August 27, 2009

Q&A: How to Act It When It's Not (Real)?

Fabulous question just posted on the prior blog post by Caterpillar Woman.  I think you’ll agree it deserves its own spotlight here in our Q&A series.
We were talking about how action has a vibration that cues Universe what to deliver you, and for that reason it’s crucial our actions align with what we want.  But … well, here’s Caterpillar Woman’s question:

I get it. You can insist, “But I love you!”, but if you’re beating the person up as you say it, you’re not actually vibrating love.
The thing is, HOW do you act “wealthy” if you’re not? Wealthy people pay all their bills on time and spend money on things they want and need, right? What if you haven’t got the money to do that? How on earth are you supposed to act out a vibe of “I’m wealthy” without sending yourself into debt and maybe bankruptcy?
Also, with something like health. How do you act like you’re not diabetic? Or act like you don’t have arthritis? How do you act healthy if you’re not?
I keep asking this, and have asked it for years. So far, I’ve never gotten a satisfactory answer. I hope someone here… no. I’m SURE that someone here will be able to answer that in a way that makes perfect sense to me and gives me an “ah hah!” moment.
So, thank you to whomever has that answer for me. I know you’re there, and you’ll put it into words I can understand.

This is probably one of my all time favorite questions so far.  Not just because the answers require creativity, but because once we have answers, hee hee, well I just can’t stop giggling at the thought of what happens once we have those answers!!  woo hoo!!
Turning it over to you brilliant community members for response.  (And thank you in advance for sharing your perspectives and thoughts!)

  • Thanks for having the MM call on Wednesday, Jeannette. It was super and I loved being a part of that energy!

  • Christine says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Lynn Grabhorn also has/had a workbook to go with “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting”. I used parts of it in workshops and it has some fun activities to coincide with the LOA. Sadly, I agree about her follow-up books…the vibe was totally different.

  • This was a great tip we talked about in the call today, Ms. Cheevious! Thanks for tossing this one in.
    Loving the sounds of your blog, by the way … off to go check it out now!

  • Great call today, everyone! Thanks for dialing in and sharing your thoughts and insights!
    Here’s the recording for anyone who missed it:

  • Ms. Cheevious says:

    Wow – what a fantastic site – and great subject matter! While my blog is all about “enjoying every moment” and tends to be more of a flirtatious exercise – I am constantly trying to encourage my readers to “not participate in what the media says is going on in the economy” etc. But the main reason for my reply was because someone said something so practical, and I’ve used it as well: She said to go shopping for the things you’d like to buy when you do have the money. I just want to take it a step further. When I was planning to move up to Los Angeles, and I’d just gone through a terrible divorce that left me financially unstable and my future uncertain, I would drive up to Los Angeles from OC and drive through neighborhoods that I “planned” to move into. I looked at open houses and was determined that even though my wallet didn’t reflect it currently, I was CERTAINLY going to be in a place like this or better some day — if I still wanted to when the time came… I was a single mom and struggling. Believe me – the voices out there to the contrary are very invasive and loud – but you can rise above the fray and send yourself your own positive messages. I do it in the mirror all the time! ha ha

  • Gillian says:

    Stay clear from it? It must be a far cry from her other books! Thanks for the info. Oh, has anyone heard of a book called: “Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day ” by Victoria Moran? I am ordering it now!

  • Gillian says:

    @MissB, thanks for the info. I read 2 of Lynn’s books: “Excuse me, your life is waiting”, and “Beyond the 12 steps” and yes they teach us the basic LOA teaching, which is that nothing else matters other than we feel good. “Beyond the 12 Steps” is more into psychoanalysis and how we can reprogramm our subconscious mind. I liked both books, both have valuable insights, though her first book maybe more fun/easy to read. I was wondering why she died so mysteriously and why she suffered such illness, when she advocated “feeling good”. I too wish she were still around.
    @Jeannette, yes Iyabo can contact me at my gmail or she can go Lillian Too’s website. I will be happy to help out.
    Cheers, Gillian

  • I haven’t read 12 Steps, but her Dear God and Planet Two are the ones I’d suggest steering clear from.

  • Rhonda says:

    I am so excited for tomorrow’s call.
    Today, I had appointments and many stops to make so I drove everywhere in a sleek black Mercedes. It was FANTASTIC. To onlookers, it may have appeared that I was driving a 12 year old Ford Escort but they were wrong! Very wrong.
    Thanks Dani!!!
    I also dressed to the 9’s because that is how I thought I should look driving my new car. I noticed myself getting in and out of the car differently.
    I also found some beautiful silk pajamas in my closet last night. I heard myself saying “Oh these are from when I used to be rich”. THEN I corrected myself to I AM RICH NOW and put them on.
    What a difference.

  • MissyB says:

    Ah – now I always thought that her other books came first and that’s why I didn’t read them – pleased I didn’t now.

  • I don’t know what she died of, but I would highly recommend NOT reading her following two books. (I did just because I was a fan of her first book, but they are not of the same vibration, imho.)
    Gillian, Iyabo’s trying to get a hold of you – she asked if I knew someone who could offer a wealth feng shui tip, and I told her you were the go to girl for that!
    (This is why our Resource post is so important! So we can easily find each other!)

  • MissyB says:

    I believe she died of cancer a few years back – but please forgive me if I am wrong. She had a website and there was someone who did a follow up book to hers as well.
    Lynn was a very down to earth person – her book is excellent. She talks about what Abe teaches – but in a more on this planet way if you get my drift. Abe being non physical, I feel, can put people off if that’s their first experience of LOA. I wish she was still around to have written a follow up…but the rules are simple – decide what you want, and get feeling good. Who needs a sequel to that !

  • Gillian says:

    I went back reading the other posts, does anyone know what actually happened to Lynn Grabhorn? Her death is a mystery.

  • Thanks for posting your experience, Christine!! This is one of the situations I want to be sure to discuss on Wednesday’s free call!

  • Christine says:

    Just wanted to add a note to my reply…after working for 40 years as a teacher (and LOVING it) but always feeling the lack side of the coin when it came to money, I can’t wait to start thinking and acting like a rich, retired lady!! I’ll browse through the travel magazines to decide where I might want to cruise (thank you Mia); I’ll withdraw dollars from the ATM machine with a confident hand and I’m absolutely looking forward to writing out a list to match myself up with the rich woman in me (thank you, Erik)…and the list goes on and on!! How can I miss?? Bless everyone!

  • Christine says:

    This is my first time submitting a reply but I’ve recently been working on the Pray Rain Journal around money issues…and your comments couldn’t have come at a more opportune time to help me “stay on track”! I’m pretty good at “acting as if” when I first focus on a goal and I have to tell you that after only a few days into the journal, I won $5,000.00!! I’m still thrilled when I recall that experience but what has often happend in the past after a stroke of good fortune is that I start wondering about its’ “dwindling” and then I think about my vibration “status” and questioning whether I’ll be able to keep up the momentum that allowed this in the first place. I know this is far from being a money magnet but old habits die hard and I have to make a concentrated effort because doubts can start to creep in… (until a contrast of one kind or another gives me a wake-up call and I get back on the LOA trail again!)
    HOWEVER, the key words above are “in the past”! After reading all the amazing and useful supportive ideas offered in your comments, I KNOW I’ll be able to bring even my most daring dreams to fruition!!! I think there WAS a little part of me -despite the years I’ve loved the LOA principles – that WAS still afraid to DARE to think these wonderful happenings could be waiting for me in escrow. However, I”m now determined to stay on track and wait in anticipation for the dollars and all the fun stuff that I’ve always wanted to do in my retirement!! Thank you for lighting the trail!
    PS I’ve already ordered Abe’s, “Vortex” – can’t wait to embrace it and LIVE it!

  • I act out the vibe of being in a great relationship by being really happy when I see a couple in love, wearing a gorgeous ‘engagement ring’ and taking on the feelings of being that couple, saying “oh im so lucky to have met you” and smiling at how cute we are 😀
    I look for love and see it ALL around me and it gets me SO excited to hear about people meeting unexpectedly cos I know it’s gonna be me soon. Ohhh it’s magical! And a far cry from a year ago when a happy couple would make me cry and feel sad that I’d never meet anyone.
    I can tell you that feeling how I do today rocks! Somedays I may start getting frustrated but I always bring it back to “I choose Happy” sooner or later.

  • Debra says:

    @Gillian: That’s it. And when the focus is on abundance…the flow is just so darn awesome…filled with Grace and Ease. Love it when life is that simple. And it is every time we make that choice! 🙂

  • Gillian says:

    @Debra: I guess that’s the mindset to have on money:
    “lessen resistance, offer relief”. I am totally with you Debra. It all boils down to a shift perspective from lack to abundance.

  • Michael says:

    I’m not certain if this was mentioned or not, but the Abe-Hicks concept of a Focus Wheel would be a great tool for nearly any goal you are looking to manifest. Here is a cool video someone posted on the Money Mojo site awhile back, and it’s really a great way to go from non-belief to being in line with your goal:
    Also, when it comes to health, one thing to consider is that you have total control over what is created in your body. If you can give yourself a headache, you can give yourself cancer…and, you can take it away.
    I can speak to this because I had a terminal case of meningitus when I was four, and here I am, against every single odd everyone gave me.
    Louise Hay has some great points of entry on what sort of mental hurdles might be in the way of good health.

  • @Cheri said: When you bless everyone and everything that represents something you want – the world says – ‘She’s ready!’ —–
    —- Yes!! I have a friend who just moved into a fabulous condo facing the Intracoastal in Ft. Lauderdale. When I am visiting, we practice ‘blessing others’ (and not envy) when we see a big yacht go by, saying things like “Good for them!”, “That’s a beauty!”, “I’d say, that’s a 60 footer, what do you think?” and we talk about how fabulous it’s going to be when we are having drinks going down the Intracoastal in one of OUR yachts!
    @Jeannette I am *so* looking forward to this Wednesday’s call. Woooooo!!! I’m going to spread the word in my usual haunts. 🙂 (I’m a chatty gal)

  • MissyB says:

    Ah thanks Carol – your advice is muchly appreciated.
    My body has served me very well in the last 9 months – repairing 2 broken vertebra, collar bone, shoulder blade and 6 ribs. It has utilised the healthy food I gave it, as well as the not so healthy. The bones are nearing the end of the need for the excess calories and I need to unlearn the bad habits that rehabilitation has granted me.
    What you said makes sense and I do feel a sense of relief from the worry of food so that’s a change in the right direction.
    Now Jeannette – off to Lynn Grabhorn I went. And, LOL, I opened it at near on the page of why accidents happen. Up to now I’d not analysed the “why” I attracted such a nasty accident – I kind of just accepted it as an accident. Don’t you just love it when you get prompted in a direction that needs some serious clean up !
    You guys are just great !

  • Debra says:

    Dear Carol…
    I’m so happy my ‘nieces story’ made you smile. They are the biggest reason we’ve moved back to WI. And through their eyes, in their midst, I am most indeed in paradise! :0)
    I LOVE what you’ve shared about ‘losing weight’ compared to ‘being healthy’. I’ve gone through similar discovery with this one.
    Another aspect I tap into is from my soul’s perspective I admire my body for her physical strength and beauty…and I bless her with gratitude for being willing to support this soul with such grace and ease.
    Then from my physical perspective I thank my soul for choosing this physical body and I promise to take good care of my physical-ness so that I can be the vehicle of service my soul so magnificently deserves.
    This is a proclamation that came through one day and I’ve used it a lot:
    “As I come ever more into the JOYful brilliance of my soul, I shed the weight of the world. My physical body is healthy, strong, toned and happy as I serve with JOY.”
    Dear Jeannette…
    Thank you again for holding such an amazing space here. Thank you for sharing the way you do. Your brilliance is golden.
    In JOY & Harmony…

  • Carol L says:

    To MissyB regarding weight and how to “act as if” when you’re hungry,
    The words “losing weight” have such an emotional charge. I recently dropped ten pounds with very little effort by reframing. Instead of having “losing weight” as a goal, I chose “being healthy” as my goal. It’s much easier to “act as if” you are healthy than “act as if” you are thin! Your body already knows how to act healthy because good health is its natural state. And when tempted with something that I knew wasn’t a good choice, I was able to ask myself, “Do I want to feel good for ten minutes . . . or do I want to feel good all of the time?” And, “Is this a choice that a person who chooses to be healthy would make?” What a difference reframing the goal made for me! My body was able to lose the weight easily because I was no longer attached to it . . . it simply didn’t fit in with my body’s image of “being healthy.”
    An aha moment for me, too, was having to carry a couple gallons of water a long distance. Out of curiosity, I weighed a gallon (8 pounds) . . . and then realized how much effort was required to carry it. Couldn’t help but think, “Wow . . . look what I am doing to my healthy body by carrying around that extra weight!”
    Debra, your story about you nieces made me smile! It reminded me of the saying, “The world, when seen through a child’s eyes, greatly resembles paradise!”
    Thank you for another awesome post, Jeannette!

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  • Mitch says:

    Cheri, I’m glad you mentioned using money (or lack of it) as an easy out for certain situations. I’ve seen that pattern in myself and I have been consciously changing it which has helped me in two areas:
    1. I no longer affirm to other people, and the Universe, “i can’t afford that.”
    2. Without a money excuse, I am basically forced to speak my truth, even if it’s not necessarily what someone else wants to hear. Liberating!
    Oh, and a big YAAAAAAY for Jeannette’s call! Don’t know if I’ll make it to the call itself, but I can’t wait to hear it afterwards! Hearing you talk, Jeannette, is an instant vibe raiser for me every time! 😀

  • Erik says:

    @Gillian: So true – did not think of it that way. By buying something I make somebody richer and I create wealth. I guess it’s up to us now, if we want to focus on ‘oh, I don’t have that much money anymore’ or ‘hey, I just created riches and what goes around, comes around’. I will try the latter and see what changes :).
    Thrilled about the call too! (never participated in a conference call like this before)

  • Cheri says:

    One of the first things that hit me with this post is wondering about your blocks to receiving. I have been doing a lot of energy work with David and Kristin Morelli. They have a radio show – Everything is Energy. #3 just behind Oprah I think.
    I’ve cleared a LOT of blocks with their 40 Days & 40 Nights program. That was fabulous – but it was a really intensive one time thing. They are now hosting the Prosperity Tribe, which is a great combo of inner energy work and action. Very different from the 40 D&N. I can honestly say after every call I feel like I have a major shift. And the results have really shown up for me and others.
    I did not put this out here at first, because I didn’t want to be pushy. But then I realized by not sharing I’m not helping you. They keep the Prosperity Tribe shut and just open it up for a limited time to keep the group vibe. I think there are currently 1000 of us in the tribe. There’s a FREE call on 8/31 where they will be working with energy & then opening the tribe up for 48 hours or so. I know a lot of people have benefited from those calls. Here’s a link to find out more if you are curious.
    I’m REALLY looking forward to the call you put together on this topic Jeannette! What a GREAT post!

  • Cheri says:

    Judy, LOVE your comment! I just had a big ah ha the other day when I realized some things I was letting myself get away with the the excuse of ‘now’s not a good time to spend money’.
    I told my son let’s wait until (excuse) before we get a dog. Truth – I want a dog, but I part of me doesn’t. Not sure if I’m ready for the more work (and not really trusting that the kids will take care of it.) Not good.
    I use money as a convenient out for other things too. We just moved and our house doesn’t have a built in grill. I have been waiting (excuse) before I have other families over. Truth I know my husband might not be jazzed about it. He really likes to relax after working hard all week.
    And there’s more. That’s not serving me. Time to be honest and welcome more money in!
    Giddee Upp!

  • Rhonda says:

    I love these comments and the advice is fantastic!
    I have wondered whether lessons in Method Acting would help? I am not an actor but Mitch is and perhaps others here.
    Isn’t that what some actors do? Create a character and develop and retrieve sense memories to support what they think that character would do see taste hear feel and smell? Then they live it.
    There is probably a formula for this but for now I am going to attempt to do this in a way I would imagine a great actor like Robert De Niro establishes characters.
    I know that one of the first things that is done is to write a history for the character. This reminds me of an exercise from Money Mojo Magic!
    This is so much fun. I am so excited about the upcoming call.
    Happy Manifesting!

  • Debra says:

    Last night my sisters and my nieces came to visit. We were all just hanging out together and suddenly, out of the blue, my 6 year old niece said, “Auntie Deb, you’re rich!”
    We weren’t talking about anything ‘rich’ related as far as I could tell. I asked her, “Anya, why would you say that?”
    She replied…”well, because you’re happy and everything around you is beautiful”. And then my 3 yr. old niece Eliana chimed in and said, “yeah, Auntie Deb…and ’cause you’re beautiful.”
    Blushing with “HeartSwell” (thanks Iyabo!) I replied, “Well girls, you’re right. I am rich. And you’re both rich too! I love you both soooo much!”
    We giggled a whole lot and continued with our fun.
    The wisdom of babes. Every wealth imaginable comes to attracted to us when we are happy, when we feel happy…when we feel as though we are surrounded by beauty, and beauty is always recognized in the eye of the beholder.
    Are you feeling happy? Do you see and recognize beauty, both within and without?
    Two great keys to acting it when it’s not real (yet).
    I agree with everyone’s comments here. Love the reminder of “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. I read that so many years ago & it’s a goodie! One of the original ‘go with the feel good’ books.
    I love Cheri’s:
    “When you bless everyone and everything that represents something you want – the world says – ‘She’s ready!’ ”
    …and Kristy’s support about feeling good about what someone else has or does rather than feeling jealous.
    And I LOVE Gillian, Erik and Kimberley’s conversation, “There is no point hoarding money, in that way we are cutting off the cycle of well-being.”
    As I align with my knowing that I am continuously in the flow of abundant supply, I relax (lessen resistance, offer relief) and allow that which is already mine to arrive.
    I see it. I feel it. I believe it. Let it go. …and then I receive it.
    The most challenging part for me is the timing.
    Of course, I love the warp speed examples/confirmations the most. hehe The ones that take longer…sometimes get my ‘happy pants in a bundle’.
    When that happens I begin again, reminding myself to see it, feel it, believe it, let it go…and receive it!
    …always looking for the ‘stucks or yucks’ that may be causing resistance…so that I can give them (me) some relief.
    Shorter answer to the question…
    How to act it when it’s not real?
    Feel it’s real-ness in the fiber of your being-ness and accept that it *is* real. It just may (or may not) take awhile to turn into a 3-D experience! :0)
    In Harmony… Deb (@debsoul)

  • Judy says:

    It’s become obvious to me that (at least for me) it’s pretty much never about the money, it just appears to be that way.
    Several years ago I received a fairly substantial inheritance from my mom and dad in the form of a stock portfolio. Like Kimberly, I decided that I couldn’t use more than an arbitrary amount I set to match my comfort zone and the account could NEVER fall below a certain level without the emotional spiralling that Kimberly described. And because I continued to focus on the debt I could now pay off, well I just got more debt! And my stock portfolio? Well, you can guess how that played out – between the market crashing and a couple of bad picks my husband made with what I considered my money, I basically had to let go of my designated and completely arbitrary comfort zone.
    SO.. back to my realization that, for me, it has never been about the money. The money has always been what Abraham Hicks call one’s “excuse to pinch off” from Pure, Positive Energy, Flow, Abundance, etc. We all probably have different excuses – relationships, that big thing we want, etc., things that get in the way of the only thing that matters – choosing the better feeling thought.
    As ABE says, “Controlling your emotions, learning the self discipline of speaking WHAT YOU WANT is the most important thing you will do in your life.”
    And my other favorite advice I learned in 12 Step meetings years ago – “Fake it, ’til you make it!”
    Thanks everyone for your posts! And Jeannette I get my messages in songs too – Here’s the one I woke up to yesterday. Really!

  • Gillian says:

    Welcome Erik and Kimberley, I think we have all been there and it takes a shift in thinking and consciousness. If we can see the universe as abundant, we know that our entire system is a continues flow, a cycle. What comes comes in must go out again and vice versa, if we don’t get engaged in the flow, we get stuck. So thats the mindset I have on money now: When I spend money and make somebody richer through my money, more money will make its way to me again, somehow.

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    I came back to read the other posts and the “hording” really hit home for me too. I always like to keep a certain amount in my bank account, keep my credit card balances below a certain amount, and so on, and whenever my comfort level is breached, I go on a panic spiral, which definitely isn’t helping me attact more money. Instead, I find that more bills seem to pop up out of the blue.
    So I will begin right now to feel wealthy, because I am (i have a great job, a great business, great relationships, great life) and enjoy each moment as it comes and let the rest flow in.
    Great comments, Everyone! Enjoy your weekend
    – Kimberly

  • That was easy:
    The recording will be posted, but I will appreciate at least a couple of you fine Good Vibe community members dialing in live for a fun discussion!
    Bring your questions, your insights, your stories, your favorite resources to share and of course bring your fabulous selves!
    Time for a money mojo magic party!
    Wed, September 2 at 2 pm edt on talkshoe:
    Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
    Call ID: 61853

  • I have so much to say in response to these great comments that I don’t even think I can fit it in a blog comment.
    I think we deserve a live call on this topic, with the recording posted here.
    But keep the comments coming, as it’ll be great material for us to cover!
    I’ll set it up now and come back with details as to place & time. 🙂

  • Erik says:

    @Gillian: “There is no point hoarding money, in that way we are cutting off the cycle of well-being.” – this one hit me like a brick when a read it ^^.
    ‘Thing is, up to now, I’ve always struggled to “have much money in my bank account” because only then would I be able to feel safe and rich. How silly that appears now …
    It is about feeling rich *now* and do not tie richness to a full bank account.
    It’s a bit mind-boggling but I have to let it sink into my mind these next days – Thanks!!!

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    I love Louise Hay’s appreciation that a business trusts her to pay for items/services after she has already received them & used them. This small shift is way better than groaning at the electric bill or credit card statement.
    That is a baby step; or is it a spring board to the next level of feelings of wealth?
    Last night I was in the liquor store, buying for a small celebration for a project completion. I actually had the smallest, then the cheapest items in my hand. I stopped when I noticed that I did not particularly like the taste of what I was carry to the checkout. I admonished myself for my penny pinching over (get this!) three dollars! I actually did ask myself would I do this if I felt abundance. I bought what I wanted and that thought came back as we drank it. If I bought the cheapest stuff, I would have been feeling poor rather than celebrating the project.
    Every time I catch myself being Scrooge, I identify my feelings of lack and limits. This doesn’t mean I splurge, but I always–ALWAYS make a new choice. And that puts me back into a feeling of abundance, even when my choice is to wait to see how much I really want it.

  • Gillian says:

    “Pretend to what is not, and that the passion’s over, so you’ll become, in truth, what you are studying to be.”
    (From “The Cures for Love”….Ovid). These are Ovid, the Roman’s words to “Act as if” in connection to the loss of love or letting go. I think the art of “acting as if” is a gradual process, which we can train ourselves to do everyday in tiny baby steps. Be it withdrawing more money from the ATM, or buying a fake diamond ring, what it boils down to is that we train ourselves to feel and be more confident each day and its this confidence that pulls in more of the good stuff to us. I clearly notice a shift in confidence in me, as each time I spend money on something I really want or love, instead of feeling guilty or worried (focusing on lack), I tell myself that when I am confident to spend money (wisely), money comes back to me abundantly and swiftly, because I am activating the natural cycle, what comes IN has to go OUT, and what goes OUT has to come IN again. There is no point hoarding money, in that way we are cutting off the cycle of well-being.

  • Kristy M says:

    Ooh Cheri! You hit the nail on the head for me with this quote
    “When you bless everyone and everything that represents something you want – the world says – ‘She’s ready!’
    How do you feel when you see someone with something you want? Do you feel happy and great and whoo hooo with them? Do you think ‘that’s for me!’ Or do you find yourself thinking ‘I wish I could have that’ or putting them down in some way? That will keep you away from what you want.”
    I recently stopped being jealous of people my age or younger than me that have what I want..What was the point in being jealous? I can have what they have, do what they do, be as big as they are… I thought of it as ‘making peace’ and releasing some of the resistance on my dream.. honestly, jealousy is a wasted emotion… I have no reason to be jealous of them, I have ‘it’ as well but they just got ‘it’ before me lol and not very long from now I could be calling some, if not all, of them my friends… and I was depriving myself of good music.. Taylor’ Swift’s music rocks 😉

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    I hate to sound like a broken record!
    Heart-swell it!
    Channel it! Act it out. Channel your favorite actor in that role and step like she or he would and walk like she or he would and feel your heart swell with pride and happiness and sheer ownership of it.
    Not then. Now.
    Do you feel it?
    Iyabo Asani

  • Amy says:

    I think it may be a good idea to start with baby steps instead of trying to jump straight into millionaire consciousness. Try to isolate a few scarcity consciousness habits and soften them over time, such as: only buying what’s on sale, scouring sale flyers, never throwing anything away, getting cranky over price differences of less than a dollar, splitting the dinner check with friends with a calculator. Pick one or two things you might have like this and start where it feels best, let it go completely, imagine not doing it next time if you slip and do it again, feel good about the idea of changing your ways.
    All those habits, in extreme, communicate to yourself that you don’t believe the universe will provide and hold you in money shortage tension. I can say from experience, that the relief of giving up habits such as these just makes you feel so much more free, which just builds on itself. I have grown so much in this area and when I look at money amounts now, 100s, 1000s, etc, they don’t look as big, daunting, and unreachable as they used to. My entire perspective on money is expanding.
    I am also learning to feel my way with expenditures. I used to live paycheck to paycheck, and write checks with my fingers crossed. I used to spend a lot of money and never felt I had enough, but looking back I realize I did have enough, but I was spending recklessly and wasn’t even enjoying my purchases. I proved to myself this belief that I didn’t have enough by spending all my money indiscriminately!
    I now have a bank balance that I would not, in those days, have ever imagined (pre-LOA.) I love that money in the bank. I also love being able to buy whatever I want whenever I want to. My wants are pretty small, I think, but when I spend, I’m so thrilled and appreciative. Not because it’s a good strategy to get more, but because I have come so far and I’m so proud of myself. I also know that my wants will get bigger, and by then, my bank balance will be able to accomodate them. My faith has grown so much in this area.
    Quote borrowed from a previous entry, I believe it’s Wayne Dyer: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

  • Cheri says:

    Great post and comments!
    I second many of the fabulous comments! Here’s a few things that I didn’t see yet.
    When you bless everyone and everything that represents something you want – the world says – ‘She’s ready!’
    How do you feel when you see someone with something you want? Do you feel happy and great and whoo hooo with them? Do you think ‘that’s for me!’ Or do you find yourself thinking ‘I wish I could have that’ or putting them down in some way? That will keep you away from what you want.
    I will often ask people where they bought something I think is great. That’s what I would do if I were going to buy it, so I take that first step.
    You can open your bills like a rich person. You can open them right away and have a system for paying them. You can be in an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the electricity that runs your air conditioning…etc. If there is something that you don’t value – then you can choose to stop spending money on that. Make sure your money is aligned with what you value.
    I’ve also started saying ‘It’s a good thing were rich!’ You can start saying that before you are rich, and the words will help to change your vibration.
    The other thing you might want to do is put a $100 bill in your wallet. If you can’t do $100, put in the largest bill you can. Though out your day, when you see things you like you can tell yourself – I can buy that! (Of coarse, you don’t have to buy anything, but you could if you wanted to!)
    Hope it helps!

  • Janette says:

    Love this question and totally relate! Money and health can seem so big and insurmountable to get to the good vibe. For me, the key is baby steps. Eating the elephant one bite at a time. Here are two real-life examples I’ve used lately:
    Money – (I’ve told this before so skip if it sounds familiar!) – I needed to get across country for a funeral but didn’t have the cash for airfare. The day before payday, when I realised I was stuck in scarcity-thinking, I took myself to my favourite cafe for lunch with my last $15 and just basked in the bliss of being able to afford to do that. No major spend, just $15. I made a deal with myself that just for the next hour I would try only feeling the positives of this act. That meant just really, really appreciating the meal being brought to me, the wonderful flavours (I chose something I would never bother making for myself!), the taste of the glass of wine, not having to wash dishes or clean up. And no guilt about what I was eating or about spending the money either! When I got home, I found a cheque for $500 in the mail – an unsolicited gift sent by my dad to help out.
    Health – I have been in the process of healing a bad tennis elbow injury for months. Part of that is clinical Pilates to build core stability. One exercise involves standing on a reformer bench and initially I felt very insecure and found it incredibly hard work. I re-imagined myself as a fabulously strong, supple and health aerialist, the kind you see doing amazing things in Cirque du Soleil. Suddenly my balance was strong, I felt immensely grounded and I could do the exercise no problems. I know that this in turn opens the door to amazing healing.
    Thanks Jeannette for the opportunity to think about this question – with which I have also struggled! – and discover that I’m closer to an answer for myself than I thought I was. Woohoo!

  • Panthera, thanks for coming out to share this great tip with us! I’m making sure it gets a spotlight in the call on this topic Wednesday afternoon!

  • Panthera says:

    This is one of the trickiest questions but, perhaps, the following phrase, which has helped me immensely, could be helpful: “Be happy with what you have, while pursuing what you want.” (I have read it in a book some years ago, I can’t even recall the author’s name)
    This does not eliminate acknowledging the “reality” in which you find yourself just now (which is what most people have a problem with), it just turns your attention elsewhere, in things you can be happy right now for having them (which everyone has). At the same time, it opens up the gates, so to speak, for desired things to come, it doesn’t lock you into a compromise or anything of that sort.
    From that frame of mind onwards, with a good dose of selfishness, if one could achieve a nonchalant attitude regarding HOW something could come about, it would be much easier to just KNOW that whatever it is wanted, could come about – regardless of how big or small. The most crucial element is to completely disregard the “how” part and that is something each has to find for him/herself. I don’t know if this made sense, I hope it did…
    And of course, the best way and a shortcut to pretty much everything is to simply say -and really, really mean it!-, is: “I don’t give a f*ck, I just want it that way! Period!” (but, this is tougher than many might think! But it works everytime!)
    PS: I usually lurk, but today I decided to comment for the first time. Great job, Jeannette:)

  • Laura says:

    I agree, this is a great question and one that I’ve figured out long before I knew about LOA. The way to feel wealthy is to 1) look at all the way you are already wealthy that do not have to do with money. Do you have a job you love? Do you have people in your life that love you and you love as well? Do you have a pet that makes you smile every time you walk into the house (I do!)? Do you have your health? Do you have a body that you love? You get the idea…the list is endless. Turn the focus on other areas of wealth to get into the feeling of gratitude…this vibe is as good as it gets.
    The next suggestion 2) is to look at small, but symbolic things that wealthy people would do/buy and within reason, treat yourself. For me, it’s a fabulous cashmere wrap that I wear all winter and not only do the feel the luxurious texture against my skin, but it looks great too. I find ways to get it (them) discounted (Ebay, discounted stores) so I am not spending my last penny to have these things but are symbolic of things a wealthy person might have. It can be a certain food, a massage, etc. Whatever works for you. Having this thing makes me FEEL wealthy even if there were very little money in my bank account.
    Hope this helps!

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    This is a fantastic question and it took me a long time to find my way.
    What works for me are (1) to focus on things that I believe are facts (I lose weight easily, I’m very healthy, I make friends easily) and (2) I play the lottery game…
    So the lottery game used to be about what I’d do with a certain amount of winnings. Now it’s about everything. Right now I’m selling my condo so that I can buy a house with my boyfriend. I well up with the feelings that will come when I hear from my agent that I have an offer. I feel excited about when we place our offer on a house. I feel what it’ll be like to move in, to adopt our dogs, to decorate, to relax at the end of the day.
    I also want more money to save and to spend. I now have my side business, which is starting to bring in money. I’ve met tons of people who’ve advised me for free on my business. And now I can feel what it’ll be like when I have endless money coming in, when I have that wonderful financial cushion. When I can cut back my work ours to part time and focus more on my photography.
    10-15 minutes a day is all it takes. Then set and forget it! I spend the rest of my day enjoying the moment instead of thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I loved Caterpillar’s question as well. I have been living with Type 1 diabetes for over 25 years. I was diagnosed when I was almost 12 years old. Recently my endo recommended I go on an insulin pump (supposedly helps manage blood sugars better than the 5x shots I give myself on a daily basis). I also check my blood sugar on average 10x a day.
    Despite this, I feel great. I feel very healthy. Of course I take care of myself. I go to the doctor, endo, eye doc, foot doc, I do whatever I can to maintain my health. I work out, I try to eat healthy but I indulge and I will have wine and cocktails too. I am open to energy healing, will be taking a Reiki class, etc.
    I recently met two other Type 1 diabetics and they were shocked at my nonchalant attitude, ie, I don’t count carbs, I don’t belong to support groups, etc.. I explained that if I joined a support group, it would make the disease more “real” and I rather hit the gym and work out and keep myself really healthy. I certainly don’t ignore the illness but I don’t place much attention on it either.
    The whole going on the pump thing does worry me. I will have this contraption on my body 24/7. I suppose after a while I won’t notice it’s there but…. I worry.
    Sometimes I have considered not using insulin to see if I can get my pancreas to start working again. But. I then worry about the complications, it’s not good if your blood sugar runs high. At this point, I don’t feel like I am on the vibrational level that I should be to get my pancreas working. For example, if I inject insulin and then my pancreas starts working, it would not be good.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share that despite living with a chronic illness, I feel amazing. I live a great life, I have two gorgeous children (which by the way, my first ob gyn was ultra conservative and was Dr. Worse Case Scenario and kept on telling me all these horrible things that could happen to the baby, including death!!! I would calmly explain that I am not the typical diabetic and none of these things would happen to me and I asked him to stop discussing them with me because I did not want them to enter my consciousness. He agreed to my terms and my babies were fine! So
    there 🙂
    PS- I would be BEYOND thrilled if I did not have this illness. The most horrible thing about it is that is has affected my family in ways I never imagined. I have had a couple of nightmare low blood sugar experiences and most recently my daughters were home with me and terrified. It was one of the worst things that could happen. But my husband who was out playing sports sensed something was up and came home and saved the day. Thank God!!!! Every time I think about that day (and my girls still talk about it and it breaks my heart since I wish I could erase it from their memory, I just take a deep breath and remember today is a new day.

  • Ok, I thought of one that applies to my life right now:)
    I just released my first ebook (yippee!) and although sales are going well, they could always be going better! So some actions I can start taking to show Universe that I *already have* better sales are:
    -check my account regularly to see how many sales I’ve made
    -create a spreadsheet to track my sales
    -set up a separate bank account just for the money that comes in from ebook sales
    Hmmm, what else? I could also:
    -hire a virtual assistant to help me since I will have so many sales to keep track of!!! 🙂
    I like that!

  • Erik says:

    The question makes me think about Steve Pavlinas story about how he manifested more money (can’t find the article at the moment despite searching). Well, he did not have much money but he thought about whether there were things about the life of a rich man he could copy.
    He figured for example, that for a rich man, several thousands of dollars would not feel much, the same goes for the contents of his purse. So he started to always have more money on him in his purse to reflect the new attitude.
    I do the same thing at the moment – I am not fabulously rich, but up to now, I used to withdraw only smaller amounts from the ATM just because “I did not have so much money” (as a university student).
    After manifesting an absolutely cool job with a nice client directly after finishing my studies (I started several weeks before with the manifesting), I now am trying to reflect that “more money” attitude by withdrawing more (but not necessarily spending more) from the ATM. I open my purse and it feels much richer than before.
    The feeling is the key here, other things like posture, attitude etc. have been mentioned already. Try to find the things you *can* copy – there are so many things beside spending that oooze moneytude ;).
    Maybe make a list of all the things you can think of that make a rich (wo)man rich (or whatever kind of person you desire) and checkmark all the items that you can copy into your life.
    As always, more to all and less to none and happy manifesting ;).

  • Jeanne says:

    The health issue is a tough question. I had to think for a few minutes to realize I even have them! Not big ones like diabetes or arthritis,though. I’m a gardener and work a good 30+ hours a week at it. Sometimes my knees don’t want to straighten out quickly when I get out of my kneeling position. Sometimes I push my back to do a bit too much lifting. But I still feel healthy, and these issues, part of my life as they are, are not focused on, just matter-of-factly dealt with. I take my time getting the knees straightened out, then go on about my business. If my back screams at me, I’ll put some ice on it as soon as I can, then go on about my business. I guess if I had arthritis or diabetes, I’d do what’s right to manage it, but I wouldn’t obsess about not being healthy, because I’d still think I AM HEALTHY, IN EVERY OTHER WAY, and I’d focus on that with gratitude. Health is so much more than physical ailments.
    Don’t know if this helps — just my thoughts 🙂

  • Mia says:

    What I like to do occasionally is buying magazines aimed at wealthy people. Leafing through it gets me tuned in to “wealthy” dimensions of life: art, fancy restaurants, expensive watches, cool cars, sailing yachts, investments, exotic holidays, winegrowing,… I read those magazines as if they’re aimed at me.
    Interestingly, I never have any thoughts of “I can’t afford this” while I’m reading such a magazine, or even leafing through it. I guess that has to do with the positive attitude these magazines have towards wealthy people. The stories present nice people who come across as normal, healthy people – not with the twinge of venom you so often get in daily newspapers or the weekly pulp magazine when it’s about rich people. For me, this helps me tune in to the idea that you can be rich and nice and mentally & emotionally healthy.

  • MissyB says:

    Dani – yes you sooooo have to read Lynn Grabhorn “excuse me your life is waiting”. Sadly she passed away, but her book lives on. Sorry Jeannette but Lynn is my guru – but ofcourse you are a very close second.
    Thanks Dani – I’m not living as if weight is not important. I’m living the “diet” thing all waking hours. I’m constantly worried that with every mouthful I’m putting weight on. I so see where you are going with your comments.

  • Dani Webb says:

    As I read your post, I wondered, “Is she really hungry? If so, is it really for food?”
    The way I see it, “acting as if” is imperative, but it has to be the right “as if.” Are you just acting as if you are the weight you want? Or are you also acting as if you are a great cook, preparing healthy meals that fill your tummy and soul? And acting as if you are a regular exerciser, loving how it makes you feel. And acting as if weight is not important?? (loss of attachment?)
    Just some thoughts. 🙂
    PS: Who is Lynn Grabhorn and do I need to read her book?

  • MissyB says:

    Oh the wonders of Lynn Grabhorn ! I’d forgotten her for a while. It would be a bit of a coincidence if she came from Mississippi (see prev blog!)
    My issue at the moment is a weight one. I only have to look at food and weight appears. Having lost 3 stone last year I have all the lovely clothes, but am starting not to be able to fit in them. I’m well attached to my weight. How can I act “as if” when I’m hungry !
    So sorry I can’t offer any answers (not consciously anyway) but I’m avidlly watching for everyones input. Fab question catterpillar woman – thanks.

  • And THIS is why I’m so in love with DANI!!!
    Girlfriend, you are picking this stuff up FAST!!!!
    Sheesh, you’re fun to watch!
    And that’s exactly how it’s done my friend. Just like that!!
    My WORD you guys rock!!!
    I realize I gotta chill out from the exclamation points, but honestly – you guys are amazing!

  • Great examples, Mary!
    In fact, one of my clients actually bought a fake diamond to wear on her commute to work, when there was no man in sight in her world.
    In fact … I’m due to check in with her and see how that romance is developing. (She soon met a fabulous guy and was talking marriage with him last time I heard.)

  • Dani Webb says:

    Well, I am fairly new to LOA, so I may not have a lot to offer. Wait. No. Let me start again.
    I am new to LOA, and I have something to offer.
    Let me give you an example.
    I want a Passat. It’s my dream car.
    Today’s reality is I don’t have $25K to pay cash for a Passat. But, while driving my 1993 Subaru wagon yesterday, I imagined what it would feel like driving that Passat. I turned up my new favorite rock out song “Boom Boom Pow, ” and drove a sleek, dark gray Passat to the grocery store. I got out of the car, feeling confident, secure, peaceful and happy.
    I came home to two emails offering me work this fall. Real money that has brought me closer to the real Passat.
    Again, I don’t know if this is real LOA stuff, but I felt great yesterday and I have more money coming in – I’ll take it!

  • Here’s a few suggestions that come to mind:
    If you’re trying to lose weight, buy attractive clothes in the size you’d like to become.
    If you want to buy a new home, start going to open houses and telling the realtors you’re in the market, or buy a new piece of furniture that will go perfectly in the new place.
    If you’re a female and want to get married, go try on engagement rings or wedding dresses!
    If you want to make more money, go shopping and LOOK at all the things you will buy once you have the money (don’t buy the stuff unless you can afford it, though!)
    For me, things like that really show/tell the Universe that I mean business!

  • Every time I hear you, Mitch, I absolutely adore you. Even if it’s a story I’ve heard before.
    Is everyone else as in love with this guy as I am?!

  • Mitch says:

    Great question. I’m excited about all the great answers that are sure to come!
    Jeannette, your story of your blouse reminds me of when I was in New York and working on my money vibe. It was winter, and I didn’t have a proper coat to keep out the biting cold. One night, I went to visit my cousin who lives in New York City with her husband and kids, and she was horrified that I showed up in a flimsy little jacket. When I left she insisted that I take one of her husband’s old trench coats.
    Well, that coat flipped my vibe upside down! My posture was different, my walk was different, and most importantly of all, I felt rich! I felt like all the other well-to-do New Yorkers who walk around in their nice coats and have plenty of money to spend. And funnily enough, my cousin also gave me a bag of fortune cookies that night, so I walked home with my nice new coat and my bag of fortune!!! lol
    So yeah, the attitude of wealth can spread across ALL of our actions. Not just the actions that have to do with spending money. Even something as simple as walking home can be done in a “rich” way.

  • You know what happened to me yesterday, Robert? When I was acting as if my knock your socks off product was already done, I found myself wearing a blouse I only wear out.
    (I bought it specifically for a second date with Russ 3+ years ago, and only wear it when I’m specifically and consciously looking to enjoy a spotlight of appreciation.)
    And I did my hair. (This is not normal for me.)
    And then an idea came to me 12 hours later that was even better than what I’d been planning. (It’s really good.)
    It’s so weird how all this stuff is connected.
    Actually, I guess it’d be more weird if it weren’t. lol
    But the blouse and the blow-dryer just came to me – I didn’t consciously say, “Oh, why don’t you look nice today?”
    And the idea came that same way. I wasn’t thinking, “How could I make it even better?” Just asking myself how would I act as if it were already done is what shifted the energy – just like you described.
    Funny that just this morning I was thinking about how Lynn Grabhorn got her dogs to stop barking at the fence. (And how long it took her to get on that page.)
    And I thought if she can change the nature of her dogs to bark, I bet I could change the nature of my cats to kill birds. hee hee
    Dare me?!

  • Robert says:

    In the book “Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting” the author, Lynn Grabhorn,that it is all about the feeeeling.
    Once you have that feeeeeling, there are so many little thing you do, almost automatically, because of that feeling. The example is given of creating wealth. First get to that feeeeeling place of being wealthy and then notice what you do. Is your posture the same? Is there more of a spring in your step? What about your breathing? All little things, yes, but once you are headed in the right direction you will continue in that direction.
    Hope this helps, Robert

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