Q&A: What Feels Best?

Continued from the October 20 issue of Get What You Want ezine (if you’re not already signed up, there’s a box in the sidebar to the left as well as here), this question about the role of action in manifesting often comes up for deliberate creators …

We talked about the simple manifesting formula as:

Focus on what you want  +  Do what feels good  =  Successful Manifestation

In the “do what feels good” part of the formula, sometimes we’re stumped with:

  • How do I know what inspired action is? 
  • What if I don’t feel any inspiration at all? 
  • What if I don’t believe just doing what “feels good” will work?
  • What if my beliefs are contrary to what my inner guidance suggests?

With that, I’m officially opening this post up for discussion around doing what feels good and its role in successfully achieving our goals. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, questions and experiences about the role of action and feeling good in the manifesting process!

  • October 20, 2009
  • I have to say, one of the most common challenges I see clients face is when they theoretically know that it’s supposed to work out just fine to do what feels good, but all their past programming tells them otherwise.
    So they’ve got an old belief that tells them they need to take “massive action” in order to create success, but their inner guidance says “relax and enjoy and let it come together on its own.”
    And sometimes that “massive action” belief is reiterated by someone they trust! (Who will remain anonymous for the purposes of this post, but you know who I’m talking about!)
    Has anyone here experienced that? And if so, how have you handled it?

  • Ooh! Excellent article!
    The only additional comment I have is that sometimes guidance points to something completely different or nothing at all, for that moment, at least.
    Paul & The Communion of Light call this “the mechanics of the law of attraction.”. Getting out of the way so the Universe can do it’s work arranging things for us can bring up all sorts of internal and external objections, even though it does feel good to do so!
    Again…. Great stuff here!!

  • Good point, Frank – thanks for throwing that tip in!
    I know some folks may find it frustrating to follow guidance that says “do nothing,” when they’re used to being in strong action. (That could be me at times.)
    Thanks for dropping by, my friend! (See you Saturday?!)

  • Rose says:

    Ooh, I think this might be exactly what I’m having trouble with right now!
    I know from past experience that if I really dedicate time to meditating and focusing on what I want that it will manifest but after having a rotten few years, and what with the difficulty of achieving quiet time to do this, I keep getting so much anxiety and my automatic inner voice says: But what if it doesn’t work? What if nothing changes?! I feel trapped! What big huge things should/could I do to make everything change? If I don’t figure it out soon nothing might ever change!!!!!
    Any tips for how to work into it slowly? I liked Kim’s suggestion about taking steps to change your story, how it’s harder to go from “It’s not going to happen” to “Everything I want happens” and you need some “Anything is possible” in between.

  • You know what I would tell that inner voice, Rose? (Which coaches call “gremlin.”)
    I would say that if it doesn’t work (to do what feels best), we can always go back to the old way of doing things. No big deal.
    And even if things didn’t ever change – there’s still plenty to appreciate right here, right now. And I would start that list in my head, reminding myself why it’s okay even if nothing changes.
    Kind of removes the desperate “need” for things to change, doesn’t it? Making at least a little peace, which is what actually allows them to change after all.
    Kim’s tip is a great one – remembering the “Anything is possible” truth when we’re in the between stages of changing a story.
    Sounds like you’re better equipped for this than you might be giving yourself credit for!
    Pleasure to hear from you, Rose – and I’d love to hear more if you’d like more support around it. 🙂

  • Gina Chapman says:

    I have been reading the posts with great interest – I do throw out thoughts into the universe and wait with a metaphorical ‘net’ to capture the replies …. sometimes they are the replies I want to hear but, sometimes, it is the replies (or signs) that I don’t want to hear that are the most helpful … not sure whether that makes sense? I find the question “how do I know what inspired action is” a difficult one to answer …. my inner guidance tells me to go with things that my head is shouting ‘no’! This is usually when my inner guidance is telling me that it is safe to step out of my safety zone to take a risk … like changing my course in life which will mean, financially, I may not be as secure! I am not sure how I can stop my head being the dominant force and trusting my intuition more …. hmmm ….

  • Oh boy, Gina, that’s the big one, isn’t it?! To have the strength and courage to let inner guidance overrule what the “head” tells us we should do!
    I’ve spent years ignoring guidance (quit this job, leave this man, feed that cat) because my head was in direct opposition (you need this job, divorce is not an option, you can’t help them all) and that is a miserable way to get through the day. (Let alone decade.)
    But the courage required to do what doesn’t make “sense” to our logical minds is not a small thing, either.
    As to what can help the process, had I purposely sought out examples of those who had done similar “leaps of faith,” I think that would have helped me tremendously to do the same sooner rather than later.
    Anyone else have input? (Great comment, Gina – thanks for it!)

  • Mm, Erik, we’re getting similar info. My “feel better” instruction also includes a “chill out” and “relax” message.
    I found that old gremlins vs. guides post I mentioned:
    for telling the difference between those inner “voices.”
    Thanks for posting, Erik!

  • Jenny says:

    First I want to thank you for the wonderful things you do…all the tips, guidance and inspiration! Being “new” to LOA sometimes problems I have are: 1)Just knowing what I want (I’m always putting others before myself) 2)identifing & releasing old beliefs & 3)slowing down and focusing on one thing/step at a time (my mind races with numerous thoughts).
    Again thank you! Have a wonderful day!

  • Jenny, you might not realize how helpful that is to hear, but it is! It makes my heart sing to get feedback like that – THANK YOU!
    And I can relate to those challenges, especially #1 (as a reformed people pleaser myself).
    It doesn’t seem appropriate to recommend meditation before I’m practicing it myself, but I fully intend to make that a regular part of every day starting (sometime) this month! ha
    (How’s that for wiggle room?)
    Honestly, though, meditation will help with all three of those things you listed. Right, meditators?

  • That’s an excellent point, Deb. We can just look to how it’s worked out to do it the “traditional” way to inspire us to be willing to try it this “feel good” way.
    Your question: “How to I get to a place of believing that just doing what feels good will work?”
    is an important one because if we do what feels good with fear that we won’t get results, then that actually DOESN’T feel good, does it?
    It doesn’t feel good to “chill out” as Erik and I are often “told” (by inner guidance) while entertaining a belief that that will lead to personal destruction.
    Taking action in accordance with current beliefs DOES feel good. Like when my guidance said get a website up when I wanted to attract clients – I did it and it felt great. It was easy to feel good AND trust because I wasn’t going against the belief that I had to have SOME way of letting people know I was in business.
    Changing beliefs is one way to go, but for the immediate red hot moment finding the feel good in accordance with our current beliefs works well, too.
    What do you all think?

  • Mitch says:

    Deb, you took the words out of my mouth. 🙂
    This is a hard topic for me. I must admit, this is one of the main LOA principles that drew me to it in the first place. I think I have something of a complex about taking action. I feel that I am not assertive enough or something, so the idea that all of that hard work and effort aren’t necessary is really appealing to me.
    The problem with that is that I also have a complex about *not* taking action! lol I have a lot of childhood voices stuck in my head telling me that I don’t do enough and that I’m living in a dream world. So over the last year I’ve been trying to get on board with the idea of “do what feels good” and I hate to be a downtrodden poster, but I’m not seeing any real change. Is that because I’m still internally resisting the feel-good method? I don’t know. I’m ready to figure this out, though.
    And don’t get me started on the LOA teachers who say “focus and then take massive action.” lol Like Deb said, do they even believe in LOA? ‘Cause what’s the point of having the whole cooperative Universe at our fingertips if we STILL have to kill ourselves getting what we want??

  • Erik says:

    Mh, what feels good? I must say that I am learning that very slowly and in a piecemeal way. These last days I am getting more of the ‘stop being active so much and chill out, do the things you wanted to do for ages and don’t feel bad about it’.
    I guess the key lies in taking it slowly – there often is a *small* piece of intuition that you *can* act upon where you don’t feel your gremliins are having a party in your mind like ‘I can’t do this / that etc., because xyz…’.
    I had to find out, how it feels, when I am getting an intuition. Over time, I realized, that it feels a certain way, when my soul speaks to me and if I follow these special hints, things will be good.
    But to be able to distinguish gremlins from the good nudges took some time – having the courage to follow them is another thing altogether.
    At the moment I am trying to be courageous and do things that I love but that take more time, than I would like to alot for them – but that’s the hint I got :).
    Thanks for the ezine article Jeannette and @all: have a great day!

  • Deb says:

    It is hard! Moving away from all the programming we get all the time… You have to do this to be successful, you have to do that… I’ve even gotten trapped by it in the book “The Answer”. The first half of the book talks all about LOA and just reprogramming your subconscious to be a big success but then the second half is all about putting in place traditional marketing strategies! WTF! Does he believe or not?
    So… here I am… I’m in a place of deciding if I’m going to trust. I’m scared, I won’t deny that. But I’ve done it the old fashioned way for a long time and haven’t gotten to where I want to be. Now it’s time see if I can let go of it all and just do what feels good.
    Which leads me to my big question – How to I get to a place of believing that just doing what feels good will work?

  • This really IS a great conversation, and I recognize that struggle between taking ‘massive action’ and just doing what feels fabulous.
    I love what Sara said, “…the journey is just a series of moment by moment destinations. Meaning that EVERY destination is an opportunity for things to go extremely well” – that’s perfect!
    When we’re living in joy and appreciation each moment, ideas for what to do next just ‘show up,’ and THESE are the ideas we can take massive action on. That’s how it works for me, anyway…letting go of control brings me more certainty – it took a while to get to this place, though! 🙂
    This comes just as I’m reading ‘Trust Your Vibes’ and learning how to trust them even more, so it’s a lovely synchronicity for me. Thanks, Jeannette, as always, for a stimulating and enlightening conversation, to which your readers always contribute so much.

  • Sara E. "The Bliss Coach" says:

    Relief! That’s where it’s at for me. I prefer to RELAX into focus. The more I allow focus to happen naturally, the more successfull I am.
    Another thing too, the more we expect to feel misled and confused during this process….the more Life lives up to that expectation. LOA matches vibes (not actions).
    The key that proves true over and over for me is that it’s NOT about the destination. It’s about the process, the details, ENJOYING the thoughts and the energy flow just as much as the results themselves.
    As Abraham likes to put it – “it’s about the ride on the river!”
    Something that serves me well is realizing that the journey is just a series of moment by moment destinations. Meaning that EVERY destination is an opportunity for things to go extremely well. When we allow the little things to go our way, that’s proof that BIG results are right around the corner.
    And I really can’ say enough about practicing letting go or even forgetting all together. I can’t count how many times I’ve attracted something and my first reaction was, “OMG, I totally forgot I even wanted that!” (I swear, I’m going to invent a product or process that helps people do that.)
    Now to answer your questions:
    ■How do I know what inspired action is?
    For me, inspired action feels like there’s just NO QUESTION about doing it or not. It’s a YES that flows from the inside out, through and through.
    ■What if I don’t feel any inspiration at all?
    Then it’s time to get out of the thinking chair and into the chill out chair.
    ■What if I don’t believe just doing what “feels good” will work?
    Then follow what you DO believe will work. Results can only show up in the ways you expect them to anyway. Start where you are!
    ■What if my beliefs are contrary to what my inner guidance suggests?
    Experiment, pay attention to what shows up, and keep score for the fun of it.

  • Deb says:

    Jeannette – that makes total sense to me – and follows along the lines of what Sara was saying.
    If our conscious mind can’t get out of it’s own way then better to work with it than against it. That provides the place to start feeling good from, get some positive results and then keep moving in the feel good direction.
    I think Mike Dooley talks about small steps in any direction – don’t beat yourself up for taking action but at the same time don’t take action just for the sake of taking action. You have to feel it either way.
    Is this what you were getting at?

  • Deb says:

    It’s me again… back to report that letting go, believing and working from what you “know” you believe got me right where i wanted to be today.
    I let go, ironed napkins (have been wanting to do that!- strange i know) and voila in my inbox appeared what I have been wanting for a week – someone to help me with my marketing strategy. OK… I’m sold. 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    I believe action is inspired action. When you are feeling good and your vibration is high then you will be inspired to take action and that action is designed will most likely be in alignment with your purpose as you have intended.
    For me, it starts with intention. Before I get out of bed in the morning I set intentions for my day. Who I intend to be, attract and create. When I am in alignment with my feelings then action is the next inspired step.
    It is most important that we are teaching this to our children as they grow and observe us.

  • Tiffany says:

    Ooooh! Jeannette, great minds think alike! I’ve been confronting some limiting beliefs about “Action = results” that’s been keeping me from feeling completely good. For me, changing my belief has taken simple results to RESULTS.
    I do this by evaluating what I expect. Say I’m interested in an adorable coworker. And I do what feels good, but I still feel a little “stuck”. So I use a trick I made up that gets me into the vortex every time.
    Instead of focusing on what I need to change to line up, I remember that it is done. What I want is already all planned out by the universe. So I sit down, drink some cocoa, and write out reasons why I should expect this amazing thing to happen.
    Example: The coworker. Why should I expect this rendezvous to work out? Because I’m adorable. Because I’m funny. Because I’m smart. Because I have such a huge heart and I’m a great girlfriend. Because I have great style and always look good. Because he’s a perfect match to what I want right now…
    You get the point. I usually focus on me, then begin to branch out to other reasons why. This ALWAYS works. ALWAYS. It appeals to both the logical and creative parts of my personality, it reminds me of all that is possible, and it helps me FEEL GOOD.
    When I get rid of limiting beliefs, my feel goods come ever so naturally. Thanks for addressing this: Simplicity works! Do what feels good and you’ll get results. And even if you don’t, is life so bad now?

  • Annette says:

    Hmmm – Massive action . . .
    So many teachers have suggested it – from corporate success teachers to LoA spiritual-only teachers.
    Here’s my take on that suggestion: massive action is the total and HONEST commitment to YOURSELF. To truly want to become a conscious creator and accept that you make your own reality. And to want that because it is the right thing to do – not for greedy reasons.
    To accept that sometimes you act like an ill-behaved child and realize it’s most likely because you haven’t been following your heart/intuition/passion.
    To look in the mirror and see a beautiful soul that only needs to peel away the layers of old paint for the natural grain to shine.
    THAT takes massive action! Does it feel ‘good’ ? You bet your purple pixie boots it does~

  • Tiffany, are you feeling the love?? I’m weighing to say that I, too, LOVE your ‘Because’ technique…it’s fabulous! 🙂
    I love when I come across new tools I hadn’t known about before, and this is a gem!
    Thanks, to all of you,

  • Sara E. "The Bliss Coach" says:

    Ooooooh Tiffany, you are a woman after my own heart!!!!
    I LOVE your “Because” rampage. That is brilliant. It’s all about working the vibe from the inside out anyway! That is way too cool. *Borrowing!!*

  • Deb says:

    Tiffany LOVE your technique too!
    I may give up on ironing napkins….. Borrowing here too!

  • Tiffany says:

    Wow! I’m so happy I could help! This forum always puts a smile on my face! Thanks, I’m really feeling the love!
    And so, I will hand some of that love to Annette! What you said really hit home with me. It was only when I realized that LOA isn’t a way to “get stuff” and that it’s a way of life that I was able to really start enjoying this journey.
    I agree, the only massive action we have is the choice to either live consciously…or keep bumping around in this big ol’ world trying to make it.
    I don’t know about you but I’d love to have fun in my life creating!

  • Michael says:

    This topic and Abe-Hicks quotes and YouTube material are all communicating the same thing to me.
    I really hear Erik about learning it in a piecemeal way (though I think this can go from piecemeal to full-throttle feeling good just because, very quickly). I’ve had a most difficult year, and my brain is really kind of jarred from the experiences, so I had to work my way back to ‘what worked’ because there were/are all these knee-jerk reactions that say ‘you have to protect your family, you need steady work, you need to be working hard to find that steady work’, etc.
    What I remember working really well for me, two years ago, was that I just simply ‘gave up’. I decided ‘hey, I’ve looked for great work and even not-so-great work now…who cares? I’ve done my part and I’m tired of looking for stuff. If I move back in with my parents, I just don’t care.’
    In about two weeks, I had one of the best graphic design contracts I ever could have imagined…and it lasted 15 months!
    For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been really up against different stresses and fallout from the past year, and my old programming (thanks, Jeannette…that describes it perfectly) has been wearing me out, telling me ‘you’re not safe…gotta take action…gotta protect yourself…’ and I’ve been wondering ‘how do I get back to that ‘I don’t care’?????
    What I finally realized with today’s Abe quote (paraphrasing, but check this out, Gina): ‘Flow energy for the sake of having it feel good, not for what it will ‘get you’…once you focus on ‘keeping score’, you’re right back into the reality of your present situation’…in conjunction with Jeannette’s e-zine and this blog, is that the ‘I don’t care/I give up’ is really a subset of feeling good just for the sake of feeling good!
    That’s all! Even feeling just a bit better, but not taking score at that point, is a better way to manifest than to be ramping up a vibe incrementally and stalling it by looking for ‘your stuff’.
    I’ve had such a bumpy ride the last few weeks, thinking that money was going to help at least buy me some time to feel better. It hasn’t. The feeling better is the thing, and it is the area I’m going to keep enjoying as I practice it.
    Oh, and as for meditating…you know, a lot of us meditate without even knowing it. You don’t have to be in the lotus position! You can be hiking, or swimming (that was a good one for me), or cooking or half-asleep to get ‘in the space between thoughts’ as Deepak puts it. I get great meditation slinging a Charvel electric guitar in front of a 100 watt amp. 🙂

  • Gina Chapman says:

    Yoga is my way of meditating and feeling physically and mentally well … and it does help, also, with positive thinking. I am in a situation where I don’t know whether I will have a job come December. I have been throwing out thoughts and in equal abundance have been collating the answers … of course, the answers aren’t the ‘safe’ options! So, having read the posts (and Michael’s post about that ‘don’t care’ state), perhaps the not so safe option is the one to go with to see where the journey goes! I also agree with Michael about thinking too much about money helping …. yes, it helps a great deal and is a necessity of life but it can be put on the back-burner whilst taking the step of faith and going with the flow and trusting …

  • Pure Potential says:

    The cure for desire is to assume that the conditions for satisfaction are already met.

  • So clients can recognize it, I teach them that inspired action always feels *right* and comes with the energy to complete the action. I ask them to think back to times when they just *knew*, took action, and everything fell into place. Never had a client who couldn’t come up with an example. I also work with clients to develop their own intuition, so it’s not ME telling them the next step, but them KNOWING the next step.
    Abe really helped me understand how my emotions were guiding me toward the next step. I had intuitively figured this out (on occasion, LOL!), but was unconscious how to do it all the time–until I got more into Abe and meditating.
    Yes, meditation helped me greatly–it FEELS really good! (Jeannette, don’t feel bad–it took me 27 yrs + Abe’s insistence that meditation was necessary for me to finally learn. SOOOOOO glad I listened!) It got me to the quiet, calm place where my feelings are clear and guidance is FELT. Through this incredible connection honed through meditation, I now know what is guidance and what is not.
    Tiffany’s suggestion is similar to Abe’s process in Ask & It is Given (focus on the WHY, not the HOW of your desires). I also find that very helpful!
    When I don’t receive guidance, to me, that is a signal that I’m on the right path. Even if I don’t yet see how it’s all coming together, no news (guidance) is good news. Yes, it can be unnerving–esp. if you are constantly focused on it! Part of evolving is learning when and how to let go.
    When it’s time to just have fun…I like to pet my kitties (aka The ENERGY shifters!) or get out into nature!
    Many blessings,

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    I realized, after reading the Abe-Hicks quote today, that I have been keeping score. Thank you Michael, for posting that Abe quote and reminding me that I am “keeping score’ . . . and finding myself “right back into the reality of your(my) present situation.’
    I also am guilty of asking “Where is my stuff?” so I love what Tiffany said, that LOA is a way of life. When I have caught myself looking for my stuff, I have used the “Wouldn’t it be nice if . . .?” question. But in reality, this has been a tool just as an If/Then statement is. If I do it right, my stuff will come. It has not been a way of life.
    But now, pondering LOA as a way of life, I see that those who are successful manifestors appear to always be doing what feels good.
    I am going to chill, and that is foreign to a workaholic. If my emotions don’t scream “Hey, do this!” I am going to just relax and let the Universe have its way and surprise me.

  • Jenny says:

    I’ve been following this blog now since it started 🙂 and like I’ve stated before I am new to LOA (maybe 3 months) and I KNOW that I have been limiting myself, not letting go & because I’ve lived with these beliefs for so long I know that it’s going to take time…”baby steps” 🙂 but I’m having difficulties identifing those beliefs to let go of them & move forward in what “seems” to be a very discouraging time with feelings of being in “neutral”. I intend to begin, as Jeanette suggested, working on meditating to release resistance and get clear on my wants, my desires, my passions that for 32 years now I have no idea what they are 🙂 But my true intention for this post was to THANK all of you for your wonderful words of wisdom…they’ve given me a sense of “I can do this” 🙂 THANK YOU!!

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ArteDeb: great convo going here this morning http://bit.ly/IOMyT thanks @goodvibecoach !…

  • Annette says:

    Thank you! I am right there with you! Good to hear it in a different way – it really resonated!
    Workaholic? Yes, me too. Now I ravenously read about LOA and post on blogs and watch Abe-type videos and talk to savvies to satisfy That ‘need’. Works really well for me!
    I recently changed the thought from ‘what will it get me’ to ‘what can I get from this’. As in messages, breadcrumbs and inspirations. Subtle difference, but it’s made a big big big shift in me. I find that I am more present (in the Now), and therefore better able to connect with the people around me. Which means I find new & awesome ways to serve!!
    Serve: this is NOT being in service (to me) – rather Serve My Purpose.

  • Julio Blanco says:

    The “massive action” trips me up every time. I like to run, so it may provide a worthwhile metaphor. A good run leaves me feeling just a bit tired. I’m energized and feel good. But I’ve sometimes run too much, leaving me fatigued for days, tight, and prone to injury. This doesn’t feel good. It seems like a fine line between “feel good” action and “went too far” action that doesn’t feel good.
    If I running for the sheer joy of it, I find I stick to runs that feel good. It’s when my running vibe is about competing versus others or trying to impress others that I go into “feel bad” territory… and not surprising I guess since these are driven by thoughts of inadequacy or self-doubt.

  • You all deliver the BEST info!! Thanks for all the insights and input you’ve offered here.
    I’ll catch up when I’m done with the coaching conference in Texas, but in the meantime I’m sharing a question emailed by an ezine reader:
    “I am having a hard time processing … I understand that you always need to do what feels good, and only what feels good to allow LOA to manifest our desires, and wait for a sign of what we need to do to make it happen – theoritically. But honestly its so hard to wrap my head around this concept as I do not understand how feeling good can manifest into a desire without action; be inspired or not. Sometimes doing the action doesn’t really make you feel good – but it has to be done. I can use myself as an example to illustrate what I mean.
    “My main desire is to find employment, preferably a full time position To get a position, I must have an awesome resume and a beefed up working network. But truthfully it doesn’t feel good for me to sit down and do my resume- I have been through ENDLESS drafts and it always makes me feel bad since I don’t get the responses I desire no matter how times I revamp it. But if I don’t have a good resume, how am I supposed to get a job? Goes the same with networking; I never feel good when I have to network, the dread of making those phone calls to colleagues you haven’t spoken to in ages in an effort to get a lead or two- its the equivalent of going to the dentist and getting a tooth drilled. But it is an “action” that must be done to get a position, whether it makes me feel good or not. And 3rd-ly, how do get to a place of acute awareness where you can listen – and hear – suggestions from source as to how to navigate waters – even when you mediate?
    “It seems like a catch 22…. 🙁 Can you lend some insight to that?”
    Who can relate to this question? I know you will know just what to share!

  • Well well … I struggle with that too, and I’m the Inspired Action Coach! Luckily, I’m good at following what feels good and take inspired action like I did recently – decided in the middle of the week to get some me-time an went offline for an entire 2.5 days! No computer, no fone calls, just me and cake bakes at midnight and all day reading / telly shows, taking myself out to fancy restaurants for lunch etc.
    And at one point I found myself thinking “I better come up with something good ie, some breakthrough or revelation to show for my time off! HA!!
    What I did come up with, in the last few hours of my self imposed time out, was introspection. A renewed commitment to feeling the peace and love from within as opposed to externals. It was awesome. I didn’t miss being connected with anyone at all cos I was busy connecting with myself.
    So that was my inspired action, massive action (taking time off) and just being / doing nothing (what I did with my time out) all in one. Cool, what!? 😀

  • Oh and if it helps, here’s a post I wrote back in May about Inspired Action titled “Your 3 most pressing Qs about Inspired Action” – what it is, when to take it and how it feels http://bit.ly/33wNWm (acc to my experience of course!)

  • Mitch says:

    I’m in a resume revamping process myself, and I can relate to the “I don’t wanna” syndrome. 😉 What I’m currently telling myself is that I have done enough focusing on my goal to manifest it for ten people, if that were possible. lol And since the focusing I’ve done is still in the process of bringing it to me, I can give the Universe a tiny helping hand by completing this one task. The task itself is tedious, but I will definitely feel better once I don’t have to do it anymore. And feeling better is key, right?
    I also think that after all of my manifesting effort, if things still haven’t moved as far as I want them to, then there must be something within me that is still holding back from what I want. That may be the very thing, in fact, that is holding me back from revamping my resume. So in taking this one step, I’m not only making myself feel better by getting it out of the way, I’m also giving a strong sign to the Universe that, “Yes, I really do want this enough to work for it! Yes, I am ready to receive it!” Just reminding myself that I *can* take the action steps if I need to, can give Universe a big enough opening to swoop in and render those steps unnecessary.
    That’s my take on it. 🙂

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