Manifesting in the Preferred Tense

We can think of life in terms of what’s happened; as in where we came from, what we’ve experienced, what we had hoped for, where things went wrong, who disappointed us, etc.

You might know that routine.

(I sure do.)

A lot of folks invest significant amounts of time in that sort of past tense living.

Or we can dwell on what’s happening right now – a focus on the reality we see in front of us in our present state of being.

That serves us well when we like what is. When we don’t like it, though, it’s a big groundhog day trap.

So when “what is” isn’t what we want, and when the past doesn’t have a path to the future we dream of, that’s when it’s time for a different perspective

… the perspective that can actually take us where we want to go.

I call that the preferred tense.

That’s when we let our focus linger on what we’d like next.

Which is actually how we get there – by letting our attention dwell on that version of possibility.

Since we go wherever we’re focused, conscious creators know this is an empowering choice.

For example, I could ruminate (okay, this is not hypothetical – I have done this) on what went wrong in my last relationship … who did what to whom and who was justified and who was “wrong.”

That sort of thinking locks me into a vibration that’s a dead end trail. At least, it doesn’t take me anywhere good.

Or I could get fixated on what is; noticing again and again what’s true in my present day life and judging it as good or not.

But as a conscious creator, I also have the option of pre-enjoying the love I prefer. I can entertain thoughts of what that relationship is like, and how good it feels to experience it.

I can imagine what I desire to experience.

That’s preferred tense living.

And that focus makes all the difference in what unfolds next.

In fact, I did this recently with a little knee injury.

After taking a spill on the ice, and feeling growing alarm at what damage had been done, I found myself replaying that spill over and over. It was just my feeble attempt to understand what happened, but the fact is that constant mental replay was programming my body for problems.

Then when I noticed myself lingering on thoughts of how much pain I was in, I knew that present tense “what is” focus was delaying the healing process.

So I changed my mind.

I engaged the preferred tense – where all was well with my physical self and I was feeling fabulous in all ways.

Sure enough, I woke up the next morning feeling like a new girl, with only a slight ache to remind me of that close call from before.

That’s because I knew better than to keep re-playing the past, or to dwell on the present circumstances, and instead stuck to the preferred tense of feeling fine.

I share that so the next time you’re wondering what might juice up your manifesting results, you can reflect on what tense your attention is engaging.

In this time where it can be easy to get caught up in the turmoil of public fights and frustrations, it seems an especially good time to ask what tense you’re engaging.

If the past or present focus feels anything other than fabulous, you’re looking at a prime opportunity to become a better match to your desired outcome by choosing the preferred tense.

  • January 30, 2017
  • Leda says:

    Hi Jeannette, this is a great post, and I really like your calling it, ‘the preferred tense’ – it does shift one’s perspective. As you say, it’s about focusing on what you’d like next. Does this mean that you still use the present tense, even though you are focusing on something that hasn’t arrived yet? So, with your knee, did you say things to yourself like:
    ‘I love that my knee feels so strong, and it’s great the way that my body just heals itself so easily’ etc etc?

  • Connie says:

    Yes! Thank you! I love that you shared this! I practice something very similar to this every morning as part of my morning routine and alignment process. I love what YOU call it! I love starting my day with my, “preferred tense”. I dwell in that “tense” for a few minutes each morning and always call upon it throughout the day when I need to realign. Thank you for this awesome tool!

  • MsNikki says:

    Great reminder!

  • Barb says:

    What exactly did you say to yourself Jeanette? And what did you do?

    • Laura Lynn says:

      Thank you, Jeannette! I needed this reminder. I’m feeling restless and wanting to make a major change. I think this is a great way to set the stage!

    • Jeannette says:

      This is just a matter of using our imagination to plug into a different reality … the one where we imagine how we prefer to feel, and what we prefer to see, and what we prefer to hear, etc. That’s how we shift what we’re focusing on. Via the story you’re telling yourself in your head.
      I tend to do that really well when I use words, but others do better with pictures or visuals. All of it’s happening mentally, though.
      At least that’s how I do it – others may have different suggestions! You can also tune in to your own guidance to see what works best for you …

  • Barb says:

    I’d like more ideas with this one. I’m having a bunch of trouble with a physical issue, and as much as I try to visualize myself without it, the physical sensations take over and overplay the good vibe with the icky vibe. There must be another way to do it. Instead of visualizing, perhaps just using words or affirmations would help.

    • Theta Healing works well with instant healings, but what I found was that for most people it gives them just enough of a pause from the physical sensation, to do the needed manifesting work 🙂
      You can do something similar, by commanding instant healing during meditation/before you go to sleep at night/first thing you wake up.

    • Jeannette says:

      I had some trouble a while back with a shoulder and numbness and tingling in the fingers/arm that grew into pain so severe I couldn’t sit or stand after being up for a a few hours in the day. All I could do was lay on the floor for some mild relief from it.
      Tried everything for months – often had two appointments with different healers in the same day.
      Eventually realized my resistance to it was keeping it locked in place.
      But like you said, it’s hard to shift gears when the pain is that severe.
      After a couple months of nothing working, though, I realized it might always be like this and maybe I should just get over it. At least I could stop spending all this time and money trying to fix it. And I could get back to work, which I sorely missed. In that very moment I felt something shift. Not the pain itself, but my resistance to it. And that already felt better.
      I realized I could be a person with shoulder pain and numb fingers and still be okay.
      You probably know how things unfolded after that … that lessening of my resistance allowed healing to take place. And I’m completely pain free to this day. 🙂

      • Liz says:

        I totally second what Jeanette says. When my son was born a couple months ago, I got a very intense bout of mastitis that ended me in the hospital on IV antibiotics. I decided to surrender and let go of all my resistance and responsibilities and look at this as a chance to be grateful and appreciative of what this illness was showing me: to slow down and be a mother and bond with my son. The world was not going to fall apart and I didn’t need to hold it up either. I could let others help me. That time in the hospital, completely disconnected from everyone/everything, was a sort of spiritual retreat (with my baby) and it was amazing how quickly I recovered (I also did auto reiki and had reiki treatments to help keep in a state of allowing well-being). As a result, as a famiy we have made a lot of changes in our life and what’s important. As tough as it is to feel bad, it was transformational and I remain incredibly grateful to have that perspective now. Best wishes.

  • Sandra says:

    Thanks for this post Jeannette! I love that as Conscious Creators we always get to ask ourselves, “What do I want instead?”. Now I can reword it and ask, “What is my preferred tense?”. Knowing we have that freedom makes me want to do a little happy dance! 😊

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