Q&A: Demands More Effective than Intentions?

insistOne of my favorite manifesting stories comes from Jewish literature about Honi the Rain Maker from 2000 years ago. 

Part of Honi’s rain manifesting included this statement to God: “Master of the universe … I swear by your great name that I am not moving from here until you have mercy on your children.” 

In essence, he gets a bit feisty.

The author who relates this story says Honi didn’t order God to make it rain, but rather he tells Spirit his intent, and very firmly so, which puts conviction in the mix and helps him believe in his own ability to make it rain.

(And indeed, it does rain.  A lot.)

This story reminds me when Tia was manifesting a boyfriend, and she got fed up about no action and finally threw a fit, which is when he showed up.

All this was already on my mind when Dr. G. wrote in response to the Setting Intentions post shared in yesterday’s ezine.  Here’s what the Doc had to say:

“Here’s a contrarian viewpoint on ‘intention.’  Even though Wayne Dyer has popularized the word intention I have always been turned off by all the positive spin put on the word intention.  Remember the old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”?  Most people have good intentions however have a terrible track record for following through.  Joe Vitale says that ‘intentions are for wimps.’

He suggests that we ‘DEMAND from the universe what we want,’ then take massive action.”

And after the Wimpy Words post, one of my favorite Abraham colleagues wrote to say that Hope is actually a very high vibration for her, and she definitely doesn’t consider it wimpy.

So there I was just the other day saying Hope is a wimpy word, and now Doc’s reminding me that Joe Vitale thinks Intent is just as weak and that we’re better off insisting – or demanding – what we want from Universe/God/higher power.

We already know the answer is whatever feels most empowering to us, right?  And that that’s very likely different for each of us, and may vary according to circumstances.

But I am super curious as to how many of you law of attraction savvy people find that demanding in the way that Honi and Tia did, and that Joe Vitale suggests, feels good to you.  And yields results. 

Is there something magical about “stomping our feet”?  Does it add conviction and strengthen our vibrational alignment? 

Or does it have the opposite effect, sending a weird signal to Universe?

I’ve got half a mind to try this out as an experiment.  (Although I can recall one time I used it spontaneously – with a very powerful outcome!)

With that I’m turning this topic over to you all.  Have you gotten feisty before and seen results?  Or does it work better when you Intend – or maybe even Hope?   What are your thoughts?

  • September 9, 2009
  • Annette, I hadn’t even thought of that dream yet. I was in a dark and dreary place!
    Sophia, I’m sure many will relate to your perspective. Thanks for pitching in.
    And Mark, I’ve seen that happen many times – fiesty paying off. It’s not one I practice myself much, but I’m tempted to experiment with it more!
    Thanks for reading, and especially for writing, everyone!

  • Mark says:

    I normally wouldn’t bother posting to a blog like this but, I have to say what you said about not seeing results *until* one gets fiesty, is so true… I used to pray for stuff for many days, weeks, or even months… and usually it wasn’t until I got cranky at God that things started to happen. I often wondered why this happened, and even attempted to ask God why it was so. I have deeply avoided this style of prayer as it is usually seen as inappropriate by others. I will be giving this some more thought though.

  • sophia says:

    Wow jeannette, the responses are amazing! Sorry I haven’t read it yet. I will get to it. I just wanted to provide my perspective on those two words.
    Intention: feels better to me. I feel motivation when I intend something, the intention allows me to be aware that it is my responsible to take inspired actions and allow the universe to do the rest. Whereas, Demanding sounds so negative, so angry, I hear lack and anxiety within that word.
    I think demanding may work for some people b/c at the end of the process of their demand they release all their negative energy which brings them relief and in turn allows the universe to take over and deliver in the moment of the relief/peaceful vibration.
    That’s my take on it. =0)

  • Annette says:

    It seems that most of the manifesting is coming from a platform of authenticity and what we need to learn to BE.
    Jeannette – where were you in your coaching business when you had the experience with Sadie, and what happened immediately afterwards?

  • Tshombe says:

    Michael, you’re awesome!

  • Ha! Great story, Michael!! Kudos and keep us posted on the rest of the story!

  • Michael says:

    I meant to post this two days ago.
    I was driving back from the store and had just–essentially–used up my money.
    I thought about ‘demanding’ again, and it just kind of came naturally (an ‘aha’ moment in itself!). I found myself saying ‘alright look, we deserve $1,000 to make things flow around here…get it together already because I’m getting pissed and it’s time this showed up’.
    Thirty seconds later, I had an envelope from a friend with a check containing $200 and a note that said ‘hang in there!’
    I know I was, even in this thread, a proponent of ‘well that demanding stuff just doesn’t seem to work for me’…but I think my present take on demanding is that if you really KNOW YOU DESERVE great stuff, then you will just naturally demand it.
    It’s what my little kid does…why not me??
    Just wanted to post that good news, so that you could see even the guy who thought it wouldn’t work suddenly had good luck with it!
    Now…about the additional $800 I’m expecting… 🙂

  • Tiffany says:

    I think I need to demand too. In the processes of trying to “clean up” my vibration, I end up kicking up even MORE dirt than I want. I agree with Tia’s post in that when I lose it and have a tantrum and get RUDE, two things happen:
    1. I know EXACTLY what I want, right then and there.
    2. I feel a billion times better and get right back into the vortex. Because I stopped covering up those feelings and just let them GO.

  • First off — note to self — whenever I see a note on Facebook from Jeanette, proceed immediately here to join in the fun!!
    I posted on this when it first appeared on FB a day or two ago and now I find this amazing conversation going on! Woo Hoo!
    I’ve also had time to think about what I posted — how sometimes talking out loud to the Universe and getting down and dirty about it (demanding, in other words) works and how sometimes passing thoughts and surrender works.
    What I’ve come to understand is that what doesn’t work is to be half-hearted about anything.
    In the first instance, I’m clearly aligned with what I want and it has to come. And, as others have said above, it comes very quickly. It may not be polite (there are usually a number of f-bombs in these rants) or look pretty but it does get results.
    In the second instance, I obviously don’t really care on way or another. If it comes, it comes; if it doesn’t; it doesn’t. But I don’t worry about it or even give it a second thought.
    Bottom line — in neither instance is there any resistance to what I’m wanting. Being half-hearted or wishy-washy has resistance built in to it.
    The thing I’m wanting (situation, experience, object, feeling) was delivered to me vibrationally the moment I had the idea. The rest of the question is how quickly I can either line up with it and allow it or forget about it and allow it. Either one works.
    Thanks Jeannette for a great Q — and I’m just in love with all the amazing As that have come down the pike as a result!

  • Panthera says:

    Interesting…only today, I was reading an interview of Kristin Bauer, that plays Pam in True Blood. It is kinda long, but definitely worth the read!
    You also consider the way you pursued your husband very Pam-like. Tell us that story, because as a single woman in her early 30s, I find it inspirational, and yet, as someone who’s slightly excitable, I’m curious… I mean, it wasn’t stalking, but…
    [Laughs] “I don’t wanna say you’re a stalker!”
    Well, you could have been if you weren’t gorgeous and on a hit show. But how did you know it wasn’t a crush, you would actually connect with him?
    I didn’t. My husband says, “When I heard your voice on the phone, I knew.” I say, “Yeah, I did not know. I knew you were hot, and I knew it had been a long time. I did not know that you were my soul mate.” I was just in this fed-up place with so many first dates over four years, and being the only single adult at Christmas with my family in Wisconsin every year. I was headed into the Christmas vacation [last year], and I really announced to the universe, in my house, “I’ve had it! Is this thing on? I mean, is anybody paying attention? Is there anyone on duty when I’m talking?” I was just pissed off. I’m like, that’s it. I’m taking it into my own hands. I had tried everything — The Secret method, sacrificed the chicken, followed the full moon, lit the love candle and pictured what I wanted, wrote down everything I wanted then got mad and burned it because it didn’t work. And for some reason, on the day I say this, I go to the nutritionist, and there’s his CD sitting on the only chair open. I’m like, “He’s cute. I’m callin’ it…I’m goin’ a freakin’ date!” The woman I was talking to backed out of the room slowly, like you do when you’re afraid for your life. I went online, and wrote an email: “Hey, is this dude in LA? Because I want to have coffee.” I wanted him to be excited to get this email and not like [weary groan] so I wrote, “I’m Kristin Bauer. I’m on True Blood, and here’s my website” shamelessly. I was embarrassed about it, but I had to get the job done. He doesn’t check email, so three weeks later, I wrote again: “I haven’t heard back. Still thirsty! Still need caffeine!” Someone wrote back saying he doesn’t do email. I said, “Well, then send a pigeon with my phone number.” [Laughs] I had HAD IT. I was passed being embarrassed or having some normal sense of decorum. We met and just talked and talked and talked and talked. For three weeks, we just talked all day. Within a few months, we were engaged, and within about six and a half months, married. I joked for years, “Where is he? Uganda? Where is my guy?” And the answer was, yes, close. South freakin’ Africa. And he didn’t even want to be in LA. He didn’t want to come to America to tour, he was perfectly happy to tour South Africa, but his record label and band forced him. So maybe all the séances and chicken sacrifices worked, there’s just a delay in this universe.

  • Thanks everyone, very interesting posts.
    Love YOU-niverse!!!
    This reminds me of an example Jeannette told about ordering food from McDonald’s (okay that is the version that I remember). You place your order (are CLEAR), and you get your food (EXPECT). There are no doubts as to whether french fries are in your order if you ordered them they will be there.
    So a few months ago, I had barely knew of Jeannette (wow was I missing out) and I decided that I was going to meet her in Chicago that upcoming weekend at the Martha Beck Coaches Convention. It was a decision I made. I did not know her. I did not even consider that she may not be going. I detached from the results and headed to Chicago.
    Heading to breakfast early who pops in my elevator? Yes it was Jeannette. I did not realize it was her and did not plan on talking to this woman in the elevator. She turned to me and said “hello are you a Martha Beck Coach?” “Yes” I said. Then she introduced herself as Jeannette Maw. Next thing I knew we were having breakfast together. After going our separate ways that morning, we reconnected that afternoon in a workshop as partners.
    So yes a few days before I decided that I was going to meet Jeannette Maw. DONE! 3 days later I met her and so much more. When you figure out what it is that you want the how will take care of itself! This is still a practice with me in others areas of my life. But I love this for my evidence!

  • This is totally taking form in my consciousness. I had a dream that was symbolic but which made this very clear to me.
    I see it as if I’m just “the boss”. I say, “Okay, listen up, this is what is going to happen,” and I mean it, and I expect my “team” (all of Creation, basically) to carry it out. There is no “I don’t deserve it” there is no “Only if it’s meant to be” there is no “Only if you don’t need it” or anything else of that sort. I say how it’s going to be, and then I expect it to be that way. I don’t have to be rude about it or have a tantrum or chop off anyone’s head or hold town hall meetings to try to convince the Universe or God or Whomever or Whatever to do it.
    I’m the boss. I am the CEO. The buck stops with me. I am God. I am the creator of my own reality. It’s really that simple.
    There’s been a real shift internally (which the dream I had indicated to me), and I not only see and understand this now, I KNOW it. It’s pretty awesome, actually. 🙂

  • Flavia says:

    THANK YOU everyone for your enlightening contributions! A-mazing!!
    I think this demanding/expecting/claiming thing is all about connecting with our power, especially if we’re coming from a state of powerlessness. It remind us who’s in control here.
    I’ve experienced it when got fed up with my own doubting thoughts regarding whether I could get what I wanted or not and I just CHOSE how I wanted things to go. At the same time refusing to even think of another possibility. It’s a way to commit to what you want with no ‘Yeah, butts”, just CLARITY.
    And reading everybody’s comments and pondering this subject more reminds me how much FUN this is! I’m a non-conformist so rebelling and declaring what I want is extra fun :))

  • Tshombe says:

    Congratulations, Janette 🙂
    I haven’t been doing “my worthies” or “my entitled-tos” and I’ve even slipped up this week on my pray rain journal!
    I think I’ll start my at-least-ten “my worthies” at night before bed, like you are setting such a good example of doing, while my nightly tea is steeping. Hooray!

  • Janette says:

    Woo – between Iyabo’s “entitlement” and Tia’s “claim”, I feel like I’ve had about 30 years of accreted crap stripped away from my brain in one go…. MAGIC!
    I’ve been doing my worthies for about 6 weeks now. This means nightly jotting down in my journal “I am worthy of [insert item here, eg new car, profound love]” and listing ten different things. Challenging at first, then became comfy as my sense of self-worth caught up.
    Last night I changed it to “I am *entitled* to … “. OMG, talk about whole new level! Felt VERY weird at first, like the little kid stuff Michael talked about – was I being rude and disrespectful to the angry god of my forebears? would I get in trouble? would I die in my sleep??? (ooh, some REALLY old childhood stuff, yikes!!)
    LOL, I survived 😉 – and I know that each night it will get easier until the 100% commitment comes as easy as breathing. Ah….

  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    CaterpillarWoman, you crack me up and you certainly did say out loud some of the things I have felt. It can be very contradictory and I have also been in a place where I wonder how screwed up am I if I can’t vibrate up the things I truly do need right now? That can only lead to a negative place, lack of self-love, and compound things.
    When I feel frustrated about it, I practice self-care in copious amounts and I throw in a little of Michael’s I don’t give a damn and I even stomp my feet a little and say, I will have this NOW, and here’s what I did to show you how serious I am, Universe!
    I have to believe the Universe does provide all that we need as well as all that we want, and in that trusting it is so. It’s all about what we believe.

  • WOW! That’s insight on steroids, Michael.
    Huh. I’m wondering how best to facilitate those sorts of breakthroughs on purpose. Good food for thought.
    Thanks, everyone, for the amazing conversation you’ve created here! Super fun to hang out with you all!

  • Sara Exley says:

    OMG TIA!!!
    That’s exactly it!!! “Laying CLAIM” – I think that is my new favorite word.
    That’s exactly where I was wanting to go with my “HAVING” response. We can only get what we are certain we HAVE. And I just love the added certainty I feel by adding the word CLAIM to it!!! What a dynamic equation!!
    I’m currently working on my website and I’m so excited to put this new, sturdy energy into it. I was feeling terrified about it for months, and now Excuses BEGONE.
    Certainty Abound!
    Sara E.

  • Michael says:

    …and you know something else…
    I sometimes bring things back to music, because a friends showed me how my musicianship is my access to these kinds of breakthroughs.
    When I learn to play impossible parts, it’s almost always onstage. It’s rarely during practice, and it rarely revolves around going over things around and around and building up speed.
    What it is is a place where I’m kind of on autopilot, and I suddenly get a rush of energy from the music we happen to be playing, the crowd, whatever.
    So there isn’t much effort…there’s just an instant knowing that it’s all happening right now!
    So I’m looking at how easily that comes for me and then applying that ease to this other subject matter.
    I bet lots of us have an ‘instant ability’ in some place that gives us access to what we’re discussing here…either in athletics, writing, dancing, joke-telling, driving…there’s almost always something we’re good at that we just *know* is going to happen.
    Even breathing! I don’t think much about the next breath…do you? I just take it! 🙂

  • Michael says:

    Hey, thanks so much for all the insights. I get the vibe and the methods you all are illustrating, I just need to take it on.
    Part of my ‘Christian’ upbringing was a kind of programming that the Universe just doesn’t work that way. 🙂 So even though I don’t ‘believe’ that crap anymore, there’s still a bit of ‘little kid knowing’ that I run into.
    So I’ll take that on without putting too much of a charge or resistance on it.
    Thanks everyone! Tia, you always have a great way of putting things…I can actually take steely resolve without putting a bunch of resistance in there…

  • Sara Exley says:

    Hey Michael,
    For me, there’s a fine line between the vibes of “want” and “need.” I personally don’t like to go there. I find that I am most successful when I step in the place of just “Having.” (I have it; I JUST DO; Plain and simple; No fluffy business.)
    Whatever that feeling or experience of “having it” is for you – start there if that feels empowering to you.
    A realization that really works for me is understanding that those first aligned thoughts about having what I want are JUST AS MUCH part of the end result as the manifested desire itself. Make sense?
    When we step into a vibe that’s a closer to match to what we want, we immediately start attracting more and more empowering thoughts and feelings. I find that the more often I remember to appreciate THAT, the faster things show up.
    Let us know what other thoughts and insights you develop!
    Sara E.

  • One more thing – the tantrums and stomping of our feet work because in doing that we are making it TOTALLY CLEAR to the Universe that this is what we want.
    No limiting beliefs or icky yeah buts to clear up when we demand cos it’s just a pure expression of our desire, raw as can be. What can be more powerful than that!?
    There are no conflicting intentions here. Just “THIS IS WHAT I WANT AND IT CLDNT GET ANY CLEARER IF I TRIED so BE IT”.
    Wow, What a Message that is, what an order to produce! How could anyone not sense that level of conviction? IMHO that’s what makes it work so well.
    Remember, the U gets laser focus, nothing less than that will do. Crystal clarity is the most powerful too at your feet. I’m blown away with how clear and committed I feel at the moment – it makes me feel invincible and 100% doubtfree.

  • Robert says:

    I love your question Michael, because I feel that it gets to the very heart of what it means to DEMAND things from the Universe. I believe that we can only demand something when we are certain that we will get it, and it is actually THAT CERTAINTY that brings it about. In Jeannette’s story about her beloved Sadie, it was as if Jeannette said, “I am not even going to consider the POSSIBILITY that Sadie could be dead!” When we hear an inspiring story like that we think hey, that is so cool, I think I’ll do that, I’l just demand that my rent be paid and see what happens. But in order to make a demand, first we have to be certain. If someone can honestly say “I’m not even going to consider the POSSIBILITY that my rent won’t be paid on time.” Then they can demand that it be paid. In the scriptures it says that faith precedes the miracle. In other words, once you believe somethig strong enough, THEN it will appear.
    I hope this makes sense and I hope it helps.

  • Michael, to me the stronger place comes from a feeling of By Jove I WILL NOT accept anything less than this. It’s not a question, thought, request or desire – it’s cutting through all the B/S and laying CLAIM. It comes from soul, from an inner power and belief.
    The same thing that makes a mother lift a car with her bare hands to save her kid trapped under it.
    Superhuman power within each of us that transcends all doubt and negative thoughts. It’s all knowing and powerful and 100% committed. The difference between need and sheer forceful claiming.
    I just experienced this 3 days ago – after months of hemming and hawing about stuff that’s important to me, I decided on 09/09/09 that I had simply had enough. This time I didn’t throw a tantrum, I just had this steely resolve that life was going to be different from this day on and it is.
    Steely determination – that’s just it. No Plan B, no please, if or but – when you have THAT clarity and THAT strong an intention, the U (which is an extension of YOU) cannot help but obey. That’s what helped your friend’s wife, and that’s what will help you with your rent.

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Oh, I have not heard the boyfriend story–if you’ve posted about this, and have a link to it handy, I’ll get myself up to speed! 🙂

  • Joanne says:

    First I would like to say thank-you to Jeannette for having such an inspirational blog! My take on some having a problem with being demanding is the societal name tag of being bossy when you are demanding. But if you are asking/demanding with the knowledge that it will get done, like when you know a co-worker will do what you ask, that is the feeling place to be at when demanding from the universe.

  • Michael says:

    You know, I remember about 15 years ago, I had a dear friend whose wife had been suffering with a very odd, debilitating (sp?) disease for years. She really hit rock bottom, and we were really concerned.
    At the time, I was a church-going Christian, and I remember laying in bed one night, not so much praying, but literally DEMANDING that ‘this is enough!…this needs to be solved RIGHT NOW!’
    And it was. She recovered fully in just a few days!
    My question to this esteemed group is, now that my rent is due :), how can I make a demand for money or a good solution, when I seem to be coming from ‘need’ rather than ‘want’. I’m trying to sort this out in my own head, but I’m kinda muddled.
    I’m not certain what the distinction was with my friend’s wife, because I felt like we really ‘needed’ that too…
    Any thoughts on how we can come from a stronger place than ‘need’ when creating the right kinds of ‘demands’?

  • Sara Exley says:

    I just LOVE that – YOUniverse!!!! That is brilliant. I may just have to borrow that. I love taking new words and spinning the meaning to a more enlightended understanding.
    Rock on!
    Sara E.

  • MissyB says:

    Tshombe – love it ! BUT – I never make demands on me. I suppose I kind of the ask the Me-verse with the respect I’d ask one of my team at work to do something. Hey – this needs to be done – can you help me by doing it. I’m not sure I class this as a demand. Perhaps it is !
    I do love what you have said though …

  • Tshombe says:

    What a great, enlightened conversation, Robert, Judie, & “CaterpillarWoman”!

  • Tshombe says:

    You ARE the Universe. You can demand from you whatever you want.
    Just spell it YOU-niverse, and it’s all good.

  • You’re not alone in that, Carol. My dad and I also have a collection of gems of wisdom from this group, and I couldn’t agree more about how incredible this community is!
    Thanks for being part of it, my friend!

  • Carol L says:

    Whenever I read something that produces an aha moment, I add it to my “Book of Wisdom” (a journal I started a few years ago). Your message to MissyB is definitely going in it! Thank you!
    Several of the contributors to this blog have entries in this Book of Wisdom. What an incredible community this is!

  • Robert says:

    “I believe that children are our future, teach them well, and LET THEM lead the way!”

  • I was looking for something one day and, as I often do, when I couldn’t locate it, I asked the Universe for help. When I found it, I said aloud, “Ah. Thank you.” My seven-year-old heard me and asked who I was thanking. I said, “God. Myself. The Universe. Anyone and anything. Do I need a reason to be thankful?”
    Now when I can’t find something she says, very casually, “Why don’t you just ask God?” 🙂

  • Robert says:

    Sometimes I think that children “get it” better than we do. They can teach us SO much about faith and trust and love and connecting with the Universe and the angels! I’m sending love to this adorable 6 year old.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Also, I did talk to my 6 year old about my conversation with the Universe. She wanted to know if He talks back & how do I hear him. I also said I usually write letters to God and she wanted to know if He writes back. I don’t know why I used the word “He” guess it’s just a habit but she did pick it up. I have to discuss that further with her.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Thank you Robert. I do get a kick out of hearing my 4 year old say “Namaste.”

  • Robert says:

    “Who are you talking to Mommy?’ :-)I love it,what a great teaching moment for you 6 year old, Judiesjuice! Do you realize what a great example you are for ‘your girls’?

  • Judiesjuice says:

    MissyB, well, I have been reading all the fabulous and amazing posts here and reading how being demanding has been effective for people and I wonder “Hey, what about me? Universe, deliver my desire right freaking NOW!!!!!”
    This morning, it occurred to me that perhaps I should talk to the Universe out loud. I have read in a few books that is an effective method of communicating with the Universe (I say they are all effective ways, you have to figure out what works best and like any other relationship, you probably use a variety of ways to communicate). Anyway, I was in the kitchen making breakfast for my girls and I start talking to the Universe. I had the feeling that I wasn’t alone so I turn around to see my 6 year old standing there looking perplexed. “Who are you talking to Mommy?” It was funny.
    I have been intending this goal for months and months so at this point, the Universe MUST know what it is I want. And it must deliver. RIGHT FREAKING NOW! And I say thank you so very much in advance. Finally!

  • MissyB says:

    Isn’t it funny but I find demanding from the big U feels so disrespectful. Sometimes I may jig it along a bit – oh come on Universe – I’m waiting on you to sort, but never have I demanded it.
    I kind of feel that the Universe can be our friend as well as foe – I try not to make demands on friends and I choose to view the Universe as one of those.
    Perhaps that’s were I’m going wrong :o)
    PS – JudiesJuice – keep me posted on the Magic Box please !

  • Thanks for the reminder about stomping our feet!
    Because I KNOW it works.
    Last year when I was desperately desiring to sell our home (yes, in that “awful” market) and find a ranch to live on with our 3 ponies, I spent every night falling asleep to my vision.
    I did that for nearly 8 months and the summer was coming fast. I had been asking to move before July…and our house wasn’t budging.
    When I tuned into my intuition, I thought I heard, “Well, it’s going to be September because not everything is ready with all of the other pieces of the puzzle.”
    That’s when I put my foot down and said, “That is NOT good enough. It has to be this summer and I want it before the end of July!!! Find another way!”
    Can you guess when we moved in to our gorgeous, huge new ranch? July 11th!
    It wasn’t more than about 2 weeks after my insistance that our buyer showed up. And the very next day, the ideal ranch landed in our lap. Which BTW- was WAY bigger and more beautiful and perfect than anything I had dared hope for- thanks Universe!
    Now, that you’ve reminded me, I’ve got to go chat with some Romance Angels, who prodded me to host this Adventure Dating event- but failed to get the men to sign up!
    Angels, where ever you are, get me some MEN pronto! And some cute ones too! 🙂

  • Erik says:

    Now that is an interesting topic – there are two sentences I take home:
    ‘What does this situation call for?’ from Judy
    ‘think fearing our feelings is a bigger chunk of resistance than our feelings themselves could ever be!’ from Mitch.
    Thank you both for posting them!!
    The first sentences references (in my book) to the ‘inspired action’ we have to take and somehow the question Judy posted makes finding the right answer to ‘what inspired action?’ easier to find.
    The feelling our feelings part (thanks again Mitch!) is big for me since some of my feelings scare me immensely so I found it hard to acknowledge them. But I guess they will be the big question mark I have been looking for that has been blocking a good part of my vibe up till now. Funny thing is, the a good part of the feelings that scare me are … well feelings of ‘fear’ itself.
    As for the demanding: joke’s over now! I demand my inner peace back 😉 – I will have it now!
    Sending you all a big smile,

  • Mitch says:

    Tshombe, I *loooove* that character. I played Joe Pitt in college. That play is near and dear to my heart. 🙂
    Michael, can I just say that you sound amazing? Even at a time when your emotions were all over the place, it sounds like your deeper belief was that you are always taken care of, and so you were. And it’s great to not be afraid of negative emotions. I think fearing our feelings is a bigger chunk of resistance than our feelings themselves could ever be! Thank you for your clarity.

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    SelfhelpGoddess: I also took Koelle’s workshop and what I learned there is that by getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on what I really want and then cleaning up any limiting beliefs around it so I can line up my energy completely with what I want is when I see movement toward desired results (flow). Even we neurotic humans respond mostly to energy, and very little to words, just like the horses!
    Dena: I used to binge eat (and had a charming bout with bulimia too). My big limiting belief was: I have no control over what or how much I eat. Of course, that was a huge lie. I discovered my error one day about a year ago when I was inhaling a bag of chips w/hummus. I was thinking, “well here we go again all out of control” and then I noticed some things: my hand reaching into the bag grabbing chips, same hand putting chips in my mouth, my mouth chewing up chips. Then I thought, Well, if I’m not in control who is? No one else was in the room, must be me? Get out! No WAY! And here’s when I realized just how powerful beliefs are: my belief that I was out of control had me providing evidence to support that belief. To me out of control looked like downing chips at a frenzied pace, but really what was going on was that I had so much control I could control myself into binge eating to prove my belief that I was “out of control”. Does this make sense? Shortly after that Aha! moment on steroids, I lost all interest in binge eating. I’ve been obsessed with/addicted to all sorts of things in the past, all stemming from the control issue. All done! Bottom line: I’m in control whether I choose to binge eat or eat like a healthy individual, I’m in control if I take care of myself or let myself go, it’s all on me. I’m in control, that’s the truth. I love that!

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Michael: one phrase that came to mind as I was reading your post is “All is well”. Even when our lives seem to be falling apart, Universe has our back. So you were able to fall apart nestled in the cocoon of the benevolent Universe. You are able to look back at the REALLY crappy event and still appreciate the love and support that found its way to you. It sounds like by letting go of a false feeling (positive vibe) for you, you were able to feel the intensity of your grief all the way through and emerge without getting stuck in a debilitating false story about what your loss meant. I just read a quote from Byron Katie last night: “All sadness is a tantrum.” And my interpretation of this is that resisting ‘what is’ is futile. You don’t have to like what is, but you certainly must acknowledge what is. You did not resist your authentic feelings and that’s how you got through (and will continue to get through) them. That is extraordinary and very sane. Thanks for being real and for sharing your experience. Light and love to you!

  • Love the “alpha up,” Judy!
    Michael, I can hardly find words to share amidst all the love I’m feeling for you. Thanks for being here.
    Sara’s right – that’s what allowing looks like, isn’t it? Beautiful example, indeed.

  • Sara Exley says:

    I don’t know what to say, except WOW, THANK YOU for your amazing energy and clarity.
    Everything you have just shared and described to us FEELS like the full essence of ALLOWING to me.
    You ALLOWED yourself to be in such a place of clarity and conviction about what you were authentically feeling, that there was no essence of struggle in your vibration what so ever. And for me, that’s what the Allowing Experience is – the removal of struggle, and the full presence of safety and knowing-ness. When we Allow, we absolutely know that we’re being taken care of by life, and we relax in the safety of that knowing.
    And boy does THAT feel better.
    What a beautiful example you are.
    Allowing Vibes,
    Sara E.

  • Tshombe says:

    What a great post, Michael! VERY inspiring.
    To me it sounds like you ARE holding the strings 🙂 It’s a powerful “demand” kind of space when you allow your emotions as they are rather than resisting.
    In fact, resistance may paradoxically be the very act of giving our power away.

  • Michael says:

    I would say that whatever FEELS best is the vibe you want.
    Case in point, when our little girl died a few months ago, Jeannette offered some very kind e-mail communications and said she didn’t feel like this was the time to try and create good vibes…and rightly so.
    I immediately felt like I’d been let ‘off the hook’ and I got pretty out of my mind (well, for me) in some ways.
    I was pissed off, then I was incredibly sad, but mostly…I just didn’t care. My parents had my little son while we ran back and forth to the hospital to check on my father-in-law’s motorcycle injuries…and I just found great comfort in a sort of ‘I don’t care/screw you’ vibe.
    Geez, we had so much money and help come our way during that time. It was astonishing, and certainly a testament to all the great friends we have.
    But I think the point is, I was authentic about how I was feeling. And not just for a few minutes, but for about 26 days! And the Universe didn’t bail on me, but I found myself well taken care of.
    I now have no desire to live the rest of my days in that ‘I don’t care’ place, but I don’t fear those ‘negative’ emotions like I did. Being authentic about how you feel, even if only to move into a better feeling place, is the perfect thing.
    To answer the question, I haven’t had great luck with ‘demand’, but I think it’s only because I haven’t gotten to a place where I believe I truly hold the strings all the time (as per Tshombe’s post). I find being authentic about how I feel, and then ramping up to a place where I’m finding something be excited about helps me connect with Source best.
    It’s been great to read all the different takes on this subject though. It illustrates that there’s not just one ‘straight and narrow’ path to manifestation!

  • Judy says:

    Demands, based on asserting what I know (i’m deserving, ready, for example) work very well for me.
    It’s all about energy, and demands, that convey “let me be very clear here just in case i haven’t gotten the point across” help align me w/ my power while also communicating my desires to ye olde “universal manager”
    The best practice for me is to ask myself “what does this situation call for?” and then do that….
    sometimes intentions are plenty….other times marshaling all of me is what I need be present w/ my demand.
    alpha up, eh? lol

  • Dena says:

    Janette-I would love a Demand Buddy. What what fun that would be. =) And, what a lovely start you’ve created thus far. whoohoooo.
    Emiko-Thank you for your post. You are spot on…there are some crossed wires. Since last night, I’ve been ‘trying on’ and playing with the idea and the feeling of power, ability, control, authority, strength and energy. I’m starting to clear out the cobwebs where I feel uncomfortable with each of these. Allowing myself to step into them and letting the anxiety move into exhilaration and excitement. (okay, now that feels better).
    Congratulations on conquering the ‘queen of no control’. I’d love to know what worked for you.
    Thank you all for your inspiration! Jeannette, you have created such a beautiful community. Muah!

  • Tshombe says:

    Thanks Mitch! Yes, I love Angels in America. Great play (and movie).
    Did I mention that I played Belize at University?

  • Tshombe says:

    I LOVE it, “Caterpillar Woman,” even your naughty entendre!
    Yes, I think sometimes well-meaning folks super-impose religious notions of someone else or something else “out there” holding the puppet strings and who knows what’s best for us.
    The Universe is benevolent, yes. But not because it holds the strings. It’s because we do! It yields to our demand, provided we’re vibrationally aligned.
    And as I see it, we’re ALWAYS vibrationally aligned to/with something.
    It’s worth noting that I’ve never heard Joe Vitale say intention is for wimps. But, I have heard him quote Oprah as saying “Intention rules the Earth,” and say about himself “I am the power of Intention.”
    Feels to me that intention and demand are the same side of the same coin.

  • Ooh, Tia, yes – I could feel the energy shift as I read the words of your story!
    Caterpillar Woman, don’t apologize for a lengthy post! I laughed out loud at your vibrator pun and can feel you picking up your regal robe of power with your crown on and gold vibrator staff in hand and telling Universe how it’s gonna be. Yep, just like that. Nice shift!
    Toni, glad you liked it – thanks for popping in to say so!
    Good point, Mary, about how actions back up the energy. When we know Universe has our back and is doing its part, we don’t jump into frenzied action to “make it happen” ourselves.
    Tshombe, you are definitely one of our many power players here! Thanks for contributing your wisdom and insights to this community!
    Robert, thanks for the blog post link … will check it out!

  • Robert says:

    This discussion makes me think about the hilarious sayings we use even when we don’t know what they really mean or where they came from. So I thought I would blog about it. Please let me know what other sayings can give us a good laugh. http://atractioninaction.blogspot.com/

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Janette, you brought tears to my eyes.
    You were one of the people that paid for the six week class I am teaching called “Secrets of Inspired Entrepreneurship.”
    As I was working on the material for the heart-swell call today, I realized that this stuff is so important that I did not want money to be a barrier for anyone on this stuff. It is just too important.
    So I decided to open up the six week class to anyone who wanted to be in the class and just ask them to donate what they felt they could afford.
    I only ask that they are committed and engaged.
    I had no idea about how critical the timing was when we talked Yesterday Janette!
    I am glad to be part of your demand process.
    So for those of you on this blog, today, I am having a class with Good Vibe Jeanette on Heartswell.
    If you cannot make it, no worries, it will be recorded.
    The link for the community call today is
    and if you would like more information for the six week class starting on Monday, visit
    Much love to all of you.

  • Yup, I have to agree with those who said it’s all about the energy. It doesn’t really matter whether you “intend” or “declare”, just as long as your energy is in the place of *already having* that which you desire. And like Emiko said, acting as if you already have whatever it is that you want and going on about your life as if it is already there brings excellent results! Reminds of the Guest Post you posted the other week from your angels:)
    Jeannette, this also reminds me of the horse workshop you went to with Koelle. She could stand there and barely lift an elbow, and the horses did whatever she wanted! But with the rest of you, no matter what actions you took, they still didn’t budge… lol. Again, it’s all about the energy we’re flowing!
    One thing about demanding, though, is that I’ve noticed with myself that when I “demand” something from the Universe, I then immediately let go. I figure, the Universe has my back so I don’t need to worry about this anymore! And we all know the power that letting go has in manifesting great results in our life. I’m not sure I get to the same letting go place when I just “intend” something… maybe that explains the difference between intending and demanding something.
    Great food for thought!

  • Toni says:

    Great story, Jeannette. “I Choose. I’m the Boss. This is how it’s gonna be. This is MY domain.” Got myself a new power phrase now – this is SO powerful. And just what I needed today. Thank you!

  • Thank you. This is FINALLY something that resonates and makes real sense to me. I’ve done all the positive affirmations, visualisations, “mind movies”, guided meditation, vision boards, inner work of all sorts (EFT, Core Transformation, etc.), and on and on and on.
    Was told that you can’t manifest things you “need” only things you “want” (what’s the point of that?!). Was told that gratitude was the key (I do try to be gracious and grateful for all the things in my life, because it makes life much, much happier, but it hasn’t helped much with what I’ve been trying to manifest for some years now). Was told that sometimes you’re just “not meant to have it” (well, that just completely contradicts the entire concept of being in control of your own reality, you know?). I’ve been told and have read so many conflicting, confusing things on this topic. It’s pretty frustrating, to say the least! 😉
    But THIS, I get. It’s not so much about “demanding”, which has a kind of negative connotation, but more about just digging in your heels and stubborning up and saying, “THIS is what I will have, now see to it!” or “No, this is NOT my reality, I will NOT accept this!” I know, the whole “negative words” thing, but honestly, how else are you supposed to say, “No, this isn’t it, change it,” if you don’t say NO?
    I’ve been kind of instinctively moving toward this for a while, but all the stuff I was reading just made me question myself. What am I doing wrong? Am I not grateful enough? Am I so screwed up inside that I just can’t allow this? What am I doing wrong? How much more work do I have to do on myself and how many lies, affirmations, do I have to tell myself before I’m finally the right kind of vibrator? (Naughty pun/innuendo intended ;)).
    This resonates with me. This is my style. Being the actual boss and saying YES and saying NO and saying, “THIS is how it’s going to be, and I expect all of Creation to conform to the reality I want to experience. Now, hop to it!” 🙂
    Sorry for this lengthy post, which is, of course, partly a vent. I just really wanted to get that out of my system, and I suspect that maybe, somewhere out there, there might be someone else who feels the same way and might get a bit of an “ah hah!” from reading it. (That’s my intention with posting it, anyway ;))

  • Thanks for the mention Jeannette! Yep, I’ve done the tantrum manifestations a few times now. The key for me was that I really let myself feel the anger / frustration / impatience / whatever I was feeling each time without judging or stopping the flow.
    There wasn’t a plea or any sort of begging going on (after the first few minutes of tears), I simply put my foot down (literally) and stormed on about how I was going to get what I wanted and it bloody well happen NOW do you hear me!? I’ve done my part now you do yours Universe, is what I said. Ha!
    Each time I’ve done that, I’ve got what I wanted within days. Think part of it is cos the energy has been cleaned out by throwing the tanty and I’m in a no nonsense, take no prisoners, I WILL HAVE WHAT I WANT mood. Somehow, the people and things I’ve manifested have been perfect at the time but not what I REALLY wanted after all.. so maybe summin was skewed, LOL.
    I’m doing some more thinking about this for the post, will have it to ya soon as it’s inspirationally done 😉

  • Dena, maybe it’s that we’re not demanding anything so much as we’re saying what’s so.
    (Just had a Landmark flashback.)
    “This is how it’s gonna be,” doesn’t necessarily have to be the sort of energy some of us might associate with “demanding” and “tantrums.”
    Good food for thought. Thanks for joining the conversation, Dena!
    And wow, Janette!! Way to get an answer and way to feel your power!! Your story gave me goose bumps!!
    Robert, how cool are you?! ha ha I’m so glad you’re here!
    Tshombe, I don’t know that story! But I’d love to hear it!!

  • Mitch says:

    Tshombe! That is such a good comparison!
    And it reminds me of Angels in America which makes me so happy! 🙂

  • Tshombe says:

    For some reason this amazing discussion makes me think of Jacob wrestling with the angel and demanding his blessing.

  • Janette says:

    Hey Dena – we can be Demand Buddies! Ooh, just typing that felt weird, ROFL!!
    So I have to report back… after I posted my comment I went and stared in the mirror, and said “right, Universe – I will do the work I need to do so I can follow my soul purpose – but you have to give me SOMETHING so I can move forward with trust that I will be financially supported, and you have to do it TODAY”. Woo that felt scary – but also felt right, you know?
    Not 30 minutes later, I got offered the possibility of a refund for a course I’d paid for!!!! The really funny thing is, when I’d made the payment in the first place, I’d felt angst and guilt and was in scarcity energy, but paid anyway because I knew that the course was 100% right for me. But when the offer to get a refund and just make a donation came through, I knew I didn’t need that refund at all – it’s just money, and there is plenty more where that came from!!! So I declined the refund and it feels GREAT to know I’m doing this course with a 180 degree shift in my energy, from scarcity to abundance. What a fabulous confirmation from the Universe in response to my demand. And the sky didn’t fall on my head, LOL! Dena, you gotta try this out – it’s so much fun!
    I love this stuff 😀

  • Robert says:

    Great topic Jeannette. I am enjoying everyone’s posts. Pamela, I think we would all love it if you used your new digital camera to post a picture of yourself. I just might have a bit of a tantrum if you don’t. 🙂 lol

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Janette, I like your style, girl! You’re on a roll now. . .

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Dena, I would LOVE to hear you say more about how the feeling of power (ability, control, authority, strength, energy–all qualities which you are born with and never leave you) makes you feel small. It sounds like some wiring got crossed somewhere and you’ve confused your true nature (being powerful and in control) with the lie that your true nature is the suppression/denial of these empowered qualities–please tell me where I’m wrong. This fascinates me because I used to be the queen of believing I had no control, oh silly me 🙂 Thanks for sharing that!

  • Dena says:

    oh Janette…I can relate to your experience. This post is extremely timely and helpful. I’ve mostly played the “polite, good girl” quiet role and asked…oh so gently for everything…not that that’s is bad, btw. or ineffective. However, my dearest friend is outrageously successful in throwing tantrums to the universe. It works for her brilliantly. (which is great!) For me, however, it has never worked. which perplexed the heck out of me. With this thread it is coming more into focus. I have a difficult time “demanding” anything. It makes me feel small. Others, it makes them feel powerful. I would like to foster that feeling of being okay (perhaps even wonderful) with the feeling of power (ability, control, authority, strength, energy).
    Jeannette- I love your story of saving Sadie. Very inspiring and Powerful!

  • You and me both, Janette. 🙂
    I was thinking about how to be powerful AND polite, but I think polite might be overrated. lol
    Emiko, I agree that confidence is the key! And for the record, I have had a boyfriend show up with that strong intention, and .. well, everyone’s heard that story before. ha!
    Sylvia, I feel our collective female power growing together! woo hoo!!
    And Pamela, thanks for the fabulous story of how well this works!

  • Pamela says:

    Its just worked for me 🙂
    Back in July I sold my digital SLR camera so I could pay for some moving costs. I’d expected to, and had been focusing on, getting a replacement camera two weeks after. Nothing happened and I kept hoping ‘it’ll be here this week’ and still nothing.
    Beginning of this week, over a month later, I had a bit of a tantrum over it. I’ve been feeling so creatively stifled, especially after the death of my grandmother, since I no longer had my outlet and I had a bit of an outburst. My husband and I had a chat and as it turns out he’s getting a few thousand in back holiday pay from his boss – much more than we would need to pay for the camera. So this weekend he and I are going shopping to buy the replacement digital SLR, which has just this come down in price by $100 😀
    Now to start demanding things go my way with this move my husband and I are making.

  • Sylvia says:

    GREAT discussion everyone! I think I’ve been too wimpy. Being a good girl. A nice girl. Saying please. BIG Ah-ha moment here!

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    I am definitely down with the idea that it’s the energy that drives the manifesting engine. When I come correct with Universe (or anyone/anything for that matter) I get listened to. If the energy is wimpy, unsure or apologetic (ick) then I just sound like white noise or maybe I don’t even vibrate at a high enough frequency to get picked-up? Universe is like, “hmmm…did someone say something? did anyone else hear that?” I’m reminded of that guy in Office Space who everyone ignored and disrespected and he’s chattering away meekly saying things like “okay, but, I’m going to blow up this building.” I digress. . . but I do think it all depends on how confident I am when I make my request, in fact, I’d go step further and say actually believing the desired situation/person/thing has already manifested and moving about my world as if it already had yields some pretty gorgeous results. And I just have to say on the boyfriend thing: if HE comes correct with his intention, I’m probably going to manifest some nookie for him (but, let’s be honest, it was probably my intention that he got the idea in the first place, ha!) 😉
    Love this community, thanks Jeannette and everyone for letting me be a part of it!

  • Janette says:

    OMG this opens up the biggest can of fat juicy worms for me!
    Childhood programming = ultra polite English. Like “Oh, I say Mummy, do you think we might have crumpets for tea, please?” was the strongest it got in terms of expressing desire. Heaven help you, if you used the phrase “I want” about anything.
    Can you imagine saying “excuse me Universe, do you think you could get me that perfect career, if it’s not too much trouble, please?” Yikes!!
    Your post has made me realise I still have a way to go get TRULY comfortable with intending and demanding – thank you so much for the worms! 😀
    And Iyabo, thank you for your perspective – that helps so much.

  • Yes, Mitch, sometimes throwing a fit is a sign of powerlessness. The vibe behind is what matters.
    I’m writing an article on creating time right now, and the whole key of it is knowing that there’s nothing more powerful “out there” than we are “in here.”
    Thanks, Mitch!
    Alora, that’s exactly how it felt for me. A total rejection of this alternative. This is just not an option. And thank God we’re in charge (or at least we can be, when we dare to be that powerful)!
    Kim, Kreshkali has become one of my favorite teachers! SO loving meeting up with her again in Arrows of Time!
    And what a great tip to check in on body language to determine what signal we’re sending!! SO TRUE!! Hope everyone caught that post – it’s important!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, I love the story about Sadie. I hadn’t heard it before! I hope you tell it again on a call so I have the long version, and your voice!
    The metaphors of boss, film director and response to BF’s sexual advances all point to one thing. Because I say so!
    As Tim points out, the words are not what’s important (think of how many languages there are!) What matters is how we mean them and I think the Universe is unerringly aware of every subtle nuance we utter (or imagine).
    ‘It’s the energy that counts,’ as Kreshkali would say.
    One way to check in on ‘how’ we are meaning what we say is to observe our body language. If we say it with our eyebrows up and shoulders hunched and fingers crossed it will have a very different impact that a lifted chin, feet planted firmly, hands on hips.
    I know we can find evidence for anything and here is mine!
    Communication – What Percentage is Body Language?
    * Words (the literal meaning) account for 7% of the overall message
    * Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the overall message
    * Body Language accounts for 55% of the overall message
    Bottom line: If I’m not getting what I want, I go look in the mirror and see how I’m stating it!
    🙂 Kim

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Jeanette, what a great story! About Sadie.
    It goes to prove my point about “standing.” You knew that you had the right to say “NO!” and you exercised that right and there were no other options!
    That is standing! That is taking what you want from intention to DEMAND!
    That is getting what you want.
    That is miracles.

  • Sara Exley says:

    Experience has taught me that MY most empowering vibration is DECIDING. When I decide I’m going to be, do, or have something – it comes. No questions asked.
    Here’s what I know – the vibe that’s going to work the best, is the vibe that FEELS the best.
    So to go back to your question, have I ever gotten what I wanted as a result of demaing from the Universe? The answer to that is ONLY when it felt absolutely wonderful and appropriate and RELIEVING to activate that energy!
    I think that’s the most important thing to understand. There are countless paths to the experience of Relief. And THAT is the place where ALL of our desires are waiting for us.
    Say YES if you love that!!
    Abundant Vibes,
    Sara E.
    PS Jeannette, I’m so glad to have replied to your post because I just remembered I have so much to email you about!!! 😀

  • Alora says:

    On occasion when something happens that is completely unexpected, or something expected doesn’t happen and I feel very strongly about it I have said, “That is not an acceptable reality.” And I really meant it. 😉 My version of demanding, I guess.
    Jeannette, I did that when one of your 6 week classes was full and I knew I was supposed to take it. And once I said that was not acceptable to the Universe I got in.
    But like Joe Vitali I took massive action, too. Because I just knew I was supposed to be in it when I wrote to you about being in your class I certainly acted “as if!” *grin*

  • Mitch says:

    This is such an interesting topic. Great responses, everyone!
    Jeannette, I love your story. That is a perfect example of when demanding does work. You were firm and sure and you had absolutely made up your mind.
    I find that demanding *can* be very effective, but it’s important that I know where I am vibrationally when I do it. There are times when I throw a fit at the Universe, but it feels less like taking authority and saying how it’s gonna be, and more like pleading with an unyielding parent to give me dessert before I’ve had my peas. And not surprisingly, I don’t get what I ask for when I feel that way. lol
    It’s a nice chance to remind ourselves that we are the grownups now, and no one outside of us gets to decide anymore. We don’t have to plead with an unwilling Universe to please please please let us have our way. The Universe is constantly giving us what we vibrate, and if we’re powerfully demanding what we know we deserve, then how can it not come?
    (Was that entire last paragraph in first person plural? Jeez, I listen to a lot of Abraham. lol)

  • Well said, Tshombe. And what an inspiring and powerful reminder!
    I love it, Allison: “telling Universe how it’s gonna be”! I can certainly see how that entitlement is good fuel for the manifestation!
    Nice to hear from you again, Sara! Your post reminds me when people ask how I came to be a coach, and I say, “I decided to be.”

  • Tshombe says:

    Well there may be something to this demand thing. God said “Let there be light,” not “It is my intention that light come to be.”
    If we are in fact God, “demand” carries more of the idea of absolute certainty rather than a request of someone or something apart from us who at His whim grants or not.
    I believe Intention offers the focus for the Demand. Neither are “wimpy”, when accompanied by certainty and recognition of our birthright to create whatever we desire.

  • Allison says:

    I’ve just been reading Joe’s book on Psychic Demand… I guess I prefer my “making room” process (which might be considered “wimpy”), but I will say there have been times when I’ve just become so exasperated that I have to have a hard discussion with the Universe and tell it how things are going to be. I remember a specific time in my life where I used this method – and it worked like a charm and *amazingly* quickly.
    Iyabo, you make an interesting observation. We have been trained in this society that we have to earn “standing”, or “entitlement”. We use the phrase “entitlement” as a negative reference (especially when referring to teenagers… I won’t go there), as if thinking we are entitled to anything is a bad thing. Seems like this has a lot to do with the person making the intention and how “entitled” that person knows he/she is and how they understand the energy and conviction behind the intention process, as Tim mentioned the *emphasis* of the intention. Some of us just need to get a little fired up sometimes in order to feel that entitlement and set things into motion.
    I love Judie’s comment about putting her DEMAND in her Magic Box (I have a vision box, rather than a vision board). The best of both worlds. I think I’ll try the same.

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    I love this post. First of all you used a Jewish religious story and I know your thoughts about “God” being apart from us but also this:
    You can say “intend” with whimpy energy or if you have studied it as a subject, listening to Wayne Dyer, Reading The Intention Experiment, etc. then you naturally have a deeper more powerful relationship with your intent.
    So, it is all about the feeling behind the word. I could say Timbuctu and mean intent and what I want will manifest.
    Now, the thing about making a demand, this is very curious. Many people feel they do not have “standing” to make a demand. For instance, some folks file for Unemployment because they have been working for an employer who has been paying into the unemployment account for the employee. So that employee has “standing” to claim that benefit.
    You see, beloved, when you know how much love there is out there for you and how wonderful and perfect and amazing you are, you get it, that you have standing, legal and otherwise to demand for whatever your heart desires and believes.
    I believe we should set intentions and then demand for their manifestations.
    So much love for Jeanette, the readers of this blog and the commenters of this blog, O, and not to leave myself out, me!
    P.S. When you are entering into that Love space – do not forget yourself!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Well, I placed my Demand in my Magic Box. It felt great! I did thank the Universe for responding to my demand. It didn’t feel demanding at all 🙂
    I am very excited to see how quickly the Universe responds to my demand. Ha ha!

  • All right, Iyabo, you’ve inspired me to share my demand story.
    Some may have heard me share this before on a call, although I think I’ve only told it once before.
    Short version: Sadie my dog was laying dead on the ground, and Verrall was freaking out about it. I walked up, saw the scene, and said, “No.” Not this.
    Just like a Director of a movie (or who has final say in the movie making? – whoever that is) .. but it was like I walked up and nixed this very bad idea. This was not an option. We’re not doing this, for damn sure – not this.
    I lost two dogs the year prior, there’s no way I was giving up my puppy now.
    And I didn’t have any strong emotion around it, because I knew it wasn’t happening.
    I’m sure some would call that denial.
    But I just said in my mind a very firm, strong “NO.”
    There was no pleading or begging or fear or anything other than a very firm, solid NO.
    And I know that contradicts everything LOA-ish that it’s supposed to be focused on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
    But I told Verrall to take her collar off. And then to push on her chest. And then to blow in her nose. None of it worked. And he was really freaking out. But I stood there calmly, not even petting her head to say goodbye, because I knew I was not losing my dog.
    And after several minutes of lifelessness, she breathed. And then after several more minutes she opened her eyes. And then after a little longer she lifted her head. Verrall carried her to the car (she was heavy – thank God he was there!) and we drove to the vet. She tried to stand up on the way there, but couldn’t. Her legs and muscles just didn’t work.
    By the time we got to the vet’s office, she would have looked quite normal to anyone looking. She was stunned, but she could stand. And by the time we got home, she was perfectly fine.
    Kind of reminds me of a boyfriend asking for sexual favors. I get final say on this; he can suggest or cajole or plead or try to convince all he wants – this is my domain. I call the shots here. I’m the power broker. (he he)
    Okay, that’s an easy way for me to tap into the Ultimate Authority energy that says how it’s gonna be.
    I Choose. I’m the Boss. This is how it’s gonna be. This is MY domain.
    I CAN feel the difference between that and intending. (At least in the way “I” feel intentions.)

  • ha!! Judie, I didn’t even think of this for you … until I saw your post! It may be just what the doctor ordered!
    Yes, it’ll be interesting to see you get fiesty on this one. Do keep us posted!
    I think the key to its success may be that we’re no longer asking for something, but that we realize we’re calling these shots and this is what we command.
    Like, the way a boss would when he knows no one can overrule him. There’s no higher authority that we have to get on board with the plan.
    WE are the authority.
    I can imagine some getting uncomfortable with this approach, but I can also see the potential in it.
    Hmm …

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I usually take a more heartfelt approach, such as Pray Raining, using afformations or chanting. However, I am now inspired to DEMAND that the Universe fulfill my goals RIGHT NOW or else!!!!!!!!!!
    I will keep you posted Jeannette 🙂

  • I think you’re exactly right about that, Tim.
    The words don’t matter to Universe – the energy does.
    So as we discover the words (and the emphasis) that take us to the most empowering & aligned energy, that would be our ticket to success.
    Okay, remember the scene from Star Wars when Obi Wan tells the troopers “these are not the droids you’re looking for”?
    THAT’S the kind of conviction that gets us results.
    Thanks for posting, Tim!!

  • Tim says:

    Sounds to me like it’s not what we say but how we say it. “I INTEND to get a job in the next 6 months!”, that type of word with conviction is a stronger way of committing to what you are saying. Imagine that sentence with no emphasis on the work intend.
    One thing I know for sure, different words have different meaning to different people.

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