Quick Ticket to Your Vortex

Everything we hear from Abraham (the most popular source for law of attraction guidance) lately is “Get into your vortex,” “Get into your vortex.”

Because the vortex is where everything that we want is.

So it often leaves a person wondering, okay – how do I get in there again?

The answer is simple: Feel good.  Be happy.  Find a good reason to smile.  Relax and enjoy.  Get inspired.

I’m finding that super easy to accomplish by just answering a vortex-inspiring question or two.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • What’s so great about this moment?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?
  • What do I love most about him/her?
  • What’s the good news?
  • What’s right about this?
  • What went my way today?
  • What did I do a great job of today?

Let’s test it out now, shall we?

Pick a question, any question (from above), or make up your own similarly vortex-inspiring question.  (Share it with us if you do, please!)

Spend a minute or two answering it and see if you don’t find a noticeable improvement in how you feel!

That’s how simple it is to practice vibration management.

We’ve really no excuses, do we?

Remember this quote from Abraham (as shared in yesterday’s Get What You Want newsletter):

“If you pay the price of happiness, the manifestation will come. We promise.”

I can’t wait to hear your answers to these questions, because I suspect we’ll be surprised at how simple the answers are as well as how effective the process is!

  • May 19, 2010
  • Sunita says:

    I have a question, I have trying to start a daycare, but for some reason it doesn’t do well am I missing something? Please guide me. Thanks

  • Yes, Sunita: Abraham’s book is probably the best source:
    But you could also search Abraham-Hicks Vortex on YouTube and find a variety of videos to watch, too.
    Anyone got any other resources they can share?

  • Sunita says:

    Hey All,
    This site is great, read a few post n they are so inspiring. I need to learn about the vortex more any suggestions.Thank you. L
    Love from Kenya

  • Sunita says:

    Hey All,
    This site is great, read a few post n they are so inspiring. I need to learn about the vortex more any suggestions.
    Love from Kenya

  • Jeannette says:

    Glad you found inspiration in it, Dana! 🙂

  • Dana says:

    Wow…thank you so much for this post. I’m at a place in my life where I am happy because I’ve experienced true alignment (in the vortex) and it’s the most amazing feeling ever and it doens’t matter where I am or who I am with, this feeling/alignment is everything. Right now I’m learning to get myself back into alignment (in the vortex) faster and I feel I’m getting better. Your post reminded me of what I need to do to get back in fast 😉 Thank you everyone!

  • Lolo says:

    Wow!! I am near to tears after each post. I just stumbled across
    this after watching Abraham on utube. I love love love love it!!
    Thank you everyone. After years of struggle I’m done. Something
    inside me felt I didn’t deserve to be happy. I proclaim, I deserve
    happiness, utter joy, peace, prosperity, health…. Yes, I am letting
    it in NOW. Muah to everyone!! xoxo
    p.s. I am in the vortex when I kiss, pet, hug, play and watch
    my dogs do what they do. I love them so much! See my dogs
    at callingalldoggies.com. PEACE

  • Lolo says:

    Wow!! I am near to tears after each post. I just stumbled across
    this after watching Abraham on utube. I love love love love it!!
    Thank you everyone. After years of struggle I’m done. Something
    inside me felt I didn’t deserve to be happy. I proclaim, I deserve
    happiness, utter joy, peace, prosperity, health…. Yes, I am letting
    it in NOW. Muah to everyone!! xoxo

  • Gaynor says:

    Life is all about learning. So, following on from Renee, if things are not going wrong, but right, we have to remember how we coped in a previous similar situation. I’m a great panicker and I returned home to discover my credit card bill with an item I had definitely not order nor received. An old scam had reared it’s head and I immediatley rang the card company and started to panic. What if? What if? You know? Thro’ another website I was directed here and have read all the blogs and thank you all for your uplifting comments. So, back to the beginning. I have to ‘learn’ from the past and stop all this panicking and learn to trust the universe and the Law of Attraction. No outcome yet but a lot calmer. LoA, beautiful.

  • Carol says:

    Wow, Renee! You just blew my mind! AWESOME!

  • Renee says:

    Thank you for this post. When I find myself getting overwhelmed an worry that ‘things are falling apart,” I started asking myself “what if everything is going right”? The simplicity of the act of just asking the question is so simple yet,the impact is enormous. Looking forward to exploring more ways to get into the Vortex.

  • jennifer says:

    Patience is the key to this too. Do not always expect a good outsome and instantly. I always say my “grateful prayer” everyday to the universe. There is a lot I need and surely “want” but when I say what I am grateful for and what I would like sometimes I do feel good when asking and not at all selfish or self indulgent. The things that we perceive can be ours we just have to open up to make the perception a reality.

  • Alan says:

    My question is :
    What day will the Austral;ian Consulate call me to give me the good news that my 5 year sponsorsjip ban has been lifted.
    I feel it will be anyday now! The hgood news cometh soon very soon!

  • Alan says:

    This is all very interesting but surely you guys do not ex[pect good news and outcomes all the time do you?
    I will give it a try.
    Perhaps I am in denial?
    The good news will come soon that the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou has approved my Waiver on my 5 year ban to get my fiancee a Spousal visa to come to Australia.
    I am as positive as I can be but I feel I have anxiety in the way.

  • Kerren says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon this site on my IPhone after climbing into bed, exhausted from another long & draining day. These concepts are all new to me but as I read on & on through the comments, I could feel myself letting go of the day’s stress. I am now laying here with my little boy sleeping on my tummy & realise that at this point in time, I couldn’t ask for a nice way to end my day! Thank you all for helping me to see what was right under my nose. Kerren

  • charlotte campbell says:

    Just logged onto the website and read a few of the shared stories they all are true to how we respond to our own feelings Im very awaken to just how this works??

  • Francesco says:

    What a wonderful post!
    I appreciate this blog.
    I love how it was desidgned and the coloured outlook of the products.
    Wouldn’t it it be nice to always find blog with useful post like this?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to attract only posts that suit best for me?
    Isn’t it nice that I’ve written a very similar post months ago?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain this feeling of appreciation all day long?
    In fact, that’s what I’m going to do.
    Thank you for sharing,

  • Graeme says:

    Abraham’s comments on choosing “peace” over “joy” has truly made me think of what truly matters in ones life.
    I find myself so tempted at time to beleive my cup is half empty at time that I am fighting an endless battle just to maintain the level of happiness that is in my life right now and to appreciate it for what wonders have come into my life. The universe is a wonderful thing in it teaches that reality is only a moment away and stop and think that today’s world generates so much “stuff” and finding the time just to be at peace can in itself be a challenge.
    Taking an unscheduled holiday and see what is out there truly was a way to find the peace button inside. My glass came back half full and filling it up seems a whole lot easier.
    I am grateful for this life, my wife, my children, I love and adore them all. Seeing this now is all that I need to understand the path I have chosen is the write one.
    Have “Peace” in my life with a touch of anarchy, “joy” greets me every morning I wake up, every time I come home from work, every concert I see my children perform in, every smile that comes from the faces of the people in my life.
    This is truly the LoA.

  • Scooby says:

    I wrote a book; Once I answered one question I got happy and excited and I couldn’t stop:
    1)What I love most about her is her positive energy and her motivational winning spirit. She has the most beautiful eyes and smile. Her innocence and mind intrigue me. She is a fast talker and has a slight lisp and it is so adorable and well love making is just that “Love Making”…out of this Universe.
    2)The good news is my diabetes is going to be controlled and the feelings in my feet will go back to normal!!!
    3)Wouldn’t it be nice if I was a wealthy, successful, happy and healthy entrprenuer that lived a well balnced life and loved every aspect of my job. The people, the atmosphere, the building, the smell of the air, the taste of the water from the water fountain, the furniture and even the materials that we have to work with, but most of all the ways that I give back to the world.
    4) Just thinking about this moment instantly makes me smile. It makes my heart race because I can see the lives that would be touched by hope, opportunity and positive monumental change!!!

  • Regina says:

    And thank you most of all to you dear Jeanette for enabling this heart lifting site to happen.

  • Regina says:

    WOW! Thank you all! I’d thought that I’d forgotten how to get into my vortex – stressful job etc etc but after reading your mails I feel very very good. Blessings to you all.

  • eva says:

    Thanks for the reminder folks.
    I’d found this out for myself before I read about the law of attraction but I didn’t have a name for it – a friend told me that if you speak to the universe and specify what you want to bring into your life, it’ll turn up. I didn’t believe her, but I did it anyway. Can’t tell you how many things have manifested themselves. Now I have a wonderful husband, a wonderful home and work part time. It’s incredible how accurately things fall into place – take my home – south facing, on a hill, beautiful view, open plan, woodburning stove …I didn’t skimp on details! And that’s what I got. Next major change is publishing a book I’ve written – Parul, I’ll take a leaf out of your book and call myself a ‘published’ writer. I’m finding it a struggle to let go of the professional life I’ve taken years to work up, but truth is, it’s not where my heart is. It’s finding the courage to take that step and listen to your heart and after reading your posts today, it’s reminded me that it’s not so much courage as finding that same vibe again, letting go and trusting that things will fall into place. I’d just forgotten how to do it. But this time I’ll take what you say and enjoy the vibe, actively seek it out and feel it. Ooo! I already feel good!

  • Carol says:

    Ain’t that the truth, Michael! What a dynamite post, full of self-awareness and LOA awareness. I love it that we don’t have to beat ourselves up, but simply adjust our vibration to get things going again. It soooo works! *thud* Thanks for sharing!

  • Michael says:

    As for my vortex-inspiring question or scenario…it varies, but thanks for reminding me how great this works!
    I think of my little son, and how he wakes up in the morning and almost always says: ‘I love you so much, da-da!’ Instantly present to love, his purity and that I’m engulfed by how blessed I am to have him.
    I also think of my girlfriend, and how beautiful everything she does is…the way she stands and sits and laughs and looks at me and makes fun of me and dances…I get immediately present to excitement, love and the great gifts the universe provides.
    I also envision playing music in front of a really big crowd under a great light show in a huge, exotic venue. That’s the perfect setting for me, and I can’t help but feel absolutely transformed.
    But here’s what else I am present to….lately, I think I was vibrating a sense of possibly losing all the great stuff I have, and how do I keep it!! So you can imagine what started to show up. But as I got even just a bit better at returning to my higher vibes, even just in little starts and stops…ALL KINDS of great stuff would show up…
    …and what that tells me is that Abraham is right. The universe is literally flowing great stuff to us…it takes no focus on ‘undoing’ past vibrational mishaps…all we have to do is vibrate a bit better, and that natural flow roars right into our lives. It’s a lot easier than we can tend to think it is!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am happy because I am living my life on my terms. I have no stress that i see a lot of my friends have… you know like debts, keeping a job you dislike, managing people’s expectation.
    I am married to man who adores me… would do anything for me and he is great kisser as well 😉
    I have funds to take care of my needs and i dont have to put up with a job I dislike… I work from home!
    my new place is great… have lots of plants in the living area… my mini graden… so beautiful!
    I am healthy, well feed.. LOL! I get to go out when i want, rest when I want, watch TV, read, surf the net… all the amenities…
    I am living my life

  • ChipEFT says:

    Fpeece, that is something I could help you with.

  • FPeece says:

    Being COMPLETELY ONE WITH MOTHER NATURE and actually recognize the true bonding and BLISS that I feel every time I look at some the swaying trees in the wind, ripply ocean waves, distant misty mountains, the vastness of the sky…just picking little pebbles and holding them in my hands and losing myself into NATURE, anytime and anywhere…even gazing (i do mean gazing and not looking) at the big powerful tree outside my window, I find myself lost into deep contemplation but without actual thoughts…it’s genuinely as close as I can to joy, it’s maybe more, it’s BLISS.
    I am glad because, guys, I happen to have THE BUSIEST MIND EVER! It’s hard to shut it off. So, insomnia ensues…busy, busy mind.
    I have started taking White Chesnut (tincture) but still, it’s not helping as much. At night, I can’t got out and gaze at the trees or look at the ocean. Soooooo, anyone has any response for this? How about recurrent bad dreams? God/Goddess knows I follow a very healthful diet and I have been an athlete all my life…
    I have been using Lavendar incense for cleansing too among other things

  • Sounds like the vortex to ME, Carol! As my coach colleague Bridgette B might say, “Yes, you are going sane.”

  • Carol says:

    Thank you so much, Chip! You are absolutely right! I don’t understand why I’m feeling so good about this.I don’t have to understand…just go with my feelings of abundance and gratitude in spite of what the circumstances “appear” to be. I feel confident and in abundance today and about the future. I have MORE than enough and will continue to grow that abundance in love, gratitude and income. I needed your input. Feeling this good all the time is new to me…and I’m totally LOVIN’ it! It’s all there for me. Allow it, Carol…allow it.

  • ChipEFT says:

    Say “I am in denial” out loud. Then say, “I am in the Vortex about it.” Which one feels like relief?
    Tell the story of the one that feels like relief. Just be careful that telling any story makes it so. For instance, telling the story of being okay with having your income cut in half, is telling a story and can bring more of the same.
    Decide where you want your life to go and tell that story.

  • Carol says:

    I’d love a response to my post of yesterday, if someone can be with me in this new response of mine to what appears to be crisis in my life. I don’t feel as if I’m in crisis mode and I “should” be. I feel good! I feel great! I’m feeling joy! And there is no…or very little…*L*…worry. Am I in denial or am I in the vortex? I’m thinkin’ vortex.

  • Michelle says:

    It’s so easy to be happy; look at your cup of life and see it as half full, never half empty. What a difference perspective makes.

  • Carol says:

    Love this quote and I need a reality check with you all, please. Will try to be brief…*L* I “discovered” deliberate creation about three years ago and my outlook on life has had a total reversal. I LOVE being happy! Genuinely happy even when some life situations are less-than-ideal. For instance, yesterday I found out that in order to keep my job, I have to take a 50% cut in pay. If that had happened three years ago…maybe even last year, I would have been suicidal. I’m not! I’m happy! I feel that this will create new opportunities for me even though I may have to tighten the belt for awhile. It may be a call away from what I’ve done for 30 years to something that is currently in process. I guess the reality check I’m looking for is this: reassurance that I’m in the flow and not in denial! I’m not used to feeling this way at crunch/crisis time. Am I still sane? *L*

  • Bruce says:

    Jeanette, such a practical post. I still practice heartswell. I literally feel the love in my heart area and allow it to swell up in me and out of me and to the situation or the person.
    It never fails.
    I do it too when nothing is wrong. I do it quite a few times a day so if something comes up that tells me I am out of the vortex, then I just connect to the love in my chest area.
    You can usually tell that I am doing it because of that “Mona Lisa” smile on my lips.

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Jeanette, such a practical post. I still practice heartswell. I literally feel the love in my heart area and allow it to swell up in me and out of me and to the situation or the person.
    It never fails.
    I do it too when nothing is wrong. I do it quite a few times a day so if something comes up that tells me I am out of the vortex, then I just connect to the love in my chest area.
    You can usually tell that I am doing it because of that “Mona Lisa” smile on my lips.

  • Parul says:

    Yeah, it works for sure!! 😀
    The news of another story being posted in GVU is JUST the kind of thing for the second journal. Yay!! 😀
    To have something I’ve written be posted anywhere has been a long standing desire. So the story I’m telling is that I’m a “published” writer who’s one article old with many more in the wings or should I say “Vortex”!?! 😀 (Oooh, the power of stories!!)
    Thanks everyone for sharing your tips.

  • You nailed it!! ha ha
    And funny enough, your question did just that for me!! lol
    Thanks, Jason. You’re a welcome treat to this community! 🙂

  • Awesome Jeanette,
    Did you ask yourself…
    “What vortex-inspired questions will help get myself and other blog readers into the vortex?”

  • Oooh, Jessica, I have to say – you sound like you’d make a FABULOUS Professional Pollyanna at GVU!
    Those are some original, not entirely obvious, and I can also feel extremely EFFECTIVE answers!
    To a very smart vibe-shifting process. Kudos! And thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica says:

    This is great! Just last week I was working on this because I was finding myself annoyed with things so frequently. The only thing I had available to change was my attitude, so I started there so that I could be effective at manifesting the change.
    So for instance, there is no oil/heat at our house. I am very cold all the time and I’m sick of it!
    So I made my list of positive aspects of annoyances.
    For no heat: my family learns to be resourceful (eg: use sweaters more), I sleep better, forces me to actually LEAVE the house (to warm up!)… no more procrastinating! haha. I get to have MORE coffee (to warm me up) which I love! Those are just a few that I found.
    I did the same with the “extra weight”… and also for why I’ve created ‘lack’… They all have plenty of POSITIVE reasons as to why they exist for me right now. SO this has totally got me “okay” with everything as is, because I have something positive to think about instead of being annoyed! I think about the humble traits my daughter is developing rather than how we don’t have enough money for the bills, for instance. It is so sweet and awesome and way better than being annoyed!
    The other way I like to phrase it to myself: What is the PAYOFF?! I must “want” this on some level, so what aspect is it that I want in order to create this for myself?
    It turns my vibe around and I can manifest freely. In FACT, 3 days after I did this with myself, I was given a job referral that fit my needs perfectly right now!!! (very likely that it will work out perfectly) It was unexpected… even though totally makes sense knowing how I intentionally created it! (Been doing my pray rain journaling!!!)
    Good to always ask those questions that help direct your focus to the areas that make us feel good! 🙂

  • Nicely done, Berta! I like your style!
    I sometimes use “Wouldn’t it be cool if …”, too.
    And yay! for finding reasons to celebrate life!
    Thanks for pitching in on this one, Berta.

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    I’ve used the question “Wouldn’t it be nice if . . .” but have modified it to
    “It’d be so fun if . . . ” and I freely change the fun to awesome, cool, groovy and even kewel.
    It just amps up my excitement. And I love to tap it in while I’m thinking up all the reasons to celebrate my life.

  • Mia, that’s actually a question Sarah might find some success with, too.
    In fact, I have an amped up version of that one on my board that’s been up so long it’s actually rather faded: “What would feel fabulous right now?”
    Thanks for sharing your process, Mia! 🙂

  • Mia says:

    Odd that you suggest questions as a way to get into the Vortex. My path into the Vortex is definitely away from asking – it’s the space where I no longer question anything.
    The only question that might help me get there is: ‘What would feel better right now?’ And then I go do (or think) whatever that is. Usually those are small, mundane things, in the range of doing the ironing, going for a walk, changing the CD I’ve been listening to, going grocery shopping. Nothing major in terms of intending or visualizing or focusing, because that’s a path that usually leads me out of the Vortex because it’s too effortful for me and it drives me into my head.
    If all else fails – and even if the rest works perfectly fine – watching the ducks in the canal behind my house always does the trick. I just need to stick my head out of the window in order to smile and be enraptured by the sight. And if I take in the rest of the scenery – green trees, water, plants – I can’t but feel blessed and sigh with delight.
    A cup of tea will also almost always help me get at least halfway into the Vortex. I’m that easy to please 😉

  • Wealth for Everyone says:

    I have been asking – what can I appreciate that I normally take for granted? For example, if I’m working out and my mind wanders and I’m dwelling on something negative or unwanted I will focus on stuff I normally take for granted – like how all my limbs work and I can easily move my body and that my body is healthy and whole.
    Something I did the other night to get out of the vibe of thinking about someone I dislike – I came up with fun, happy, funny memories of the person connected to the person I dislike.
    I have also been employing one of Abraham’s processes – the Virtual Reality. I picture myself in a place that feels so good to imagine (usually I think of the beach) and just try to really feel that for a bit – and when I’m feeling good – then I get out as they suggest.
    Tonight I was feeling that vague “ugh” feeling in my chest/stomach. I think in part it was due to feeling like I “had” to do somethings that weren’t lighting me up at the moment. So instead I ended up cruising around and talking to a good friend (who is very into LoA as well). And during that conversation all “ugh” feelings dissipated. We talked for four hours and I didn’t end up doing anything more on my “to do” list – but I feel it was a much better way to have spent my time.
    And when in doubt on how to get in the Vortex – Youtube can provide many great things to get you in. Funny stuff, insanely cute animals. (Such as this I saw for the first time – otters holding hands! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUk3T2Kfno)

  • Parul, that explains a LOT!! (Your second journal in particular and all the success stories you’ve been creating.)
    I’m LOVING the manifesting successes you’ve been sending in! In fact, I think another one is due to post on GVU today!
    Thanks for sharing your techniques on this post. 🙂

  • Parul says:

    Well, there are two things I’ve started to do which constantly remind me of ALL that’s good in my life RIGHT NOW:
    1) A “Just To Say, Thank You!!!” Journal, where I say thanks and offer appreciation to all the Known and Unknown Angels that leave my life looking and feeling more beautiful each day
    2) Another journal called “Something Really Exciting Happened Today!!”, where I keep track of any and every high vibing event/ incident that occured during the day
    Strangely enough I have things to report EVERY DAY!
    I do lead a blessed and exciting life… ;).
    ’nuff reasons to be in the Vortex, I’d say. 😀

  • Zoe, I’ve been borrowing that from you a time or two and have to say, I think especially because it is swear words, it works pretty well for me.
    But I bet that’s not the word Debra uses when she gets to “F.” lol
    I LOVE how different things work for different people based on our past experiences, current vibes, and different senses of humor.

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Ande – loved your ‘what would my dog think of this’. Dogs live in the Vortex I think -especially Golden Retrievers. My chickens don’t – except when having a dust bath.
    Debra – loved your ABC post -thanks for sharing.
    My question to shift into the vibe is ‘what if I said ‘f**k it about this [thing that was irritating me]’ – seems to provide just the right relief to get me over the edge and swirling back in again.

  • omgosh, “maxi-rampage” .. of COURSE you would be having those, Debra! lol
    Thanks for the link, my friend!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Understanding the “Mechanics of the Universe,” as Paul would say, does not mean you give up anything about who you are. Rather, you become more of who you are when you understand how it works. The “Vortex” is different for every individual. The beauty of it is, you get more of what you enjoy, and discard what you don’t.

  • Debra says:

    Love the questions, Jeannette. Great sure fire ways to get in the Vortex!
    My fave questions to ask right now are:
    What turns me on the absolute most right now?
    What are the bazillion things I LOVE about my life?
    It’s always easy for me to bask in the answers to these questions…they send me into a mini (sometimes a maxi) rampage on the spot!
    We’re on a similar flow with posts at the moment.
    In my post today I wrote about how I just got totally turned on (speaking of ‘what turns me on…right now) by one of Abraham’s recent tracks where they tell the story of taking Esther on an adventure with the ABC’s using ‘in the vortex’ words to help coax her back in. Apparently Esther was having a “24 Hour Out-of-the-Vortex Bug”. Her words. 🙂
    So, in addition to these questions…I’m diggin’ the Vortexy ABC’s Game to bounce me right back in if ever I’m out.
    It’s working deliciously well. (Esther’s D word = Delicious) 🙂
    Love ya! XO Debra (@DebSoul)
    PS~ Here’s a link in case you wanna pop over and add your ABC’s to the list! http://earthharmonyhome.com/how-to-find-your-way-to-joy-with-the-abcs/

  • ChipEFT says:

    Getting into the vortex is something I do for a living. You see it is my job to get into the vortex and create a space for my clients to release whatever it is that is blocking them. So when I want to get into the vortex, it’s just a matter of thinking of how that feels when I am “working”. It happens pretty quickly these days.
    I love my job.

  • Ande says:

    I ask two questions–What can I appreciate right now? and What would Muggins/Ducky (my last dog/my current dog) think about this?
    The first question usually leads me to all sorts of good things to think about, and even in the worst moments, it leads me to “I am much loved by my husband and my dog.”
    The second question I know is one that won’t work for many, but it came about because of my transformative relationships with my dogs. If you live with dogs, you know that most dogs view the world from a place of eager curiosity and expectation, a sort of “what are we going to do now” eager anticipation. A dog can find something exciting about a clod of dirt or a dust bunny under the bed. That inspires me; so I do this sort of perspective shift, viewing the world from this simplistic perspective of ‘where’s the fun here?’ and it usually shoots me right into the vortex.

  • Sarah, I believe this process leads to the exact opposite of exhaustion and overwhelm, so it easily becomes a natural inclination.
    If we’re really doing it, it just feels so good that it doesn’t seem like “work” to do it.
    I’ve found it helps to not have any rules or high expectations or standards for myself with it. Relaxed, light, easy and enjoyable.
    Abraham has said before that if you choose “peace” over “joy” it simply means you’re tired and it’s time for a break. Once you give yourself that break, joy will more easily find you.
    Not sure if that applies or not, but your question made me think of that.
    I’ll be interested i n hearing others’ responses to your excellent question, Sarah!

  • Sarah says:

    This make so much sense, thanks. But how do you not get exhausted and overwhelmed? Or does thinking like this just become automatic? I am attracted to the LOA philosophy but sometimes feel timid about going down this path for fear of being consumed by it. I appreciate any insight into how to deal with this as a person with a highly sensitive personality.

  • Chip, I liked that so much I shared it on my facebook page. lol
    You rock!!

  • Ande, you are brilliant!
    I’m SO using it!!
    PS – can’t wait to share your guest post with GVB readers!

  • DUH!!
    How could I have forgotten that one, Pernille?! lol
    That’s the BEST of them all!
    Course, I guess all of them are a variation of a question designed to elicit appreciation/gratitude. Which is incredibly effective, as that tops the vibrational scale, right?
    Woo hoo!!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    You’re very right, Jeannette, it works immediately 🙂
    For me it’s also great to ask:
    What am I grateful for in my life?
    I find myself spending more and more time in the Vortex these days and boy, does that feel good 🙂
    And it seems that the more time I spend in the Vortex the easier it gets for me to get in there 🙂

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