March 28, 2008

Questioning the Mind

Gosh, I’m a fan of Maureen’s work!  Here’s an excerpt from her latest article which I intend does something good for you as well.  (I highlighted my favorite parts.)

Happy April Everyone,
I pray you are well as we continue our climb to magnificence, albeit up a steep, steep incline. This month has been one of golden moments of self-discovery after a bout or two (or five) with uncomfortability. The bouts with uncomfortability appear to be aimed at our core habitual patterns dealing with our 3rd dimensional personality and perceived identity. I remind you that the Universe doesn’t always deal from the top of the deck to accelerate our spiritual growth.
These uncomfortable experiences are welling up right on time, sometimes to throw you a curve ball to interrupt the habitual belief systems as to what’s next for you or to explode core issues so you can be expanded and made ready to emerge open and unattached to anything. Keep in heart that out of chaos comes order.

Be gentle with yourself and remember you are a precious courageous human being of Light turning into a magnificent Divine being of Light and it takes a lot of cellular rearranging, and biological and even relationship warfare before that metamorphosis can be actualized. Due to the task at hand, (planetary and personal transformation) it is vital that we detach from anything and everything that would tether us further to the state of illusion. We are changing seasons, reasons and lifetimes of living beneath ourselves and of being trapped within ourselves, so undoubtedly we will be confronted by uncomfortability to blow up the illusion in our lives.
Here’s a discovery I made while in the midst of a client’s uncomfortability. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.
While in the midst of a session with a wonderful new client I quickly discovered that she lived her life led by her mind. (Not a foreign concept to me.) I began to challenge the things that she said as a matter of fact. I did so because she would fire off answers to me as if they were already programmed and pat responses. Each time she did I would guide her down into her heart and ask the same questions and get a completely different answer. This went on for about 15 minutes. During that time she referred to her mind often, particularly in the making excuses for it. She acknowledged that she rarely consciously paid attention to what her mind was saying to her and how uncomfortable she felt most of the time. She acknowledged that she never questioned whether her mind was telling her a truth or a lie, or whether it was supporting her or hurting her.
I heard myself say, “your mind is getting away with murder.” There was dead silence. In that silence both of us had an awareness of the truth of that statement. Our minds get away with murder. The moment it seeks an uncomfortable pause in our lives, like a race-car it comes full speed ahead to crash into clarity. “Oh my God” she said, “that is so true, I never thought about it like that before.” (In truth, neither had I.) We continued to follow that thread of wisdom and uncovered a plethora of ways that the mind gets away with murder.
It kills our joy. It makes bold and boisterous statements that have nothing to do with the truth and each time we accept it, without question, and run with it, it clearly gets away with murder. It kills our passion as it burdens us with “what ifs” (always leaning to the side of failure) about whatever we are passionate about creating and manifesting. It kills the present moment with predictions of our future often paralyzing us from moving in faith and it kills our self worth as it gives us its interpretation of where we have failed. It kills our peace. The saddest part of all of that is that we give it permission to get away with murder by not interrupting it or questioning its validity.
Now, in this moment we have got to put an end to this violence and violation perpetrated upon our lives by our minds. A good argument on behalf of that awareness is that every time we have a murderous thought we immediately alter the positive and healthy electrical flow of energy throughout our entire physical system. Additionally we alter the chemical balance of the body and depress ourselves. It was written in “The Way of Mastery,” that “depression can only occur in a mind that had been denying its pathway to joy.”

Here are some actions that will help when you are in a state of uncomfortability and your mind goes in for the kill:
1. Slow down and pay attention to every single sentence your mind feeds you. If you feel any constriction anywhere in your body, stop, take three deep breaths, put your hand over your heart and ask yourself “is that the truth that I just heard?” Stay still long enough, and your heart will tell you your answer.
2. Become aware of what you do once you have a thought. Do you make a fear based choice? Do you set up a situation that you know in your gut is going to betray you because your mind just scared you? Notice just notice because every time your thought feeds you something, you do something with it. You take an action of some sort prompted by the mind, not the heart and we must learn to discern the difference.
3.  Don’t just rush past a delivery from the mind. Open the package and see if it contains something truthful and worthwhile or if it’s a package of trash that needs to be tossed out.
4.  Don’t let your mind convince you that you need to be right or that you are right. Go for being happy over being right and stop the ability of your mind killing your happiness. You have nothing to prove, your mind just has you believing you do.
6.  Consciously refuse to be defined by your mind. If you don’t it will “seemingly” kill off your true identity and have you chasing after all things and all people external to find yourself.
7.  Birth the Mind of Christ or the Mind of Buddha or The Mind of Great Spirit and your thoughts will emerge differently and in support of you, always.
Copyright Maureen Moss
Please feel comfortable to pass this on along with name and websites.

  • The good news, Michael, is that it gets easier and more natural (listening to the heart) the more we practice it.
    But you’re right, it does take courage. Huge payoff in exercising it, thought!

  • Michael says:

    I notice that the mind is often much louder than the heart, and Leslie’s comments about being a people pleaser really knocked me back. I am sacrificing my own life to be a people pleaser even as I write this. It’s gotten so bad that I’m getting sick from it, and yet the mind is so loud. time to be brave enough to listen to the heart.

  • Oh my gosh, Leslie, if we had to be pristine or perfect before we posted, it would be a very quiet and boring internet! lol Glad you don’t get hung up on that. 🙂
    And yes – “how cool IS that”?! Almost as cool as you.
    Love you, girlfriend!
    PS – feel free to post your follow-up manifesting on this situation! That was a very nice turnaround on your part!

  • Leslie says:

    Thank you Jeannette. Sometimes I embarrass myself with my posts because I am not pristine or perfect. Oh shucks, …okay I am over that.
    I got lots from that bumpy moment and I conciously chose how I wanted to feel. How incredibly WONDERFUL to realize I have that power…EVERYTIME TOO.
    How cool is that.
    Love Leslie

  • Nice to hear from you, Amanda! Those can be particularly mean thoughts that separate us from our dreams. Good ones to squash – just as Leslie’s “friend’s” was.
    We choose reality with our thoughts. Everything is already created – we just filter for the one that matches what we’ve got in mind. Big reason to be deliberate about what we’ve got in mind.
    Thanks for posting, everyone!

  • Yes, Mags, I agree – it’s just a matter of creating the habit of inquiring into those thoughts we might have blindly accepted otherwise.
    Leslie, good for you! “Whose reality are we listening to?” That’s exactly what this process looks like! Instead of those potentially ugly thoughts carrying us away, we stop and say, “Do I want to go there?” Kudos to you!!

  • Amanda Arcilla says:

    Yes Jeanette, thank you for sharing this article and
    reminding me of how not just what our minds do to our
    bodies chemically creating illness but, how our untrue self dialogue can talk us out of our dreams slowly suffocating it and keeping it at bay for itself.
    Always good to keep my mind and ego in check and see what its up to!
    Big Hugs,

  • Leslie says:

    In these cd’s I am listening to this fellow calls the mind the great deceiver. Isn’t it great we are living in a time where we are learning to discern.
    I am still reeling from a horrendous phone call I received last night. The funny thing is I was in the middle of watching Real Life Dan and I was enjoying it but this guy was just going upstream with every word and action he did. So there was that kind of energy around. A friend of my mother’s phonned me and lambasted me as to what a neglectful daughter I have been, she ( who I vaguely remember meeting 30 years ago) is disappointed in me.
    For being a people pleaserer and a nice person all my life the old me was horrified to be told this. The mind was aghast lol. But I thought whose reality are we listening to?
    And really whose code of conduct do I want to live with? Truthfully it is taking all my strength to not feel bad but I am not going there. I can see my mother is uncleanly creating when it comes through her friend. And I have some healing to do around that. My mother is an all or nothing kind of person, she totally neglected my children and smoothered my brother and me. My brother and I live in a different province than her.
    She is getting old and frail these days and claims she wants to be near her kids. Everytime I phone her she has company and can’t talk. I kid you not. My brother and I are a bit overwhelmed with how we would maintain the social life she has now.
    It’s all good, and it will all work out for the highest good. And wow look at what I just accomplished standing up to someone who is telling me I am a smuck
    and not rushing in to make it better.
    Love Leslie

  • Mags says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jeannette. That was incredibly powerful!
    I like Maureen’s point number 3 about evaluating what the mind delivers to us rather than either blindly accepting everything it tells us or automatically assuming that it will be “wrong”. I think it can be challenging when we first start to do this, but with practice it can be an amazing way to get our hearts and minds to start working together as allies to help us create lives we love.

  • I’ll check out that book, Laura. Thanks for sharing it here.
    Don’t you just love it when answers flow in swiftly?
    Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for your comment!

  • Laura says:

    Wow. This is right inline with “Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are” by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain C. Heer, that I just finished reading yesterday. I spent the day asking myself “How does it get better than this” and being “out of my mind” awaiting the answer and several interesting and wonderful things showed up, including this story. This is huge for me!

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