Q&A: How to Live Real Life While Manifesting the Dream?

This question I meant for us to cover on yesterday’s Q&A call at Good Vibe U, but figured it’s a also a perfect one for the community here.  An LOA savvy creator asks this question:

Question: Is it confusing to the Universe or even contradictory to have a dream, but still go about daily life in the normal way?  Does going about your real life (in a positive state) overrule the bigger dream? 

Maybe the real question is how do you go about your “regular” life while you are waiting for the bigger dream to happen?

Who hasn’t wondered this one before, right? 
Like, if my dream is financial abundance, but I’m scraping together change for a grocery run, am I confusing Universe with contrary signals?
Or if my dream is to be healthy and fit, but I can barely stand up when I get out of bed, how does that work?
Or if I’m dreaming of self-employment, how do I go to my job every day?
Looking forward to your insightful responses!

  • March 18, 2010
  • Aida says:

    I guess it’s similar to the “let go” topic, right. And how difficult it is sometimes. And how you want to focus on feeling great with what you have while being excited about what is coming.

  • Yeah, I hear a lot, Aida, from people who are a little nervous that enjoying what they have right now is only going to attract more of what they already have. When what they WANT is something quite different.
    There IS a way to appreciate what is, while looking forward to what’s coming next.
    That’s a powerful perspective to find.
    Thanks for posting, Aida! 🙂

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I’ve often wondered about that. I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 26 years. I am now on an insulin pump. It can be challenging for me to see myself 100% healthy with this pump attached to me 24/7, I check my blood sugar 10-12x a day and all the other stuff that goes along with it. However, I feel peaceful and more authentic when I tell myself- I feel and look damn good! 🙂 I also tell myself- I am not like other diabetics, nothing goes wrong with me. My doctors are amazed that I do not suffer from diabetic complications so clearly it works for me!

  • Sophie says:

    So I am the one with the job who wants to be self employed,\. What I find is all the ways my current job makes me feel like I am self-employed and I focus on that. For instance, I can take meetings in the morning or around lunch time, and still do my job. I focus on my flexibility.
    And since I am always pumped about these meetings, I am much happier when I go to my job and do a better job.
    Makes sense?

  • Wow, Judiesjuice, you’re managing that as well as anyone could! Nicely done!
    And Sophie, I like that – picking out the elements of the current reality that match the feeling of the intended reality. Great example of how to pull it off.
    Thanks, ladies, for pitching in on this topic! 🙂

  • Sara says:

    I’m not sure I even like contemplating the possibility that the Universe gets confused! (Soooo not in my pie!)
    That in itself feels like a limiting belief worth questioning. And if this person was my client, I would invite them to find relief in believing that the Universe knows exactly what they want and has already said YES. (Our job is to become a match to that “YES.” Which means WE have to be saying YES!!) I can’t imagine that the idea of a “confused Universe” is a belief that feels good to anybody, and for that reason alone, should be let go of ASAP. (I think WE are the only ones who experience confusion. LOL!)
    I think the only time we contradict ourselves is when we want something but we don’t really believe that it’s happening in our experience or on the way to showing up. I think the easiest way to shift that focus is to zoom in on positive aspects. That way we can clearly see how we’re already in alignment with what we want!! And if we believe that we’re in alignment with what we want, then Universe’s only choice is to give us experiences that match that.
    So I guess my answer is No. I don’t think going about regular life while wanting and believing that things are changing puts the Universe in confusion. If anything, the best thing we can do is recognize how regular life is already AND continuing to become the life we want!!
    I know this much, Universe has about the easiest job I know of – to match vibes, cut and dry.
    Have to go for now, but looking forward to all the other brilliant responses!

  • Well said, Sara. I also enjoy/prefer the thought that Universe knows it all – often even better than I do – and easily & instantly delivers it.
    My only job is to drop the confusion, or worry about potential confusion, and then I’m automatically a better match to everything Universe has lined up for me.
    Nice to hear from you on this one, Sara. 🙂

  • Ben Weston says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    This is a question I’ve struggled with for some time. Although during visualization or journalizing sessions, I’ll get myself so emotionally charged that I’ll feel as if my intention as already manifested, the rest of my waking hours are sometimes a challenge. The closest answer I have come to is to tell my mind that my visualization is well on its way so I better get ready! I also try to notice small changes in my environment that indicate that my intention is slowly coming true.
    Good question!

  • Yay, Ben, for being on the lookout for the small changes that show it’s underway!
    That’s a helpful aligner of the energy, isn’t it?
    Also sounds like you’ve got some HIGHLY effective visualization and journaling going on – congrats!!
    Thanks for popping in today, Ben. 🙂

  • This is such an interesting question, because this is similar the argument I get from people who reject LOA.
    It is difficult to get inline with vibrating rich, if we just paid a huge bill, or vibrating healthy, if we’re feeling sick. But like Judiesjuice said above, it’s all about attitude.
    I was hit with an unexpected bill, $380 a couple of weeks ago and instead of drowning in the bumminess of that, I celebrated that I have the money to pay it. That keeps me in the same vibration of being financial independent and secure.
    This was difficult for me to master at first, but it comes easily and quickly now. I see that every time I experience something I don’t like, it’s a fantastic opportunity to express what I’d like instead. So I always turn those phrases around.
    I want to be appreciated at work
    I want financial security
    I want to hang w/ my step son when he’s at his best
    I want to be in great shape
    I want to be a successful photographer
    I can go on and on. It truly does work. Everything is at the end of the stream just waiting for us to get there, the only thing that slows us down is our counter productive thoughts.
    Great post!! Gets the mind chuggin’

  • Ohhh, yes, yes, yes!! This is what I was wondering about on GVU the other day, too.
    For example, if I know my sweetie is on his way to me but in the meantime am encountering men who don’t entirely line up with my vision of my sweetie, do I forego dating all together while I wait for The One to show up? That doesn’t seem entirely logical to me, especially since I don’t even know if you can know who The One is until you’ve been out with him a few times. But how do I handle those sub-par situations with men in the meantime? Help!
    Ok, I’m just adding another question to the pot rather than answering the one above, but I’m not sure I have an answer to the above! 🙂

  • It is my understanding, that once we define our creation, we just get happy with everyday life, and let go and let the universe bring it. @SelfHelpGodess, if your dating is not fun or if you are asking yourself if this is the one then you likely are not enjoying your day to day. The focus is on lack although not intentionally. I did hear, and I can’t remember who it was now, but it was a coach on LOA, that once you define your mate-to-be you need to make room for the mate to arrive. In the meantime, get happy with what ever you need to until the mate arrives, and as having personally experienced this, it was quick and a totally unexpected arrival! Great post everyone.

  • Karanime says:

    Since it’s about the feelings, I suppose if you just feel the feelings associated with your dream, it’s all the same energy anyway.
    Like, for example, I want to move out of the house. But if I do so, I’ll get to enjoy ownership and freedom. So, I enjoy all the freedom I can while at home, and revel in my ownership of little trinkets I’ve purchased for myself.
    I am focusing on the feeling of doing whatever I want, and having things actually be mine. I think that’s a pretty clear signal to the Universe. 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    This is a GREAT question, and one I’ve pondered for a while.
    I haven’t tried this, but maybe something we could do is, lets say- when we’re scraping for this change for our grocery run and feeling a little frustrated, maybe we can smile, laugh and say “I’m so excited to see what’s on its way to me now.” And really feel appreciative of the fact that our situation is about to change.
    Its almost as if we’re the “future” selves looking back at the “present” self, and appreciating how far we’ve come. I think this might also be an excercise of trust and faith. When we feel as if we’re our future selves looking backwards, its as if it is a command to the universe that our situation WILL improve.

  • Amanda says:

    This is a GREAT question, and one I’ve pondered for a while.
    I haven’t tried this, but maybe something we could do is, lets say- when we’re scraping for this change for our grocery run and feeling a little frustrated, maybe we can smile, laugh and say “I’m so excited to see what’s on its way to me now.” And really feel appreciative of the fact that our situation is about to change.
    Its almost as if we’re the “future” selves looking back at the “present” self, and appreciating how far we’ve come. I think this might also be an excercise of trust and faith. When we feel as if we’re our future selves looking backwards, its as if it is a command to the universe that our situation WILL improve.

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I finally tapped in to using affirmations, intention setting and asking for Source to be with me all in combination, and I tapped into living it now.
    I don’t mean that it was physically present already. I mean I got to the point where I could use those three things together to amp up my vibe to the point where I could feel my blood buzzing…I mean, I can feel the energy moving through my body. I also began to set intentions, which I have been doing for a long time, but this time I did it differently. I set intentions and allowed my inner-being and Source to take care of it. Before I had been setting intentions and then carrying that huge weight on my shoulders, as if I had to make it happen single-handedly. Finally, I consciously ask Source and my angels to give me the right people, resources and circumstances in every situation, even in court.
    In fact, even when I am given great inspiration that is so far over the top that I think, “Yeah, right!”, where I used to say just that, now I say, “Ok, Universe, I’ll bite. Show me how.” Funny thing, it DOES!
    So, you can live your ordinary, every day life and manifest the dream while you do it, and one day you wake up and slowly see your dream revealed little by little until you’re living it. I’m still creating it, but it’s unfolding and what I’m doing works, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😛

  • JLAC says:

    As I’m reading these posts, I keep thinking of an Abraham analogy “I’m on my way to San Diego.” The analogy is about heading out from where you are and travelling 400 miles to San Diego. For most of the journey you’re not in San Diego, but if you put your focus on that fact, you’ll do the vibrational equivalent of turning around and going back to where you started.
    I know it’s not quite the same thing here, but I’m feeling that if I can travel to San Diego and enjoy the journey even though most of the time I’m not there and THAT doesn’t turn me around, then I’m still going to get to San Diego. No problem for the Universe – just enjoy the journey, keep your sights set. Universe knows where you’re going.
    Not sure I’m expressing well the parallel I’m feeling but offering it up.

  • Greg Blencoe says:

    I think there are a couple of approaches to take with this.
    The first is to be grateful for everything that is already in your life.
    For example, if you want more abundance, you should be grateful for the money and abundance that is already in your life (even if it is not as much as you want). By doing this, you will be sending out a positive vibration which will bring you more of what you want.
    Regarding attracting your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend, I think the right approach is to be grateful for how the current people you are meeting match part of what you want. If you meet a person that has 10 of the 20 characteristics that you want, then celebrate and be grateful for those 10.
    Also, I think it is good to do this while having the expectation that what you want will arrive.
    I know I am doing this right when I am as certain that I want will arrive as I am that I will get what I have ordered from Amazon.com. I don’t constantly check to see if my order has been shipped, where it is, etc. I just know a package will show up soon. And it does!
    Basically, I think the universe loves gratitude and the universe loves faith.

  • Nancy says:

    Thanks for all of the help on this question!
    My husband and I have been doing a reading from “Ask and It Is Given” each morning (what a fabulous way to start the day) and a couple of days ago we read the San Diego story JLAC refers to — it totally made sense to both of us.
    I have turned around on my trip to San Diego and gone back to Phoenix more than a couple of times in my life – ha! I’m enjoying the journey now.
    Thanks again for sending your love and support.

  • Mitch says:

    I think going about your regular daily life in a positive way not only does not confuse the universe, but it’s pretty much necessary if you want the universe to deliver what you’re asking for.
    The name of this game is “feeling the relief before I have a physical reason for relief.” It’s not “I wish that I could feel enough relief so that the physical reason for relief can come along and give me real relief.” lol
    I think that can be hard to practice because we feel that our fear and anxiety is keeping us on track. I have worried that if I *honestly* feel better right now, then I won’t have any reason to reach for more and I’ll just stay where I am forever. I’m not sure where a belief like that comes from, but it’s obviously not true. Even if I really liked my current job, which I’m working on, I still know that it’s not my life long dream to work in data entry. But I don’t need to abhor data entry in order to know that I want something else. Does that make sense?
    I’m going to go make a list of positive aspects now. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Ok, so I have a brilliant answer to this (and unfortunately I cannot take credit for it – that goes to Paul, aka “The Communion of Light” a la Frank Butterfield, got it?). I was on a call with them a few weeks ago and asked this exact question in regards to money. I wanted to know if I was somehow “cancelling” out my desire for increased wealth by looking at the reality of my bank account each day (or however often I would check it)? It seemed that no amount of affirmations/visualization etc. were going to keep the vibration up when I kept checking back in with reality. It was like putting in an order at a restaurant and then the waiter keeps coming back and telling you they are out of it. Reality/Desire/Reality/Desire….kept getting cancelled out – or that is what my fears were. It just didn’t seem possible.
    The Communion of Light said that what I was looking at on the computer screen or bank statement was all in the past. I was looking at the past. This is what my vibration was in the past and what I had manifested. Period. In the past. OMG…how brilliant is that? So, when I look at the statement now, it does not tell me what I am creating (I know by my thoughts, visions and affirmations what I am creating) but what I had created in the past. And it’s done.
    So, this has totally shifted my beliefs about my financial situation. I actually have more money in the bank that I have for a very long time and it has been consistent. As a result, I no longer worry or think about money. It is there and I can pay my bills. Not only am I not worrying about money but I know that whatever I see today is just a reflection of yesterdays vibe. This can be used for anything one wants to create. A relationship? Home? Car? Ideal weight? Where you are now is only a reflection of your past vibration.
    I hope I have explained this in a way that is as inspiring to others as it was to me. I want to go back and listen to the recording to hear the exact wording…but that is the gist of it.
    Just another perspective! Laura

  • livingtheloa says:

    I’m really blown away by all of the wisdom and insight shared here. I love the idea of looking at what is as ‘in the past’. Gratitude has def been a big key to manifesting more good in MY life and I’ve enjoyed the examples everyone has given as to how they do that.
    Good point about recognizing not just what’s good, but specifically that it’s stuff we ALREADY manifested! I like the feeling of, “I’m so POWERFUL” that gives me!
    And yes, the Universe knows what we want even better than we do, so it isn’t going to get confused. It isn’t going to get it wrong. Just be happy and have fun as often and as long as you can and YOU can’t get it wrong either.

  • leslie richter says:

    I have a success story that I am quite proud of.
    For a month now I have had a happier heart, slept without pills and stress and have felt more balanced. What has been the source of change for me?
    A change of focus. I am in a situation that is crazy making and after a year of ranting and raving and feeling trapped I realized that this just created more of that.
    So I decided to focus on the sweet moments of the day and I savor the feeling throughout the day. It appears to be true you get more with honey.
    I also have tried to be pro-active with my spirit’s choices. When I saw my mother a year ago and saw what a bad place she was in and how profoundly frightened she was my spirit spoke to her spirit and said I won’t leave you I will be with you until the end. It was an instantaneously decision. It’s just my body has been a little cranky with that decision ever since.
    My husband and I don’t smoke and it’s rough having someone in our small house smoke and be sick because of it. It’s a very invasive elephant and it calls in a certain energy I don’t want in my house.
    I savor the sweet moments, and am grateful I live in the country where this is the only pollutant I have to deal with. I am grateful I studied for four years energy
    clearing and owning and get to use those skills!
    I try to encourage my mother to be pro-active in her life and she just wants to be the victim. I internally rant and rave and become my mother.
    I acknowledge my spirit and the huge lessons I have agreed upon and the deeper ownership. I am not my mother. I savor those moments of spirit awareness. I focus on the sweet moments of the day.
    Love Leslie

  • Annette says:

    Laura, you DO have a Brilliant answer to this!! Thank you and Paul!!
    In the past, indeed!
    And according to the Marvelous Patty Lennon: Do you realize you’re creating now? Can you imagine what will come to you because of what you’re feeling Now?
    oooo – – chills.

  • Amanda says:

    I will admit.. Laura that comment was EXTREMELY helpful!

  • Michael says:

    Here’s what’s working for me…I know there is one simple thing that really, nearly always lights me up: music.
    Being a musician, I record and perform it…but discovered a few years ago that the reason I really got lit up by music as a kid STILL lit me up in the present: air guitar and screaming my lungs out in the car in front of imaginary crowds.
    Since I got back into the practice, I went from a 2009 where I lost a huge chunk of my family, money, place to live, job, some sanity, etc…to now having an incredible new love in my life like I never could have imagined, money coming in unbelievably, and all kinds of ‘surprises’ that keep me buoyant.
    So while my dream life of lots of money through investments and intellectual property is still ‘in the vortex’, I’m in that same vortex more and more…and I have the love and enjoyment with or without the dream life!
    Find the simple thing that lights you up…french fries, gardening, old movies, hiking, day dreaming, sleeping in when you ‘should’t’, eating pie, painting…whatever it is…the more you make THAT a priority, the more you’ll slip right in line with that dream life without even trying.

  • Barbara says:

    Great insights here! Thank you, everyone!
    With that, it really is about feeling good–in whatever way that works for you. I find that gratitude and appreciation are very powerful practices for me to raise my vibe and to feel good. So appreciating what is–no matter what–including the contrast-is powerful to physically creating what is already in our vibrational reality. Some days it’s harder but with regular practice, I find that I can “shift” my vibe quite easily most of the time to a better feeling thought. I think the key for me is with REGULAR PRACTICE of these techniques.
    I also highly recommend Pray Rain Journaling (thank you, Jeannette!) and working with Focus Wheels, Lists of Positive Aspects and Rampages of Appreciation. Writing it all down is very powerful indeed. I started not too long ago regularly practicing these things on a daily basis (as Abraham suggests)–with the PrayRain Journaling as an extra kick–and it’s working!
    I wasn’t very good at focus wheels when I started but I am getting better (or at least it feels good to me..lol).

  • Ande says:

    Of course law of attraction brought me to this post when I was pondering this question. I think Laura’s answer to the question is brilliant and it is in line with Neville Goddard’s “think FROM the desire” instead of thinking “OF the desire.”
    There is a catch-22 paradox in the law of attraction and that is that in order to have what we want, we have to have what we want. In other words, if I want money, the very fact that I want money is a vibrational match with the awareness that I have not enough money because if I had enough money, I wouldn’t be wanting some. I never think, “I want a roof over my head,” because I have one.
    I have tried “exuberant anticipation” a la Abraham-Hicks, but even that seems to vibrate more on the “I don’t have it yet” end of the stick.
    So what I’m beginning to do is something similar to what Laura said. I am thinking of myself as a woman who has the financial freedom I want. Any evidence to the contrary is simply something from my past, a shadow of a parallel universe perhaps. All energetic plains exist at once. Einstein said time was an illusion. So when we see evidence of something that isn’t in line with being what we want now, it’s just a slip of the universes many layers. We’ve moved our attention from the layer we live on (having what we want) to an old layer where we didn’t have it. We just need to shift our perception back.
    If some really BIG evidence contrary to my feeling place shows up, I ignore the subject entirely. I shift my focus to something else, like my dog playing with her ball. We can choose where we look.

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