August 14, 2009

Q&A: How Much Time Should I Spend Each Day?

Here’s a question I thought you folks could not only help with answering, but I’m also curious to hear what you all practice yourselves:

Q: I’ve known about law of attraction for many years now (actually, I practiced it as a child although I didn’t realize it).  I’ve read many books on the subject and consider myself well practiced on deliberate creation.  Currently I spend at least one hour every day (usually about two hours, but sometimes even more), and still I’m not getting results.
How much time should I spend on manifesting my dream each day?  I’ve got two big ones I’d like to see progress on.  It’s hard to believe I’m not doing enough – and yet, obviously something’s not working.  What would you suggest?

When I wrote back to ask for permission to share this question with you, I also asked what her manifesting habits were.  It’s primarily appreciation lists and visualizing, although she practices a variety of other Abraham processes as well.
Let’s hear it guys – what advice would you give to someone who wonders whether an hour (or more) a day is enough time to invest in a deliberate creation practice?
Thanks in advance for your excellent input!

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  • Patia says:

    How did I miss this post for the past week? Weird, because for the past week I have really been doing great at believing and staying positive, but I had just started feeling like maybe I was working too hard at it. This post and comments are very helpful.
    Iyabo, I copied and pasted your quote about “heartswell” into my collection of inspiring quotes!

  • Tshombe says:

    Iyabo just expanded on the marvelous process of ‘heartswelling’:
    Thanks Iyabo! You’re brilliant and gifted 🙂

  • Tshombe says:

    Wow! This is some AMAZING stuff here, Guys. I love it. Thank you so much.
    It really can be easy, this LOA stuff, can’t it if we allow it AND if can be super difficult, if we let it!
    When reading the question put to Jeannette, the first thing I sensed what a lot of self-judgment. Something akin to “I should know better, I’ve been doing this for a long time, what’s wrong with me?”
    I think releasing the “shoulds” might be a good step toward feeling better and moving toward self-love and self-appreciation.
    Another thought is we already have whatever we desire at the quantum level. Remembering this may make it easier to let go and detach, because what we’re wanting already exists — though for the moment we just may not see it.
    It also makes it possible to fully embrace Iyabo’s fabulous “heartswell” of gratitude and appreciation because it’s not just on it’s way; it’s already here!

  • PurePotential says:

    In my recent experience of the moment of oneness with the influence of Tibetan bowls and gongs, the concept of time changed from finite to infinite and beyond artificial measure.

  • Jeanne says:

    “Heartswell” may have to be my new favorite word, because it SO describes that “I’m so happy I think I’m going to spontaneously burst wide open, my body’s not going to be able to contain this joy” feeling! Thanks for the word, Iyabo! So concise.
    I also endorse the “letting go” and let it happen as it will, and enjoy the NOW just as it is. Can’t wait to check out Kim’s “Quantum Enchantment” series, because I just adore feeling ageless and timeless. Once again, Jeannette, your blog brings such enrichment to your readers. You and they simply rock!

  • And they just keep getting better .. wow! You guys are rockin’ it with the responses here!
    Erik, you just described the vibrational gap analysis I take clients through. Powerful process! And I am also getting better at respecting the voice inside. Thanks for that reminder!
    Susie, your post makes me wonder what your “big thing” will be once you have that little cottage in Laguna Beach. ? That might help put things in more helpful perspective.
    And OMGosh, Judy!!! Fell off the WALL?! WOW! Kudos to you for catching the significance of that! And I LOVE this suggestion: “Be easy on yourselves. You’re making far too much of this.” Judy, you’re the best.
    Deb, your response is having a profound impact on many, not just me, I know. I’m thinking of it as, “not just 15 minutes, but always. It’s not something you stop.” I love that you mentioned Kim’s series and how time is just an illusion anyway!
    Thanks, Deb, and everyone else, for being the “profound gift” in this community. Namaste.

  • Debra says:

    Wow! The incredible-ness of responses, energy and enthusiasm here always just turns me on! Every response is from the heart…and that’s where the magic is.
    I personally vibe most with Iyabo’s “Heartswell” idea and Mia’s examples of ‘going for the Feel Good’.
    When I read the question, my initial impression was…
    Time?! How much time? How interesting. I never thought about how much time (in the linear sense) that I was devoting to the practice of LOA.
    In fact, funny enough…I’ve never considered LOA a practice.
    This realization for me is an intriguing one, because to be honest I don’t do well with ‘practices’. For me, practice implies that:
    A. I’m not very good at something
    B. It’s gonna take some time until I can get better at it
    C. It’s not real yet…I’m just practicing
    I know it’s just a word. People say that to me all the time. “It’s just a word, Deb…call it what you want; pick a different one if you like…it’ll still be saying the same thing.”
    I think the vibe of the words we use is oh so important.
    What’s more important is how we each individually feel about the words we’re using.
    If I’ve got a weirdo-hangup about the word ‘practice’…then I can be pretty darn sure that weirdo-vibe is active when I use the word.
    For me, it’s not about how much we practice anything. It’s about how much we live it, how much we love it, how much we feel it. And in the feeling part… It’s always going to be awesome when it feels good!
    I’ve never chosen to ‘practice the Law of Attraction’. I’ve absolutely chosen to ‘LIVE IT’.
    It’s a part of me…a part of who I am. I breathe it. It breathes through me. Do I get ‘congested’ sometimes? Absolutely. And just like a snuffy nose…with care and attention on feeling better it clears, opens…and I’m breathing well again.
    In the question, “How much time should I spend on manifesting my dream every day?”
    My answer would be all of it. Live it like it’s already alive in your life. Love the realization of the manifestation so much you can taste it. Taste the nectar of it’s goodness now, why wait? Feel it. Does it feel good?? Oh yeah baby…it feels sooo goooood!
    Time is an illusion. (For anyone who questions that do yourselves a favor and go on a journey with Kim Falconer’s Quantum Enchantment Series! 🙂
    When we free ourselves from the linear constraints of time and just allow…that’s when the real magic happens! (And then later, for those that get a kick out of the time thing…you can go back track and say, ‘Whoa! That manifested in *no time at all*!’ …Exactly!)
    Thanks for inspiring thought and introspection, Jeannette. As these questions are raised, each of us is gifted the opportunity to observe, question, relate, engage, respond…all the while living and breathing into our awareness.
    You, your blog, your readers questions…all such a profound gift.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂
    …and once again…I feel a post coming on; so thanks for inspiring that, too!
    Love and Brilliance…Right Now!
    ~Deb (@debsoul)

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    I think I’ve had the belief…..that the “little” things are easy to manifest….but the “big” one, (OWNING AND LIVING IN A COTTAGE IN LAGUNA BEACH) is another story…..
    Thanks for all the great input here….gonna adjust, try new ways of FEELING IT……great information here!
    peace ‘n love all

  • I think I have to cast my vote with the “giving it up” “surrendering” and “letting go” group. It’s really only about the joy, ever. Easy to say, I know.
    The day after the Money Mojo Magic course officially ended I decided to watch for a “sign” and then just proceed with the next logical step, the easy thing – whatever that would be. During my morning meditation my VERY SECURELY attached vision board fall off the wall. I think it was actually causing more stress than pleasure as it was a constant reminder of things not yet manifested – still had the extra ten pounds, no soapstone sink and counter in the kitchen, etc.
    So with the vision board safely stored away, I decided to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to. I decided to just go ahead and have the new sink and counter put in, trusting that the money would come when I had to pay for it. Last week I had three pieces of gooey cake with sugar frosting in one afternoon. Folks have been asking me if I’ve lost weight (seriously) and I’m now looking at my new kitchen. And my husband Miche, who also participated in MMM, is traveling out to British Columbia for a “rammed earth” construction course he has really wanted to take in a couple of weeks. We’ve always said “BC is too far -if they only offered the course in New England…”
    My Pray Rain journal has become my “how did I… journal” (Loved THAT post – I think it shifted the energy swirling around “desire”.)
    I think what I learned most about giving up and letting go is that it happened when it did, effortlessly. Not a moment before. I couldn’t “make” it happen until it happened. I think that’s what Abe/Ester means when they say, “Be easy on yourselves. You’re making far too much of this.” I credit MMM with helping me make the shift.
    PS I still love the visual of one of Bill Murray’s movies where he’s leading his group of campers in the mantra “It just doesn’t matter. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!) The zen of that, of course, is that it matters until it doesn’t!

  • Erik says:

    Thanks for the other comments reminding me so strongly of “letting go” of the wishes.
    I completely understand the issue of “trying too hard”. If there are some things you desperately need, it is *very* hard to let go of. But then again, life taught me, just like in a song I am just hearing “no dragging, no pushing – just let if flow” (it’s from TabTwo).
    If things are not manifesting I try to check out my life as it currently is (since it is the result of my vibe) and cross-check it with my own thoughts and wants. If my life shows up different things than my thoughts and wants, then it seems to me that I am not in alignment with my vibe (=> my life). So I have to change my approach.
    Another thing that might have happened if things are not showing up: I did not listen to the tiny little voice in my head that very subtly urged me to do this and that but I flat out refused it so fast in my head, that I did not even quite notice it. As Jeannette says “take inspired action”.
    Maybe there is this little voice in your head telling you for weeks or months what might be right, but you are not very eager to listen to it since it tells you things which you might not like to hear – you know, that these things “are the right thing to do” deep down in your mind and heart but perhaps the courage is lacking or something else.
    Enjoy your day :).

  • Ooh, Amy, this is an important reminder! When you said Abe’s “wanting us not to do processes because they will get us to our stuff.”
    When we do it with an agenda of getting our stuff, rather than just for the pure purpose of feeling good, we’ve missed the target.
    Thanks for the vortex tip, Amy!! And Sara and Toni are right on your heels with that! Thanks, ladies.
    Missy B’s suggestion that if it’s hard it’s not working is one that I reiterate to clients myself. Well said, girlfriend. (And nice afformation tacked on there!)
    And Zoe, you’re one of these many fab folks with awesome insights! I LOVE your example! Thanks for taking the time to type that up – it hit home!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Jeannette-you’ve attracted/manifested some awesome folks here with fab insights. As for me, my insights come from this arvo’s golf session. I am a newbie golfer – read lots of air swings, frustration, swearing, sometimes tears, and today – a thrown golf club. It was all about pressure, the need to perform, to get results. Visualizing just made it worse – after all, visualizing was supposed to work! Argh!
    So I just gave up. Gave up caring what other golfers thought about, gave up caring if I hit the ball well, gave up caring if I impressed my husband. In fact, it was when hubby said, “just hit the f@&$n grass” and I cracked up laughing (shifted stressed out performance vibe) that things turned around. I actually hit the ball – straight and long. But more importantly, I started enjoying the day – the sun was warm, grass so green, sky stunning blue, I was happy and in love with my life. Lesson for me – quality of life is absolutely and only quality of thoughts and feelings (not results). Outcomes are simply a juicy after effect – not the main course. Hoorah! Off to goof off some more :0)

  • MissyB says:

    I’m on the same lines as Mitch and David.
    I’ve a surrender box that all my wants go in along with the negative issues I need to surrender. It works for me – its just some things take longer. Its simple – I do simple. Sometimes I catch myself imagining myself with requested “item” – but there’s where my visualising ends.
    None of this is meant to be hard. If it is – then we’re doing it wrong…well that’s my view anyway.
    Lets have fun – that’s what life is for – FUN ! Like the afformations – they’re fun. How did I manage to manifest all this without spending hours visualising !

  • Charlie says:

    Hi there, to GoogleReader!

  • Toni says:

    I, too, have been most successful manifesting the desires I didn’t feel too much attachment to. Especially whereas jobs are concerned, I’ve been really successful – usually I just sit with the ads and my application, feeling all the joy of my expectations of the job, but the very minute I send it off to the would-be employer, I forget all about it and almost do not care if I get it or not.
    Should I happen to think about it before the final results, for instance if a commercial reminds me of the company or I see something in the street, I always greet it with a big smile, thinking “Oh, yeah, there it is again – sooo good” 🙂 And then I forget it again.
    I’m beginning to understand a lot more about what Jeannette’s been saying for years about goofing off. ALL of my positive results have manifested when my mind was on something completely different, 9 out of 10 times when I was out having fun.

  • Sara Exley says:

    Put all your lists away and treat yourself to a fun evening out with your friends. 🙂

  • Amy says:

    I have heard Abe address this, and my memories of it are of wanting us not to do processes because they will get us to our stuff. I think perhaps there are bits of diligence, dutifulness, and trying that muddy the vibe.
    Your “stuff” is out there and available, and the universe knows what it is, even if you don’t say or write the words.
    I’d be willing to bet that learning to let yourself take a luxurious nap, with your cat, with the curtains blowing in the breeze might be more powerful.
    How about spending an hour listing what puts you in the vortex (whatever makes you feel joyous/thrilled/goose-bumpy), and then every day do something from that list!

  • Janette says:

    It just sounds like WAY too much work, to me.
    I recently manifested a new neighbour who fits my ‘perfect neighbour profile’ to a T, after months of noisy difficult neighbours – woohoo! But I did it by having literally ONE conversation with my husband and then thinking “wow, that would be really cool” and then completely forgetting about it. Of course what made that easier is that it was something I was completely detached from. In fact I didn’t realise it was something I’d even put out there as a request until about an hour after I’d met the new neighbour!
    So yes, I’m with everyone else. It’s the allowing and relaxing. I can’t imagine how the discipline of doing 2 hours every day fits in with feeling or flowing relaxation and allowing. That would NOT feel good to me; it would feel like hard labour.
    We don’t manifest through our own efforts. We manifest by letting go and letting God.
    Hmmm, now all I gotta do is remember my own advice, LOL!!! 😀

  • 15 is the number that comes to mind for me as well, Kimberly. Thanks for pitching in here!
    And having read your post, Mitch, I realize I RARELY get to as much as 15 myself. lol And for me, too, it’s the “bigger” ones when I pull out the stops (lists, focus wheels, pray rain page, etc.). Good suggestions you’ve offered here, Mitch!
    Stephanie, I had to smile that you’re the first one to suggest ACTION in place of an hours’ worth of visualizing. I tend to deemphasize that part, although I do practice it on inspiration.
    And nice observation, MsNikki – thanks for sharing that!
    That IS a great book, isn’t it, Emiko?! I love that you mentioned it here – that magnetizing was one of my favorite stories that Martha shared at last month’s coach conference.
    Mia, that quote from your teacher is fabulous! Wish I’d read that before I turned in my article on Rituals to Greta last month! Thanks for a very helpful spotlight about what works and why.
    Bridgette, I want to entertain passing thoughts like YOURS. ha ha Actually, I want to entertain passing thoughts like that about optimal fitness. Getting loose and easy on that subject has proven to be something I get to practice a lot. lol (But the afformations seem to be helping!)
    And Janette, here’s to reminding us how easy it can be!! woo hoo!!
    Could you guys possibly get any smarter?! I’m LOVING your answers to this question!!

  • I’m with the “letting go” sentiment here. One time I just passingly thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have $10,000.” And I manifested it a week later. That sounds like one of those fake woo-woo stories, but it seriously was just a passing thought while I was driving.
    Another time, apropos of nothing, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have $25k.” That showed up too.
    Here’s the thing. I almost missed the $25K because it showed up as a lucrative consulting gig, but I wanted to be a full-time coach. So the money didn’t match my “how.” Luckily, I was able to step back from that and see that at that point in my life, putting coaching on hold for 6 weeks to make enough money to fund coaching for close to a year–might be the way to go. 😉 That was also the most lucrative consulting gig I ever did because I didn’t NEED the money, so I asked for a ridiculous amount and got it.
    I may have missed the $10K too b/c that showed up as a tax refund. But, I totally was expecting the IRS to keep that money so I say “bully for me!” Money in my hand is money in my hand in my book.
    I like using LOA practices to clear my vibe and find what feels good. For me it works best when I’m operating from a place of general feel-good and have a fun and open attitude toward manifesting what I desire. Which means for me barely thinking about it.
    Like Mia was saying, if the rituals feel fun and aligning, do them. If not, just do what’s fun and aligning and that’s time well spent!

  • Mia says:

    I used to be a real manifesting drill sergeant for myself. I would spend at least 2 hours a day doing any or all of the following: watching (a) MindMovie(s), watching & tapping through (an) EFT video(s), writing in my Pray Rain Journal, illustrating them with beautiful pictures, writing Morning pages, reading affirmations out loud, doing EFT throughout the day when sth upset me, reading self-help books, visualizing (never much, that’s still the one technique that doesn’t get much to my heart), writing a Gratitude Journal, writing a Book of Positive Aspects, you name it… And then some yoga & meditation for good measure. It was almost a full-time job.
    Until I was sick and tired of it all and it felt more like a daily drill that I had to go through before I could start enjoying my life and get my work done than something I enjoyed and that made sense. (No wonder I didn’t earn much money, I spent all my time going through the manifesting motions…).
    And then I let it all go. I decided to only follow what felt good – and if at any day it didn’t feel good to go through any or all of the above, I just didn’t do it. Even though the experts told me I needed to be consistent and do the same technique for at least 30 consecutive days for new neural pathways to form in my mind… I couldn’t care less.
    The following analogy came to my mind, once I had started letting go of the routine: You can spend days & weeks & months & years & lifetimes dreaming of traveling to France. But in the end, when you feel you’ve prepared what you wanted to prepare, all you need to do is get into your car, turn the ignition key and hit the road. And it’s a great idea to take a road map with you, but just follow the major stepping stones on the route. Don’t stop at every corner to get balanced and aligned with yourself and check whether you’re still intent on going. Just go…
    Well, that’s what worked for me. I am much easier on myself these days – and sometimes I pull myself together a little more and sometimes I give myself free rein and just enjoy my day without manifesting consciously. It can get such a job if you don’t watch out… You could drain all the life & joy out of it (and I’m speaking from first-hand experience here…)
    One of my favourite teachers once told me: “sometimes a ritual can be a meaningful thing to do, but it has to be absolutely from your heart that you can do it, like meditating: sometimes it’s a meaningful thing to do, other times it’s a useless, pointless exercise. If you can’t do something from the heart, don’t do it. Because then you are not being true to yourself.”
    It took me a while to see that meditation (and all kinds of manifesting techniques) can be “a useless, pointless exercise”, but I have now come to see the truth in this. As for me, I am focussing more & more on following my joy, doing & focussing on what feels good.
    And I agree with what some other people stated above: that sometimes the goals you give a fleeting thought to and send off into the universe with the flick of a finger, easily and gently, almost carelessly, are the ones that manifest quickest. I stopped “working” on manifesting the perfect house for me because I just couldn’t bring myself to it, I felt resistance and I couldn’t put my heart into it. So I respected that resistance and I took my mind off it and focused on things that brought me joy. The results that are now pouring in in the field of “finding my perfect house in an easy, enjoyable way” just blow my mind. I couldn’t have imagined the level and scale of support I am receiving now, even if I’d tried.
    So my advice is: letting go can be a very liberating thing to do. Maybe you have “done” way too much rather than “not enough”. Enjoy not doing a darn thing for a while.
    Wishing you good luck & loads of fun!
    Mia x

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    I spend a few minutes in the morning before I get out of bed to “magnetize” what I want to draw to me–although, I picture a vortex drawing towards me the things I want to attract! It’s a very powerful visualization for me. I just finished reading Creating Money by Sanaya Roman (great book!) and she mentioned the amount of energy needed to manifest things, people and situations varies, and that exerting too much energy isn’t necessary and can be draining. So playing with the amount energy needed for certain things is a good idea. For example, I find it does not take a lot of energy to manifest a space in the parking lot anymore, but in the past I exerted the energy needed to do dead lift my body weight–not any more, it’s totally unnecessary! Also important is letting go of attachment to the thing, person (it’s recommended not to attract a specific person, especially concerning romantic interests, so many good reasons why not, but totally great fodder for a new blog topic . . .) or situation.
    Great question!

  • David Michaels says:

    Well said, Mitch!

  • MSNikki says:

    I cosign with Mitch and just love all of the answers thus far! I definitely will be incorporating them into the mix!
    I believe we can all relate to your sentiments! This may not help but this is what came up as an example. At the beginning of the year I meditated and then wrote down specific goals that I wanted/needed to have happen. True to form, I fixated on two goals without realizing that I was already manifesting one very easily! It took me by surprise because when I fixated on this specific goal before I couldn’t make any headway!! Hmmmmm…

  • Great question. I believe it takes courageous right action steps toward our dreams that send the message to the universe that we know we can have what we want and we are willing to show up for it. Even if we are taking baby action steps every day toward our dream, it gives us the sense of peace that we are that much closer. Of course, we only want to take action when it feels good. It’s kind of like The Law of ACTION is the “cause” and The Law of ATTRACTION is the “effect”. I like to attach my dream to everything I do during the day as if I already “have” what I want. It’s not easy but when I do, no matter how much time I spend visualizing, it carries into the rest of my life. I say spend ALL your time manifesting from trust! It’s already there, just show up, let go and enjoy the life you have already created! Nothing is missing. The universe has got your back. Claim your perfect life right now and watch your vision come to you. Cheers!

  • Mitch says:

    Great question and great answers! I’m taking a lot of these responses to heart myself. 🙂
    I have to echo the people who have spoken about letting go. The quickest manifestations for me have been when I do a short manifesting technique (maybe 10 minutes a day) and then distract myself with fun things elsewhere. I have a strong tendency to want to babysit my “bigger” goals and think about them all the time, but experience tells me that that doesn’t work.
    If it’s something I have a lot of resistance around, I like to check in with myself periodically during the day to see how I’m feeling about it. I stop in long enough to raise the vibe if I need to, but then I get the hell out! lol That way, I’m doing what I am able to do without unconsciously trying to force anything to happen.

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    The first thing I noticed was the thought of something not happening and the disappointment/frustration surrounding that thought.
    I spend 15 minutes a day focused, I listen to music and I have fun imagining and I’m manifesting all over the place. What works for me is to focus on the life ethat I want, put positive/excited feelings around my thoughts, and then allow it to happen.
    I’ve made the mistake of not allowing – it was the hardest step for me – but once I excepted that I had the power to create the life that I wanted, it becomes easier and easier to allow as each manifestation is realized.
    Have a wonderful weekend, All
    – Kimberly

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Hey guys, Good one! It is not about the time, it is about how real it is to you.
    For me it is about experiencing what I call “heartswell.” Heartswell is when your heart swells up and expands and gives you tingles and yumminess when you think about your desired outcome.
    Spend many moments a day, not necessarily all at the same time, just enjoying the heartswell of being in the space of such wonderful dreams and they will show up.
    Trust me.

  • David Michaels says:

    Personally, strangely, it’s the ones I gave a single thought to once, let it go, and then forgot about it that usually manifests that fastest. lol.
    It seems to most effectively make manifesting work, you just have to know what you want, feel it as if you already have it (love & gratitude are great energies to be in while doing this), and just let it go. Move on, forget about it, don’t keep trying. My instincts tell me to keep trying, keep working at it until I get it — that’s how many of us are trained. But I find, in personal experience, that it won’t show up until I’ve emotionally detached from it.
    Jeannette – if you created a product to help us let go and emotionally detach from the things we want most, in order to assist us in the final step of manifesting, I would buy it. 🙂 That final step has always been the hardest for me. I’ve made tremendous progress, but with some things (when I’m totally honest with myself), I’m still too emotionally attached to getting the outcome. And on those things, I’m still waiting for my manifestation.
    Everything else – and I do mean *everything* else – has already manifested.

  • That’s always good advice, Pernille – do something different when what you’ve been doing isn’t working.
    And well said, Self Help Goddess – it’s the feeling that matters.
    Thanks for the reminder about letting go, David and for the excellent suggestion. I am taking that to heart!
    That’s new to me, Iyabo – good food for thought!
    And JudiesJuice, you are quickly creating one of my favorite success stories! (I saw you post details on one of the other posts – thanks!) Like you said, it’s the feeling that counts and paying attention to that is where the payoff is. Kudos for walking the talk, my friend!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I can feel your pain. I have been “working” on manifesting one particular goal for months now. Pray raining, vision board, chanting, worked with Jeannette, etc.. My goal has not yet manifested fully but it is getting closer and closer.
    At this point, I have fully surrendered to the desire and am now focusing on other things. I was becoming too impatient, stressed and worried- when is it going to come?? Why is it not here yet after all I have done? What am I doing wrong? I’ve been there, done that and it didn’t feel any good.
    Now, I ask, Why did my manifestion happen out of the blue?
    Why did all these editors contact me the moment that I stopped thinking about them?
    Maybe you need to take a break from this particular goal? I had a talk with myself and the Universe and explained how I was feeling and that even though I was not going to focus on this goal as much, I still desired it and know it’s about to enter my life at any moment. I feel excited and energized. And, in the meantime, other assignments are coming my way out of nowhere! When I said this, I said it with love. I pictured my intention in my hands and I loved it. And then I let it go. Feels soooo good!
    I don’t think there is a right or wrong amount of time to spend manifesting, but as others have said, it depends on how good it makes you feel. The thought of “having” to manifest for one hour would make it feel like a chore to me, but that’s just me. If it makes you feel good, then do it.
    Best of luck!! I hope your wish comes true just as fast as mine is coming true.

  • OMG, could I HAVE any more smileys in my post?? lol.

  • Good question!! 🙂 I’ll take a stab at it here…
    David Gikandi, LOA expert and author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money, used to recommend visualizing your desired results for an hour a day (not sure whether he still does or not). However, I’ve also heard other very well-known LOA experts recommend only visualizing, affirming, etc. for a few minutes a day.
    I don’t think it’s the actual *amount* of time that matters, but rather the intention and feeling behind the exercises you are doing on a regular basis. If you’re doing these exercises every day for an hour and telling yourself things like, “GOD, why is this not working?? When will I FINALLY see results??”, then you’re sending a message to the Universe that things are not working (which Universe produces more of). However, if you’re spending just a few minutes a day practicing these exercises and flowing pure, positive, expectant energy at the same time, then those few minutes are much more worthwhile than the hour of the negative vibration!
    It seems like you still have attention focused on “Why I am not seeing results?”, which is probably why you’re not making as much progress as you would like. If you *truly* believe with all your heart that your desires are definitely going to manifest, then you won’t have attention on why things aren’t working… Instead, you will know that your desires are ALREADY on their way to you, and it’s just a matter of time until they arrive!! 🙂
    I would say, keep doing your exercises (whether for an hour or just a few minutes), but pay special attention to the energy you’re flowing around your desires… both while you’re doing your exercises and in your daily life overall. Even if you’re flowing positive energy during your exercises, you still want to flow as much positive energy towards your desires throughout your day-to-day activities when you’re not doing your LOA exercises.
    Hope this helps!! 🙂 Above all, don’t force anything. LOA is really easy, if we let it be! Our job is simply to allow things into our life once we’ve asked for them, which you’ve already done. After you’ve asked for something, that’s when the fun really begins!!! That’s when you get to sit back, know your desire is on its way, and anticipate all the fun and unexpected ways it could show up in your life at any moment… 😉

  • Very interesting question !!!
    My first thought was that maybe your client is too attached to the the manifestation of these two dreams -that there is some degree of “need” involved?
    In my experience there is no “right” or “wrong” amount of daily time investment – the most important thing is that it feels good!!!!!!
    My immediate suggestion in this case is to try something different for a while – it could be spending only a few minutes a day (or every other day or once a week) on the specific dreams and then spending the rest of the two hours on giving herself lots of tender loving selfcare, goofing off and enjoying life in various ways.

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