Pray Rain Magic

storm2.jpgOn a recent interview I was asked about a manifesting technique called pray rain journaling. I didn’t realize how many people didn’t already know about this, so I thought a post devoted to the topic would be helpful.
Basically, praying rain is a term shared by Gregg Braden about his Native American friend who conjured real life rain by imagining it.
That’s not the easiest thing to do when you’re five years into a deep drought.
But he did, and sure enough it rained. (Flooded, actually.)
The key to his success was that instead of asking for rain (in which case the vibration is “need rain” or “want rain”) – instead of doing that, he felt the rain now. While he was in the middle of a drought.
He smelled the rain in the air, he felt the rain collecting under his toes, he tasted raindrops on his tongue, he felt the shoulder high corn brushing against his shoulder (that grew from all the rain).
Instead of praying for rain, he prayed rain.
Can you feel the difference?
It’s a big vibrational distinction. One signal says “rain” and the other says “no rain.”
He knew how to ask from a place where it was already fulfilled. It’s a very powerful thing.
You can sense the alignment there, right? Feeling as if it’s already raining?
Okay, so that’s what it is to “pray rain.” Pray rain journaling is where you engage that power of imagination via writing.
I had ridiculous success with it first time I tried it, and have loved it ever since.
I just got this cool email related to the topic that I thought you’d appreciate as well:

“I was reading my mom’s magazine that she brought with her (Ladies Home Journal? Good Housekeeping? Had a picture of Wynnona Judd and her spaniel on the front). Anyway, there was an article written by the woman that wrote The Deep End of the Ocean.
Anyway, long story short, she apparently was a widow at age 40 with four children under the age of 12, and had been trying to date for a couple of years and was sick of all the men sort of hitting the road when they found out she had four kids.
So she decided to start a book, and made the male character exactly like the kind of man she would want to find.
All her friends and her publisher told her that the male character was completely unbelievable (loved kids and home, was very intelligent, loved books, helped around the house, kind of a hunk, etc.).
She put a lot of thought and feeling into that character. So, one day, she’s at home, waiting for a carpenter to show up, when he does, he turns out to be exactly like the character in the book.
Married him, a couple more kids, etc. etc.
She uses the word ‘conjured’ to explain how she found him. I thought, of course, well, what she wrote was a pray rain journal. Thought you might be interested in reading the article, and sharing it with others.”

That is a very cool pray rain success story! In fact, here’s one of my personal favorite experiences with this technique: Pray Rain in Action.

  • September 17, 2007
  • Thanks for posting your question, Rick. Praying rain is a term for feeling what you want, rather than asking for it. Writing a page a day about what you want as if you already have it is one of many ways to accomplish that.
    The power of feeling it before it’s “real” is that what best makes it real.
    Make sense? If not, more details here:
    Thanks for reading, my friend!

  • Rick says:

    So how do you ‘pray rain’? I know what a journal is, but I must have missed something here.

  • Nicely worded, Barbara. I got goose bumps reading that!
    You nailed it – that difference between feeling it now vs. feeling it “out there somewhere.” Huge distinction!
    Your “umbrella at the ready” is an inspiring visual for me! I think I might put an umbrella on my vision board! ha ha!!
    Thanks for posting, friend. I like your perspective and your energy. 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    It’s all about reminding and remembering, isn’t it? That’s what puts us into the right vibe! That’s why TRUTH – no matter who is telling us – feels so good when we hear it, why it FEELS like it’s familiar! We are remembering and realigning with the VIBRATION already flowing through us! Thank you so much for the PRAY RAIN story – that’s the key – feeling the rain vs. being separated from it “out there somewhere”! I’ve been doing this off and on for a long time – but this beautiful reminder has encouraged me to get back on that wagon and ride full speed ahead – umbrella at the ready! 😉
    Have a wonderful, blessed, and grace-filled day!

  • It’s a pleasure to see you here, Suzanne! Thanks for the great comments and for flexing your deliberate creative muscle to make your world more of what you want. I know many will benefit when that happens. 🙂
    Namaste –

  • Suzanne McFarlin says:

    First of all, I LOVE your website! You defintely give of the Good Vibes. Thanks for your email through the MB forum about the Pray Rain Journal. I am definitley going to start that. I really appreciate your sharing your passion about it and its amazing effects. I am astounded when I look back on the things I have manifested, but equally as astounded that I haven’t applied the same beliefs and intentions to other areas of my life. Thanks again for reminding me of how powerful we can be.
    Warm regards,
    Suzanne McFarlin

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    What a great story, Anonymous2! I’ve often heard that when we put very specific details into our journals, although we don’t want to be attached to them, we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it turns out JUST like we wrote!

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

  • Anonymous says:

    I did the same thing without realizing it. Unhappy in my marriage, I began writing about the type of man I wanted to be with. The man was based on my first love, 25 years ago. Within a year of writing it I got an email out of the blue from this man. We are now living together.
    It has been fascinating to find out that he never forgot about me, used to look up at the night sky, wondering where I was and pray that I was at least happy in my life. I wasn’t, but things have gotten a lot better.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Fabulous question, Anonymous … thanks for posting it!

    Here’s the way I see it: the pray rain journal isn’t for Universe’s benefit – it’s for ours.

    Yes, our desire is known and immediately granted by Universe. No need to repeat it to the Big U.

    But the journal allows US to bridge our vibrational gap … from where we are to where we want to be. So page by page we create stronger alignment to our desired result.

    Again, it isn’t for Universe, it’s for US. To create the internal alignment that allows our success in.

    Now, however we create that alignment isn’t so much what matters. What DOES matter is that we get there. Whatever takes us to alignment is fabulous. Journaling is just one of many ways to achieve that alignment.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • Anonymous says:

    So Abraham says not to “micro manage” your asking, that once you ask, Source never says no and the thing is immediately created, all we have to do is become a vibrational match to it….so when we “pray rain”, etc. are we micro manageing?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I liiiike your energy, Lance!! Keep me/us posted on what you do with that good stuff!!!

    Thanks for reading, and even more for posting. I love hearing from you!!

  • Lance says:

    Wonderful !!

    I am a new subscriber to what I am going to call “The Maw of Attraction”!!

    Good ol Jim Rohn said it well with If you dont plan to succeed, you plan to fail. Yes Lets all do this, I must ! I have tried so many times before, just for an emotional check sorta deal. But never for manifesting!!
    Thanks J.
    Its gonna Rain in Seattle tonite!!
    –To our thoughts right now!!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I know, Zoe .. it’s a trip to me to consider the difference between “praying FOR rain” and “praying rain.” It seems so subtle and yet is vastly different!

    The difference between asking for something and OWNING it.

    You can FEEL the difference in that energy, huh? Pretty cool. 🙂

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi J
    Pray rain is fabulous – very timely for us here in Oz in the middle of drought. Funny thing is, there hasn’t been much talk of drought in papers recently…there must be a lot more people feeling those raindrops getting their hair wet!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Good question. One journal; one subject is my preferred way to do it. If we’re supposed to achieve vibrational alignment once a day (while writing our entry) in order to achieve our goal by the end of the book, then we’d better focus on one topic, it seems to me.

    Having said that, I HAVE kept general “feel good” pray rain journals that covered work, relationships and health in the same book, but I wasn’t so focused on getting anything in particular by the end of it. Other than a generally fabulous life. 🙂 Know what I mean?

    (Remember, the way Abraham says this works is that we either have what we want by the end of the journal or we’re so close to it we can easily see it coming.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you write about only one intention in the pray rain journal or can it be more than one thing?

  • Karen Lynch-Live the Power says:

    I love the story of the author as she “conjured up a man!” how fun!
    I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yep – “pen to paper” – powerful stuff! I never was much of a journaler in the typical way, but pray rain journaling has a whole different energy to it!

    Thanks for posting about our sacred magic, Leslie. Much love to you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Conjuring, don’t you love that description. You know when you read all the goal books they say that small percentage of people that actually write down their goals are in that small percentage doing well.
    Amazing, just the simple act of pen to paper and people are able to put depth to their intentions and desires.
    I have a friend I was explaining the pray rain journal to and she got very excited. She said she had tried to do a journal before but after a few days of writing what all was wrong in her world she gave up. She said I mean you are just rehashing the same old stuggles and feeling bad.
    Of course we can see the humor in that from a LOA perspective.
    And aren’t we lucky we are here right “now” with Jeannette being reminded of our sacred magic. May you all be inspired to own this and pray rain.

    Love Leslie

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