My Money Manifesting Protocol

Last year I committed to a daily process of moving my money vibe into more abundant territory.

(It was the Money Aligner Course at GVU. Members can find it here.)

And it worked! I made almost double my usual income.

Which was great!

But I know this much – until it’s my dominant default vibration, my work isn’t done.

Because our dominant vibration will eventually catch up with us.

So if I want to keep manifesting the big money, I want to keep working that big money vibe until it becomes my default frequency.

2017 was for creating an upgraded financial foundation; 2018 is to make sure it stays put.

Here’s what I learned from last year’s practice:

  • a regular, daily, planned process works very well for me
  • simple and easy is an effective approach (no need to complicate things or drag them out)
  • variety is essential for my optimal enjoyment

With that in mind, I created a new money manifesting protocol for 2018.

I’m sharing it here for those who might be interested in hacking it for their own benefit. (Click for full size version.)

Here’s a quick description of how I’m using it, followed with tips on how to create your own:

Monday I act as if I already am rolling in the big bucks.

Instead of looking forward to when this happens, or thinking of it as a future event in any way, I treat it like it already happened. Done deal. Nevillized it. This is already so. I send that signal to Universe by being the girl who already right here and now is making all the money. It’s mostly a mindset shift, where I close the gap on who I’m being now vs who I’d be then. Not all day long, but at least once during the day.

Tuesday I put money in joyful flow.

In the past I have had a tendency to hang on to money as if it were scarce or hard won. This day’s habit reminds me that it flows in best when I don’t hold on too tightly. Which means my homework is to find enjoyable ways to send money out in the world, which shows trust and enhances good financial vibes. Some might think of it as a simple tithe, but I think of it as a way to keep the money flowing nicely.

Wednesday I have more fun.

I have it in me to work hard for money, so this day is all about remembering that more money and more fun go hand in hand. Manifesting cash always works best when I’m having a good time (good vibes equals good manifestations). So Wednesday is about remembering to play at least once in some way today.

Thursday I give thanks.

Appreciation is one of the best vibes for bringing in what we want – so this day is about giving thanks for the money that’s come before, for the money that’s here now, and for the money that’s coming next. Just a few minutes reflection at some point during the day is all I’m shooting for here.

Friday I feel it out.

Abraham tells us the only reason we want anything is because of how we think we’ll feel when we have it. Which is to say I don’t really want the money – I want what I think it’ll do for me. This is the day I activate the vibrations of satisfaction, achievement, and enjoyment. It’s good to be Friday. 🙂

Saturday I see it happening.

This is the day for good old-fashioned visualizing! I like to create a rich visualization by giving three answers to three questions: what will I see when I have what I want, what will I hear when I have what I want, and what will I feel when I have what I want. Very powerful process that I can do in just a few minutes.

Sunday I speak it.

There is nothing like speaking money into being! Whatever we say becomes so. So sometime today I’ll engage my favorite affirmation to speak money into my world. I use a long version that ensures I’ve got at least 17 seconds of pure positive thought on the subject. Money can’t resist me when I’m this vibrationally attractive. 🙂

I’m willing to miss one day a week, but what’s been happening more often is that I engage more than one process during the day. I’m not intending to do that on purpose, it’s just naturally enjoyable, so I honor the inspiration. By year end, I feel certain I’ll have an even better (and stronger) money vibe!

Just sharing this to give you ideas for finding your own best manifesting process. You can hack this system for any desired manifestation, not just money.

Tips for creating your own manifesting protocol:

1. Know what works for you. I like variety, but others do well with investing good time in one process. I also like to keep it short and easy, but others thrive when they make it a detailed ritual that requires a significant investment of time.

2. Be willing to tweak it as you learn more about what you enjoy. We might not get it perfect on our first try, but what matters most is that we start somewhere. Don’t wait until you have a perfect system to start your manifesting work.

3. Keep it fun! We’re much more likely to continue a process that we enjoy, so build in whatever makes this most appealing to you. (That’s why I have a colorful graphic reminder and fun titles for each day.)

If you’d like my help in creating your own customized manifesting protocol, shoot me an email.

The bottom line is this: we get what we vibrate. When we want something different than what we’ve got, that means we need a new vibration. Creating that new vibration, when it’s a subject that feels important or challenging, is best done in a systematic, committed way.

Money vibes especially don’t seem change overnight, so being willing to put the time in on moving your money dial is a plan that pays. From someone who’s living proof. 🙂