Questions About Jerry & LOA

Enough of you are asking questions about Jerry Hicks’ death last month that I thought we might be able to offer each other some good answers.  Or at least food for thought.

On the Jerry Hicks Says Goodbye post, Suzy wrote:

I really hope Abraham will address Jerry’s passing. They did not address his illness, and I know I was not the only one very distressed by it.

I do not understand why Jerry, who was loving life, having fun, asking questions, envisioning new projects, and clearly eager for more, would die. It does not seem that he was anywhere near finished with his life.

This is something I have long wanted to ask Abraham about. We’ve all heard of many instances of people who are totally loving their lives, blissing out, maybe they’ve just gotten married or had a baby, they’re madly in love, they’ve recently gotten everything in their lives going just as they’ve wanted, they’ve got so much to live for, so much they are thrilled with living, and then, bam, some disaster strikes, and they’re gone. This does not match up with

Abe’s teachings that have made it seem that people either transition because they are experiencing so much pain that their only relief is in leaving physical, or because they’re done creating on this plane and ready to move on. Neither of these was happening with Jerry. So I don’t get it. :/

And this question came to me through facebook:

I am a fan and follower of the LOA, and Abraham Hicks and have been having a hard time with the Jerry Hicks illness/passing. I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on it for me.

Its not the fact that Jerry became ill and passed, because those are things that eventually no one can avoid – but rather that they chose to go withi heavy chemotherapy when Abraham Hicks advocated that you can heal yourself of anything with your thinking/vibration.

It makes me think that if Jerry Hicks, an expert at this couldnt do it, then how can we? This has really shaken my core beliefs and i am having a hard time. any insight or advice would be appreciated very much. Thank you!

Jeannette again: I have to admit, I’m still a little sad after reading Esther’s latest note (about the Phoenix workshop) that was just signed by Esther.

Anyway, if you have helpful thoughts to share regarding the questions popping up, please do.  Thank you.

UPDATE: for those interested, here’s what Abraham had to say about Jerry’s death:

And another update from Abraham in May 2012 explaining more about Jerry’s experience:

“Jerry made his transition into NonPhysical and the seeming pathway through which he made it was through a cancer, a leukemia. And so, as he was diagnosed, it was very unsettling to both Jerry and Esther because it seemed that it was a contradiction to what they thought they were living. It seemed that it was a manifestation that certainly didn’t match what they were wanting. And, neither one of them was able, especially at first, to acknowledge that there could possibly be anything in Jerry’s Vortex that could be being answered through this process. In other words, it just didn’t seem like it added up.
So they spent a lot of time talking about vibration, talking about feelings, and it made both of them aware of two things that they did not understand before. First, they understood that they had some vibrations going on that they did not know were active in their vibration. Jerry had been very keenly aware of cancer. He was aware of it from his father’s experience with it, and he was aware of so many people who were in his terms, “suffering with it”.
And whenever he would meet a physician, and he met a lot of them through his work, if he had an opportunity to visit with them in private, he would always say to them, “When do you think we’re going to as as society begin to start focusing upon the cause rather than the symptom? When do you think that we’re going to get to the vibrational reason for this and not have all of our attention upon the treatment of it?” And he had opinions about all of that – he believed that it was a money-making machine, he believed that there was more benefit for some agencies to be involved in the cure of it than the understanding and the prevention of it. He had a lot of these dynamics going on, more than he realized, more than Esther realized, that was all part of the reason for the details of that being the path of least resistance.
But beyond that, there was a Vortex swirling, a Vortex that Jerry had been creating all of this physical life experience and that was in place even before he came into this physical experience, and long before Jerry and Esther came to know one another in this physical experience, about understanding that there is not death, about understanding that we are eternal Beings, about understanding that Consciousness is an eternal thing, about wanting to understand the interplay between what is
Nonphysical and physical, about wanting to teach about the Law of Attraction, the Laws of the Universe, wanting to understand how it all fits together.
But most of all, something that was very BIG in his vibration was an understanding of the eternal nature of Consciousness. And so, and it started long before his introduction to the Seth material but it was really enhanced with THAT material. And then all of the conversations that he had with Abraham in all of the time that passed in the interim.
So, what we’re getting at here – some time ago we wrote a book – it isn’t even in publication any more – it was called A New Beginning, and the subtitle was called Joyous Survival. And even Esther as she was receiving it thought that it was about taking care of the details of this physical time-space reality and making the right decisions in order to survive, mean remain in the physical body.
But what we meant by that subtitle is that you cannot cease to survive. You cannot cease to be. But the question is, how joyful, how joyous are you in this eternal, ongoing experience that is yours?
So, something that is very vivid in the human experience is a misunderstanding about why you come, and what your intention is in being here and how long you intend to be here and what happens after you are no longer focused in your physical body. In other words, we said to Esther, just the other morning in fact, while Jerry believed that the subject that was of keenest interest to much of the world was how to understand diseases, or how to understand something like cancer, that there’s an even bigger thing that people are wanting to understand from our Perspective, and that is the subject of the death experience, that is the subject of the eternal nature of your Being.
So, you have to make it an individual thing. You have to make it about your relationship with who you really are before you can begin to help anyone else understand it in relationship to who they really are.
We want to say to you that if you can find a way – and you can…if you can find a way to let your experience in all this be about your natural relaxing into your conscious awareness of the eternalness of your Being, and let go of a feeling of urgency to CLING TO the specifics of THIS incarnation and THIS time-space reality…In the urgent clinging to what you call THIS LIFE, there is a defiance of your understanding of the eternalness of who you are. And when you let go of that, there is a release into alignment, a release into the Vortex, there’s a release into this Grid of who you are that defies anything that you’ve ever lived before.
And there is so much confusion and misunderstanding about the control that you have from not just your NonPhysical standpoint, but your physical standpoint, about how long you stay, about how you feel while you are here.
For Jerry, as he relaxed into his vibration, as he found that vibrational place, he said to Esther, “I want you to know that one of two things can happen. Either they’re going to figure this out and I’m going to bounce back into my physical body feeling good or they’re not going to figure this out and I’m going to reemerge into NonPhysical, and in either case I want you to know I’m good.” And Esther said, “Well, good for you, I’m only good with one of those options.” (Soft audience laughter) And we said to Esther, Jerry is the only one who gets to choose. Jerry is the ONLY one who gets to choose.
And Esther realizes now, after watching the experience unfold, that knowing what she now knows, she would have liked it better if they had known before rather than later the deliciousness of letting go, the deliciousness of not struggling and clinging to something that the Vortex is asking for in a different way.
And this is the thing that’s unsettling to so many, because we’ve been talking about Deliberate Creation, and we talk about how you put the components into your Vortex. We just really want you to know that this Vortex is this Pure Positive Energy place and that when you reach for the emotion of who you really are, when you are able to release the resistance and come into pure alignment with who you really are, so that you click into vibrational sync with everything that is in your Vortex, that then the ensuing manifestations and the way the Grid fills in are ALWAYS in sync with that greater wanting.
Humans have been struggling against this for a very long time. We feel it even in the context of these gatherings. People will say, “Abraham, please don’t tell me that there is a bigger plan for me than the one that I’m identifying here and now, because the one I’m identifying is the one I want to play out. And we say, in time you will come to understand that you don’t want to separate those…because the whole point of all of this is understanding…do any of you think that you’re going to remain in your physical bodies forever? Of course you don’t. Everything that you have observed lets you know that you are here as temporary tenants of this. Do you believe that you are more than you see here in these physical bodies?  Do you understand that who you are as a Consciousness is reflected in the personality that you know as you?
This is the thing that is so exhilarating to Esther because she has the benefit of being able to chat with Jerry on a daily basis. Any time she is wanting, she can sit, get into that vibrational place and begin to receive him. She’s doing it mostly through her computer as she is writing because she focuses what she wants to talk about and then she receives him fully.
But there is NO QUESTION in Esther’s mind that Jerry is FULLY the personality that she knew as him, minus any resistance, REVELING in the wholeness of who he is, you see. And so, what HE is about is helping all of you to understand that there IS no death, there is no ending to that which you are, that there is a changing of scenery, that there is a changing of experience, that there is certainly a changing of perspective in that there’s the releasing of resistance, but there IS no ceasing of that which you are.
And it is his fervent desire that you come to a place where you are able to let go of that clinging to life which is IRRATIONAL because there is no way that you can separate yourself FROM it, and once you accomplish that, then you will continue as he IS, to live happily ever after.
We don’t want it to be such a resistance about the reemerging into the NonPhysical that that resistance…
It’s like the very thing you worry about is the thing that makes sure that the very thing that you worry about happens. Isn’t that an interesting thing?
Friends, if you can accept the eternal nature of your Being and stop the clinging, the irrational clinging to something that is not at risk, all disease would cease to be on this planet. The disease is evidence of the resistance of the very thing you fear. You see how that is?”

– Abraham, May 2012, Philadelphia

  • December 2, 2011
  • Andrea says:

    Beautifully stated, A.D., and it is consistent with my experience, too.

  • A.D. Evans says:

    Though I may be a little late chiming in on Jerry Hicks death I fell compelled to speak. I have personally had several “near death” experiences due to trauma and illness long before I was introduced to Abraham and Jerry and Ester Hicks and the Laws of Attraction. What I may or may not have been manifesting in my life at that time is irrelevant to the point I’d like to make about my death experiences. On each of the occasions during the process of nearly dying I experienced a blissful state I could not have else wise imagined. The most descriptive words I can conjure are: Comforting, Inviting, Safe, Soothing, Pure and Expansive. On three separate occasions while nearly succumbing to what was for all intents and purposes a fatal illness I was told by a voice not mine outside of me with no one visible in the house that if I so choose it would be O.K. to “let go and come home”. Living in my opinion based on my personal experience is a choice each of us unconsciously make constantly throughout the course of our every day. I’ve a beautiful young daughter who needs her daddy for many decades yet. One day when I’ve sufficiently fulfilled the reason and purpose for my being here now I will “let go” and be welcomed home as will all of you, as did Jerry…

  • Mona says:

    As soon as I read Esther’s statement about Jerry’s death, the thought that people would be asking this question crossed my mind. If you are one of those people, you do not understand death and the many-layered process of creation from the larger perspective.
    I know death all too well. There are moments when I dream about death the way I may dream to go back to my home town or to see an old friend who lives in a faraway country. It is a step within a bigger game and nothing else. To ask why Jerry went home as if he did something wrong is as inadequate as asking why Jerry had 100 cones of ice-cream in his lifetime when he could have had 1000.
    We truly live forever. We play a Game much larger than one physical lifetime. But don’t worry, if you don’t get that now, you will when you die. 🙂
    I love you all!

  • Andrea says:

    I want to respond to those people who are stressed out about Jerry’s death. One person was stressed because Jerry seemed in a very good place and still wanting more and still eagerly waiting for the good things to come in this life experience. The fear was that if Jerry re-emerged into non-physical when he was clearly in a state of very high vibration (appreciation, positive expectation, etc.), doesn’t his death undermine the very teachings of Abraham, (because he was neither “done” nor in extreme pain)? I don’t think so myself.
    I cannot remember where I heard Abraham say this, but I definitely remember a rather long talk about it: sometimes people who are vibrating in a very high place re-emerge into non-physical because it is the next logical step. In other words, it is because of their high vibration, and not in spite of it, that re-emerging just seems like the next best thing to do.
    There are probably all kinds of things in Jerry’s wish list that we will never know about — perhaps he wanted to be younger, even if he never thought about it much or stated it out loud. Source always knows more about what is in an individual’s Vortex of Creation than the individual was. I’m sure that if I were trying to explain everything that is currently in mine, I’d have to take off for a few years just to verbalize it! But if you want to be younger, taking a trip to the non-physical is just about the most guaranteed way of getting a younger body. I’m not saying that he did or didn’t want something like that; I’m just saying that we have no way of knowing why he was a vibrational match to the non-physical, and the only thing I know about the non-physical is that it is really AWESOME to re-emerge into it. So I am really appreciative that I was a vibrational match to so many Abraham excerpts that addressed croaking and why it is never a bad thing but always a good thing.
    Another subscriber was worried that perhaps Jerry’s choice to try chemotherapy was, in fact, an indication that positive vibrations don’t actually work when it comes to healing diseases. But, again, I’ve heard Abraham address this several times. There is no shame or harm in trying any physical action you want to try, and there is no harm in enjoying the improvements that previous generations have developed in response to their own Vortices of Creation. For example, enough people had experiences with cancer that they put improved cures and treatments into their Vortices, and chemotherapy emerged as an answer to all that wanting. And it has really helped a lot of people. I heard Abraham telling somebody that it was okay to take an aspirin or use any tool that is available to us. In fact, if it’s the course of least resistance, why not? I’m not trying to defend or justify anything they chose to do because it’s not my job, but I just wanted to share what I heard Abraham say on the subject.
    Again, I sure appreciate having been a vibrational match to that information BEFORE all this happened. It sure made it a lot easier for me.
    It seems to me that the people voicing their concerns and misgivings are really helping a ton of people out there who might be feeling the same way but not willing or able to explicate their doubts in a public forum like this. I think that it was very lucky for me to have read those posts and to have been in a position where I could take the time to think about them and answer. This is a powerful moment for me, as rather a newcomer to the Abe teachings (but a total “addict”). It’s good to know that positive, useful information is out there and that something I know and share might possibly provide some relief to another. What’s more, it’s so great to know that forums like this exist so that, if needed, I might feel relief from someone posting to assuage my concerns. Thank you, Jeannette, and everyone who provided such great food for thought. 🙂

  • Pam says:

    I want to make sure the diehlwithit is you on F/B. Are you in Indiana?

  • Pam says:

    I will definitely check out GVU and will send a friend request.

  • Anna says:

    GVU is Good Vibe University (yep, Jeannette’s brainchild) check it out sometime.
    I’m Diehlwithit on FB. Friend me –

  • Pam says:

    Jasmine, what you say rings so true as Abraham teaches of the diversity of life, all the choices in which we are given. Some choose this, some choose that in order to feel good.

  • Jasmine Nell Blanton says:

    I believe Jerry did what he believed to be best, felt best, felt better. I believe what Abraham has been teaching us all along is: do what feels best, no matter what that may be.
    Me? Well, I seemed to have forgot that Jerry was a human. To me, he was sort of a hero, invincible even, but now that he has passed, I’m some what happier, relieved. Both him and Esther basically proved to me that life really is quite simple and everlasting. I feel like Jerry paved the way for so many others that are afraid of “death.”
    If I truly believe that what Abraham has been teaching us all along is: do what feels best, no matter what that may be, then maybe you believing that this is just a bunch of boloney is what feels best or you being mad at Abraham is what feels best or you even deciding you no longer wish to be in contact with Abraham is what feels best.
    Sometimes what feels best doesn’t sound best or look best.
    Coming from a girl who is happy, feels good, I believe that’s saying something.
    With love to all those wanting it…

  • Pam says:

    I think if we could see/feel the whole picture, it would be so overwhelming that we wouldn’t know how to handle it at this point. I guess we just have to have faith that there IS a big picture, and allow life to flow as it does.
    How shall we get in contact? And I have to ask, what is GVU? I am on F/B. Are you?

  • Dennis says:

    So long Jerry – thanks for the memories.
    This is just like Jerry – to throw a spanner into the works – to ‘upset the applecart’ – and in/by the process get us all to ask questions and really ponder about the lessons of ‘our own story’. Good one Jerry you are one hell of a teacher!

  • Anna says:

    Ding Ding Ding! So true, so true –
    It is simply *impossible* for us to “see the whole picture from where we are” and if we could – actually see the WHOLE picture while we’re here and now, that is – it would rather defeat the purpose of our coming here to learn. At least, that’s where my feeling is.
    What you say, how you say it, leaves me feeling we’re of like minds (as they say). Would like to connect outside of our brilliant Jeannette’s blog… are you at GVU? I’d like to connect –

  • Pam says:

    Hi Anna –
    Just yesterday a friend and I, who have been so enriched by the Hicks and Abraham were discussing those exit points. You are right, I think SB said there are five. In looking back, I can also see when I could have left, but glad I didn’t as well. Still things to do.
    So, even though many cannot understand Jerry’s departure at this time, I feel that it was destined long ago and there is no way we can see the whole picture from where we are.

  • Anna says:

    Totally there with you, Pam – I’m certain of it.
    Your comment also reminds me of something I read in one of Sylvia Brown’s Journey of the Soul series… that we come here with 5 potential exit points, there for our soul to choose in that pre-planned moment. Pretty sure I’ve already opted out of a few, glad I did so.

  • Pam says:

    Although I believe we rarely consciously know our time of departure from the linear, I feel our soul knows the time line very well. I believe the conditions that cause this transition are in place before our physical experience begins. I believe the soul has certain things to accomplish, knows when it’s plan is complete, and then is ready to return, moving on to the next journey.
    I attended one of the first workshops where Esther was alone. I believe this was all in Jerry’s soul plan, to ease her into this new phase for her. Though separation anxiety is never going to be easy for us left behind in the linear, I believe Abraham’s teachings can ease us a bit.
    I believe that when we make our transition, all things become clear.
    The week after Jerry transitioned, before I received Esther note, he kept going through my mind….his energy was prevalent. I found that fascinating and reassuring.

  • Melinda says:

    To be clear, it isnt that jerry died, chose to transition, that we have a problem with.
    What is worrisome is that he got cancer. I dont know jerry personally, but i would think that with his personal access to the wisdom of abraham, and all his practice at living joyfully and therefore allowing… That he would have a good shot at being “happy healthy happy healthy happy healthy dead”. The fact that he did in fact get cancer and did in fact go through aggressive chemo does not invalidate abrahams message to me, but it tells me that this thing is alot harder than i thought.
    I loved that happy go lucky idea that i could heal my body of scary things, that i could have this kind of beautiful power.
    Now i am more realistic. I am sure people have done it and it is possible, but i dont expect to be able to do it myself. Maybe i can, but all these levels of resistance that we have— they are sometimes very hidden, this is very advanced thought awareness… So i have health insurance. I have plan B and C and i have heard abraham disagree with that, with not going full force for plan A.
    I mean, this is important because i have been listening to abraham and thinking its not so good to go have all these check ups where doctors are looking for things that are wrong. Or that our body changes alot and if we get tested on a bad day we could show alot of problems that would not be there next week… So, do i get the yearly checks for all the kinds of cancer we can get? The pap smear, the mammogram, now the colonoscopy?
    I think this is the real question we are dealing with. Not was it okay for jerry to transition. Of course it is! Bless him! He was a stellar human being and we all love him to pieces. But now we have to really think: what are the boundaries of my current abilities with LOA?
    And i guess for me, what i have decided is that the abraham teachings are about creating happiness. I have had some great synchronicities, but i have yet to create wealth or wildly great opportunites… And thats ok. I have learned, am learning, how to work with my mind to feel better and to be happy. Thats where i get results and that is… kinda what i have always been looking for, how to be happy. What a relief to have found something that made sense to me that i could use! Awesome.

  • Barbara says:

    I don’t get why deliberate creators are questioning why Jerry chose chemo – I figured that this was Jerry’s “feel good” choice. After all, it’s not up to us to decide for him what feels good for him, right? Abraham doesn’t teach that we don’t need doctors, modern medicine, etc., although I’ve heard Abe say that we have the ability to heal ourselves. But I’ve also heard Abe say that if those treatments, doctors, etc. feel good, then allow it. In other words, align and then allow.
    This whole thing is just a reminder that we all get to choose. And Jerry’s choice may not be my choice, or yours and vice-versa. So I’m not judging here, or even questioning anymore. I also suspect we haven’t heard the last from him. Warmly, Barbara

  • WordGuy says:

    As I wrote in my recent blog “Accidents and the Law of Attraction” (
    “But what good is an understanding and practice of LOA, if, in spite of our best efforts, something like this can STILL happen?
    Practicing LOA eases the ego to health, and greater transparency (so we can begin to sense more of who we are, and express more of our true selves, while retaining our sense of “I”).
    Practicing LOA thus allows us to loosen the resistance that cuts us off room our inner richness, and connection with our source—increasing both the joy we feel in the moment, and our capacity to feel and express even greater joy in the future.
    More desire = more energized life, greater longevity.
    Practicing LOA in order to avoid accidents is a sub-optimal approach, and misses the point of the value of LOA in our lives. When the contrast of an accident or any kind of suffering comes into our lives, that contrast is an opportunity to correct vibrational resistance that is keeping us from our desires, our highest interest, and our joy.”
    But our longevity is only desirable as long as our physical perspective remains desirable…
    So many of the posts I’m reading about Jerry’s death seem to presuppose that death is a failure, or that Jerry’s death was somehow missing a mark, or that Jerry’s death came at a time when he didn’t expect it; or that the chemo treatment didn’t somehow fit in with the overall direction that Jerry was going in.
    I’m not singling anyone out here, but personally, I feel that anytime we look at another’s life and try to make sense of it from OUR perspective, we are going to fail.
    We’ll enjoy much more success applying the teachings of Abraham and other great teachers to enhance our own connection with Source, than we will trying to make sense of another person’s journey from our limited information about them (even if we knew EVERYTHING about them, their connection with Source is beyond our apprehension).
    Further, If we haven’t come to terms with the fact that death is just a change of consciousness, and, regardless of who or what we love here, when we are ready, on a deep level, to look for new perspective, we are going to transition, then how is anyone else’s death going to make sense to us?
    Personally speaking, when I feel Esther’s words with my internal guidance system, and not try to make too much sense of everything on an intellectual level, I “get it” much better… but then I don’t see suffering or death as anything but choices of vibration and intent… we always have choices available to us.
    ~M. Kenneth Petruzzi

  • Rawr says:

    Karen swain/blissful beings, this is exactly what i was feeling but couldn’t put into words! Thank you for posting this for everyone 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand this. Poor Jerry could not become immortal. Surely no one is claiming that for LOA?
    I saw someone asking why Jerry had chosen to go with heavy chemotherapy. Why not?
    I used to have a weak ankle and caught myself thinking that I have a bad and weak ankle and could no longer walk far. I realised I was accepting it and that if I could think myself into it, logically, I could think myself out of it. So I did. It took swearing and shouting at my leg and refusal to accept weakness and I no longer have that problem, although I get a twinge now and again I refuse to accept it and walk and think my way out of it. Now that is not the same as dealing with cancer and I have to succumb to aging at some stage although I am 63 years young.
    The choice about going with chemo reminds me of the story of the vicar whose church needed £100,000’s of renovation and he kept praying that he could win the lottery to restore the church. One day God answered him and said, “Ok, I will let you win the lottery, but meet me half way – buy a lottery ticket!”
    I guess Jerry’s chemo was the lottery ticket but a time must come when we have to pass over to the next state as our bodies simply cannot go on.
    This may not help and is a personal take on it.

  • Carolyn says:

    Thank you KAren Swain…

  • KAren Swain says:

    Here is a note from my guides Blissful Beings on this subject.
    Why did Jerry Hicks get sick and die when Abraham teaches that people either transition because they are experiencing so much pain that their only relief is in leaving physical, or because they’re done creating on this plane and ready to move on???
    Abraham has always said that what we experience is a reflection of our vibrational stand point and the next logical step on the road to fulfilling our desires for more expansion and the enjoyment of more life.
    Jerry Hicks is one who has many more desires waiting to be physically experienced, most of them born out the work he and Esther have done with Abraham.
    He continues giving birth to new desires, as we are all creative genius who are expanding this time space reality and all that is with our desires. All os us will be eternally coming up with new ideas, fun things to experience and adventures to live into.
    Jerry also knows that he can attain the fulfilment of all his desires by aligning his energy with that which is wanted, and so one would conclude that the dominant desire within Jerry was to be once again one with the totally of all that he is and has become. And from this non-physical stand point, choose again the next logical step in the expansion of all that is.
    From broader perspective we see nothing as going wrong here. No pain to over come, no trauma to surmount, only a fulfilment of a desire to be at one with the fullness of who we are and have become, and then make more decisions and to continue more life from this perspective. But from your physical stand point you see the ending of life as a terrible thing, a failure to get what was wanted, or to manifest your desires, and the process in which the decision was made, more fully, to return home, as something unwanted, when it is not.
    Like many people, Jerry and Esther have held thoughts of endings as not wanted, and so there was resistance to Jerry’s desire to go home, both from him and from Esther.
    Jerry had been contemplating re-amergance as a fun thing to do and the next logical step, from his physical stand point for some time and also holding resistance to this thought knowing that Esther would not be so happy with this decision. This resistance was enough to create a slight imbalance in his physical body, in which the well meaning medical doctors could concoct a diagnose as an illness that needed the very best of their archaic medical treatment. And as Jerry is one who is choosing not hold too much resistance to others and to what is, he went alone with their treatment, which increased his desire to feel better, vital and whole again. To once again be and feel the fullness of his broader perspective.
    But as Jerry also had a desire to stay and live and enjoy more Life with Esther there was a splitting in his energy. A decision.. which way to go, two desires that did not seem compatible. Even with this split energy or decision to be made, enjoyment of life until the last breath is possible. Suffering is not necessary, or wanted even when the physical body is out of balance.
    The decline in Jerry’s physical apparatus made the decision to leave this physical ride a stronger desire. And so Jerry, as everyone will do at some stage in their physical journey, made the decision to re-amerge once again into non-physical and to feel the fullness of the vortex…
    Never more than now have Abrahams words been so powerful, to those seeking to understand this play of life and death, especially to Esther as she reaches to find alignment with Jerry’s decision. Never before have the words, “You just have to get over this death thing” meant as much to those looking on at this event and reaching for more understanding.
    Jerry’s Transition and illness has given birth for more understanding of Abrahams message in many people looking on into Esther’s and Jerry’s Life. People all over the globe are sitting up straighter and listening with more intending ears to why … supposedly ‘Bad things happen to good people” and hearing the message that there are NO bad things that happen only experiences and ways in which to perceive them…
    It is a powerful time for people seeking a fuller understanding of Abrahams message and a powerful time for all who enjoy it.
    ALL is well.
    LOVE is you, remember to feel it
    Blissful Beings

  • Rawr says:

    Maybe Jerry and Esther had a previous agreenment in their co-creating that he would leave early so that he could assist Esther to learn something she came here ot learn and he could help her from the other side. Just because a person dies, doens’t mean they did something ‘wrong’. Maybe Jerry was satified with all he came here to do, we are not him and cannot know what he knew. Like someone on here said, there’s 3 sides, most important side being the truth. I don’t understand why people are so surprised by hsi death. This is part of the process.

  • Marina says:

    You better don’t take life too seriously because anyway, nobody is getting out alive, Hahaha!!!
    I totally accept that we all are going to die! But it doesn’t necessarily have to be through a long and devastating illness!
    When we went to one of Abraham’s seminars, Jerry sat on the ‘Hot Seat’ and was telling Abraham how with their teachings he’s been using his thoughts to get this incredible wealth, and he was talking about the amazing life they had, and all luxury and lavish they were enjoying in their mansion in San Antonio!! He even said sitting there in the hot seat that he expected to live healthy until 120 years old!! So to me, our dear Jerry was an example!! That’s it, he got it!!! If you can control your thoughts, you have total control of your life, don’t you?? That was always the message!!!!
    In one of their mails they sent when they finally informed us about his illness, they said that Jerry was “giving his full attention to this physical manifestation of previously unrecognized resistance – via a dual approach of cleaning up his vibration on certain subjects.” which restates what Abraham has been teaching us, about attracting everything in our lives by the power of our thoughts.
    I also have my own ideas about ‘beliefs and fears’ that maybe Jerry bought from the doctors!! And at the end it was probably for the better because he had time to say goodbye to his dear ones.
    But I really hope Abraham can tell us more about this, because Jerry has been an example for me, and I marvel at all the amazing things he manifested in his physical life!!!
    If they are going to tell me to just forget about it, then why in the world am I going to buy into the things he was telling us in that seminar about using our thoughts to control our lives? The LOA works sometimes, but not some other times? That’s not the message I’ve been getting from Abraham all along! That’s why I’m really expecting that Abraham will talk more to us about this!!
    At least Jerry said that he was always asking questions and that’s why Abraham came through Esther. So I don’t think is a bad thing to ask questions!! Jerry brought Abraham because he asked too many questions!!
    I love you forever Jerry!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think its important to keep in mind that while Jerry and Esther are the experts – which seem to have so many worried- we don’t really know the extent to which their blocks were regarding cancer. Obviously initiating heavy chemo is indication that they were scared and fearful- and for perhaps good reason. Perhaps they had family that went through cancer before. Perhaps it was scarring. Perhaps Jerry had underlying health issues that made them more fearful of what cancer would do to his body.
    As much as they wanted to be strong for their public, I think they were fearful, and resistant. They are, and were, at the top of their game- that too probably added more pressure to not let go of this life. Of course we all know that need provides more need. I still truly believe that the body does heal itself, but if there are blockages and resistance, and actions taken outside of the vortex, then the body is given little chance- the mind is very very powerful.
    While this is a sad event, I think it reiterates almost every single thing Abraham has spoken to us- that our thoughts control everything. And Jerry may have been unable to defeat cancer, but it’s only because he is human and already had in place thoughts regarding cancer and death. We all do. What are yours? Would you be able to access those thoughts of nurturing, and belief, and wellbeing when faced with a dismal cancer diagnosis?
    Again, its all belief, and as we can’t say the depth to which Jerry’s beliefs ran, or to the influence which Esthers fears may have also contributed. We’re really not in a place to judge this turn of events, or let it influence our own continual growth towards our own source energy.
    And we should remember, as Frank above said, that the being we know as Jerry has only lost his physical form, his Source Energy is probably still very much with Esther, and I could almost see him working closely with Abraham until he decides to come forth again in our physical reality. All is well.

  • helen says:

    Honestly I think it is the concept of death that we have the trouble with. I know on some level I still do. Although over the years and especially since discovering LOA and Abraham and their teachings I have been able to refine my own concept a little more and so have less resistance about death as a consequence.
    It is that whole learned response around death that permiates most cultures even ones that believe in something a joyous as an “afterlife” and “heaven” – death is seen as the enemy to be avoided or to escape from. Death is the bad guy the thing doctors try to save us from etc. It is pretty hard to get over that sort of brainwashing and conditioning it is seen as a failure something that we should be able to avoid if we do all the right things and vibrate in all the right ways. But death while never actually sought after is not the bad guy it is just another event in our eventful lives. we live through physical death in whatever way we thing or imagine we do. it is the seeming loss of our companions and or our own existance that we find full of grief and fear. it will take a long time for the human consciousness to view death in other ways as for so long now it has been seen as something unwanted and something that should or could be preventable. in the end it is only our judgement about it being good or bad that makes us feel certain ways about it. I cant see how Jerry, somewhere deciding to leave his physical body behind as something negative and Abraham would certainly say it was none of their business and non of ours what Jerry decided to do. Maybe it was his intention to go that way before he was even born? maybe he just realised that with all this new knowledge and consciousness coming into our dimension he wanted to trade up or trade in his old worn out body and get a better model? who knows and why do we care so much about what where his personal motives for doing any thing in his life?
    We really only need to celebrate the time he was here and the great life he had (by his own admission). we don’t need to drag any negative vibrations into our own by wondering why he went how he went or whatever peoples fears and questions are. Maybe we just need to accept that a bright being came into existence and worked his magic and is now off creating some more. The nice thing is that there are so many people who are changing the way they perceive death and that can only be a good thing for future generations. As they say in the classics ‘live long and prosper’ – or at least live as long as you desire and prosper!!! 🙂
    We are all blessed, we are all source, we are ultimately all one. So lets get on with the game hey!!

  • Marina says:

    Thank you so much Jeannette for this blog! I guess I find relief in knowing that I’m not the only one who has questions about this! Because yes, all the teachings from Abraham and LOA -Law of Attraction- tell us that “we attract everything by the power of our thoughts/vibrations.”
    I really have faith that Abraham will be able to clearly explain all of this through Esther, for all of us who are questioning it (and I’m so glad I’m not the only one!!!).
    I believe that at the end we are just going to learn more about it and feel satisfied with the answers like I’ve been so far with every single question that has been posed to Abraham!!
    So keep asking, keep asking, that’s what Jerry always did and his answers were always answered!! Abraham surely knows we are asking!!!
    I heard Esther is having a seminar on December 10 on Phoenix. Isn’t that awesome? How much I admire her, WOW!!!
    How much I appreciate Jerry who had so many questions for us to learn!!! Thank you Jerry, I know you are doing awesome!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    For me: Jerry, never got it wrong and he never got it done….he was a HUMAN-being! He/she/WE did/do our best… on a journey… his passing is a moment in time…that is all for me. Relief… movin on…

  • My personal thoughts in regard to the questions you shared Jeanette, is that death will never entirely make sense from our human/physical point of view, because it’s not based on a physical way of thinking.
    Its based on vibration.
    I think there was probably never a better time for Jerry to go…on a vibrational level he could well have asked as much as he was satisfied with.
    He has had a fabulous ride, & why should he not be ready to move past the physical now?
    Clearly his vibration was now turning to ‘what next’?
    And as for his ‘method’ to leave?
    Perhaps he did have some resistance in his life…as we ALL DO. He is not some god or superhero. Just because someone has some resistance left to sort through, doesnt make the teachings null & void!
    Maybe he was so happy & healthy usually that he would have found it hard to make the transition without some real physical reason to go?
    In my mind it all makes perfect sense.
    And there have been other surprising deaths lately…including my first spiritual teacher who put me on this path.
    I believe there is also a greater energy working with theirs…like the kind of energy in the Astrology updates that Kim Falconer gives us.
    The timing was in a sweet spot for them to whizz off to the next stage of their ‘asking’.
    And why would Abraham have talked about Jerry’s illness?
    They don’t want to focus that energy by talking about anyone elses particularly!! 🙂

  • Anna says:

    A few things pop for me with this blog post (glad you did this one Jeannette!).
    No one knows when another is “finished” creating in this life – except by the fact that their body isn’t living here anymore. Just because it seems somehow wrong to you, me or the neighbor’s dog walker, doesn’t mean it is so. We’re the humans – we’re still becoming aware of who we really are. We can’t know what another spirit has chosen to live and learn in this earthbound life. (and if we do, that’s kinda like figuring GUS is on vacation in the Sombrero Galaxy, please leave a message, beeeep)
    All I’m saying is that obviously, whether we choose to like it or not, Jerry’s spirit had intentions. And they were/are Jerry’s spirit’s intentions – not our wants for, from or with his spirit.
    Just because we have the ability to heal ourselves and Abraham tells us so, doesn’t mean that those considered experts are any less expert because they’ve chosen medicine. I’m pretty sure GUS (God Universe Source) was involved when Salk discovered the vaccine for polio and when Fleming discovered penicillin.
    Just because we humans have an as-yet relatively undeveloped ability, doesn’t mean the message is any less valid. There is another who is as passionate about teaching self-healing as Jerry & Esther are about LOA – Adam is his name, Dreamhealer. That’s *his* focus, and he too is If Check out Adam, or as he’s known, Dreamhealer. IF pecifically, in this case, Jerry and his undeveloped ability to heal himself.
    It feels important that with regard to Jerry and Esther, we remember the distinction between the message and the messenger. Putting them in the “Expert” category does not mean they are any different from you or I, or that they’re somehow more capable. Pedestal placement? Fantastic! As long as you put yourself – us – on the very same one.
    Esther and Jerry are/is/were/will continue to be, albeit somewhat evolved from a few weeks ago. And at exactly the same time, so will you, me and my cat. Ever growing. Ever evolving.
    Ain’t that cool?!

  • Ruby says:

    Thank you for putting the questions out there, I read it first thing this morning and it inspired me to write about it on my blog.
    I think its important to remember that Jerry like us was, what I call, ‘a practicing human’.
    The teacher should not be confused with the teachings. He was brave to ask the questions and had the courage to put it out there. He found something, practiced it the best he could and also shared the message with the masses.
    I’ll always remember his message… big love to you!

  • PhilG says:

    I love that quote, Janette!
    Regarding Jerry’s choice to go with chemotherapy – perhaps his inner being guided him toward that choice as it would provide the most graceful exit – we can’t really know why others choose what they choose – we can’t see what the bigger picture is for them and how those choices fit – again our linear minds can have fits with this – but we may be guided toward choices that seemingly contradict what we want only to find that we just couldn’t see the bigger picture.

  • Janette says:

    The following Abraham-Hicks daily quote was sent out to subscribers on 1 December 2011 (Australian time) – I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
    “Make fun of death. We are as dead as it gets, and we are fully aware of this joyous experience. We are with you every time you allow it. We are in every singing bird and in every joyful child. We are part of every delicious pulsing in your environment. We are not dead, and neither will you ever be! You will just get up, one day, and get out of the movie.”
    — Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in Boulder, CO on Saturday, June 11th, 2005 # 274
    Our Love,
    Jerry and Esther
    For me, that says it all. 🙂

  • PhilG says:

    I know it’s difficult to wrap our linear, physically oriented minds around it – but Jerry’s transition does not in any way contradict what Abe teaches. Jerry’s desire for a new adventure, for even greater joy and greater understanding was answered through the path of least resistance – which at this point in time meant leaving this plane and re-emerging into a different one.
    There is this undercurrent of thought that goes something like – well if I understand LOA really. really well and do it really, really right then I can avoid that nasty contrast stuff – like cancer and death.
    And I really get that – we all seem to go there in varying degrees from time to time. But the physical experience isn’t designed like that – we NEED contrast to create new and greater desires. We knew when we came that we would stay for a while and then we would get off the ride and then decide when we’d like to get back on.
    Nothing is lost. All IS Well. Jerry is weller than he’s ever been – the question is where are we? What do we want to feel, what do we want to create? Would we want to hold Jerry back because it reminds us of our own mortality and that sometimes we will create things that our conscious minds want no part of? If we are being honest we know this life is perfectly imperfect. There is a reason Abraham has started nearly every workshop for the last 20 years with the same question. Have you learned to appreciate the contrast of your time-space reality? Contrast is hard-wired into this reality – we can’t change that – but we have the opportunity to chose how we feel about it.

  • Jessica says:

    Who are we so say whether or not Jerry was ready to die? Only Jerry knows when it’s Jerry’s time to return to pure positive energy. And the cancer was simply a way for him to make his transition. Perhaps he couldn’t heal from it because his soul felt a sence of completion; and I don’t blame him. He has done so much in his lifetime for which I am forever grateful.

  • ChipEFT says:

    Dang Frank, you beat me to it.
    The nature of this post belies the fundamental assumption that there is one “Jerry” and that Jerry died. What it fails to take into account is that when we come to physical reality we send only part of our energy here.
    We then live our lives splitting our consciousness at every decision point. The fact that you are in on this discussion is because you are vibrationally aligned with this “Jerry” scenario- and not aligned with the scenario where he healed himself with LOA, or cured himself with a natural remedy, or where he chose not to stick around and self-croaked.
    And here’s the deal. You will find an explanation that will fit your point of view.
    In Abraham’s universe you make all the rules. Life is exactly the way you think it is.
    The only real question we should be asking is, “So how do I want it to be from here?”

  • Abraham has consistently said that all living bodies will eventually be recycled. No one knows what was in Jerry’s mind and heart, what motivated him,what he was tired of on this plane or if he chose to cross over to help from the other side. I don’t understand why his transitioning would undermine Abraham’s teachings. Abraham says we create our reality. They don’t say that we will live for ever or that we must heal physically against the odds.

  • Mariëlle says:

    We all are moving into the experience of the 5th dimension and one of the changes that this brings is that we will walk together with the non-physical in our daily lives. Ideas of separation will decrease and with that our feeling of connection with the spirit world will increase.
    I like to believe that Jerry is helping us in showing us how to do that, so we can experience more relief in knowing that nobody is ever really ‘gone’.
    When he died I felt a strong desire to connect with him, because I appreciate him so much. And so I knew I had to bring myself into a good feeling state of being, before I could reach the vibrational level he is on right now. And when I managed to do that and focused my intention on connecting with Jerry, he came through… and the first thing I saw was Jerry happily hopping around, like we have seen in some of the video intro’s. That was the picture my mind came up with to translate the vibration of happiness and wellbeing. And then I received some personal messages from him and I knew that all was really well. He left me with the feeling that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet and that the show will soon begin.
    One thing I know for sure: Jerry loves to perform and to bring joy to the world and I can feel for myself that he is just continuing doing that right now, if we will allow it…
    Everyone is available to us, just believe that it’s real.

  • Hi Jeannette and all,
    Death is always a tough subject. Many are afraid. They see death as a failure. It’s not. It’s a transition back to the ‘more real’. It’s the end of the game (for now).
    And sometimes death is not a conscious choice. But it is always a choice.
    If it were not a conscious choice for Jerry, chemotherapy may have been chosen out of fear. But neither is chemo a failure. It isn’t the chemo that heals or does not heal, it is us. No matter which method of treatment we choose.
    Jerry was human, as are we. To expect perfection is to deny new dreams. We cannot stretch without permission to fail. And fail we will. And try again and again and again until we get it right.
    Ultimately everything that Abraham teaches is true and available for all. To see Jerry’s death as a statement on those teachings is sad and dis-empowering.
    Just because Jerry was married to the channel does not make him a perfect creator. He, like every one of us, has the same ability to manifest.
    I am grateful for the map he made. Lets make some more!
    In Joyous Creation,

  • Cate F-N says:

    There are several things that occur to me 1) Death really is part of life. Is is not separate, and to think that someone would chose to stay on the earth plane forever if they understood that there is another adventure waiting just doesn’t make sense. 2) We can never know another’s mind and another’s journey. We must allow Jerry his journey, too.

  • Elisabeth says:

    Stephen – more goosebumps! Thank you 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    I found the last line of Franks comment quite evocative.
    “Jerry is still very much around in his own Jerry way. It’s we who have moved on.”
    The world I live in is my creation and in that world I now have to live without the physical presence of Jerry Hicks. That is as much my creation as it may be Jerry’s.

  • Elisabeth says:

    Frank, I got goosebumps reading your comment!

  • Jackie says:

    I’m a little bit surprised that people have questions as to why Jerry decided to have chemo. While he may have been able to ‘cure’ himself of the cancer, he was going on the advice of professional healers and may have thought that taking advantage of their vast knowledge was the way to go. At some level, he must have figured it was time to experience non-physical again. Esther had already been traveling and channeling without his physical presence so he was at ease about her ability to do so.
    I’m sure that she misses his physical presence terribly. She would not be human if she didn’t grieve for him. I agree with Frank that the “Jerry essence” is still as alive as ever and I feel so blessed that he has touched my life.

  • Since you ask, Marilyn, I’ll share a few thoughts.
    This isn’t a topic that I find myself having a good time with. So I haven’t invested too much energy in it, other than reminding myself not to be sad for Esther.
    But I think that it’s impossible for any one person to know what someone else’s inspiration (or “feel good”) is – or even what’s in their vortex – so it’s pointless to critique Jerry for whatever steps he took. (Although it’s easy to see how “downstream” the whole treatment thing was for him, based on the story he told about it via email a while ago.)
    Jerry’s experience didn’t shake my faith in LOA or deliberate creation or Abraham. Rather, it spotlighted that we all have our challenges (like Elisabeth said, we’re human!), and this is yet another good opportunity to practice focusing on what serves us.
    I am, though, very much appreciating the thoughtful contributions my fellow creators are posting here. It’s an important subject for lots of people, and I’m glad to see the conversation taking place.

  • marilyn says:

    i want to know Jeanettes thoughts on this.

  • This is the question I have been hearing: “why did I choose the reality where Jerry dies?”
    I don’t think there’s an answer to that question but it does remind me that there is a Jerry who is still very much alive, a Jerry who never got sick, a Jerry who got sick and then got better, a Jerry who never met Esther, on and on…
    Jerry is still very much around in his own Jerry way. It’s we who have moved on.

  • Julie Masters says:

    My brother, David, died when he was nineteen, over thirty years ago now, in a fire at our families home. He was a very wonderful person, but a unique individual, who had a tough time in many ways because of it. However, in the few months before his death he was very happy. He started running and got in great shape, got a job he enjoyed, bought my MGB sports car that I was selling, and met and became engaged to a really wonderful girl. The day before he died, he had been the best man at our brother’s wedding, and joy and happiness was overflowing for him.
    So how is this not just a really sad and useless tragedy?
    I certainly had those passing thoughts of “Why???” But very soon afterwards, in my quiet, calm moments, I felt something different. Something peaceful–but exciting too! Like a sports star retiring early, he went out at the top of his game! Like kimo wrote above, “it’s all good, you die, and then it’s even better”.
    I’ve thought about it many times since then, because I’ve worked for years with the dying, and I have to say that while it’s often hard for those of us living on, there doesn’t really seem to be a “good” or “bad” time to die. Regardless of our current perspective, if death happens, it’s ALWAYS the right time.
    Julie Masters

  • Linda Ford says:

    Jerry has been inquisitive his whole life–so much so that he summoned Abraham. That’s a pretty powerful summoning. And so, maybe Jerry reached a point in his evolvement where he knew he was ready for the next leading edge experience.
    His passing has also created for some of us, a huge contrast. No matter how much Abraham has told us about death, we still don’t get it, we still feel this deep sadness. Yes, Jerry was loving his life, yes, he was absorbed in these teachings, and so why wouldn’t it be natural to attract the next leading edge experience? The problem with our thinking is that we still hold onto the false premise that death is a loss.

  • David Michaels says:

    The LOA is about co-creating. It’s tempting to feel that, by mastering the Law of Attraction, we can control everything in our lives. But the truth is, we’re co-creating with 7 billion other creators simultaneously, in a universe with certain laws and rules that we all agreed to when we came here.
    Death is not something to be feared or avoided. Death is simply a change, a transformation, a shift from one type of experience to another.
    Maybe Jerry understood this best of all of us.
    Perhaps he allowed this passing at this time, because he was ready to experience and explore “the more” that awaits beyond this physical existence.
    And as for why he took took chemo instead of just healing himself by thought, perhaps he wanted/needed/chose that experience for his own reasons. All experiences are just that — experiences. We label them “good” or “bad”, but that’s our judgments. Maybe he wanted to go through chemo, to learn its lessons or have its experiences, before moving on to the next life.

  • Kimo says:

    For me, Jerry’s passing is a perfect illustration of Abraham’s teachings. That it’s all good, you die, and then it’s even better. Moving on doesn’t devalue any of the good in the present. Death is no big deal, only a liberation in feeling by all touched by it.

  • Michael says:

    Last year, I had a guru die on me. He was an amazing man named Narada. And I watched him heal me and others, do incredible feats via martial arts, etc. Plus, he was just a nice guy. I, at the time, had no interest in meeting another guru…but Narada could just sit around eating Cheetohs and watching football, then turn around and talk about his time in India and seeing the amazing Sai Baba and others create miracles out of thin air.
    But when Narada got a case of the hiccups that wouldn’t go away, and then couldn’t seem to eat or sleep, I worried a bit. But when he had surgery and found he was absolutely riddled with cancer, his response was interesting. He said (I’m paraphrasing):
    ‘I heard what the doctors said while I was in surgery, and I have the feeling that they’re right. It’s time that I go…’
    He held his partner all through the night, giving her comfort (and generating so much Qi that none of the medical instruments in the room would work properly) and then the next morning he was gone.
    And when that happened, I just had no issue with the idea that his ‘greater self’ had something else to do, somewhere else. It didn’t always make sense in the here and now, because I really wanted to hang out with him more! But it gave me, on a soul level, an epiphany of sorts, that our ‘greater self’ sometimes has a different timeline than we do down here…and off we go!
    And if we choose chemo, or surgery or natural healing…well, those are just stylepoints. 🙂 Just part of what we get to choose here.
    That’s my take on it…and I’m sure Jerry is off and running in some other plane, perhaps giving Esther little signs here and there that everything is just fine. I know Narada has shown up multiple times here in ways that are just funny and totally unique to him…letting us know everything is just fine.

  • Elisabeth says:

    This is a toughy. It’s almost like one of those “what would you do” questions.
    While I have been studying LOA and deliberate creation for many many years, I believe that we can heal our bodies with our thoughts and vibration and other means. However, if I was faced with a decision about treatment, chemo vs. changing my vibration and thoughts, I really don’t know what I would choose. Sitting here in a state of relative good health, I would love to say that I would choose the latter …
    However, I AM human. Jerry and Esther are human. That’s part of the journey. We all make decisions and I believe that Abraham teaches that choices and circumstances aren’t good or bad. They just are. Maybe the decision to opt for chemo was a way for them to reach for the better feeling thought.
    Remember, while Abraham is very flippant about croaking, the rest of us still have our own ups and downs when someone we love is making the transition into Non-physical. I AM still missing my Grandpa who made the transition 25 years ago.
    So…I choose to focus on the amazing wonderful things Jerry did to help bring these teachings to those who were attracting it like me 🙂
    Many Blessings ~E

  • I agree, Cyndi. It’s a little pointless to speculate since we have no idea what was in Jerry’s vortex and what vibrations he was flowing.

  • Cyndi says:

    Hi Jeannette:
    I have certainly been thinking about this since I heard the news last week. Part of me was surprised to hear he had passed on and part of me was sort of expecting it, given the fact that he had some issues with his health. Of course, when you hear news like that, it’s bound to have an effect on you in some way, particularly when the person has been instrumental in helping you formulate new ideas about life. Their lack of physical presence is bound to leave a void, even if “there is no death.”
    Have you ever heard the expression, “there are three sides to every story: your side, my side and the truth?” Well, I suspect we won’t really know what his truth was because the only person who can explain it is no longer here to tell the story. We fear or ridicule that which we don’t understand, because we typically can’t deal well with questions that have no answers. That’s why that whole “faith concept” is difficult for us to embrace.
    Regardless of how things may have appeared, they were as they should have been, that is, Jerry was here, he did what he wanted and needed to do and then departed. Even though it may have seemed that he was on the mend and going to be around for quite some time due to the largeness of the life he was living, the event of his transition speaks for itself.
    I don’t know why he is gone, but I accept it for what it is and am thankful that I was introduced to Abraham via Esther and Jerry Hicks. I appreciate, I mourn, I release and I continue to believe in the concepts I have learned from them.
    Much love and blessings to you and all at Good Vibe U!

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