Premonition or Creation?

Master Manifesters, we have been called on!
Michelle Casto asked one of my favorite LOA questions on twitter today.  Here’s how it went:

@brightmichelle: “what is the connection between intuition and LOA? Does ‘knowing’ something guide for you or create/manifest for you…”
@goodvibecoach: “I think Abe might say our ‘intuition’ is guidance from our Inner Being – so you could look at the ? in terms of LOA & IB”
@brightmichelle: “yes, I do understand it being guidance, I just wonder how much power my guidance has in my creations? (go this way, or that)”
@goodvibecoach: “I get the ? as did it happen because I KNEW it wuld or did I know it because it was GOING 2 happen. Premonition or creation?” and then: “I think it’s all tied up together; not necessarily one or the other.”
@brightmichelle: “yes, yes, yes…..I keep watching when I know things, and then 9/10 the thing I thought happened…..premonition or creation.”

Have you ever wondered this yourself?  Whether you knew what was going to happen in advance, or whether that “knowing” is what created it?
Like when I got my last job.  I KNEW that job was for me.  It had my name all over it.  It’s like they custom write the description with me in mind.  I KNEW it was mine.
And sure enough, I got it.
Was that because my solid knowing and confidence created that outcome?  Or did I have some sort of Universal “tip off” that this job was for me and only me, and thus I stepped right into my destiny?
I’d like to hear you guys on this topic, and I’ll jump in with you in the comments … 
PS – yes, that’s how twitter conversations go.  You only get 140 characters per tweet, so there ends up being lots of abbreviations.

  • December 20, 2008
  • Alora says:

    So, gee, LOA… I was JUST THINKING about this and then I happened to notice this post. 😉
    Just this afternoon I put my 15 month old daughters snack on the bench for the first time. I then noticed it was near the one step down to the family room and the open baby gate door. I had a thought? feeling? notion? that she is/might/will fall down.
    But I was not concerned. I didn’t feel worry or angst. I thought “Um.” And pondered briefly if I was just worrying on some level.
    I turned around and then heard a bumpity bump bump because she fell down. (She must have backed up, because she knows the step is there?)
    She is fine! 🙂 Startled but then just went back to eating.
    So I thought – premonition or creation?
    And then, voila! this post.
    I have learned some incredible, mind-bending things from your comments. In particular Kim “If we allow this thought, just for a moment, we can see that our gut feelings about the future may be the same as memory.”
    And Peregrine John about “We are a part of it. Why should we not reflect it?”
    So I just now had a MAJOR epiphany – one of those “hard to explain cuz it’s just THERE in me now kinda ones”.
    I did not feel worry. So I sense it wasn’t my brain making up fear stuff, since that usually feels like “Eep!”
    And I keep telling the Universe to help me make wise decisions when it really counts.
    So, therefor, being a part of the Universe, I realize that out of ALL the incredible, vast amounts of information out there (no time or space and all that) I was aligned at that time with what I needed to know when I needed to know it. (I just didn’t act on it. 😉
    I think about all of the times I turn left instead of right, or park in this parking spot instead of that, and like a loveable Mr. Magoo just keep flowing with the good stuff while there may have been unwanted stuff for me in the other spaces.
    We can always pinpoint when something happened that we didn’t like…. but how many times do effortless flow and alignment happen in our daily lives through simple acts of loading or unloading the dishwasher that we don’t recognize because they led to simple sameness of peace, joy and being present and don’t stand out as a “whoops?”
    The more I get into LOA (thanks, coach, Jeannette!) the more I realize that I am hearing more and more what I need to know when I need to know it and because there is no past, present or future, I am simple supposed to let that information help me make wise choices right now, where it really counts for this human, lovable me.
    Or, in short, my IB knows ALL and I get to hear and know what I’m open to and what matters to me based on my alignment.
    Or, really, my baby and that step was a memory that I remembered before it happened. LOL!
    Ok, I have no answers. But, I don’t know, I feel so much more AWARE since this thread. Long post. Hee hee!

  • I wondered if that fabulous author would make him/herself known! ha ha
    Thanks for letting us know who we were talking with, Hannah. You always have a beautiful way of thinking and expressing things – I should have known it was you!

  • Hannah says:

    That last message was me, by the way..Woops!

  • El, you’re one that I consider an authority as well, so your thoughts are much appreciated here!
    And Anonymous, I LOVE your returning us to simplicity on this topic. (For me, clarifying, not confusing.)
    It’s not as black/white/opposite/complex as we may have been thinking …
    Like you said: “Both.” HA! LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous says:

    It´s like the eternal chicken and egg question!
    How about something as simple as we recognize the direction that energy is heading (even energy that we ourselves are projecting)? Much like we recognize that we will be drinking a smoothie shortly because at the moment we are MAKING the smoothie. We are creating and predicting at once, no? Certain thoughts project forward, paving the way for manifestations. If we tune into the energy, we can predict certain things…and many times WE are involved in that energy paving. Perhaps we can predict a growing tumor because of energy projected thus far, but that doesn´t mean that we can´t then CHANGE the energy direction and create a new outcome…both creating AND predicting it.
    Hmm…is this clarifying or totally confusing ;P
    I guess what I believe is “both”, lol.

  • EL says:

    I believe that creation and my Source and fate are all buddies.
    My baser self, my mind and my intuition are all buddies.
    My Source/Higher Self created a contract and that became my fate. I believe that my Higher Self creates situations and opprotunities according to what I need to become increasingly enlightened. I still get to choose and create, but because I’m already aimed in one direction, my choices will lead me that way anyway.
    My baser self recognizes desire and I use my focus of mind to acheive. My intuition guides me along the path of my unfolding creation as my Higher Self leads me to my fate.
    For now…. that’s my take on it. LOL

  • Okay, as usual, your post is blowing new thoughts into my mind. (Or maybe just revealing the ones that were already there?)
    I like this: “less disagreement than either side believes” and this resonates well too: “Are we not part of the universe?” so the idea of separation is just ridiculous.
    It’s all coming together, huh? At least starting to.
    Thanks for furthering the process for me and I’m sure others as well!

  • Peregrine John says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Phyllis. The whole thing is very similar to the centuries-old argument about free will vs. predestination. As I see it (and there are books about this, so please forgive the absurd amount of shorthand here), there is less disagreement than either side believes. First of all, this isn’t something that Aristotlean “either this or that” logic is capable of describing, at least from that perspective… which brings up the other problem with the argument: it’s founded, as paradoxes tend to be, on a false presumption.
    To be able to perceive the future isn’t the same as causing it, though a lot of philosophers have built towering edifices of cards on that idea. Yes, I can both prove and demonstrate that, and no, I’m not going to do so here. It’d take up way too much space. But my point is that once you get past that idea, and include the notion that time isn’t quite the absolute one-way street as we normally experience it, nor the only limiting/enabling dimension involved… well, the whole dichotomy falls apart, and premonition vs. creation isn’t much of a problem any more.
    Besides, how does this whole principle work? Intention causes shifts in the energy and substance of the universe. Are we not part of the universe? Are we not both energy and material substance? The intermeshing patterns of the Universe are beyond our comprehension in their complexity. Though the true nature of our thought patterns are also beyond us, they are far simpler than the universal patterns. We are part of it. Why should we not reflect it?

  • Oh, Jake, experiences like that sure help reinforce future honoring of the intuition and those emotional alerts, don’t they?!
    Glad it worked out well.
    Thanks for joining the conversation here!

  • Jake Cameron says:

    I had a similiar experience with intuition and a new job a few years back. I had a job that I really disliked and starting looking for a new job. Not too long afterwards I ran across and old friend who invited out to his work place for an interview. The interview went great and they offered my a job with a nice salary, not to mention a really nice atmosphere.
    But something wasn’t right. I felt very uneasy. Emotional alerts were going off in me. I told my wife that I didn’t feel like I should go there. She scolded me saying “Are you nuts? Get your butt over there and that accept their offer. You hate the job you have now! I’m tired of hearing you complain about that $%^ job!”
    So I did just that and accepted the position. A few months later, that company merged with another company. Countless people were layed off and we got a new CEO who was a complete tyrant.
    Needless to say I left. I followed my “gut” on the next interview and now have a really great job.

  • Thanks for sharing, Jessica. I was trying to describe that sense of “knowing” to Russ the other night, and found it difficult to capture in words. I sure get the essence of it in your post, though!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments yet, but I did want to share something quick-
    I do think the two can work together, but that our higher self has life lessons/karma to work through also.
    I find that it feels more obvious when an experience is a surprise to you- (Did I create this?) or when there is a challenge associated with it, but you know you were meant to go through that challenge. It is a challenge that excites you…
    I just find that some things just feel more “meant to be” and some feel more like creation. For instance, the stranger with a plow truck who drove by yesterday while I was attempting (pathetically) to shovel the driveway suddenly put it to reverse and offered me assistance!! That just felt like a great creation (after all I just wondered to myself after he drove by, I wonder if anyone would ever just stop and help?) Whamo. Back up lights. 🙂 That isn’t a creation I just felt in my gut- as intuition of it “meant” to happen. Yet it was an easy creation at that. I didn’t struggle with it at all.
    Buying my first home, meeting my husband, etc all felt like “knowing” creations. I feel as though they were meant to be. Or sometimes I feel a knowing and don’t know why. It is as though that deeper place is driving it and I am along for the ride! I know that is still creation, but I left wondering, how did I manage to create this? Knowing with my gut that it is the right path for me, but my head going “wait a minute here, I’m not sure if this is it or not…” so if our thoughts create things, then how would my head, fear and worry still create something wonderful? It just feels as though it is coming someplace deeper, because I can feel it in my gut. It is fabulous! Even if it is something hard… it is meant for me to learn, grow and be me!
    Looking forward to reading everyone else’s thoughts. Time to go! Namaste.

  • Phillis says:

    Jeannette – erasing time from the equation – like when we travel (for me to and from Alaska) – I am either ahead of myself or back in time many hours — ha ha. Or when I travel overseas I can either gain a day or not . . . . I love the idea of making changes now that change the past (or better put, my personal perspective of how I remember that past?) A lot of great food for thought! Cheers, P.
    PS speaking of time – my daughter (University) is traveling from MN – or trying to – coming back home to Alaska for the holidays — she’s been at the MN airport for 5 hours — and her flight is just now taking off – so once she lands at SEATAC she will have only really spent 3 hours waiting as she’s gained 2 . . . but what is relative to her is that she’ll miss her connection to Alaska by an hour! She’s having the true college experience on traveling home for the holidays . . . . interesting.

  • Erasing time from the equation seems like it would solve a lot of mysteries, doesn’t it, Phillis?

  • Phillis says:

    I love this topic . . . I have to agree with Kim’s account -from everything that I’ve read and experienced flows along with Kim’s ‘eloquent’ narrative above. I want to learn more about this topic and really grasp the significance about this fascinating topic.

  • Well said, Leslie. I sometimes thought of it as that my higher self had a particular plan in mind that my “real” world self experiences as “fate” or “destiny.” That it’s not an outside force orchestrating things, just my higher self that I might not be consciously aware of here.
    But Kim’s comment has scrambled everything for me and I am now positive I know nothing. ha ha!
    How fun, huh?!
    In the meantime, I’m enjoying your “nothing is carved in concrete” comment. THAT’S the kind of liberation I know I signed up for here.
    Thanks, Leslie!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I agree with what Kim so eloquantly wrote (no wonder why she is a first class novelist!!!).
    We came here through choice.
    We chose patterns, tribal energy and basic terrains to walk through.
    We took on a body and a disguise but our true self is timeless without borders.
    Our body has a destiny and a fate and our spirit has a deepening and a blossoming.
    Often we feel pinned down and controlled with the word destiny/fate, but it’s just the blueprints you came with. You may have take another look and decide to construct a totally different house! Nothing is carved in concrete even fate and destiny!
    In other words you are bigger than patterns, thoughts, conditions, contracts, limits, borders, definition, blueprints…etc.
    And also let’s not negate blueprints, how lovely you came with a plan!
    It’s a beginning. And that’s the key to destiny/fate it’s the beginning, it’s not the conclusion.
    Love Leslie

  • Yeah, and where dreams fit in all this is a whole nother post, isn’t it?!
    Gosh, life’s mysteries will always keep us joyfully entertained! Thanks for posting, Tim.

  • TimT says:

    I think intuition takes on slightly different forms depending on th situaion. For example, the intuition that the specifics of a dream have manifested as opposed to a warning of danger. I had my complete focus on Moving to a new location and finding a job there. I applied to many places, and looked all over the area, but clearly knew when I found the right place. This I think can be different than the intuition that tells us no to drive into oncoming traffic…or something.

  • Kim’s comment deserves its own appearance on Oprah. THIS is HUGE!
    “described, not prescribed”
    Especially coming from someone who “traffics in fate” (I LOVE that), it means a lot.
    But even more so, where you said time is an illusion and when we remove that from the equation it’s a whole new ball game – you summed up what part me of intuitively innately knows but had NO concept or language for describing.
    This is really reshuffling my world: “our gut feelings about the future may be the same as memory. We may see how the future can change the past.”
    Is it any wonder why everyone’s so much in love with you? I love the way you think and communicate it!
    Thanks for pitching in, Kim, when I know how busy you are finishing up book 3!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, everyone–fabulous posts. All so interesting!
    I’m an astrologer–I traffic in fate.
    But I don’t see fate like most people. I don’t see time like most people either.
    When I look at a person’s birth chart, I am looking at the positions of the planets the moment they were born. A moment long long past in most cases. From that single fraction of a second in time, I can tell them what they came here with, what their core values are, what the terrain of their journey looks like, what their patterns are and how to step out of them if they so choose.
    Is that fate? Prediction? Precognition?
    I don’t think so. In the astrological model, everything we can say about a person–what they bring into this life and who they are (and so what they attract) is described (not prescribed) by a single nano-second.
    It is action, living the life, that allows that quantum moment to unfold through ‘time’.
    … through time….Interesting, yes? Because the paradox is, time doesn’t exist.
    We think we are moving in a first, then, finally order but that’s an illusion. In quantum physics we find there is no such sequence of event.
    One of the ‘hard’ questions in science asks if quantum theory is relevant in the ‘real world’. Many used to say that it only applied to the world of the very small, or to mathematical equations. Now there is a shift toward thinking time has symmetry, even in the ‘real world’–it goes in both directions.
    If we allow this thought, just for a moment, we can see that our gut feelings about the future may be the same as memory. We may see how the future can change the past. It’s actually possible that the only reason we have a ‘past’ (big bang for example) is because of what is yet to happen.
    I don’t think we have the language to describe these notions but as we step outside of our perceived limits of reality, new words, new metaphors, will come.
    Premonition or creation? These experiences are both dependent on the illusion of time. Take that away and we have a whole new ball game.
    🙂 Kim

  • Oooh, Bonni, I like this thought a lot – purposely directing our premonitions! That’s what it feels to me like you’re doing by managing your expectations in a more positive direction.
    Hmm. I’m going to have more fun entertaining this one!! THANK YOU, Bonni!

  • bonni says:

    I used to think I was really clever. I could accurately “predict” all kinds of things! Like, “Oh, I know I won’t get the job,” or “This is going to be a fiasco,” or “We’ll never be able to afford that,” and so forth. And you know what? I was always right! Just as I “predicted”, I didn’t get the job, it was a fiasco, we were never able to afford that…
    Now when I look back on that, I just cringe. I mean, total face palm, you know? I wasn’t predicting, I was creating. Of course I was right about things, I believed they’d be that way, and they were. Clever me… *face palm*
    I know now that my expectations are everything. Whatever I sincerely expect, that’s what I always get. I’m much more conscious now of what I say, how I say it, what I believe, what I fear, and, particularly, what I expect! (And I’m still clever, just in a positive and conscious way, which is much more enjoyable for myself and everyone around me, heh.)

  • Grace, when I think how much smoother life may have been had I always been able to say the same: “For me, inner wisdom always wins over logic,” … well, at least I’m getting much better at it.
    Thanks for a thoughtful post, Grace! 🙂

  • Grace2244 says:

    Inner wisdom is one of my favorite topics. For me, “I know when I know.” And time is irrelevant. I don’t know if what “I know” is past, present, or future until it clearly manifests. I think it all works together and results in the synchronicity that can’t be defined until you experience it. For me, inner wisdom always wins over logic.
    Great topic!

  • Debra, I love being an agent of the Universe in response to your brilliant creative mind. ha ha
    We’re having some fun together, huh?! lol
    Let’s keep it up!
    PS – I told you this would be a hot topic, Michelle! Such fun thoughts floating here!

  • Debra says:

    OMGoodness!! You have no idea how often I think about this (well, actually YOU probably do!) Just yesterday it happened again; the words “I knew that was going to happen” flew out of my mouth and I was right there with it wondering, “huh, interesting…I really wonder how this all works, did I create this with that knowing…or is it a “universal tip off” as you said. Years ago I was convinced it was the universe leading me…most recently I’ve been loving the feeling of empowerment that comes from the idea that I created it and the loving Universe responded! Very interesting. (Especially when what I say, “I knew that was going to happen” to is something I wouldn’t have necessarily wanted to happen. Or did I? I mean…on some level, if it’s in my field I created it!) This stuff turns me on SO much…so fascinating, all of it. What a cool experience we live!!!! :0)
    By the way, Jeanette…did I help create this post? I’m pretty sure I knew you were going to write about this! LOL …after all I was thinking about it…and you wrote it. It’s happening A LOT lately. You’re reading my mind. We’re living VERY similar experiences. AND…you’re MUCH better at sitting down to write about it. First. You’re an inspiration. You rock! :0)
    Whew! Just had to share that. Now I have to go back and read all the other amazing comments that others have left…always such richness here!!

  • Too funny, Mitch – even this post confirms your creative (or premonitive) abilities! lol
    I LOVE that you’re seeing the connections between what your mind is dwelling on and what shows up in the world. I think some of us easily miss those.
    Thanks for joining the conversation, Mitch!

  • Mitch says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately! (Premonition? lol) Often when I’m regularly using LOA techniques and feeling in good alignment, I find the outside world ‘syncing up’ with thoughts that I’m having. Not just things that I’m visualizing, but random thoughts during the day. Like an old episode of Seinfeld crosses my mind briefly, and then it’s on TV. Or I’ll be humming a song to myself and then hear it on the radio the next day.
    I always wonder if this is Universe reminding me of my manifesting power by creating these situations so easily, or if being in that kind of alignment is actually lining me up with my intuition, and these ‘random thoughts’ I’m having are actually glimpses of things to come. So interesting!

  • Ha – I like that, Kareema: intuition as “crib notes to creating.”
    Thanks for pitching in, my friend.
    And I love your story, LeslieB! Thanks for sharing it here.

  • Kareema says:

    Could it be that maybe the voice inside or intuition tells us what what will happen if we just go with the flow. Its like crib notes to creating, the abridged version. The premonition tells you what will happen if you do nothing at all.

  • LeslieB says:

    I think we manifest things we want to do, be or have – often creating things by turning away from others. It seems to me that intuition comes in to help guide us when situations come up and a choice is required.
    For example, I was unhappy at my job and made a list of 10 things that described what my perfect job would look and feel like. Then I waited. I resisted the urge to send out resumes, call people, do ANYTHING at all other than look at the list frequently and have faith.
    6 weeks later a call came from a friend I hadn’t heard from in several years. I quizzed her from my “top ten” list and got all the right answers. I interviewed and, of course, that job was mine.
    Similary, 1-1/2 years later I decided that I no longer wanted that job because of too much drama. Within days of that realization, a former coworker IM’d me to see if I would be interested in working together again. That IM lead to the best promotion, salary and opportunity OF MY LIFE.
    So my experience leads me to believe that once we manifest or create something, then we use our intuition to help us find our way around situations and make good decisions. YMMV!

  • Indeed! That’s exactly why when I get a new client who has strong self-awareness, I know we’ll FLY through our work together!

    or am I creating that with that knowing? lol Obviously it greases the wheels, I guess.
    At any rate, kudos to you for this deep awareness of yourself, Michelle!

  • Michelle says:

    great distinction, and one worth study—our little gremlin could sound like intuition….oh, to know oneself is the greatest challenge and GIFT 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    so what I am going to do for the next 24 hours is pay close attention to my intuitive hunches and notice the difference when I am clearly aligned, cuz that would be the hiccup, if we have unclear emotional or mental space, our head could send us on an ego trip (too much analysis for instance—doubting, questioning)
    When we are aligned and clear, the answer is much clearer! muddy waters here in the deep, M

  • You know, Michelle, this is reminding me of something I read recently about how to tell whether fear/intuition was from ego/gremlins or from higher (knowing) self.
    I’m going to dig through my material and find it again, because it was really good info …

  • This IS the deep end, Michelle – thank you for taking us here!!
    I say gut over mind, every time! No more questions needed. You’re blessed to be able to tell the difference – not everyone does (tell the difference)!
    Although I obviously don’t know, because this happens to ME often, I’m guessing that IS head getting in the way of inner knowing.
    If it doesn’t feel good (to heart and stomach especially), skip it. It won’t take you where you want to go. And no matter how much sense something doesn’t make to your head, if it feels good, that action will take you DIRECTLY to what you’ve been wanting!
    I know that much – but I’m not sure I’m helping us get to heart of your most excellent question.
    Someone else is going to pitch in with something that helps us get clarity …

  • Michelle says:

    Hemal has some great insights…..
    if u hve conscious awareness – good or bad – that can sometimes add to the momentum, depends on emotions/intensity too etc
    Although I said alignment, it’s actual vibrational match. u can know or not know what’s coming but key is v/match

  • Michelle says:

    Jeannette, Tia, and more of you out there……
    Just love these examples, now, let’s look at the other side, which is where I am getting a bit stuck. Let me give a real-life example, there is an opportunity that looks very enticing, my gut says, “I am not feeling it” and yet my mind, is like, “look at all the people that are jumping on board, what if you miss the boat” —so I am wondering is my head getting in the way of my inner knowing, or could it be my inner knowing knows that this is not the opportunity for me, and that I best let it go, in favor of waiting for something better (for example, a better job).
    I think it easier to follow intuition/create what we want, a little more challenging to distinguish where “blocks” in my SOURCE energy alignment or knowing might be creating a situation that “doesn’t work out” because I don’t think it will…..think boyfriend situations, where you felt “something is not right” and then of course something or many things are not right—do we create this or was this “our inner knowing” who knew it all along?
    Thanks for playing in the deep with me, Michelle

  • Hmm .. “inner knowing guides creation, seamlessly tied” .. I do have a feeling this isn’t a one or the other answer, that it’s connected in ways we might not clearly understand.
    Tell me where I’m wrong …
    I’m thinking in order to have ESP or premonition, wouldn’t that mean that there would have to be a pre-determined future or a laid out plan? I mean, in order to know the future, that would have to be a static thing, wouldn’t it?
    Which .. I’m not a big fan of the idea of destiny or fate .. unless somehow our destiny/fate could be completely up to us in any given moment.
    This topic fascinates me, and I’m loving this opportunity to explore it!
    Thanks for launching the conversation, Tia!

  • Tia Singh says:

    Since I was following this thread I’m going to jump right in! And strangely enough – my story is about my last job too.
    I started volunteering at this place and applied for 3 jobs there, the last of which I was certain was MINE. I’m not sure if I created that reality or if I already knew it – think it was a mix of both.
    I was so certain I wanted that job that I carried a business card from the organisation with the original person’s name crossed out and mine inserted instead. I looked at it and smiled a few times a day and within a couple of weeks I was working there!
    I get the feeling I created this for me cos within 2 months I had created NOT wanting this job anymore and lost it … which brought me on the path to coaching.
    That job was mine and only mine for the time I had it. And the same for you!
    But then again maybe it was the Universe giving me a taste of what it feels like to be a real support in someone’s life and then took me to my destiny where I could be that person for many others as opposed to playing a small support role in the job I had?
    I reckon an inner knowing guides us and our creation of situations and events – one chapter leading to another all seamlessly tied in even though we can’t see it at the time. Always, when I look back I see how each decision and act of creation led to the next perfect situation where I either had learning or experiencing to do.

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