Q&A: Possible to Keep Vibe Up?

This great question from Laura allows us to explore how best to manage one’s energy while in the challenging stages of a manifestation. Here’s Laura:

I was wanting to work as a coach but unemployed when a job came along that seemed to have potential, so I took it.  It was immediately apparent that it was totally out of alignment. (Inconvenient hours, irregular schedule, no energy to do anything after work.)  I would tell myself that I was an amazing coach and that the perfect job was coming, but …
… it was very hard to keep the energy up in that situation. It became even more clear when I got sick and was in bed for 3 days!  So I decided I needed to remove myself from that situation to clear the energy and get back on track. I quit yesterday and already feel tremendous relief. So, here is the question: 
Is it possible to remain in a situation that is so far from what you are trying to manifest and still keep the vibe strong enough to move beyond it?  Or, it is just more energy expended that ends up showing up as resistance?  Would love to know your experience with this and I am sure others would too.

This is Jeannette again and I can sure relate to Laura’s question.  While wanting to start my coaching practice, mentor coaches advised I not give up my day job.  But while working that job, I was so unhappy that nothing good got invested in my practice.  It wasn’t until quitting that I felt the relief that allowed me to begin stepping into alignment with success as a coach.
Putting that kind of financial pressure on myself wasn’t any sort of pleasure, but would it have been possible to manage my vibration at work to make for a smoother transition into coaching?  Knowing what I know now, I may have handled things differently back then.
But I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about situations like this!  (Thanks in advance for your insights and shared experiences.)

  • June 20, 2009
  • Michele says:

    Laura, thank you for coming back and posting about the outcome of your situation. What an uplifting way for this thread to conclude! (I’m reading it for the first time, a year after it was created.)

  • Laura says:

    Hi everyone..I just wanted to post a follow-up to my original question about keeping the vibe up in a situation that is so far from what one is desiring to manifest. So, I ended up quitting that first job that was first bringing up the feelings. I landed another job which caused me some doubt, but it seemed better than the previous one. In some ways it was but I was working for someone that was so contraditory to me and the kind of environment I was seeking. The negativity, complaining and just overall bad energy was so prevalent that I dreaded being there when the owner was there. I said aloud that I was going to leave…when I found something else. I also was not totally against the idea of going back on unemployment..it had to be better than was I was dealing with on a daily basis. I also started to examine why I again manifested a less-than-ideal job. Was my vibe still messed up from the last situation? My daily thoughts started to be dominated by the feeling of not being around that energy anymore. I got a call after being off for two days from the owner telling me she couldn’t afford to keep all of us she hired since business was slow and was going to have to let me go. No panic, almost a feeling of relief. I was like “ok”.
    I knew I could go back on unemployment and that I would eventually have to find something else (maybe after the summer?) but my predominant feeling was RELIEF! I don’t have to go back there! For the next few weeks, I enjoyed every minute of being free. The weather was gorgeous, I felt great, happy and feeling so optimistic. I had made a list a few months earlier of what the perfect job for me would look like. This of course, is aside from my coaching work. I put the list away and didn’t look at it. I knew what was on it. A few weeks later I got a call from a friend who referred me for a job that I almost took in the spring (they only needed someone 1-2 days a week and didn’t work for me) and now they needed someone fulltime with the likelihood of running the place after the summer.
    Once my terms were met, I took the job. I have only worked there 2 days but can already feel that this is the perfect fit. I can honestly say that this is the job I was describing on my list. By being relaxed, knowing it would come and really just enjoying each day that I had off, I could feel the rising of my vibe to match with this perfect job. It is really amazing how when you find a reason to be happy now (for me it was being unemployed again and loving my time) and stayed relaxed, it all shifts.
    So, I found that for me, it is very important that I surround myself in the good vibe feelings and even it that means leaving a place of security (a job) that does not jive.
    So grateful….

  • Leonie says:

    I’m sitting here in Scotland, not trying to be a coach, but using LOA to create the life I really want. I was getting on great, when I hit a wall – trouble at work created while I was away on holiday for a few days – happens each time I go away – have been feeling totally deflated and ready to give up the whole dream thing – what’s the point, if I can’t manage the work situation. Your question has arrived at the perfect moment for me – yes, I do need this job for the moment; and I SO need this blog and all your thoughts, which are enabling me to start raising the level of my thoughts again. I was in the middle of reading these posts when one of my ‘work problems’ phoned (way out of hours) – and I was able to be light and positive and encouraging with her – which has reminded me I had decided that the way to resolve the work situation was to launch a ‘charm offensive’ and create a delightful vibe which will be irresistable to all concerned!. Ok, maybe one or two haven’t fallen into line yet, and maybe one of them is my immediate boss – but having experienced the positive effect of just reading all your positive vibes, I am recommitting to persevering with my current course, knowing that I am en route to my perfect life, and that I am choosing to do it this rather long and roundabout way (not sure why I would choose to do that, but I obviously am, so I’ll just accept that for now). Thank you all so much.

  • Erik says:

    tried to post – last time, the post was eaten by the web – one more try 😉
    @Sara: thanks for the image about “clothes that don’t fit / food that does not taste good” – so clear and easy and gets your LOA to the right point.
    About the “situation you don’t align with vibrationally”: if you have the time to do so, start to visualize your ideal job so that it comes at the right time when you want to stop your old one. I’ve heard that most things can take up to 90 days before manifesting – so being patient is key. Of course if the current situation is too frustrating, then see if you have the resources to live some 90 days ^^ (until your new manifestations come rushing in) and quit the job.
    I was at the end of my studies and totally unhappy with the studies, but I had to finish them – so I decided to start early with manifesting a relaxed job to gather power after the stresses. Result: I got a totally relaxed job for the next two months that pays enough to live by. Yay to LOA – just plan in advance.
    Best regards,
    Ps.: of course things can manifest in a day, hour or even minute, but depending on your LOA power, I would plan ahead a bit.

  • Gemstone says:

    Delurking here…
    I just wanted to give thanks to all of you for generously sharing your wealth of knowledge. I always leave this site feeling better. All of you are changing the world with your fabulous attitudes!
    Even though I’m a newbie to manifesting, and get “stuck” from time to time, when my intentions do work (which is happening more frequently now), I feel like I’m on cloud nine! This is such a different place for me, and I truly appreciate this opportunity to be able to guide my story from here on out! My friends and family cannot believe the change in me in such a short period of time.
    Today for the first time in weeks, my day actually had some bumps in the road. I immediately knew that my vibration was lower than it needed to be, so I thought of My Good Vibe Coaches here, and started concentrating on aligning myself with where I wanted to be. It didn’t take long to feel better.
    So thank you again for helping to make a difference in my life. I hope all of you have an incredible week!

  • Gillian says:

    Is it true, that how far or close we are to manifesting our goals depends on how close we feel it is? Can our feelings give us a hint wether or not we are about to strike gold? I think so. I think we can feel it if our goals are just around the corner or still drifting somewhere. That happend to me, I can feel, that my desires are about to show up, I feel they close, ready to knock at my door. I feel: “of course” everything is coming, it’s already there. I just feel it somehow.

  • Sugandhi Iyer says:

    I was thinking about the Law of Attraction and other such coaching work. We need to bring out the importance of all of this amazing work into the world. So many institutions abound where they teach breath work, meditation, yoga, etc., and this is all being brought out into the world through concerted and joint effort. Ask me, I myself practice breathing in an non-profit organization which systematically promotes its work to the world.
    This concerted effort should also be put into bringing out the LOA teachings into the world…..This also helps the coaching practice per se. Everyone knows about doctors, physical therapists, etc., and there is no dearth of business for these providers. Put up one sign and its enough to get clients. Even restaurants attract their own business cause everyone likes food. But if LOA and such coaching were more “a thing that is important and a must do and must have” then that would create a supply of clients. We can promote it by writing books, articles, bring it into the news, etc. Anyone have any ideas on that?
    PS. excuse the spellings in my previous post. I just write very fast sometimes and don’t read back.

  • Look at you go, Melody! Woo hoo!!
    Great to hear the good news!

  • I just had to come and share somewhere I know that this will be appreciated and maybe encouraging.
    I am expanding my coaching career to include a different type of client – one that “formerly” I anticipated to be a much tougher crowd than the clients I work with now. The coaching message is essentially the same, I am just aiming for a different audience.
    I’ve been working on my thoughts with imaginations like, “These people just can’t wait to work with me! They love me already. I can see them eagerly welcoming me with open arms. This is perfect timing – right place, right time. The time for this is right now.”
    Today I met with the President and Vice President of the organization and gave my presentation. In fact, I discovered that the President and I graduated from the same high school…in another state! And we both moved to Montana last fall. The guy kept saying, “I can’t believe this, I mean, what are the chances.”
    At the end of the presentation he told me that they were totally on board with my idea and that we’d schedule another meeting to put the details together for the follow up that is necessary. Way Cool, yay!?
    Get’s even better….
    I just got home to discover that my appointment with these people is actually scheduled for tomorrow. Some how I showed up a day early and walked away with a new client. I’m not sure they even realize I was there on the wrong day.

  • Anna, I really resonated with what you said here. This is exactly what I was dealing with last night – The Clash, emotional distress, separation etc! Thank YOu for posting cos I saw this in the morning and then went to the beach to work on some stuff, and healed a few layers of pain. All this stuff that is coming up to be healed around the Solstice. I also dug out my values list (thank you for re-reminding me) and created my intentions in full. Cheers

  • 2 absolute GEM thoughts Sara and Sue!
    “Take away their power to make you feel bad – whether it’s a boyfriend, client, parent, friend, stranger.”
    “Attachment is the energy that says “When I receive it, I’ll relax.” The energy of Allowing says, “Now that I’m relaxed, I’m receiving it!” The reason attachment doesn’t feel so great is because the “Source” part of you knows that YOU are the power that makes the outcome, not the other way around.”
    Stunned because while at the beach today writing my intentions and doing some inner healing, I worked thru something that was hurting me and took my power back. And then wrote “I allow and am unattached”.
    A few hours later I come home and see these 2 posts. No words to describe the synchronicity. I am in major upgrade. Thank you.

  • Sugandhi Iyer says:

    In addition to the points that people have put forward in this discussion, here is one more thing.
    The issue of attachment runs in every life area. Ask yourself, “How attached am I to the fact of my clients providing me with my bread and butter?”
    As a coach, or a healer, being in the place of the ‘giver’ and receiving graciously is the key. The minute you start to feel as if your upkeep is dependent on your clients, they start to hold power over you. Just like in a romantic relationship, the minute you become ‘needy’ it starts to backfire.
    So sometimes having different sources of income really helps. Remember that you must do what is right for you. Every coach has a different experience in the building up of her practice. If you feel bad everytime you don’t see someone sign up for your coaching, then take away their power to make you feel bad. Get a job, do whatever it takes to start feeling as if your money is not tied up only to this practice. And also practice the other techniques like seeing money flow into your client account, etc. Also know that sometimes the ‘ego’ stops people from making money elsewhere. Sometimes false feelings come up created by the ego. Learn to discern when you have false ego prompetd feelings, and true feelings. Practice on clearing your mind of all ideas that prevent you from making a descent living in whatever way. When your clients know that you are feeling monetarily provided for, they will gather around you. Lol!
    The Law of Attraction must be practiced keeping in mind practicality. Our minds are very tricky and one must know this truth. Don’t let it become your trap. If what you need is money, and if you need to be committed to any job, then be commited. This constancy helps the Universe also. Then in your commitment, the mind stops crying. And when it stops crying then you feel joy. And this joy goes back into your practice.

  • Sara Exley says:

    Hi Judiesjuice, 🙂
    Here are some good questions that have helped me:
    What evidence of my desire am I already seeing in my life?
    What would it take for me to be in a place of oneness with my desire? (Rather than seeing it as far away)
    Am I trying to take on the Universe’s job? (the how and the details)
    How attached am I feeling to this outcome on a scale of 1-10?
    That last one is always a great ongoing check in question. And one I ask myself frequently. Our level of attachment is always directlly proportionate to our level of resistance. (They’re both the same thing really.)
    Let’s take a closer look at attachment, or what I like to call “the needs.” Attachment is giving your power away. It’s making something else responsible for your level of trust, relaxation, joy, etc. Attachment is the energy that says “When I receive it, I’ll relax.” The energy of Allowing says, “Now that I’m relaxed, I’m receiving it!” The reason attachment doesn’t feel so great is because the “Source” part of you knows that YOU are the power that makes the outcome, not the other way around. 🙂
    It’s not that attachment is “bad” or “wrong.” It’s just that the higher part of us knows that Allowing feels so much better. It’s clear that you are perfectly ready to move into that place, otherwise you wouldn’t have shared your frustration with us. Congratulate yourself for being ready! 😀 Celebrating your readiness is a wonderful way to up your vibe about this!
    Here are some other good Allowing questions:
    Can you remember times when the outcome you wanted came to you easily? What does it feel like to Allow? What would it take for you to feel that now?
    Those are questions that helped me when I first started practicing this stuff.
    Many Blessings,
    Sara E.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Thank you Sara E. I AM an amazing manifestor, if I do say so myself 🙂 It’s just that I have been “trying” to manifest one specific goal that continues to allude me. I say all that in quotes because I am now allowing it to manifest. I am done trying to do anything 🙂
    Thank you again!!!!!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I need an answer to this question as well. My goals have not been manifesting as quickly as I like and each time I hear another “no”….well, it’s hard to keep up the faith. But I refuse to give up.

  • Well said, Nancy. Thanks for sharing your experience here!

  • Hi, Jeannette,
    I’ve been self-employed as an illustrator/presentation designer for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley (& beyond) for the past 15 yrs. Prior to that, I was doing the same work at Adobe Systems for 3+ yrs. While that may *seems* impressive, I’ve actually been on a spiritual path for the past *30 years* & have been working with affirmations for the last *24*. So, the work I’m doing now I’ve been preparing for much longer and it truly is my heart work!
    When my illustration work slowed down several years ago, I got a series of part-time jobs…they were all disasters! I’d come home even MORE drained, even when I thought that wasn’t *possible*. I was miserable, & my son began acting out, too. Not good for a single mom!
    I found it was always better to be doing what made me happy AND networking. I’ve gotten the big jobs and great breaks when I was feeling good, not when I was miserable, tired, overworked, stressed, etc. What we create when we are vibrating high is far better than what we could ever create when we are vibing low!
    That said, if you are able to find a good fitting opportunity, where you are vibing high, that channels money while you grow your coaching business (as Mary Knebel did) then *go for it*!
    Many blessings,

  • Anna says:

    Principles, core beliefs – VALUES (thanks for reminding me by sharing your truth, Tia) – these have always been the primary and deciding factors for me in answering to The Clash (Should I Stay or Should I Go).
    I’ve had a long list of different jobs, though I like to see them as short-term careers (I absolutely *adore* retelling). I went into each with a purpose – usually for the experience of other people’s lives – and to that end, they were all successful.
    The Universe, however, always let me know when I was getting complacent, delivering that Cosmic Kick in the A** … physically illness, emotional distress – each brought relief with my final choice to leave. The times I stuck around a little longer for the money came at a cost: emotional separation – which is in direct contrast to what I desire in life – feeling all of my emotions to the fullest.
    Seeking advice from others is most beneficial when we choose the answer that resonates greatest with our spirit (self, soul, you choose the word).
    THAT, in my experience, is why Jeannette shines brilliantly.
    Love & Light

  • Well I can definitely relate to this one!!
    I was laid off from my corporate job back in December, and used the downtime to start my website which has been a long-time dream of mine. My goal had been to stay home full-time, but as my website/on-line business wasn’t quite up to speed yet (i.e. not providing enough money for me to stay home full-time) I started temping. At the very first (and only) temp job I went on, it turns out they had a position open in the field I am trained in and they offered it to me.
    Because I temped at the place about a month before they offered me the job, I had a chance to evaluate the situation that I was getting into beforehand. I ended up taking the job, because the environment is such that I can still stay in a relatively good spot with respect to continuing to develop my on-line business, both in terms of downtime on the job and vibe-wise. My vibe at work is not skyhigh by any means, but it is good enough that I stay motivated and positive with respect to my on-line business, but there’s also enough “discomfort” at the job that I don’t get too comfortable and abandon the website idea all together… which I think is a good mix!
    So my answer, from personal experience, is that it is possible to find a job that allows you to keep your vibe high enough while you continue to develop your coaching practice. But I would advise you to check in with yourself first and see what really feels best for you. For me, it feels best to have a job that still pays the bills while I continue to develop my on-line business, but that’s because I was able to find a job that allows me to keep a relatively good vibe. If I were absolutely miserable in a job, like it sounds like you were, I think it would be preferable to quit the job like you did!!
    I say, check in with yourself and see what answers are already within you. They are always in there, we just have to dig them out!

  • Can'tRememberMyName says:

    I am in a very similar situation, however, have not taken any “j. o. b.” yet but it seems like the “only” solution (especially to others who know my circumstances). I know this is not true and I’m holding out for my manifestation. But I just wanted you to know – I admire your commitment. I think you did the right thing leaving the “safety” of the job. Good luck! You did good!! I’m holding a positive thought for you!

  • Laura says:

    Oh, and Tia – thanks so much for the posting about the Solstice! I’m right there with ya – making my list!

  • Laura says:

    Hi. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for all your comments! It is so wonderful to be “heard” by people who understand. I say this because so many people think you are CRAZY to leave a job without having something else and that you should “stick it out”. I have always been the kind of person to go against the grain and follow my gut. I HAVE to…otherwise I start rebelling and then I am forced to leave. It’s pretty funny.
    In my particular situation, I had been unemployed for almost 5 months before I got this job, so I was grateful, hopeful and relieved that I was going to have a steady income again AND be attracting my perfect clients. An interesting thing happened though…I became so resentful (knowing fully that these thoughts were not serving me and not where I wanted to go) that I no longer had control over my time, that I was asked to work hours that interfered with my meals and sleep patterns, not to mention that I was exhausted and bored to death. Okay, you get the picture.
    I really did catch myself and shifted my thoughts throughout the day – my mantra became things like: The perfect job is on it’s way and I am an amazing coach who is attracting lots of perfect clients. But..”where are they? Why do I have to do this?” would often compete for the mental real estate.
    Sugandhi, you bring up a great point about what was causing more stress and although I was potentially putting myself in a precarious financial situation, that seemed less stressful to me that the job. I felt like I was constantly fighting to pull up my vibe and THAT did not feel right. I would listen to Abraham cd’s in my car for the short commute to try and start the day in the right frame of mind. On top of seeing my situation as I wanted it to be, I was working with people who felt they had no choice and were stressed as well. The choice to leave gave me so much relief!
    Sara: Great question! I have been pray rain journaling for a thriving coaching business so each night I envision what that looks like. I have also made a list about what the perfect job now looks like as I build my business. Wanted to get out of the desperation mode and was/am very clear about what that job looks like.
    Jeannette: So agree with you about the limiting beliefs! I gave up a corporate job (years ago) to pursue coaching and now I am doing these silly jobs to have steady income while my business grows. You can image all the thoughts (limiting beliefs that come from that!). I do question them and less their power, but some of them have a long history.
    My friend Dana: Thank you for your constant support! I know you’ve been here too and can totally relate! Your insight and probing into what I really want are incredibly helpful – you are a wonderful coach!
    Thank you Jeannette for posting this and allowing me to read all the wonderful comments and feel connected to a community that sees and feels things as I do.

  • Erik says:

    @Sara: thanks for the image about “clothes that don’t fit / food that does not taste good” – so clear and easy and gets your LOA to the right point.
    About the “situation you don’t align with vibrationally”: if you have the time to do so, start to visualize your ideal job so that it comes at the right time when you want to stop your old one. I’ve heard that most things can take up to 90 days before manifesting – so being patient is key. Of course if the current situation is too frustrating, then see if you have the resources to live some 90 days ^^ (until your new manifestations come rushing in) and quit the job.
    I was at the end of my studies and totally unhappy with the studies, but I had to finish them – so I decided to start early with manifesting a relaxed job to gather power after the stresses. Result: I got a totally relaxed job for the next two months that pays enough to live by. Yay to LOA – just plan in advance.
    Best regards,
    Ps.: of course things can manifest in a day, hour or even minute, but depending on your LOA power, I would plan ahead a bit.

  • Sara, you rock!! I love what you wrote 😀
    Jeannette, you better believe it girlfriend and thanks for asking for the link – here’s my post on Summer Solstice http://www.coachtia.com/2009/06/21/summer-solstice-intentions/
    I invite you ALL to come and share yours so that we can infuse this planet and each others intentions with joy and miracles. This is an amazing time of healing and creation. Bring it ON.

  • Sugandhi Iyer says:

    Hey it’s my birthday tomorrow, June 22. A summer solstice baby!
    But adding to the amazing information everyone has put out, as Abe says, the clients are waiting. It’s us who need to be ready for them. So see yourself as this amazing coach. Also train your sub-conscious to start ‘seeing’ money coming in from the clients and not just being taken out of your savings, cause what we ‘see’ is what happens. See yourself meeting your expenses out of the account into which your clients payments go, and not out of the reducing savings. These images are very powerful. The mind is like a child and needs to be cajoled to the place you want it to be.
    Lots of Love everyone.

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the many things that have been said. I’ve learned that LOA applies not just to the things we think it’ll be easy to apply it to, but to every situation. I’m friends with Laura, and I appreciate her allowing Jeannette to share this question with us because I’ve been in the exact same boat as Laura.
    I kept trying to find jobs that would allow me to coach and continue to grow my business. I kept applying for work and then getting interviews and the minute I’d get an interview I had this really sick feeling. Finally, it dawned on me that it’s because the Universe is speaking so loudly to me and challenging me so fervently to live my passion and keep doing what I told it I want to do. I know that when I had a power job in a law firm I didn’t have time or energy to give to my business, and I certainly had a more challenging time maintaining a higher vibration.
    Sugandhi, thank you for the imagery on meeting expenses. I will incorporate that into my daily practices.

  • And can I just ask, what are you two girls doing up so late?! lol
    No wonder waking up for a “job” doesn’t appeal to you, Tia! ha
    I’m thinking if we didn’t have to negotiate limiting beliefs, this work of following what feels best would be much simpler, wouldn’t it?
    PS – thanks for the summer solstice tip, Tia! Did you blog about that? Would love a link, if so.

  • I was loving your response, Sara, so much so that I heard myself ask, “Who IS this Sara E?” and then I realized – Hey!! I practically KNOW her!! ha ha
    Nice coaching, my friend.
    Can’t wait to get to know you better!

  • I haven’t worked in a “job” in over 10 months because to me, the thought of getting up every morning, 5 days a week without fail and work in an office till 5pm is anathema.
    So I went about setting up my coaching career without an income but luckily (or powerfully meant to be) I had savings to live off for at least a year and that’s precisely what I did.
    I’ve always chosen fun, freedom and travel over corporate career moves as that aligns with my core values (of course, all those years I was job-hopping I just thought I wasn’t serious about my career, and now I see I was serious about my VALUES even though I didn’t know that at the time ….yay me!)
    Fully agree with what Iyabo, Melody and Sue said – it harks back to an earlier post about how to keep the vibe going in a situation which isn’t what you’re trying to manifest – by going with what feels good.
    Just want to remind everyone – Summer Solstice June 22-24 is a powerful time to create and solidify your intentions so make sure you spend the next 3 days thinking about and clarifying your desires to the U and U). Woohoo!!

  • Sara Exley says:

    Oh, I love this question. This is such an important topic, and I thank both Laura and Jeannette for bringing it to the table.
    Here’s the thing about vibrational alignment, you’re either vibing what you want or vibing what you don’t want. You can’t have it both ways. Sure, you can vibrate somewhere in the middle and have a little bit of both, but I don’t get the sense that’s what you want. The point here is that you can’t go through with something that feels inherently wrong to you and expect an outcome that feels right.
    What I’m hearing from you is that you’re pretty clear about what your intuition is telling you, anyway. And I want to support you in trusting that, because that’s where your power is. If the vibe about it feels off, then odds are it’s not lined up with your original desire, and how you feel will always tell you so.
    What I’ve recently begun to understand about my own coaching business is that if I want to attract ideal clients, I have to be willing to say no to the clients who aren’t ideal for me – the ones who don’t feel right, the ones who can’t pay what I know I’m worth, etc. Think of it this way, would you deliberately buy clothes that don’t fit? Would you deliberately eat food that doesn’t taste good? This is no different. What we agree to have in our lives carries a vibration, why not only include the stuff you want?
    You have a wonderful opportunity here. A clear invitation from the Universe to get clear about what IS ideal for you. An opportunity to allow yourself to commit to that energy flow. So what’s ideal for you? Do you want a job that fits perfectly with your coaching business, or do you simply want to start attracting clients? The point is that you decide to only include energy that matches what feels ideal to you.
    Blessings and Love!
    Sara E.

  • Sugandhi Iyer says:

    It depends on how you view the situation. It also depends on what is creating the most stress. If ‘not earning money’ creates more stress than being in an unsauitable, unhappy feeling job, then it’s best to keep the job, until you feel better about the money situation. If however you feel okay without earning money for the time being, until money starts rolling in from your ‘loved profession’ than being stuck in a job that you don’t like, then you can choose accordingly. Even while you are waiting for your coaching practice to pick up, you may experience changes in your preferences also, sometimes money will feel more important, and sometimes the job. Navigate delicately until you reach the vibe that “your coaching pratice is doing great.” Feeling relief is what is important, and even a small shift in this feeling of relief can make a huge difference bringing you closer to what you really want to experience. Sometimes this small relief actually frees things up so that you can feel ASIF things are finally picking up. Lol!

  • Inner Genius Coach says:

    This is a very good question. It all depends on your situation. If you feel more comfortable keeping the job while you look for another one, why don’t you practice being on your new job? Have much more energy invested in the new one than in the current job. So that way, you are feeling purposeful, powerful and fulfilled and in alignment on this job, as you imagine yourself in that job.
    Take the information your lack of energy and the discontent with your irregular hours and use it to yourself.
    Personally, I congratulate you. You are so in tune with your vibe that you know this current job is not great. Congratulate yourself. Thanks for taking care of your vibe.
    It is all a choice.
    Iyabo Asani

  • Well said, Sugandhi! I totally agree that it depends on what feels most important, and that that may fluctuate over time.
    I think that’s why each person has to find their own answer – no one can tell us there’s a right or wrong way to navigate a situation like this.
    Nice to see you here again, my friend!

  • Oooh! “The only thing that had changed was my thoughts.”
    LOVE IT, Melody!! (You gave me goose bumps!)
    Yes, it is that simple, isn’t it? When we can manage new thoughts.
    I know from experience that can be easier said than done, but now that I have much more practice with deliberate creation, I think I could more easily find those new thoughts than I could before I had lots of practice with LOA under my belt.
    Thanks for pitching in, Melody!

  • It seems that there is no one answer because I think it depends on how bad the feeling is in that circumstance. There must be things we can do to “trick” ourselves into a better state of feeling since the subconscious doesn’t differentiate for pretending. However depending on the person and the situation we may not be able to “fake” our way through a difficult situation. We may just have to give it a try and then move towards what makes us feel good more naturally.
    I recently had a tiny thought shift that allowed me to handle a very difficult situation. And, where there previously was overwhelming anxiety I now had a powerful sense of…well “power” over the circumstance. The only thing that had changed was my thoughts.
    I love your message Jeannette! Thank you for generously sharing of your thoughts and feelings.

  • That’s what I was thinking, Iyabo – congrats to Laura for being so in tune with herself and also knowing the importance of those feelings!
    Thanks for launching this conversation, girlfriend.

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