January 30, 2011

Querying Animal Lovers: Are We Crazy?

Since flowing a good vibe includes taking advantage of opportunities to lighten up and making sure we’re not taking ourselves too seriously …
I’ve got a question for you animal lovers:
What’s the most ridiculous accommodation you’ve made for your dog or cat?
I know we regularly do things like:

  • letting them sit on papers we’re reading
  • feeding them first even when we’re starving
  • turning their favorite tv show on when we leave the house

… but I just called my ex to see if he’d drive over to retrieve my laptop power cord from 30 feet away where I sat with favorite kitty sleeping on my lap.  I didn’t want to disturb Elvis, but didn’t hesitate to inconvenience my ex.  (Beau is out of town.)
Actually, I don’t know if that’s my ridiculous thing or my ex’s, because he did it!  And then he took my dog for a walk while he was at it.  (It is the cat he gave me for Christmas, and the dog we raised together, so we do have close ties … but still!)
As I thought about it, I realized that may not even be the most ridiculous accommodation I’ve made for an animal!
And I suspect I’m not alone …
Did you ever break up with someone because they didn’t treat your dog right?  Or skip a vacation because you didn’t want to leave the cats alone?  Or take a job because it allowed lunch time potty breaks?
I’d like to hear to what lengths you’ve gone to in an effort to give your furry loved ones the best life possible.
You are allowed to post anonymously if that helps.  lol
And why is it that deliberate creators seem to have extra special love for animals and nature?  Surely that’s not coincidence?
Or is it just that law of attraction brings me animal loving manifesters, and there isn’t really any correlation between the two?
Would love to hear from you on this one!

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    lol! Dana & Kim, I only *wish* my cats would use me as a stepladder. (Hmm, maybe I should be careful what I wish for here…) 😀

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Dana, When my cat wants to see what’s in the fridge, he comes to me (writing at my computer) jumps onto the desk, climbs onto my shoulder and perches there (purring) until I get up and go to the kitchen. I then open the fridge, squat down to he can see in, and I ask him what he’s hungry for. . . we do this at least once a day!
    #you’renottheonlyone! 🙂

  • Dana you creak me UP! lol
    Oh, how I wish for video of that. 🙂
    You are a sweet mom/companion and my kinda person!

  • Dana says:

    Umm, I feel scared to even write this one down, but here goes: I let my cat use me as a step ladder. I guess I just find it kind of funny…I see he’s about to jump off the bed for for some reason, he thinks about it first (maybe he’s a bit overweight), so I go into a ball on the ground under where he wants to jump and he uses me to step down, staircase-style. Omg, I can’t believe I’m even sharing this.. 😛

  • Marie, that’s beautiful that you’ve passed this love on to your boys!
    I totally get it about the unconditional love they bring. That’s probably why they inspire us to these “extremes,” huh?
    PS – I love the name Beethoven for a cat! He sounds like a treat, too. 🙂

  • Marie says:

    Our beautiful animals make themselves available to the human species in order for us to experience unconditional loving. Their vibration is pure,uplifting and totally harmonious until met with human low level vibrations such as aggression and negligence. They offer themselves on this earth plane to teach us many lessons. It fills my heart with hope when I read so many joyous comments of total love and appreciation for them.
    As for me I have four cats.Two who are 20 years young Millie and Truffie. Both on medication morning and evening. One 18 year old Gingy currently on antibiotics for an allergy to flea bites….and an 8 year old Beethoven…young and healthy and gives the other oldies a run for their money ! I don’t have holidays and even though my work sometimes requires me to travel I do everything to avoid it because of the cats.I am a single parent of two boys who also have a deep and profound respect for all animals. One of them hopes to become a Vet !! Our cats all found us and over the years there has been a passing parade of many cats and other animals that have found sanctuary and unconditional love with us. I believe we have a duty to never turn our backs on any animal in need. One of the reasons I love Jeannette’s work is because of her unending devotion to her animals. Tells you a lot about someone and even more about yourself !!! So not crazy Jeannette, just a heart as big as the planet !!! Many many blessings to all our animals and to their humans too !!!

  • Whipping cream! How cute, Annette. 🙂
    And you need some patience to practice that with the books, don’t you? You’ve probably got it in spades, though.
    Course, I think everyone posting here is showing it’s not patience we have, but love that we’re flowing.
    Very cool. 🙂

  • Annettie says:

    Tedders has whipped cream for breakfast dessert (I use it in my coffee). When he sees that can, he meers most melodiously! I took him with me this weekend when I went to house- and pet-sit.
    He must investigate all books before I am able to actually read them (investigations are held while I am holding the book). I have given up trying to read around the cat!
    I also eat all the breading off pieces of pork chop before giving them to said feline. Or herbs from chicken.

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Re-reading all these comments has been one of my very best favorite feel-goods all day! 😀

  • Ming, speaking of your calling to heal them one by one … thank you for the fabulous healing you gave my aunt’s dog! What a tremendous turnaround!
    And I’m sending good thoughts that you get to spend your days at home with your 11 year old lab in the style you prefer very, very soon.

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Well, I’ve designed my whole lifestyle so that the animals have a stay-at-home mom.
    And we live in a place where there’s year-round chilly wind so the dogs can go in the car everyday, no matter what. (Seriously, if I think about moving from here because of the wind, I think, “I can’t move, the dogs need it.”)
    I will only hire a housecleaner who will remove the spiders in a little yogurt cup and carefully place them on the hydrangea bushes outside. Or who will clean around the spiders, leaving a wide berth.
    Though I’ve never gone to such lengths during cat-on-lap time as calling in someone from outside the house, anyone with cat-on-lap automatically has special privileges that preclude any need to move a muscle until kitty deems it right to do so. 🙂

  • Ming says:

    HA! Is it true what you said – And why is it that deliberate creators seem to have extra special love for animals and nature? Surely that’s not coincidence?
    That’s awesome then because I have definitely extra special love for animals so much so I feel its my calling to heal them one by one! For my own fur babies, I had a cat (she crossed over) that would sleep on our bed with our little pembroke corgi Lucy. Lucy now sleeps either next to me or on top of Daddy’s pillow at night. My yellow lab who makes my heart sing and the reason I even learned to use healing energy, I will do anything for. She gets zillions of kisses and hugs every day. Sleeps on a tempurpedic bed for her joints now that she is 11 soon to be 12. My goal too Jeannette like yours once was is to be able to work from home and be with my fur babies all day!!

  • You know, Harmony, in reading your post I realized that it might look like I started working from home for the dogs’ benefit, but truth be told that was primarily for mine. Although I don’t think they mind, either.
    And I am literally laughing out loud at this: “anyone with cat-on-lap automatically has special privileges that preclude any need to move a muscle until kitty deems it right to do so.”
    I SO get it!! And Russ does too, finally … when we’re both sitting down and the doorbell rings or the oven timer goes off, he just looks over at me with a smile on his face when he has a cat on his lap because he knows he doesn’t even have to ask and I’m jumping up to handle it.
    Aren’t we the lucky ones? To live with such tremendous love in our homes? 🙂

  • At least you’ve got your priorities straight, MissyB. lol
    Seriously, if I were a guy that commitment to your pup would be a HIGHLY attractive quality! Shoot, I’m not a guy and it STILL is. ha!

  • MissyB says:

    I don’t go out on week night dates. I do not think its fair to leave the dog on his own all day and then for the evening.
    If that is what is stopping me on my quest for a long term relationship….well that’s how it is.

  • “I clean around spider webs” — you might be my new hero, Elizabeth!
    And sleeping on the edge of the bed … but “it’s totally worth it” sums it up really nicely.
    I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for joining the conversation. 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hee. I feel so much better. I hand-feed the pup raw meat even though I had to wash my hands a million times in the beginning because I have a fear that I am going to get salmonella or something from raw meat and rarely cook it for myself. I clean around spider webs so that they aren’t disturbed. The pup gets accupuncture regularly even though I’ve never gotten to try it myself. If he’s sleeping, I’ll sleep on the edge of the bed so as not to disturb him (because he sleeps sideways and takes up the entire bed himself). On and on .. but it’s totally worth it. 🙂

  • Small price indeed, Susann! lol Sharing the bed with noisy mice to placate the cat – you’re very cool!

  • Susann says:

    Good heavens, I could write a book-length entry on this one. Most recently? 2 months ago I had to have one of my beloved kitties put down & my other kitty, his best friend, is bereft. Always a friendly cat, he’s now a Velcro Cat–glued to me every moment of the day. My heart breaks for him because I know he misses his buddy almost as much as I do. He’s also a “carry cat” — he carries his favorite mousie toys around, yelling at the top of his lungs, especially at bed time. Now, by himself, he’s become 100 times worse; I go to bed, and he wanders the house in the dark to find all 5 rattling mice, which he brings to me in bed (one at a time) bellowing loudly the entire while (he stands under the skylights at the foot of the stairs to get the best echo & resonance). Last one delivered, he has a good knead on his fuzzy blanket (purring & drooling copiously), then curls up against my back & goes to sleep. So all night long, every time I move or roll over, all these rattling mice bounce around and it’s like sleeping in a tin can filled with BBs. But I do not have the heart to take them off the bed . . . and so I just sleep as best I can, trying not to disturb *him* too much. Of course, as an animal lover born into a family of animal lovers, my whole life has been like this. And what a small price to pay for the love they teach us!

  • Jenny! How sweet!! That IS a sign of love, isn’t it?
    (Homemade chicken and rice prepared by the vegetarian.)

  • Jenny says:

    When our puppy was little, she had some digestive problems. The vet wanted her on a bland diet and suggested a simple canned food. Instead, I cooked her homemade chicken and rice… and I’m a vegetarian.
    I used to be very afraid of animals (my mom was scared and never hid it from me). A year ago I got a puppy itch, and we got one a few months later. She brings SOOOO much joy and laughter to our house. I can’t imagine life without her.
    I don’t spoil her all that much, but I do feed her before me if she’s really hungry or take her outside to play if I have work to do. Seeing her happy face seems like a good enough reason to me!

  • The crows get morning treats?! At 5:30 am?!?!
    Love the garden path detour for the spiders!
    I thought we just went out of our way with our domesticated friends – love that you’re doing it with all of them, Kim! lol

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I close the sliding door so the possums can eat cat crackers at night without being disturbed even though it means that Gratch, AKA extremely large and always hungry feline, will scratch at the glass between 3 and 4am to be let out. I then leave the sliding door open, even though it means the crows, AKA extremely large black birds with bugling voices, will blast their rackus into the house at 5:30 am sunrise for their morning treats.
    Holidays? Who would I get to house sit these critters (maybe your ex, Jeannette he he he)
    ps I have built a path around a spider web in the garden . . . seriously, the whole path had to move!

  • Aw, Jordan!! How sweet!! I wish you could post pictures here!!
    Marielle – I think you’re on a path of discovery of the joy of canines. 🙂

  • Jordan says:

    One would think I’m not the biggest animal lover but I’m guilty of feeding my puppy before I’m fed, taking him to potty even when I’m about to explode, and taking all online courses this semester so I can be home with him and get him trained before I start going back to school next fall 🙂 Oh, and he’s my foster puppy right now but I’m fostering to adopt (because the shelter doesn’t allow adoptions until a certain age) and instead of taking him back to the shelter to get him taken care of for free, I’m paying to take him to my vet so I make sure he gets the best care and time.

  • Mariëlle says:

    I’ve never been an animal lover. Well, I had nothing against them, but I definitely wouldn’t give up any of my freedom and spare time for a pet.
    But ever since I’ve started to watch Cesar Millan, I can see how very useful they are. Not only for raising your vibration, but also because they reflect your vibration so you have accurate real-time information on how you’re doing with your vibes. And you can practise becoming calm and assertive with them, which is helpful because the Universe responds in the same way.
    On the other hand I noticed that I have become more attractive to dogs lately, since the last dog I met was licking me all over, even my sweater…which the owner said she usually never does…
    So maybe the love is growing between us and I might get ready for a pet some day… 🙂

  • “They are our children!” Got the biggest smile from that statement, Maddie.
    Thank you! 🙂

  • Madisen says:

    What a great post! And I loved reading the responses! I have two babies (dogs): Millie & Ramone. They are our children! I can relate to every one of these posts. Thanks for posting and everyone for replying, reading them made my night! 🙂

  • Traveling long distance to see a vet!! I haven’t done that one, Lisa.
    I think we probably have good company in having animals that eat better (and maybe even look better) than we do. (Is that … ok?) lol
    I’m laughing at the warranty thing, since the last time I tried to get a new piece of furniture with the warranty, they refused my business. I guess I made too good a use of the last one they sold me.
    Love your acknowledgement that your investment has more than paid off itself!
    Thanks for dropping by this conversation, Lisa. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    Funny you should ask that tonight. We just spent two hours literally up to our elbows in some pretty indescribable goo making home made, carefully measured, raw food patties for our dogs. My dogs always eat first, and often, sad to say eat better then the rest of us.
    I have been known, when traveling out of town for veterinarian procedures to book my furry best friends, (and myself of course), a very pet friendly five star hotel the night before so my little buddy could wake refreshed and feeling peaceful before the vet. Gotta get a good night’s rest! I have paid extra to have my baby held by a caring vet tech and loved on coming out of anesthesia.
    Some of my dogs have a few rules. One in particular does not. It was easier to buy the lifetime warranty for our furniture then try to enforce some imaginary boundary intended to keep them off.
    I spend about 100 times more time grooming Cleo, our Old English then I do myself. She’s gorgeous! What can I say???
    Pretty much anything goes when it comes to my dogs – anything – and you know what? I get back every bit of all that investment.

  • Lisa, I have never heard of that! (A cat wanting company in order to eat!) That’s pretty sweet of you. lol
    You tender heart, you!
    And choosing residences based on bird watching availability – I think you’re making me feel very average. Thank you for that. lol
    What lucky cats you have, my friend!!

  • Sensuality Coach/Lisa says:

    Ahhh…where do I begin??
    Our cat, Baby Kitty (named by Emilee when she was a toddler – though the kitty was not a baby!) seemed to have a thing about eating alone – he wouldn’t. I couldn’t bear to see him standing by his food dish, looking hungry, but not eating. So, I’d squat next to him and pet him while he ate (and he’d eat for a long time!). Everyone thought I was completely nuts. They insisted that he’d eat just fine without me – and that he did when I wasn’t around, but if I was home, he would sit and wait for me to pet him first….so I did, as often as needed for as long as needed!
    All my kitties have enjoyed faucet drinking…tub, sink…they need to sample from each one, whenever I’m near enough to it to turn it on for them. So, I indulge them. If only I could train them to turn it off too!
    When I lived in Denver I used to make it a criteria when I chose apartments that there be a good bird/nature viewing window for my kitties. I was also known to fix things myself to avoid having a repair person come who might scare my kitties or accidentally let them out.
    My favorite rescued kitty Mystery was so attached to me that when I had to leave for work, I’d leave my favorite fluffy robe behind on the bed for him to sleep on all day.
    Yep – I’m hooked!

  • Hate mail?!?! Oh my word, I cannot imagine such a response as THAT, Ande!! Whoa.
    Well, not in THIS world. lol Where we have dog blankets on the furniture and three times a day rituals just for them. ha!
    And, oh yeah, I’ve had the custom built ramp, too …
    But daily car rides? lol My dogs want to live with you two. 🙂
    I like how you see this level of care in their later years as totally vortexy. I’ll remember that next time I’m there.
    Nice to hear from you on this one, Ande – thank you!

  • Oh, where would I start? I could tell you to buy my book, Dog Parenting–How To Have an Outrageously Happy, Well-adjusted Canines, which was published in 2006 and, in spite of the editor’s attempt to mainstream it, was so “out there” on treating dogs as family members that it inspired several people to send me hate mail.
    My last dog, Muggins, was 17 years old when she died. I made her care a TOP priority for her whole life, but for the last year of her life, we lived totally around her needs. Tim built a ramp that ran the length of the end of our bed, carpeted, with sides, so she wouldn’t fall off as she went up and down to our bed. We put barriers around the edge of our deck because she fell off, and put in a ramp there too.
    She was pretty alert until the end of her life, but her sight and hearing were nearly gone, and she’d get confused and get stuck in corners. We made sure one of us was always here and we’d keep an eye on her and guide her out of corners. I think we went out four times in 12 months and that was when a friend came to stay with Muggins. Muggins loved car rides for most of her life, but in the last year, she started hating car rides and would get really upset, so we stopped going places. (Back when she liked car rides, Tim would take her for daily rides around the neighborhood, driving slowly, so she could bark at the deer. 🙂 )
    Toward the end, she needed diapers, and she had to be carried outside. I know many people thought we should put her down and even those that didn’t were amazed at the sacrifices we made for her, but she still enjoyed what we called her stroll and sniffs–very slow walks in the forest, and she loved food and rubs, and I believed that as long as there was that kind of quality of life, it wasn’t up to me to decide it was time for her to go. Finally, she did let me know that she was ready, and we helped her move on.
    I think having the honor of providing this kind of care is about as in the vortex as you can be because it comes so purely from love. And that may be why you see a link between animal lovers and deliberate creators. I think we might be more aware of energy, on the emotional level–more in tune to feeling the positive vibe of love and connection and we know when we’ve found the extraordinary kind of love we get from animals that we are in the vicinity of powerful positive vibration. 🙂

  • Well put, Stephen. I like that.

  • Stephen says:

    I figure the deal I made with my dog is that I pay for everything she needs to be comfortable, healthy and happy and in return she makes me laugh. She always holds up her end of the deal, so I do, too.

  • Okay, the cats have their own room – that’s impressive, Kimberly!! ha ha
    I’m thinking if you added in their portion of the mortgage and utilities that’d be an even bigger investment we make in our animals, huh? Wow!
    Here’s my question to you … when you get company, do you take the dog blankets off the furniture?

  • Ahhhh, this is a good one!
    We have two cats and two dogs.
    Besides spending a huge amount on food, treats, toys, beds (the dogs have 8), blankets, etc…
    The cats have their own room in our house. It’s a good sized room. The room remained empty after we moved in and morphed into storage (on one half) and kitty room on the other.
    There are blankets on the furniture so that the dogs can sit on sofa/chairs. The kitties have blankets on our bed and dresses for their resting spots.
    The dogs have a daily morning, afternoon, evening, and night routine that I insist we stick to (they insist too). Oh and they have an area of the garage w/ a doggy door to their own yard, 1/4 acre.
    I can go on and on and on. We love them.

  • Okay, Dana, I’m laughing at the visual of you doing the pee pee dance, and incredulous that they run TO YOU for a new bandanna! Mine think those things are punishments. ha
    And I totally respect your breakup principles, too.
    Thanks for weighing in. I feel more normal already. lol

  • Dana Boyle says:

    I feed my dogs before I eat, even when I’m hungry. I also always find myself doing the pee pee dance while holding onto a leash when I get home from a long drive because I figure the dogs have had to hold it longer than I have and they need to go. I’ve broken up with people for not being good to my dogs, and I’ve even said, “The dogs were here first, and if I have to choose, the answer is easy.”
    My dogs love opening presents, especially Luther. I buy them lots of presents and wrap them up on holidays and birthdays. They love wearing bandanas because they know they look so cute, so I buy them in tons of colors and patterns and they eagerly run to me when they see me take a fresh, clean one in my hand.
    I move all my sweetie’s shoes off the welcome mat because that’s where Laney loves to curl up and sleep. Oh, and I use a special tone of voice with Laney because she’s sensitive and only responds to super sweet voices. 🙂

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