling down the streets in canoes, rowboats – in a prairie town!) Sewer back up, basement filled as well as damage on main floor… And while she was devastated about it for a time, she’s back her exuberant self – with 2 brand new floors and a third redesigned! I’m not saying it was easy for her, but she’s definitely a very happy friend on this side of it all!

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