October 1, 2010

Q&A: What Is a Deliberate Creator?

While there are lots of articles explaining how to become a deliberate creator, we wondered exactly how do you define one?
What makes a deliberate creator?
We asked over on the Good Vibe U facebook page and got these responses:

Flavia Daay:

Even though we’re all creators all the time and I always thought a deliberate creator is someone who deliberately chooses their thoughts according to what feels better. It’s the opposite of creator by default, although some choose joy and bliss almost by default. Even those that choose to follow thier bliss by default might do it in a few areas but probably not all, in which case it’s a mix.  🙂

Taylor Finch Eichler:

It’s a person who maintains keen awareness of and controls her thoughts, knowing that thoughts become things, and what we think about, comes about. I been practicin’! Getting better, by thinking better!

Stella Seaspirit:

A deliberate creator concentrates on WHAT they’re creating and does not worry about HOW they’re going to create it. So nope you don’t need to know what one is in order to be one…

Annette Pedersen:

A deliberate creator knows that they make their own life, their own luck and their own choices – ALWAYS. For me, that’s the bare bones and all you really have to know!

Ann Karen Dowd:

A deliberate creator is about FREEDOM! Freedom to make the choices to move forward in life more in the Vortex than out!

Harmony Harrison:

One who owns his or her own life, and knows it, and lives in accordance with that knowledge.

Suzie Cheel:

A DDC takes responsibility for their own life, their thoughts, their actions and how they feel. They know that they create their joy as well as their chaos.

Very astute answers!
What’s your take?  Share your thoughts about what makes a deliberate creator by posting in the comments.

  • Barb says:

    Great insight, I love the answers! To me, a deliberate creator is a person who realizes and embraces his/her power to create his/her own life, goes with the flow, focuses on his/her desires while turning them over to the Universe, and is happy for no reason! (Marci Shimoff was actually right :))

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    How did I miss this great post?! Jeannette, thanks for including my take on it! And thanks for the link! 🙂
    So, I believe that there are lots of deliberate creators out there, and only a fraction of them are LOA folks. So many people create what they want deliberately – but not all are conscious of the whole array of methods they’re employing.
    Think of a kid who wants that manga collection, but doesn’t long for it. Maybe she hasn’t ever heard of Abraham, and she wouldn’t know an affirmation if it wagged its little tail at her. But she loves the feeling of rubbing her fingers down the pages of the manga books, and turning the pages “backwards” as you do with the genre, and maybe she just revels in the colors, and laughs out loud at the characters, and totally goes into Vortexland when talking about manga with her friends…
    … and then she starts to get her books, just like she pictured, and they start to come in totally unexpectedly, and maybe she even gets a windfall of books “out of the blue.” All that time, she was reveling in manga, and wanting that collection, and knowing that it would be hers. Deliberate creation? Absolutely.
    So we’re deliberate creators when we live like our manga girl, reveling in what we love. We’re deliberate creators when we know that our lives are our own to craft, and when we love the process of craftsmanship, in whatever forms it takes.

  • Erik says:

    My take on what is a deliberate creator 🙂
    A deliberate creator has understood that his or her thoughts (each and every one of them) have the spiritual property of being creative. Each thought sends out ripples on the quiet ocean of Source that travel as far as they need to in order to manifest in this reality sooner or later.
    A deliberate creator has taken over the responsibility for most if not all of their thoughts since the more persisting ones become reality and deliberate creator knows that.
    A deliberate creator has understood that the law of attraction is immutable and ‘in operation’ each an every second and that this is an immense gift from Source.

  • M(onika) says:

    Jeannette, thanks for posting this! Hey, where do you always get those great ideas from? You are such a fountain … a source … 😉 of creativity <3
    A deliberate creator is, I think, someone who knows that everybody creates their own reality — and does it intentionally, not by 'coincidence' — by choosing the appropriate thoughts and vibrations.
    Much love and vortexy times for you all <3

  • Mariëlle says:

    A deliberate creator knows that it is all mind over matter.
    A deliberate creator knows that it is all energy and knows that we live in a field of infinite possibilities where we just have to connect with the feeling place of the desired reality in whatever way we can. And then enjoy and appreciate this reality in the now by feeling this energy flowing through them.
    A deliberate creator knows that the feeling is both the goal and the way to get there.
    A deliberate creator is someone who learned to master the way they feel, no matter what the current circumstances ‘are’.

  • Julio Blanco says:

    Perhaps a Deliberate Creator is one who deliberately (consciously) seeks alignment with the Creator. That is, seeks alignment with the Creator’s nature (joy, love, freedom, well-being, abundance) and an experience of flowing in that state as he or she learns to let go of resistance.

  • MissyB says:

    I think a deliberate creator is someone who knows just what they want, and gets it. I think that non LOA savvy people are just as good if not better at it.

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    Thanks for including my take on being a deliberate creator. I like Ann Karen’s emphasis on FREEDOM and Harmony’s conciseness.
    As I read mine I reflect on both joy I have experienced today as well as chaos as I my focus was not in the vortex I created chaos and had to do a retake on a video. I smiled when I read this post

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