Q&A: When Competing with Creators?

Ready to share your opinions on another great law of attraction question?  This one comes up a lot, so I thought many folks would appreciate our input.

Here’s the gist of the question, from someone we’ll call Brad:

I am an athlete who uses visualization and other methods to attract wins and championships.  But so do many of my competitors. What if I do all the “right” LOA stuff to win my event, but so do some of the others – who will then attract the trophy?

What would you like to share with not just Brad, but everyone who wonders who will get

  • the promotion
  • the acting role
  • the new coaching slot with Jeannette (!)
  • etc.

when more than one of us are using deliberate creation to make it happen?

Looking forward to hearing your insight on this one!

  • September 30, 2009
  • Jennifer says:

    … I thought the whole point was that we are just supposed to “enjoy the race/process?”… if we get too focused on the outcome, that’s when we “shoot ourselves in the foot”… and, it’s pretty hard to win any race when you’ve shot yourself in the foot 🙂

  • Nathaniel says:

    I am an actor as well, and I have seen acotrs both be lighend up for a role and both get it. It was a situation where they split the role, both having like 3 performances a piece. I have also seen it where one person gets cast as the role and the other the understudy and then the person originally cast gets sick and the other person fills in and performs for ahwile until the other person is better. They both got to play the role. There are a number of different ways to get what you want at any given time. Oh, another example is I have seen a director like two actors so much for the same role that he turns the one role into two characters.

  • Kristy M says:

    With the acting thing.. look at how many tv shows/movies/plays ect are out there. You would never see Ellen Page, Meryl Streep and Megan Fox competing for the same role lol.

  • That’s a powerful habit to create, Jim (looking for what you DID get). Thanks for sharing it here!
    And yes! to the concept you and Erik included, about Universe sometimes having an even better idea about how to deliver what we had in mind. I’ve found that to be true on occasion as well.
    Thanks for a great conversation, everyone! This was fun!

  • Erik says:

    Now that’s a really interesting question. I’ve found that when staying with ‘single realities’ it boils down to the person with the strongest alignment / least resistance winning / achieving their goal.
    Another thing that comes to mind is a phrase from the Master Key System (very worthwile reading loa-wise!) where it says: ‘competition is from the scarcity mindset, the creative (aka loa-)mindset does not know competition, just abundance’.
    I think for example of two loa-girls trying to get one boy or two loa-guys trying to get one girl. One might ‘lose’ (except they go open relationships 😉 ) but might find a much more suitable soul mate shortly afterwards (I trust the universe for its wisdom).
    Same goes for Mitch’s example where actors compete for a part. Maybe it was better for the ‘losing’ actor to lose thus there is abundance since both get what is most in alignment with them / what is best for them.
    Thinking of Kim’s and Mitch’s posts about alternate or multiple realitites: there might be two winners of the same medal in two alternate parallel realities but we don’t see the other winner since we do not live in that reality. Mindboggling stuff 😉
    @Emiko: thanks for another reminder to stay in the fun-vibe 🙂 – this fun+effort thing is still not too easy to grasp for me.

  • Jim Patterson says:

    In my journey, I have gotten the best results manifesting when I left the specifics out of the equation. I find the universe usually knows better than I what it is that I need.
    In a very specific case like this, had I asked for a very definite outcome and did not get it, I would be looking for what I did get. In my experience I will always have gotten more out of it than I had asked for but in a different form. In a race or sporting event, did the loss expose a vulnerability that once covered will be a springboard to a whole new level of achievement in that realm? Was there something involved that pointed to a need for greater awareness and presence which is so much more important than the outcome of a single race/game?
    Being open to the abundance the universe delivers to us daily also means having new definitions of success and victory. Coming in second can lead to being the best overall if we learn to accept and be aware to the fullest extent possible.

  • Amen to that, Judy!
    And thanks for the reminder, Emiko, to keep it light!

  • janita says:


  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    What a fab and thought provoking topic, with so many helpful responses . . . I especially resonated with what Mitch, Kim and Tiffany say. Going back to the essence of what it is that the athlete wants (not really a medal, an inert object we tell ourselves a story about what it means to have won it) it most likely goes back to the feeling the athlete would like to achieve: accomplishment, excitement, power . . . whatever it is for that individual. If I start to take winning too seriously, I’m already falling out of alignment with what I want (I’ve never associated seriousness with happy/fun, but that could just be me!). Whenever I’ve performed poorly at something, I always learn something, either how to improve my skills or I might learn I don’t really want to be performing at an elite level, or get the promotion, the acting role, etc. If I’m having fun, playing (and this includes exerting some intense effort) I find I come more in alignment with what it is I really want.
    To summarize: fun=in alignment; too serious=not in alignment
    I love how it all comes down to feeling good!

  • Judy says:

    Off topic for sure but there’s a video not to be missed on Col’s link. I don’t know about anyone else but if there’s a live link on someone’s post I ALWAYS click to see who the poster is, what he/she does, etc. Time consuming, yep, but I’ve been taken to some wonderful places, great inspiration, new ideas, etc. For five minutes of pure joy scroll down to “JK Wedding Entrance.” Thanks for a great start to a beautiful day in New England, Col!

  • Yeah, MissyB, I get your perspective. The way I think of it is that my reward is being properly stored for me until I’m (vibrationally) ready to receive it.
    But I already did the work of earning/creating it! It’s just waiting for me to catch up. The “hard” part’s done. (As if there were any such thing as earning or hard.)
    Anyway … that’s the thought that feels better to me, so that’s the one I go with.

  • MissyB says:

    Well I can say for defo there’s no wasted effort here folks !
    I agree Jeannette – no effort is ever wasted as such. All effort is rewarded – sometimes just not in the way I expect it too. I suppose because I don’t always win gold I assume its not been rewarded. Does that make better sense ? Oh I do hope so !
    Some of the comments here are just so beyond my day to day concept of LOA – love it !
    Here’s to a golden day for all.

  • Hey, who remembers the men’s Olympics event where two golds were awarded?!

  • Col says:

    PS: Look what you started, Jeannette! 😉

  • Steven says:

    There is no competition. You are manifesting the illusion of competition and the possibility of losing by your beliefs. There can’t be another LOA savvy individual attracted to the same goal you are attracting unless you both allow it. Otherwise, the universe simply provides an alternative that is a perfect match for each of you. If you feel you must win a competition, the universe, will give each of you a different competition to win. As for Michael Phelps and the Olympics? He truly was the only one in alignment with winning those competitions. The others in perfect alignment with “Olympic Gold Medal Winner” were attracted to other sports where they could be the winners.

  • Tiffany says:

    What you want and what your competitors want is totally different. You don’t want to win the race. Nobody wants to win the stupid race. What you want is an excuse to feel GOOD! And feeling good to YOU can be completely different than feeling good to THEM. They could be looking for feelings of relief while you’re reaching for passion and excitement.
    So don’t worry about them. They want something different than you. The “thing” may seem the same, but what we all really want is that excuse to reach for the stars with our hearts. Whatever will give you that feeling, is what you will manifest. And if you don’t win the race, I be something will make your heart sing in a way that feels just as good, if not better.

  • Wow.
    I know this much: when Kim talks, listen.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I’m with Stephen Taylor, and Mitch.
    In the many-worlds theory of branching realities, everyone who believes they will win, will win — with each consensus reality (those of us watching, agreeing) shoring up the ‘5 senses’ in each case, as Adrienne says.
    The deeper question here is ‘what does the competitor really want?’ The inherent nature of ‘completion’ is the hint.
    So we immerse in the binary opposite of win-lose to create a challenge–the exhilaration of not knowing for certain if we are going to win? (Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde that said the ‘essence of romance was uncertainty?’ It’s that kind of rush.) If the competitor always won the race, they would have no challenge.
    Do you see the strange loop?
    If we want to win, there is no competition. If we want the challenge, that something else again.
    Kim 🙂

  • Adrienne says:

    LOL!!! That’s exactly the question where I’m stuck ;), Mitch, with not having a darn clue :), but I guess Monica’s response of maybe two people never really being exactly in the same point/degree of alignment is worth exploring …
    The limited info that I know is that what I read from Abraham etc is that if we’re in alignment, we’ll “see” (via how WE perceive) the “physical” manifestations in this world …but I totally get now that you were just speculating and having fun with the out-there kinda answers. I realize I’m viewing LOA stuff with a very practical hat on as in, how do I apply it to make my life, vis-a-vis my current this plane/this earth perception, “better” with manifestations I can “see” (with my eyes that I do ** know ** are limited in “vision”). That’s why I think this question raises an EXCELLENT issue in that in the physical manifestations of all those people that as you point out I “perceive” (you’re included since I KNOW you know about Michael Phelps 😉 ), how does the LOA “dole out” limited/unique resources (e.g., only one spot for President of the US)?

  • Mitch says:

    Adrienne – Even the people who say they also saw Michael Phelps win the medals are coming through *your* perception of them saying so. Can you really be sure? 😉
    I won’t say that my response is anything more than speculation. I’m just having fun with the mind-bending implications of this question. This is a question I’ve come across many times as an actor “competing” with other actors for the part, and I have asked myself many times what would happen if we were both in alignment with it? I mean, you can say there are degrees of alignment and when all is said and done, one actor was in more alignment and one was less, and that’s how it turned out the way it did, but I guess I’m more interested in the hypothetic side of this question.
    What happens if we’re *both* in alignment with that particular role, plain and simple? That’s the scenario my airy-fairy answer was meant to explore. 😀

  • Stephen Taylor says:

    what Mitch said.

  • Monica says:

    Mitch, your argument falls down on “absolute alignment”. There is no such thing as absolute, or perfect, alignment, there can always be more. The universe is always expanding, there is always more, that is what makes life eternal.

  • And Adrienne, I’m with you in being open!!

  • Pure Potential says:

    Jeannette the mind reader! Yesterday I am driving and thinking what if 2 LOA smart folks are manifesting the same open parking space? Then I decided it was an irrelevant question based in a limited way of thinking. It doesn’t matter because the moment I contemplate the question I am introducing an element of lack or scarcity and in turn diminish the power of manifestation. So, I dismissed the thought and voila the parking space opened up as I arrived.

  • Adrienne says:

    hhmmm… I hear what you’re saying Mitch, and I don’t mean to be a naysayer in that I readily admit that I am a novice to this stuff and therefore do get lost with alternate realities vs. the common denominator which the five physical senses of those that I’m in contact with experience also… as in, there might be “places” where multiple people win the SAME trophy, but I’m sure that I saw Michael Phelps (and only him) win a whole bunch of gold medals in the 2008 Olympics and saw the other 7 swimmers NOT win that one coveted gold medal and this result was the common viewing experience of every other person (that I know, at least) watching those Olympics in this plane of earth that I live in. Perhaps I’m just being too practical or can’t shake my “hard science” upbringing enough, but when the discussion gets lifted into hyperspace/aerie faerie land, I lose touch with how to use it in life (on this planet)… but I’m open to overcoming that :-P!

  • I like where you’re taking us, Mitch!
    (As usual.)

  • Mitch says:

    All we ever have is our own perception of what is happening. There is nothing that is really outside of us because we are interpreting everything through our own point of view. Maybe both competitors win the trophy simultaneously but perceive that one wins and one loses. If two players are in absolute alignment with winning, then it must be that they win, right? Unless we’re to posit that the rules of baseball are stronger than the law of attraction… ?
    Maybe this is where alternate universe theories come from. Instances where the absolute alignment of two or more individuals in defiance of our silly human rules that only one can win actually results in two wins. But because we believe there can only be one winner, that is all any of us sees. But who’s to say you’re seeing the same outcome that I’m seeing? I can’t be sure of that and neither can you.

  • Sara Exley says:

    Just read Stephen’s answer and completely realized the A-ha answer I was looking for. Holy resonation! 😀
    That is SO right. If we are operating from the premise that our opportunities for wins are limited then that’s exactly what life is going to show us.
    Winning and success are ALWAYS as available as we decide and believe them to be.
    Seriously folks, what could be more of a relief than that!?

  • What a great story, Adrienne! Those are my favorites – when someone who wasn’t “supposed” to or favored to win, does! So fun to see passion at work!

  • Adrienne says:

    hmmm Monica… thanks for that response. That is an explanation that resonates with me. I can “grab” onto the fact that there are degrees of alignment (lol now I’m in a competition to be the most aligned ….JUST KIDDING!), more so than that we live in alternate realities, for example (as in …we all know exactly what we mean by the Olympic games held in “this” world where there is only 1 gold medal in each competition). I used to swim competitively so I know what it means to not (lol – EVER) come in “first”, but the one time I came in second (I was always scrawnier than my 1st and 2nd seed teammates in the breaststroke), even my coach told the senior who used to always beat me that I must have wanted it more (it certainly was not that I got any stronger since the previous competition). I must have been more in alignment that week.

  • Sara Exley says:

    Whoever has the least amount of doubt and attachment. 🙂

  • Ooh, Monica, that’s exactly what I was looking to share with a client the other day … that Relief is a reliable ticket right to the manifestation of our dream come true.
    Thanks for sharing that!
    And Susan, what a perfect example we can all relate to, huh?! I also hugely respect your refusal to entertain thoughts of limitation or lack. Nice lead you offer us to follow!

  • Col McGunnigle says:

    I’d dig down and ask (and I got this a while ago from my brilliant friend Phil … give cred where cred is due 😉 ) “What is the bottom, bottom line of what you are looking for?” Why do you want to win? Maybe it’s “a sense of accomplishment” … maybe “joy, exhilaration” … maybe “to be seen and known by others as skilled” … maybe “to advance in my sport.” It’s possible for more than one person to experience those things … so the bottom line of what you are wanting to attract WILL come if you line up with it. For each person who is in alignment.
    An alternative answer could be, “Whoever has the least resistance.”
    Coming from a family where my mother *prays* for the Yankees to win (ha! what’s up with that? 😉 ) … this is a really interesting question!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers!

  • Jenny says:

    Stephen, You made me laugh! I had no idea what I thought about this post, but I love what you wrote. Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Monica says:

    Abraham did address this in something I heard recently, but I’m not sure which download or DVD it was. Basically, everyone who is in alignment gets what they want. However, if you put yourself in a situation where there is only one winner, such as an athletic competition, the one who is in the strongest alignment wins. Alignment isn’t binary, yes or no, there are degrees. One of my favourite daily Abe quotes said there is no end to the degree of relief you can feel, no matter how good you feel you can always feel even better! How’s that for an amazing goal to live up to?

  • You’re a hoot, Robert!
    Thanks for the smile!

  • Robert says:

    We’ve all heard it said that we shouldn’t compare apples to oranges, right? And why shouldn’t we do that? Because they are DIFFERENT and the winner in a competition between an apple and an orange would be determined by our judging criteria and not by the fruit themselves. I personally believe that all competitions are false comparisons. But that’s just me, and if I don’t win for being the best post, then I will change my answer. 🙂

  • Stephen Taylor says:

    The question assumes that you and your competitors live in the same world and in that world only one person can “win.”
    That premise may be inaccurate.

  • Indeed, Sara … it’s hard for me to imagine two people being identically aligned to something.
    And I love your echoing of Stephen’s suggestion that lack is something we create ourselves – not something we have to learn to deal with.

  • Adrienne says:

    This is a great question, and while I don’t know the answer, I do look forward to others’ wisdom based on the questioner’s most important assumption that more than one competitor IS in alignment (even that ALL are in alignment) and what happens in a world in the future where so many of our children WILL know how to utilize LOA correctly. It makes me realize that I “get” the LOA when it comes to fungible or multiple (abundant) physical “resources”/”items”, but it does pose a huge question when there are limited or unique items that more than one person desires.

  • Col, that reminds me of the gymnastic Olympians I watched once – where each of them shared what they most wanted in their experience. All of them said different things, even though each one had in mind “winning.”
    For example, one girl wanted more than anything to make her family proud. Another wanted to do her personal best. Another wanted to prove her critics wrong. It was fascinating to me how each one could “win” based on what it was they TRULY wanted!

  • Nice manifesting, Pernille! 🙂
    I resonated with what you said about this or something better … like if I’m vibing winning, and I don’t, then I know I’ve got one banked (in escrow) and it’ll show up another time.
    I’ve learned it’s helpful not to get too hung up the timing of when things are delivered.
    And that’s the difference for me, MissyB – I don’t consider it wasted time, because it all goes in escrow, and the more that’s there, the easier it is to draw on.
    Stephen – profoundly said!! Loving it and letting it sink in. Thanks for the good stuff!

  • MissyB says:

    Ah ha ! Now could this be an example of when there is a LOA get out clause – in my cynical opinion folks. You didn’t win the race ? Well perhaps you weren’t fully in alignment with the end result and the person that did win was. Isn’t what we are told when we don’t quite get what we want, or the grand prize eludes us ? You’re just not in vibrational alignment. Ok – I did say my cynical opinion !
    Do you remember the game at the fair where you had a wire loop and you had to guide it round a “live” wire in an odd shape. If the loop hit the wire, you got a loud buzz and that was the end of your turn. It was never so bad if it happened at the beginning but if you got to the end it was a real bummer. All that effort wasted. Sometimes I think LOA is just like that. You have to get from A – B without buzzing in order to get the prize. One buzz and you get the close but not close enough prize.
    Do we have to be 100% fully aligned in order to reach the end prize ?

  • I think this is a very interesting question, which I myself did wonder quite a lot about some time ago, when I was still quite new to the law of attraction. I finally decided to “forget” about it and simply believe and have faith in the law of attraction /the Universe.
    I felt this question was very much connected to my “old” way of thinking, where I was used to logical explanations and scientific evidence. I needed “proof” that this stuff was really working, and how could that be possible in such situations?
    However, I saw “proof” in so many other situations, that I finally decided to simply believe that the Universe would always give me exactly what I wanted or needed. If that was the “championship”, I would win. If I didn’t win, that was because I would get something better or something else, which in some way or other was not compatible with winning the championship.
    This decission worked well for me. But I know it doesn’t for everyone, so I’m very much looking forward to the wise comments others will bring on this subject.
    Thanks for bringing this question up here, Jeannette – he-he, I was kind of hoping you would 😉

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