Answer This Question to Manifest More Money

What if you could manifest more money by knowing the answer to one little question?

Would you take a few minutes to contemplate it?

If you’re interested in more financial abundance in the new year, I hope you will.

Because answering this question can lead to your ultimate financial success.

Before we get to the question, though, here’s why it works

Conscious creators know whatever we focus on is what we call forth into reality.

So when it comes to manifesting money, it’s simply a matter of learning the vibration of it.

Which is sometimes tricky since “financial abundance” or “monetary success” can be somewhat abstract and unfamiliar concepts.

But this question can help you activate the good money vibes when you contemplate your answer.

And when you really know your answer – inside and out – you are money-aligned.

So here’s the question:

How will you know when you’re there?

Or you could ask it like this:

  • How will you be able to tell that you’ve reached financial success?
  • How will you know you got what you wanted?
  • What’s your cue that you achieved your idea of financial abundance?

Is it a specific amount (like an amount in savings or hitting a new income level)?

Or maybe it’s a certain experience (like paying off all debt or finally affording that dream vacation)?

It might be having enough money to never work again, or donating a specific amount to your favorite cause.

Or maybe it’s ending the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, or having enough to buy whatever you want at the grocery store.

Or maybe for you it’s more of a feeling.

Financial success likely means different things to each of us, but getting clear on what that is helps activate the vibe.

So … with that in mind, I’d love to hear how you’ll know you reached financial success.

Maybe you’re already there, and if so, it would be fun to hear how you realized that.

(Your answer could help someone else activate it.)

And if it’s something you’re still in the works of creating, just holding that image in mind can help signal Universe for your new financial reality.

Either way, you’ll likely find that just reading responses here takes you to an expansive feeling of abundance and financial plenty.

And conscious creators know that’s the first step to manifesting it.

This question is powerful no matter what you’re manifesting – so if you’re up to something else besides wealth and prosperity, ask yourself how will you know when you’ve nailed it?

For good vibe activation, let’s answer it once more with feeling: how will you know you got what you wanted?

  • December 16, 2016
  • Sandra says:

    For me, financial success means the following (which is also my current reality):
    1. A healthy net worth with ZERO debt.
    2. I max out my 401(k), 401(k) catch-up and Roth IRA every year.
    3. I easily pay my monthly expenses.
    4. I have way more than the required six-months of expenses in my sunny-day fund. 🌞
    5. I have health, dental, vision, renters, car, umbrella, life, disability and LTC insurance in place.
    6. I live happily below my means.
    7. But I can also afford to spend some money on things that are important to me (like ebooks!).
    8. Credit scores in the 800s.
    9. I have long-term savings goals.
    10. I only have one credit card that I pay off monthly.
    11. I can afford a trip anywhere in the world.
    12. I can make a nice donation during my employers annual United Way campaign (and give to other causes throughout the year).
    13. I save all of my after-tax annual bonus.
    And most important: I have a happy, fun, positive attitude around money. Because if I didn’t, none of the above would be possible! 😊

  • Ashley says:

    Do you think a similar question/concept would work for relationship stuff? I find that’s my main issue… I feel so much lighter about money than I do about finding my next relationship, where I have serious blocks (I figure).

  • Shrads says:

    I will know that I have achieved the level of abundance when I will win prize in the competition I took part in. But ofcourse the money I will receive will be used for
    1)trip to spain
    2)my wedding
    3)saving for my child

  • Satya Singh says:

    Inspiring question. Makes me think more on the lines of detachment. I fell that when money follows you instead the other way, you get the joy and that resonating feeling you mentioned. Just my thoughts.

  • Shan says:

    Ming, I love ‘wearing the world as a loose garment’; Nicky, I enjoyed your reply; would you say more about ‘really stripping myself of all my materialistic needs’, please. For me, I need to know I’m going to be making enough , or creating enough, money, to live the rest of my life with flow and ease. I want to be paid well for what I do well. I want to be able to make my maximum contribution to the planet and I believe that being in money-flow supports that. Thanks for the great question, Jeannette.

    • Nikky says:

      Hi Shan ,
      At times when faced with huge contrast regarding money ….. I have sat down in silence and faced what scared me about that situation and what I reminded myself is that my loved ones are healthy and we all have food to eat for now so all is well. So just accepting that it is a bad situation to be in but using the gift of activating peace and happiness in my heart irrespective of that bad situation actually got us out of it very quickly and taught me a lot about how important my inner world is. Because as you have written our goals about money are ever changing and if we don’t know how to activate a sense of security and peace irrespective of what we own financially then things never really get better in a permanent way. Hope this makes sense .

    • Sauterelle says:

      “For me, I need to know I’m going to be making enough , or creating enough, money, to live the rest of my life with flow and ease. I want to be paid well for what I do well. I want to be able to make my maximum contribution to the planet and I believe that being in money-flow supports that.”
      Shan, that’s magnificent. I want to borrow your words!
      Feeling I don’t have to be fearful about old age is a big piece for me. I think the only other thing worth mentioning is that I want to be able to think about whether or not I want to do things without worrying about whether I can afford to do them — for that not to be part of the process.

  • Danielle says:

    Such a great question Jeannette!
    There are so many pieces to my answer but I tried to think of the ones that would make my face crinkle into a smile and get my vibration really high. I already have a lot of peace around money and have always supported the charities that I choose but two things that will be specific answers for me are:
    Walk into my favorite awesome furniture store with pen and paper in hand, choosing those beautiful pieces that I will then ask them to deliver to my house. This is a furniture store where I’ve spent many lunch hours just walking around and drooling over the beautiful things they have but never purchasing anything because of the prices.
    Walking into my favorite local tack store and purchasing any of the gorgeous saddles, bridles or other fun goodies I want, no looking or caring about the prices, no deciding to save up for them, just go crazy! Like a kid in a candy store. Fun, fun, fun!

  • Nikky says:

    I love love love this question. What amazes me about you Jeannette, is that when you write you make even seasoned deliberate creators like myself 🙂 say wow, that’s an awesome post and a great question that makes me think . You are so smart Jeannette. Thank you .
    For me what I believed to be financially successful has already happened to me . I did it by making peace with where I was and appreciating what I have while being excited about how it would be when I am living a wealthy life. I did it by really stripping myself of all my materialistic needs and really digging deep into my spiritual journey. However, as my reality changed and improved my notion of what I know as financial success also changed . So I have to keep aligning myself to the new definition. And you know how it is when you are in contrast then the jump to better conditions is faster and bigger as compared to when things are already good and you want to make a big jump to the next level.

  • MissyB says:

    For me it’s when I can do what I want AND do what I need to. For example, spend all my free time running a dog in agility competitions without thinking I should be spending this money on boring essentials.

  • For me it’s about the feelings of security and freedom.
    Also, I think our needs grow as we grow (spiritually and financially) and so, when my active and passive income are both so diversed and far exceed my needs and funds needed for my desired lifestyle at that time by around 50%.

  • Saira says:

    1. I can think about Money Joyously (which I do Now) .I love it.
    2. I can help my parents buy a house and take care of all the debt and health bills.
    3. I don’t have to look at the price tags.
    4. I have a successfully run business by my employees making Money For me.
    5. Go where ever I want ,Buy whatever I want for who ever I want and Give back whenever and how much I want.

  • Patricia says:

    When my monthly income is at least $30k because if I do it once, i know I can easily maintain it.

  • Lynda says:

    When I can just give it away

  • Steve says:

    I must of had a great coach 🙂

  • Steve says:

    It’s not what you now see in your physical world. The answer is I have it NOW!

    • Regina says:

      I am so glad I came across this post for the new year!
      I will know when I reach financial success when:
      a) I don’t have to think so hard or worry about the cost of things
      b) I tithe every single month to a cause that is close to my heart
      c) I reach my savings goals to the point I can start to invest
      d) We take annual vacations to wonderful places around the globe
      This excites me!!

  • Sophie says:

    When I can change people’s realities with my money 😀

    • namaste says:

      I really like your comment. It’s very similar to my thoughts =)
      Right now, I can throw money at issues I care about and make a difference. However, I’m looking forward to having “I can fix that money.” I’ve always known that when I can look at major issues and think, “I can fund the entire solution needed to solve the problem” will be a really good sign that I’ve made it.

  • Jackie Gaston Taylor says:

    I used to think it would be when I didn’t have to think about money. Now I think it’s when I can think about money with joy rather than worry, need, or desire. As some of you know, we came into some money and have arranged it so that we don’t have to work anymore. I still haven’t gotten quite to the point where I have let go of having a little anxiety around thoughts of do we make it last, how well can we live, etc. I’m getting there but still have a little way to go.

  • Jess says:

    For me it is when I don’t have to ‘work’. My
    business is extremely successful and I set my hours! Also when I buy anything I want and do not think about the cost. Driving a safe and comfortable car with heated seats! Getting a massage weekly and being able to take a vacation anywhere my heart desires! I love having a housekeeper too and time to spend meditating, visualizing and moving my body! And I can buy cool stuff for my horses and spend the winters competing in Arizona!!!

  • Ming says:

    Jeannette, I love this question. I was thinking all those years I wanted to respond to your money blogs and now I can ! (because I was going through so much contrast I couldn’t write about my money situation)
    But NOW! Yay! and yes: for me: how will you know when you have reached financial success?
    For me I feel like I am there. Its definitely a vibration I live in. Its a feeling of abundance, of joy, of freedom.
    Its a feeling where I feel like I work because I want to not because I have to There is no lack, there is no scarcity. That is how I know I got there. But here’s the thing, even though I feel I am there I am not “done”. Its not a place where I go and say ok, Im there, its over. Its a continued state of being. That is why money keeps coming in . I don’t worry about spending or having enough. Seems the more I give, the more I get. Its not something I watch. Like you, I don’t balance a checkbook. I go into my account to enjoy the numbers if I go in. Its interesting your question made me realize, that its not a goal or destination for me.
    Its an ongoing journey, and oh my what a fun one. 🙂

    • Diane says:

      Thank you! Super helpful!

      • Ming says:

        Glad to hear that Diana. Thank you.
        Something else I ran across last night reminded me of how I know.
        “You’ve entered a sweet time in your life enjoying the land of milk and honey that everyone wants to experience. It’s an interlude that feels more languid than ambitious when all your senses are awake to the unlimited possibilities in the univese. These times are precious and only come when you’re in your authentic zone waring the world as a loose garment not wanting yet able to be nourished in ways both tangible and subtle. Abundance is an energy that you are a living part of. All your needs are being met. You are given the gift of nourishment in every form.
        There is only one authentic you. This version of your Self is Spirit’s emissary in the world. When you’re in alignment with the truth you are a unique expression of the Divine your ago can rest and your soul can illuminate your purpose. Now is the time when you are seeking your true north. When you find this direction you automatically step into prosperity and the world brings you evidence of abundance. Miracles are a choice and a way of seeing the world. With every choice you make right now you have the potential to seize good fortune and embrace your destiny.

  • Lisa says:

    Yes to all of the above! Not having to think about it when I want something. And being able to pay my daughter’s college tuition out of pocket.

  • Della Monk says:

    Hi Jeanette:
    I will know that I have reached financial success when I don’t even have to think about money. I will know when I can want something whether it be a material thing, or an experience, and I can have it without question. When I desire, expect, manifest. Fun!!!

  • Harri says:

    When I go shopping and buy things without even looking at the price tags!

    • Jeannette says:

      That was one of mine, too, Harri! To be able to buy whatever I wanted without even thinking or worrying what it cost.
      I realized one day I had achieved that to a certain extent when a friend was at my house – this was two homes ago, so it was a while ago – but I remember he opened the fridge and saw organic strawberries in there. He practically shouted, “Organic strawberries in the middle of winter?! Do you have any idea how much these cost??”
      And I didn’t.
      I didn’t have ANY idea what they cost.
      I bought them because I wanted them and I didn’t have to worry what they cost. (If it’s at the grocery store, even at the expensive health food store, I knew I could afford it.)
      Turns out he was right, though. They are kind of expensive out of season. lol

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